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Found 25 results

  1. I’ve never done a daily battle log thread, and I’m not sure if I’m going to use it “properly” as I’ll most likely be doing the bulk of my updates in my four week challenges. But I wanted to start a thread I could refer back to regarding my big picture, year long goals of what I want to achieve by the end of 2019, and updates of how I’m moving forward towards them. If I’m not doing a challenge (missed the start date, felt like too much pressure, Ect) I’ll try to keep updating in here to keep momentum going. The title is a reference to the fact that due to my synesthesia (associating color
  2. It’s the beginning of a new year and I need to get back into my fitness and eating routine. Happy New Year! Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My Motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my diet will mostly be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then blow meals on the weekends. Although I’m going to try to limit it to one day, rather than both Saturday and Sunday. I enjoy doing themed workouts and for this challenge it will be Star Wars in conjunction with the release of T
  3. So by the end of the last challenge I was feeling a little like: NaNoWriMo is wrapping up. I already ordered my winner's T-shirt. Overconfident? Why yes, that's how I roll. And now it is time to focus my attention back on the business of gettingstrongerness. What I want out of this challenge: A bodyweight chin-up (strict) Consistent squat form near my max (correct my tendency to collapse forward and come up hips-first/"good-morning") Increased fluency in French (for funsies) Stronger immune system (everyone I k
  4. It’s been awhile since I participated with the Warrior’s Guild, and since I was made a Warrior Ambassador too, I’m back and ready to lift all the heavy things again! And since this challenge runs over Halloween, my favorite holiday, it’s werewolf themed again! Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my diet will mostly be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then blow meals on the weekends. I've managed t
  5. I just got back from an Epic Trip. To some of my favorite places. Where we hung out with a few of my closest friends. Coming home has been... an adjustment. I haven't actually been that happy to be home. I miss my life in the Steiermark, even though that was more than 5 years ago. Coming back put me back in a beautiful place, but it's still a neighborhood on the far side of a town that has no Backerei, Konditorei, oder Bahnhof. We do have a couple PNW-style coffee shops. Trouble is, I'd trade a convenient Starbucks any day for twisting streets and a little café. But this is my reality right no
  6. Hello all :-) Joining Rising Heroes seems to have been the kick in the pants I needed. I'm getting back into things. Going to try a less basic challenge this round but I'll just add stuff as bonuses. I'll be happy if I finish the basic goals. Appropriate to my last challenge - kicking things off with one more storm tomorrow/night. Meh. 25 to 45 cm of snow expected. Physical Workout 3/week - whatever I want, just do it. Kickboxing is fun right now. Yoga Bodyweight training running at the track wall climbi
  7. Time for bed, deets tomorrow Mmk, technically bedtime now but I should do this to so... Last challenge: didn't take holidays into account, didn't end up tracking food at all due to not making my food for probably half the challenge cause I was home, continued sleeping not-enough, etc. etc. So, time to try and do the things that I've been trying to do for ages? Previous Challenge Stats STR - 31.75 | DEX - 47.5 | STA - 41.75 | CON - 72 | WIS - 41.5 | CHA - 44.5 Weight Waist Belly Hips Thigh Body Fat Goals
  8. Hi Rangers! After a month off, I'm back and ready to get stuff done. I'm focusing on 3 things this challenge: Core, and mobility from my hips to my shoulders. 2000 sit-ups by the end of the challenge. That's 500/wk, or 100/day for 5 days/wk. GHD's count as double! 8-minute Abs must be subb'd at least 1 day/wk NO BINGES for the next few weeks! I have dealt with disordered eating, and it's sort of like having been an addict. You always have to be on your guard for relapses. I've gotten tons better in the past
  9. It is time for some fun and some French - French fun!. Last month, I ran my first marathon (in 4h47 - woo!) and I had been in training for it for about 6 months. I took the last challenge off to recuperate and chill, but now I'm back and looking for something different and exciting. Enter roller blading! This is something that I have wanted to properly try since my very first visit to Paris (ten years ago) - and I'm very excited even if I fully expect this attempt to be painful and humbling. Physical: Learn to roller blade I have a
  10. Second attempt to Theme It Up Good, now presenting, :3 Just look at their little faces, my children, my loves, my collection of cinnamon rolls and angry kittens and- *AHEM* sorry. So sorry. Anyway. So here's what happened in the last Challenge: Things went pretty well as far as doing what I set out to do, keeping up with tasks and whatnot, but then hit a giant roadblock in the form of a close relative's death and the resulting emotional turmoil. The household has not been the same at all. Final half of last Challenge was spent focusing less
  11. Hi all, first challenge with the Rangers. Excited to be here! Had a bit of a mixed bag last month (link in my signature if you're interested) so doing some more of the same, and a couple of new bits as well. My Quest To be fitter, stonger, healthier and to look better naked. Challenges Swim More, Swim Better (15XP) - Did exactly this in the last challenge and failed miserably. Also haven't been swimming since the last challenge. So I'm upping the XP and trying again. Swim at least 3 mornings per week before work, with at least one drill day (bonus
  12. Hello, Druids. After a bit of contemplating upon my last challenge, I decided I will fit better here, than I did in the adventures. I registered in 2014, and not once did I thought I'd end up here, yet my life choices have slowly pushed me here. Goal 1: Vegan Diet. Currently, I am trying to be a vegan. It may not be the most healthy option, but it sure is healthier for the animals, which I choose not to eat and/or exploit. To complete this goal, I need to: - Eat more fruits, veggies, nuts, oats, seeds. - Drink at least 2L of water every day. - Skip things such
  13. Talvi: "All part of the plan I just made up" Hi there, I’m a scout who started running about 2 years ago and I’m currently in the last phase of training for my first marathon. I’ve had plenty of mixed feelings about the upcoming marathon in the last month or two. On one hand I’m really pretty excited about the race, the course (Paris) and setting new PRs, but on the other hand I’m worried that I haven’t trained enough and that the long distance training has begun to bore me. There is only one month of training left before the big race on 3rd April, so I
  14. TALVI: Nimbly I go (to the Druids!) Hi Druids! I’m quite definitely a scout in my overarching goals, but I’d like to hang out with you guys for a challenge if that’s okay. I’ve gone from running 5km to 15km in 2015, and I’m now planning on running my first marathon (the Paris one) on 3rd April 2016. Nearly all my NF challenges have concentrated on either running or climbing. I’m fairly confident that I’ve built sustainable running habits now, so it doesn’t need to be the principal focus anymore, and frankly I'm ready for a change. Hence YOGA CHALLENGE! I’ve
  15. So I thought about it means to be a successful assassin and found it covers many things. Endurance, strength, stamina and dexterity are obvious, but things like stealth and adaptability are also important. I decided to give myself a basic fitness test (no judgement, just want to know where I am starting) and as a result, I have determined the following goals. My first goal will focus on stamina. If the Zombie Hoards start coming, I need to be able to get away quickly and regroup. I want to be able to run (not walk or jog) a whole mile. If I manage to do this before the 4 weeks are up, I wil
  16. "You know nothing, Jon Snow." 41 year old married mom of one takes on the Night's Watch! This is the year I take care of me. I'm a hobbit, 5'1" and ultimately looking to lose 160lbs, down 18 so far. The weight is coming off a lot slower than I'd hoped, but this time it's coming off for good. Overall goal: To lose 10 more pounds. I'm the kind of person who: 1. Does a bodyweight workout 2x a week. I'm starting with Darbee's Night's Watch workout and working up to Level 1: 3 sets. So I will start with one set, and build up through the weeks. (#/2 + bonus points for progression t
  17. Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 The Knight Sabers is the name given to the girls who don their hard suits and keep the city safe from rogue Boomers (and in proper anime style, end up saving the world in the process). But not just anyone can become a Knight Saber. You have to be smart, fast, strong and tenacious. Quest 1: Nene Romanova: Hacker Fingers By day, Nene is a dispatcher for the ADP, and pretty much sits at a desk all day. By night she hones her hacking skills and helps out the Knight Sabers in more of a support role. I, too, spend a whole lot of time in front of the comp
  18. For right now, this is a placeholder for the Challenge. It's Bye Week Challenge time right now! I confess, I could read/watch The Two Towers and only follow the journey of the Three Hunters across Rohan. Not that Frodo and Sam aren't important, of course. I just love the idea of running across Rohan. That's right, I'm headed to Edoras. I have a lot going on at the moment, and indeed throughout the challenge. A half marathon on July 12, my sister's wedding at the end of June, the fitness challenge that my gym launched last week (and will run though the length of the challenge), and tr
  19. Hello Rebel Army! My name is Parker. I am a 160lb 20yr old college student who is tired of feeling sub par about my fitness level. I have done one challenge before, but some family tragedy along with passivity on my end helped me fall off the wagon pretty hard afterwards. BUT: the past is in the past, where it belongs. I'm ready to kick some tail, and I am honored to do it alongside of you inspirational fighters! Goal #1 Lose 10lbs I understand that because I am wanting to become stronger my weight might not change that much whereas my body fat percentage might, so this one is flexible. Ulti
  20. I found this recipe here and it looked absolutely amazing8 Thought I might share it with you, so it's in the oven now ^^ Ingredients 8 slice Nitrate Free, Uncured, cooked bacon1 small butternut squash2 cups spinach6 eggs1/2 cup canned whole fat coconut milk1/2 tsp. dried oregano1/2 tsp. sea salt (optional)1 tsp. pepper1 tsp. coconut oil, meltedInstructions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare a pie dish or tart pan by coating with melted coconut oil. Chop up half the cooked bacon and cut the other four strips in half. Peel and de-seed butternut squash then thinly slice into 1/4 inch disks.
  21. I'll fill this first post out more when I'm home, but here are my goals for this challenge, just to get them out there. Goal 1: Recover from the holidays...and then some What this looks like: Body fat goal: 26.25%Start of challenge: 28.27%Where I ended in 2014: 26.97%How much I need to reduce beyond 2014 levels: 0.72%Waist size goal: 38.5"Start of challenge: 39.75"Where I ended in 2014: 38.75"How much I need to reduce beyond 2014 levels: 0.25"Supported through maintaining an 80/20 Paleo diet. Having all my Non-Paleo Tokens (NPTs) for meals and snacks in one pot during the last challenge hind
  22. Welcome to the Castle of Lord Helix. Take of your shoes. It might sound sad, but I don't know what my mission is - I don't know what I want. I just know I want to create these few habbits, because they will help me. Goal 1: +CHA Reach level 20 in French in Duolingo. (I am level 14 now) Goal 2: +INT Read 6 books. (about 250 pages each) Goal 3: +STR Be able to do 30 pull-ups. (i can do about 25 now) 30 - 3 STR, 28 - 2.5 STR, 25 - 2STR. Daily Tasks: - Continue my Duolingo streak. - Continue my Lumosity streak. - Read 40 pages. - Meditate for 5 minutes. - Stretch legs for 5 min
  23. Since my life is going to remain pretty busy with both work and pony-sitting until mid-October, at least, I simply don't have the energy for an elaborate new challenge. The best I can do right now is to not fall off the wagon entirely in regards to stress eating and neglecting exercise. So this is going to be a pretty unexciting holding pattern, trying to keep me from sliding back into bad habits. Goal #1: Beat that Sugar Monster Number one on this list is still my fight against the Sugar Monster. It turns out that even if I reduce the days when I eat the sweet stuff, I can still go totally
  24. Okay, sounds a bit crazy huh? Well, let me explain. I have a dear friend (swampling) and this is a little "joke" that has been a fun way of dealing with stress over the last challenge. It started with making a joke about burying things that bug us. She lives in Germany and happens to have access to the Black Forrest. I love unicorns. So, when something would bug me we would talk about packing up the unicorns and taking a trip to the woods to do a little digging. This is going to be a VERY busy time in my life and I have a feeling I will need to go visit the Black Forrest often. School i
  25. Alrighty, then! The past weeks have shown me that when life gets busy, some things just don't work on auto-pilot yet. Like keeping the Sugar Monster in check. Or taking care of myself. Since things will still be quite busy for me in the immediate future, I'll keep the first two goals from the last challenge: 1. Keep the Sugar Monster at bay +2 CON +2 WIS Again I'll aim for 21 out of 42 days without any added sugar / sweets / candy / cake / desserts... As before, fruit and reasonable amounts of honey or maple syrup are allowed. 2. Keep moving +2 STA +2 DEX My KB class will continue until th
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