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Found 2 results

  1. Last challenge, I found a climbing gym, rediscovered my love for climbing, and got into a great rhythm of climbing every other day. I'm keeping things much simpler this time and keeping the momentum rolling. 1. Battling pride Climbing has been great..... but, I'm still struggling with feeling self conscious about sucking or getting overly upset when I can't solve a route that is marked with a low enough grade that I ought to be able to solve it. Yesterday, Pride defeated me. Some new routes were set, and I could not for the life of me solve a vertical wall 5.8. (I can usually get the vertical 5.10s and the 5.8s kind of seem like ladders) I got really frustrated and worried that everyone would see how much I sucked, whined a lot, and was almost ready to walk out of the gym..... so.... To defeat Pride, I must: Attempt every single route marked 5.9 or lower. If I can't get it, keep trying and ask for help from one of the other climbers. One of my problems is that I tend to climb the things that play to my strengths, and I need to stop doing that. I will learn the most if I work on some of those weaknesses, even if they make me feel like I suck. 2. Battling Envy This one is simple. I've always been jealous of people who can do the splits. Rather than being envious, I'm going to take real steps to become more flexible. I started a program called Hyperbolic Stretching, and I'm going to stick with the stretching workouts there. The goal for this is 3 stretching sessions per week. 3. Battling Gluttony This one is another simple goal, stolen from I think @Elastigirl. I still need to lose weight. I'm still struggling a bit with mindless munching. If I want a snack, I will make myself wait at least 15 minutes before indulging. I'll also make sure to drink some water or tea in the meantime, since that can often stave off hunger. 4. Battling Sloth I need to be more productive and less lazy. For this goal, I'm going to focus on crochet and complete at least 3 small projects during the challenge. Some of the things in my queue are that I need to make a crochet cactus arrangement for my mom, a Shy Guy (from Mario games) for my son, and some vampires (based on the Voldemort from my HP crochet book) for Halloween. Let's do this!
  2. I really hope it's okay for me to just start a new challenge thread. I had to abandon all of my goals in the last one, so it seemed easier to just do a new one. Twins once again: How it all happened: Saturday, 6/11/2016, I had just finished two hours at the parkour gym, and was ready to start taking my usual class. To fill a little time, I started working on rail walking pivots (where you turn 180 degrees and then walk the other way). The first several went wonderfully. And then, my feet completely slipped out from under me, and I cartwheeled sideways to the ground, head first. I stupidly (but I'm not sure how stupid this was, since my only other option was to fall on my head/neck) braced myself with my left arm. Crunch. Huge pain, my elbow was visibly deformed, and no longer worked at all. The next 30 minute drive to the ER was pretty awful, as was the additional hour long wait before I could have any pain meds. And honestly, the pain meds didn't help that much. My elbow was dislocated, but thankfully, no bones were fractured in the process. After a heroic dose of propofol (the doctor's words, not mine), I was sedated enough for them to pop my elbow back into place. I was sent home in a cast. Today, 2 days post-injury, I am in a hinged brace with 20 degrees of freedom of movement. The swelling is pretty low, and I'm not in any pain at the ROM that I'm permitted to use. In 2 weeks, I have a follow up appointment, and I'll be starting physical therapy. All signs point to maybe 1-2 months of PT, which will still be annoying and ruin all of my summer and parkour plans, but it will be less awful than the ACL rehab. And there's no indication that surgery should or would happen, which is great. Goal 1: walking and rucking. Ed had to do a lot of walking. And so will I. The goal is to accumulate 50 miles over the course of the challenge of nature walks or rucks. Goal 2: Training to the best of my ability I can't do anything fancy. What I can do is work on my core strength and legs. So, the goal is to do core and leg exercises 3x per week Goal 3: Rehab. Ed needed to do intensive rehab after receiving his automail. I need to stick with my rehab protocols. The goal is to keep up with my knee stretching and foam rolling (old injury), and start doing my light mobilization and PT protocols (after I start PT). Goal 4: Hit the books Now that I have more time, I'll study and memorize the parkour instructor manual. Also, I'll finish at least 10 chapters of Harry Potter in Spanish. And, that's it for me. I don't want to stress myself out too much with this challenge. I was thinking of just dropping out altogether, but I really need the support of all of my friends here.
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