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  1. I’m reading “atomic habits” at the moment and the focus this challenge will be on continuing my habit building from last challenge. It was the first challenge I’ve finished in a LONG time, so I’m sticking with what worked, as well as adding another potential tick. 5/4/3/2/1: ⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹5 veggies ⏹⏹⏹⏹ 4/week legumes ⏹⏹⏹ 3 serves whole grain ⏹⏹ 2 fruit ⏹ 1 nuts/seeds Noom homework: ⏹ keep working through those modules, doing the readings, weighing in etc. focus for zero week/most of week 1 is going to be maintaining at approx 90kg. Then weeks 2-5
  2. 5 weeks 5 goals 1. “Five a day” freggies goal! Been listening to a podcast about gut health, as well as reading other info about how to get more real food in to push out the junk. The podcast gave a very specific 5/4/3/2/1 breakdown that seems challenging but doable: ⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹ Veggies ⏹⏹⏹⏹/week legumes ⏹⏹⏹ whole grains ⏹⏹ fruit ⏹ nuts/seeds 2. Runner 5, report. ⏹ 5,000 steps per day. That’s to the bridge and back, make Sam proud. 3. 5 Noom articles. Aka ⏹“do your homework”. 4. high-5 your friends. ⏹ c
  3. Hello friends. This challenge I am focussing on some goals which are a little more Druid than Ranger. Given that I have friends here and am used to the Ranger way, I hope that I am still welcome despite that… I am focusing on building my mental armor, backing myself and keeping myself safe. Affirmations, to reinforce my brain, “I am a strong and resilient person. I am a good worker. Toxicity will not change who I am”. Freggies, medicine, and vitamins reinforce my body and will keep me strong and healthy. Yoga will keep me flexible as well as giving me time outside if the weather i
  4. Inspired by @Elastigirl and her declaration of a prestige class, I think it’s time to make a change and switch not only classes but themes. This one holds the promise of costumes and actual weapons ….. I’m going to be a Forester, counting this as a prestige class based on the Rangers. A combination of trail hiking/running, ranged weapons, protecting the Forest, and dispensing the Crown’s justice (and mercy). Part SCA and part D&D/Pathfinder. After 30 years of hanging around the fringes of the Society for Creative Anachronism, I finally became a sustaining memb
  5. The grinder challenge (not to be misconstrued as the Grindr challenge!! O_O) Often my last lift in a set will be really hard, I will feel like I can’t possibly do it, that the weight is too heavy, that I’ve done too many reps. But, slowly, surely that bar will inch up (often with a growl of exertion) until it clangs back into the holders. This will be the theme of the final challenge of the year. I’m tired. I’m feeling like maybe it’s too hard. I’m going to do it anyway. Goals. Gym: Once a week PT, once a week Krav, minimum once a week visit gym for programmed lifts. Eat: 5
  6. As @deftona said in her new challenge, it is about seeing just how much progress I can make in such a short time frame. I found this very inspiring the moment I read it, and decided to go for it too. Then, this challenge is about making the most of the summer and working hard to improve myself. There is maintenance: everyday meditation, eating lots of freggies, daily music practice. There is consolidation and improvement: cross country run, parallettes and floor work, self-defence, sink push-ups. There is novelty: stop visiting my favourite news site to stop being so angry
  7. This challenge I will be channelling one of my favourite Disney women: Fa Mulan. While not technically a Princess, she is brave and strong and beautiful. She starts weak and works on herself to become a strong enough soldier to defend all of China. She’s pretty damn BadAss. As such I will be theming my regular goals around Mulan. Eat like a warrior (freggies, protein): In order to perform I need to maintain good eating habits. Continuing the 5-a-day freggie habit and bringing in the a-protein-with-every-meal habit. This could take many forms… meat, eggs, cheese, protein shake etc. Have
  8. Last challenge, I got ready to perform in Edinburgh's Samhuinn Fire Festival. It's currently... 7 and a bit days to go till the performance date, so this post is mostly me fantasising about having things to do that aren't costuming and rehearsing. More detail will follow when the challenge actually starts (which will be the 2nd of November for me). Goal 1: Lifting. The Edinburgh Nerd-Up in October was fantastic, and at the lifting session I hit a new deadlift best of 70kg. I've not touched a barbell since because I'm terrified of wrenching my back before the festival, but in
  9. Ahoy-hoy friends! A challenge similar to the last as I'm trying to stick with what works and adding little bits and pieces throughout the challenge rather than all at the start and succumbing to RangerBrain(TM) and falling off the forums. 5-and-2, Pal: Food tracking on MFP plus photos. Aim for 8160 kJ, not focusing on macros just yet, just choosing real food whenever I can. 5 Freggies. Continue increased water. ROAR and more: Continuing on the 12wkch I started at the gym, week 0 of this NF challenge will be week 4 in the 12wkch so it will be weeks 4-8, there’s potentially going to be a check
  10. Last challenge, I used the Idiot Jar to great effect - I only failed a goal four times over the whole challenge, so since that was under five fails, I didn't have to go to the gym in a terrifying leotard. This challenge, I'm going to be eyeball deep in preparations for my first Samhuinn fire festival. This is an annual night of fire spinners, drummers, acrobats, and miscellaneous monsters celebrating the change of the seasons in Edinburgh on the 31st of October, and I somehow managed to get into one of the performance groups. You're not going to get any spoilers from me on my cost
  11. "Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken." -Frank Herbert, Dune --- Hey, all-- It's my first challenge since my Birthday Respawn, and I'm super excited for some structure in my NF life. Slowly (so slowly), I've built a really good water drinking habit (96 oz per day), workout habit (2 bodyweight workouts per week) and sleep habit (at least 8 hours every night). So I'd like to stretch just a little farther and get a little better. I feel impatient for improvement because I feel like I've been stalled out,
  12. January… uh… somethingth. So, the zombie apocalypse was happening. Actually, legitimately happening. National news kept going on like the world wasn’t ending but the locals were getting nothing but radio silence. Power was out, resources were scarce, and I just put on my big damned hero pants to save a teenager stuck in a tree. Oh, and did I forget to mention I got bit within the first week or this and my days are numbered and it’s only… uh… six days? Until I turn into some undead monster? Yeah. That sounds about right. “You caved his head in!
  13. Last challenge I took care of some habits that were starting to worry me, and I'll continue working on them, but I've broken them enough that I can start to focus on other things again. I want some energy – the kind I only really get when I'm active – since last challenge was so focused on mental health I let the exercise flap off out the window, and I'm feeling bloated and sluggish, like a... slug. So this challenge is all built round the things that I know make me feel more like a human being. I MISS COFFEE SO MUCH Goal 1: Cut out caffeine. Had last cup of tea
  14. Back once again! I dropped off partly due to suspense regarding whether we were moving or not and how to shape my goals around that. Happy to say we have now moved into the new place and taken up the mantle of hosting Monday night DnD which is awesome (see below for pic of our pretty view!). Now that things have settled a bit I’m hopping back on the bandwagon before it’s too late with this challenge (minus a week)’s 3 SMART goals: 5-a-day-freggies. Previously by simply being conscious of my freggie intake I automatically had to make better food choices (but by phrasing it as ‘I have to
  15. This month's theme, because my challenge might be a bit grim for me, is "Things I Like". By which I mean "Sea life". I've been developing binge/purge habits that scare me and I need to break them before they get worse. So instead of a restrictive diet starring calorie counting or emphasis on particular food groups, which do usually work for me, but have been difficult recently in that they trigger huge surges of guilt when I fall off the wagon, I'm following the set-up below until I can discuss things with a qualified therapist (which I am seeking out):
  16. I was ill last challenge, and between that and a minor procedure on my arm, I was knocked for six for way too long, and then I split up with my partner of three years. I am pretty amazed that I did not gain more than a pound last challenge. I feel very self-conscious about my body right now, and my plan for this challenge is to get to a point where I feel more comfortable with myself. I am embracing my obsession with to-do lists and micromanaging the living daylights out of Challenge 18. GOALS – Same as usual. It's the consistency, not the content, that I struggle with, so the
  17. The punishment system I had in place last challenge did me the world of good – I got at least a B in all my goals (and 3 A+s) out of fear of having to eat only my least favourite raw vegetables for a whole day, and provide photographic evidence, if I failed a goal more than 3 times in a week. The stakes are being upped this time, same rules, same forfeits, but I’m only allowed two strikes before I’m out. Consider it like a narrow path through a cursed forest – if I stay on the path, no harm will come to me, and I can ignore all the man-sized many-legged things that scuttle about in t
  18. Hello, my name is Sarah, and I will definitely not regret this challenge about two weeks in. Goal 1: Yoga Work diligently towards the following three targets, by doing yoga that challenges me, DAILY.1.) Put legs behind head2.) Hold Crow Pose for longer than it takes to fall haphazardly through Crow Pose3.) Move forward from Down Dog to a forward fold in one fluid movement, without taking my hands off the mat and without doing a Night of the Living Dead shuffle. I don't expect to achieve them this month, but that doesn't mean I won't give it a square go. +3 DEX, +1 STR Goal 2: Food and D
  19. (MG1) Exercise Points: /50. As with the last challenge I’ll be aiming for 10,000 steps/day. This time I’m making it a goal to get to the gym at least once each week. Now that I’m back to paying for the gym I need to get the bang for my buck. Points are allocated: Gym Class=2pts, Bike Ride=1pt/30mins, Swim=1pt/5 laps, Walk=1pt/10,000 steps (plus .5 for every 5,000 above 10k). (MG2) Adulting: This challenge I will focus on small, achievable goals in this regard: teeth brushing 2xday, 5mins chores everyday, one Peter Walsh declutter challenge/day. Having these little goals should mean I c
  20. Jericho's Pilgrimage - Assassins are Adventurers Hello everyone and welcome to my challenge. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these but I feel more refreshed than I have in a long time and I feel really excited to dominate February. First just a quick head’s up, I’m a bard (according to the occupations?) and by that I mean I’m a writer and that’s the form my challenge posts take. I tell a story that relates to my challenge and is hopefully fun to engage in as well. So if you’re into heavy role-playing like this by all means, read my story. If, however, you don’t r
  21. This challenge, I'll be doing what I usually do, but with a few important tweaks to help it run more smoothly. Goal 1: Intermittent Fasting One fresh fruit smoothie or juice, up to 400kcal, around lunchtime One meal, up to 1000kcal, in the evenings. Half-hour evening eating window. The idea being that it'll give me less room for error (i.e going over 1400kcal, which is my tried and tested weight loss Magic Number) than my usual 23hr weekday fasts and 16hr weekend fasts, but will also give me a bit more energy during the afternoons when I tend to find myself flagging. +3 CON (I can't g
  22. Happy January! I've had a Dexterity level of one since... I can't be bothered looking it up. Possibly Challenge One. I can't do my regular walking since my Achilles tendon has been throwing a tantrum since Halloween, so I think this is a good opportunity to do some carefully thought out yoga. Struggled a lot with intermittent fasting over the holidays because I don't have a solid routine like I do at work. But, I know that when I do have that routine, it works well for me, so that is what I'm doing for my dietary component this challenge again. (I'm planning to work on a holiday-only syst
  23. I'm tossing this in here to get started. Never fear, I will expand upon the concept throughout the thread. LAST CHALLENGE of the year - how did that happen?? It was rollercoaster for me. At the beginning of the year, I had some definite plans. And some indefinite ideas that I thought I would be able to work through during the year as the Hunt for the Mojo. It didn't exactly play out as envisioned. I didn't lose weight -- but I didn't gain weight either. Body composition is about the same. I did one fun run. My online coding job ended up being such a disaster that I quit and ended
  24. Thirteen! Challenge Thirteen! It took me twelve challenges but I've finally found The Thing That Works For Me! Rejoice and be merry because it bloody well took long enough and now I can finally stop trying out new nonsense. I got through the last six week challenge doing 23hr fasts every day (barring the last week and a bit, where I'd caught something from someone). I made more progress with weight loss in that challenge than I had the whole year, and to my great surprise it turned out to be pretty easy when I'd moved past the stage where I wanted to feast upon the flesh of my fellow h
  25. Welcome to our accountabilibuddies group!!! Our main focus is moving more, beating the sugar monsters and eating more freggies.
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