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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the Nerd Fitness Front Squat Leaderboard. Below you will find the top Front Squat lifts (that have been reported) on the Nerd Fitness forum organized by Wilkes Points. For more information about the Wilkes Coefficient, go here. The following are the rules for using the Nerd Fitness Leaderboards. You must have at least 50 posts - We don't want random people just showing up and posting just to be on the Leaderboards. If you don't have 50 posts yet, be an active member and come back when you do. You must have been active in the last 6 months - This is meant to be for active members. If you are not active for 6 months, you will be removed. If you once again become active, you are more than welcome to post your new PRs and join back up! Your lifts must be current - No posting 'This was my lift 2 years ago'. All lifts must have been completed since joining NF. You must update your lift at least once every 2 years to stay on the Leaderboards. - Similar to the previous point, we want the Leaderboards to be current. Therefore, entries that are older then 2 years old will be pruned. Weights should be reported in KG, not pounds. - This is the weight system power lifting competitions use. If pounds are your mass measurement of choice, just multiply your total by 0.454 to find the equivalent mass in kilograms. Yes, I know pounds are a unit of force, but you know we use it like mass when it comes to body weight. You can report a weight in a set that you've done. - You will only be given credit for the weight you lifted in terms of the leaderboard (i.e. if you did 100kg for 5 reps, you'd only be given credit for 100kg on the leadreboard). That said, if you provide a set with reps, I will calculate the an estimated 1RM for you. Just check out that column after I get the entry updated. If you'd like to be put on the Leaderboards, please reply this this thread with the following information: Gender Bodyweight Weight Lifted and number of reps (typically your 1RM) Also, if you enter any of the NF Virtual Lifting Competitions, entries for those will be migrated to the Leaderboards (only if it improves your Wilkes score). I will try to update the Leaderboard after each challenge and/or virtual lifting competition. If things haven't updated in awhile, harass me via PM (profile can be found here). Note: leaderboard only shows in your web browser and not on tapatalk
  2. So I was walking out to go to the gym the other day and I noticed my weightlifting shoes sitting on the bottom of the shoe rack just collecting dust. So I made the executive decision to swap out my back squats for front squats and change things up a bit. Its been probably 6ish months since I did any front squat work with a barbell so I wanted to follow up with a form check. Ill post my reaction and coaches analysis to the video in the spoiler below. But I am interested in seeing what you all have to say as well.
  3. Because of an abused rotator cuff and poor shoulder mobility, I've shelved the back squat for a while and I'm working on the front squat. Because of poor wrist mobility and that pesky rotator cuff, I'm using the crossed arm form. Video 1 - bar only Video 2 - 95 pounds (in total) Video 3 - 135 pounds (in total)
  4. Today was seriously PR City at my gym!!! Not only did I hit huge PRs on both of my lifts, but everyone else did too!!! Took my Clean and Jerk from 85# up to 95# today. Had to fight through the last one (we were doing 2*2*2*2*2), but I did it and my last jerk was SOLID! Front Squat was a more epic victory, not only in PR differential, but because it's the move I've been fighting with since Day 1. I PR'd in my freaking FIRST round!!! I was so warmed up from starting the lift session with the C&J that my coach threw me right onto a 75# bar. My previous PR was 65. I moved up 10# for each of the 3*3*3 that we did and PR'd at 95#!!! I am SO happy and I needed this so badly. Bonus: in fighting to stand on my final squat, Wilson Phillips "Hold On" started playing on our 90s Pandora Station. Pure bliss.
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