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  1. A harsh winter has settled upon the Freljord. Ashe, leader of the Avarosan tribe, must set out to battle to protect her people from the dangers that lurk in the frostbitten valleys. With the ancient queen Avarosa’s enchanted bow made of crystalline ice, Ashe sets out to protect her people and unite the Freljord, once and for all. In this challenge, Ashe’s in-game abilities will be unlocked as achievements are met. Ashe must also battle her way through the enemy turrets, which are stronger as she edges closer to the opposing base. At the end of the challenge, if all moves are unlocked and all turrets are defeated, Ashe will be fully equipped and ready to do battle with the Nexus within the enemy base. Will victory be forged, or will defeat come to the Frost Archer?... MAIN QUEST: Faster than my arrow? I think not. - Half Marathon Training This is my overarching goal of completing a half marathon this year. Training is a 5 day a week plan, with two rest days, three varied distance runs, a cross training day, and a strength day each week. Each of the days I complete one of the 5 weekly workouts will count toward progress on this goal. Unlocks Enchanted Crystal Arrow - – Achieved by two consecutive weeks of all 5 half marathon training workouts 5 points per week – 20 points total (19/20) GOAL 1 No, really, put that apple on your head... - Food Journaling Log Daily and HONESTLY on YouFood/MyFitnessPal. I'd like to track in both, as it has been apparent in the last two weeks that I might be unintentionally under-eating. I have gained 9 pounds with eating less and working out more, and after some dissection of patterns, I believe I may have my goals set too low. I'll be pushing for a 1800 calorie a day goal, but just habitually logging will be what will count toward progress on this goal. Unlocks Ranger’s Focus – Achieved by logging two consecutive weeks of food on YouFood/MyFitnessPal 7 points per week - 28 points total (27/28) GOAL 2 Avarosa guide me. - 6,000 steps a day I need to move more... Working this desk job, I rarely make my 3000 steps if I don't do some kind of intentional movement. I am striving to get some daily intentional movement in to get that stagnation in the office broken up a bit, and to increase my health. Every day I reach at least 6,000 steps will count toward progress on this goal. 7 points per week - 28 points total Unlocks Volley – unlocked by achieving 15 days of meeting 6,000 steps (18/28) GOAL 3 For the Freljord! - Declutter My sanity is being tested. And it often distracts me from working out or getting my fitness time in because I feel like I should be cleaning instead... and then I get overwhelmed and do neither. In this challenge, my goal will be to spend at least one day working on decluttering the bedroom closet, which is so jammed with crap that it's spilling out on the floor. Most of it is just junk that's accumulated. If I spend at least one day cleaning and decluttering the closet, it will count toward progress on this goal. Unlocks Hawkshot – Achieved by completing bedroom closet declutter project 1 point per week – 4 points total (3/4) GOAL 4 No One Escapes My Aim - Be a better friend I am not great at reciprocating the awesome friendship and support felt around here on Nerd Fitness. Not because I don't like people... It's cause I love so many of you. I just get overwhelmed tracking me and other people at the same time. The problem with this -- you inspire me SO MUCH. It may not seem like a fitness goal, but it is. That inspiration keeps me motivated and on track, and so my goal is to check in on 3 people per week. Unlocks Frost Shot – Achieved by 3 consecutive weeks of being a good friend and checking in on three folks 3 points per week – 12 points total (12/12) TOTAL POINTS 23 points per week - 92 points total Abilities :: The Armory Frost Shot – Status: UNLOCKED! Volley – Status: UNLOCKED! Hawkshot – Status: Locked Ranger’s Focus – Status: UNLOCKED! Enchanted Crystal Arrow – Status: UNLOCKED! The Battlefield :: Summoner’s Rift Turret One: Week 1 completed with 75% success rate (18 points or more) Turret One Health: 3/23 - DEFEATED Turret Two: Week 2 completed with 75% success rate (18 points or more) Turret Two Health: 2/23 - DEFEATED Turret Three: Week 3 completed with 80% success rate (19 points or more) Turret Three Health: 2/23 - DEFEATED Enemy Inhibitor: Week 4 completed with 85% success rate (20 points or more) Turret Three Health: 5/23 Defeat the Enemy Base: All abilities unlocked and total challenge completed with a 80% success rate (73 points) Enemy Base Health: 30/92
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