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Found 6 results

  1. Gotta do some more moving. I didn't perform at the level I wanted to during the last challenge because my desire to be more awesome lost to the temptations of video games. Not my proudest time. I think I've got most of it out of my system though, as long I don't do something stupid like buying a new game. This challenge's goals will be very similar to the last one just minus the sucking. And as always, the end game goal is Ninja Warrior Grand Champion. Goal 1: Last time I said I'd exercise at least 5 days a week, 7 if at all possible. During this time, I settled for "good enough" too many ti
  2. I thought I was a day late in posting this but apparently there's a 2 week break between challenges this around. I'm actually almost a week early! I'm still gonna give it my all this extra week to get ready for the challenge so I'll already have momentum when it starts. While the structure of my challenges up to now has been good for ensuring that I got a lot of exercise, it has been a bit restricting in what I'm allowed to do. There were days when I would've loved to go outside and play but decided against it because I "needed" to do a full body weight workout that day. That's why my main g
  3. It occurred to me that the land of the prophecy is across a big puddle so I'll build a bridge to the other side. This challenge's new target is working on my bridge. I want to be awesome at them. My current stats: Bridge: I can get into one but can't hold it for more than a couple seconds. Running: Usually takes about 25:30 - 26:00 minutes for 5k. My best recent 5k was 5.02km in 25:17 at an average pace of 5:02 min/km. Handstands: Usually last about 1-3 seconds, best is 6 seconds. Handstand Pushups: I can do up to 6 box pike presses or I can do a handstand pushup if I only lower about 5 inches
  4. My last challenge mostly went well except for the number of serious workouts I did, that was the biggest thing I was unhappy with. I'll be putting a greater amount of effort this time into getting those done no matter how much I don't feel like doing it even if it means I only do a single set of pushups and nothing else, just gotta do something. In other news, I've only done a couple runs in the last couple months, both of which were 5km and took me almost 29 minutes and I'm really not happy with that so my main target in this challenge is improving that time. My main quest, or the prophecy, i
  5. A little late but here I am once again, ready to challenge myself move toward the prophesied land. In accordance with the prophecy I need to increase my balance and I really need to increase my strength in my arms. For the first time in a while I'm setting a goal for the end of this challenge rather than simply having multiple tasks to accomplish during the challenge. My current target is the handstand. Currently I can do a wall plank at around a 45 degree angle for somewhere in the area of 30 seconds. I am going to be able to do a wall handstand for a full minute within the next six weeks a
  6. I keep getting lazy. I've been fighting this all my life and I've been losing for most of it, but I am going to turn that around no matter how long it takes. My last challenge was a disappointment, and after it ended I stopped doing everything aside from the climbing since I at least have my roommate to keep me accountable as we climb together. It occurs to me I really need an accountabilibuddy or six in order to not suck. As much as I wanted to do this on my own, it isn't working. In accordance with the prophecy, I am going to kick my own butt into gear and I'm going to find a way to make s
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