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Found 21 results

  1. Grandkai Gets-up & Swings into Action! Goal 1: Simple & Sinister 6x a week I want to do more with my kettlebells & after listening to the audio book for Simple & Sinister i decided to do this. 5 sets of 10 Kettlebell Swings & 5 sets of 1 Get-Ups per arm. 6 Times a week. Goal 2: Pull-ups & Dips I want to also get better with Pull-Ups & Dips, 2 exercise that give the most bang for your buck. So ill be doing the "20 Pull-ups in 6 Weeks" program/challenge & the "150 Dips in 6 weeks" program/challenge. 5 sets o
  2. As some of you know, Snuggles was accepted into the Blue Water Academy for Higher Learning.(Grad School)to better support this goal, Snuggles will be going undercover to better understand how the school works and what she needs to succeed at becoming a world class Assassin. Because of this transition, this challenge will be a bit light as she will be working in the light of day instead of the shadows of night. She will need to transition how she sleeps, eats and gets to work. Snuggles has made improvements to her physical therapy, but there is still a ways to go. Her fitness goal
  3. Hello! I'm back! Also, I've been watching a lot of 30 Rock so bear with me... Last challenge was mostly successful but some of the big takeaways were these: Sleep is awesome. How did I forget that sleep is so great? Breakfast doesn't have to be a huge pain, inconvenient or packed with sugar. Movement is movement. I don't have to spend an hour at the gym to accomplish my exercise goals- I just need to be mindful about getting it in where I can. Meal planning is my friend: spending an hour or two at the beginning of the week to figure out my m
  4. Challenge #7 Physical – PT “A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.” 2 Sets (Everyday) · Trunk Rotation 10 times · Bridge 10 times · Spinal stretch, Hold for 15 seconds 3 times both sides · Dog to Camel pose 10 times · Quadriceps Stretch, Hold for 15 seconds 3 times both sides · Shoulder Rolls, forward and backward, 10 count each A. = 6 days a week = 2(STR) & 3(DEX) B. = 5 days a week = & 1.5(STR) & 2.25
  5. My injuries are healing, but now I must regain my power, my speed and endurance. I have journeyed far across the land to my new home and now I much be ready to not just survive, but to thrive. I have settled into my new home and my new job. I have started a routine that I need to improve to accomplish the challenging goals ahead of me. Like most cats I like short periods of activity followed by rest. I must be wary that in my nights off I am still seeking that activity, not just resting. My endurance is lacking so I just bought a new pair or running shoes so it’s time to break them
  6. Let's do it. I have been trying to get in better shape for a while. I used to be more active but a lot of people say that. It is hard sometimes to remember where I used to be in many aspects of my life. I want to be more reliable physically, increase my endurance and strength and become more capable physically and mentally. There are so many resources out there and I want to use them efficiently and NF is one of those communities I want to be an active part of. i'm going to try to keep up the theme of 'official /technical reporting' in my challenges, mostly as a creative exercise.
  7. Tomorrow I'm starting my diet/less eating plan. I decided to go for mainly fruit, but I would like to have a hot meal once a day. I actually want to make it Paleo, but with a focus on fruit, do you have tips for that? The reason behind this is I tried the Atkins/low-carb diet, but after 3 days I just stop eating and start feeling ill, craving fruit. So, I'm just gonna eat fruit for breakfast, lunch and possible snacks while trying to make myself a healthy, warm dinner. I would also like some nice smoothie or fruity recipes to go with it. So, if you happen to have advices on a fruit-focused
  8. HELLO FRIENDS After months of feeling like a binbag of old mashed potato perpetually falling down a grimy up-escalator in a dimly lit subway station, I am BACK and FANTASTIC and so very ready to completely obliterate the next six weeks. GOAL ONE: SWIM - Three hour-long swims a week - As many laps full-speed as possible with good form - Record that junk. - Bonus: go swim in the sea so that snorkelling gear I bought can be tested out GOAL TWO: CREATE FRUIT SNOW LIKE SOME SORT OF TROPICAL ICE GOD - Prepare lots of delicious, delicious kiwi, pineapple, mango, blah blah blah - Freeze it
  9. Hey... As the title implies, I'm off to Uni in September as a Mature Student. This challenge is also complicated slightly by the fact that I have a couple of weeks planned visiting friends which may or may not make eating right and exercising a challenge. Therefore, during my 2 weeks away I will try, but will not be too hard on myself. The rest of the time, when I'm as home I will try to be more strict. My holiday weeks and weeks 3 and 4. I did find a reasonably priced gym that I can use while up there, but things can happen which make that difficult. I can also buy some of my own food w
  10. Since working out and cutting most carbs from my diet, I've replaced them with fruits. Usually (on work out days), I wake up, brush my teeth and drink a cup of water. Then I wait 20 mins and start my work out. After my work out I have a banana. This is usually breakfast/brunch depending on the time I wake up. After dinner, I typically have some more fruit. Today, for instance, after dinner I had 5 strawberries and one doughnut peach. So today's fruit intake was: 1 banana, 5 strawberries, 1 doughnut peach. Is that too much sugar?
  11. A few years ago I found out the surprising fact that fruit juice has as much sugar as fizzy pop, and is actually unhealthy. source. Since then I have just been drinking water as I love the taste and find it more refreshing than any other drink. However, over the past few days I have been considering starting to drink fruit juice again, but in moderation, like a glass a day.( I don't eat any fruit because I'm not really a big fan and whenever I buy it it ends up going off and I throw it away. I only eat 3 times a day and don't really snack so I never think to go and eat some fruit. I try and e
  12. Main Quest: Fit into size 7 jeans by Nov 27, 2015 I'm pretty proud of myself that I have managed to develop a consistent exercise regime over these past few months! I've noticed changes in my body and people have commented on how great I am looking. I feel stronger, happier, and more confident (WAY more confident) about myself. There IS such a thing as an Amazonian Hobbit, I am sure of it! SO! Develop excellent exercise habits and build a bunch of muscle? Check! Drop body fat so that I can actually SEE those muscles? Ummm............ I'm still in size 12 jeans, though they are loose eno
  13. Recipe for 6 Fruit-Muffins pictures will follow - and also the description on how to make the coconut milk yourself Shouldn't be eaten too often because of the high amount of saturated fat - if it's true that this is a villain, I'm not so sure about that. But I love this meal so I thought I'd share it. Ingredients: 30 g coconut flour (1 oz)1/2 tsp. backing powder (or less)1/2 tsp. cinnamonbananapinch of salt150 ml coconut milk (you can make that yourself)1 eggmuffin baking sheet and muffin paper formscoconut oil / butteranother fruit (e.g. blueberries, peach, pineapple, ...)Preparation:
  14. Hi everyone! This is my third week into Paleo and I’m doing relatively well, but I am a little bit concerned about my fruit intake. I would usually have 2 or 3 fruits a day, mostly apples or tangerines (less often pears or strawberries, and rarely bananas). Usually one as a snack 5 or 6 pm, and another after dinner 9 pm or so. Eventually if I am super hungry or craving for something sweet I would have one extra at some point of the day, usually this happen in the evening, or as a late night snack. Is this amount ok? Is it too much? I don’t expect to see drastic changes in my body wit
  15. Hi all, My family recently decided to go on the Atkins diet, and I was wondering how this compares to Paleo. I've always loved fruit and potatoes and having to leave that out is hitting me the hardest, so does anybody know of any comparisons done or anything? Does one have a significant advantage over the other? Could I mix them (I love dairy too)? Which one gives me the fastest and best results? If you can, please include a source for your information (personal experience included). Thank you so much!!
  16. I don't know if any of you watch It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia, but it's one of my favorite shows. On one particular episode the gang was going on a road trip and made a stop at a street market. There was a group of vendors selling fruits and vegetables, and it came up in discussion that the character Charlie had never eaten a pear. I don't recall the dialogue in its entirity, but it came to surface that there are a lot of fruits and vegetables that he had not once eaten in his entire life as a 30-something year old adult American. I thought this was hilarious. Well I came to find ou
  17. Any good ideas for tasty "potions"? I have been thinking of this for a long time, but I have the problem that I don't know any recipies for shakes or "potions". I also need some of those tiny round bottles that they use in all the rpgs. any suggestion on where to get them?
  18. I know I know drinking juice is bad. Even the "healthy" stuff like Bolthouse and Naked Juice that are supposed to be good for you are loaded with sugar and you don't get the fiber like you would if you just ate the berries and apples etc....HOWEVER, what if I say threw a handful or two of berries and a slash of almond milk or water? Would that be just as bad or would I reap the benefits? Thanks!
  19. Name: Andrew Williams (Artinum) Race: Underpants Gnome I've done so many of these challenges now that I've run out of witty biographies. I'll stick with the basics - I've been with the Scouts for a while now, having graduated from the Adventurers, largely due to my desire to run. My running has, however, hit a plateau, and I have discovered a new interest in cycling that has further impacted on my running sessions. Oh, and I have a blog (link in my signature). FITNESS GOAL 1: Running Out Of Town (2 DEX, 2 STA) Over several challenges, I have reached the ninth and final week of C25K. And I'v
  20. I'm wondering if you feed your children paleo ? My husband and I have always been 'good' eaters and we both love cooking, so the junk food ratio has always been low here. No fizzy drinks, no fast food, no ready meals ... but we used to eat a lot of pasta and the kids loved it. Now we adults have both started paleo 'dieting' (we both want to lose a bit of weight). I don't want to scare off my kids but I'm feeling so much better that I feel kind of bad giving them their same old sandwiches and sweets. I've notice before that the more fruit I have in the house, the less sweets they eat.
  21. Does anyone here do Paleo or any similar whole foods diet with a food allergy? Specifically nuts and fruit, in this case. My roommate and I are trying to clean up our diets, but it seems that the majority of food suggestions and recipes use nuts or nut oils. We're both allergic to nuts and fruit with varying degrees of severity. Anybody else have to work around diet limitations like these, or have any suggestions? It doesn't seem to be a very common topic...
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