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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, so I heard of this site and decided to see what its all about. I could use some tips and ideas as to how to adapt my diet. for better understanding. I am male, 29 years old. And i went trough a long period of malnutrition. In short my weight at the time was 69 kg at 194 cm height. At present i gained finally weight and am currently just under 90kg. I would like some tips as to how to tone and develop muscle but from atrophy. THank y'all in advance
  2. Hey all, uh... I am trying to put on some weight and a friend mentioned this might be a place to get some encouragement. Just because of location it's actually pretty easy to get rest, eat right and exercise. I already don't drink coffee, soda, non-smoker, eat veg and fruit, no fast food and avoid most processed snacks. Goals: DIET: (1) Rule of threes / 5XP: I am not in the habit of tracking calories so how about this, 3 meals a day. I need to eat 3 full meals every day. (2) Treat yourself / 4XP: While trying to put on weight I have stopped enjoying food. I haven't been eating dessert for a while not as a conscious decision but just because eating has become a chore. I need to eat 1 dessert a week. FITNESS: (3) Consistency is key / 10XP: As a novice lifter I tried doing SS daily instead of taking rest days and that nearly killed my motivation after only a week (not to mention my joints). I have been doing the day on day off pattern for a few weeks, the real test is going to be going a full month. I need to get to the end of the month without skipping any workouts or trying to "beat the system" by skipping rest days. LUYL: (4) Feed the brain / 1XP: Read for fun, 5 minutes a day. Actual dead-tree reading, not forums! Bonus XP!: (5) Worth it's weight... / 5XP: Well, if my goal is to put on weight, I may as well celebrate any small wins. 1XP per pound gained to a max of 5XP. Starting weight is 176lbs. Wish me luck. Pics now attached.
  3. I am looking at starting to change my diet to something healthier and the paleo diet is something that interests me. However you see so much about how the paleo diet is supposed to help you lose weight. As I am already underweight by quite a bit, I am looking to pack on weight to help with muscle growth, and to just make me healthier. But I have read that with the paleo diet it is hard to over eat, and over eating is what you are supposed to do to pack on weight right? So what would I have to change in order to put on some weight while using the paleo diet? Or is the paleo diet even a viable option since I am underweight? Is there any suggestions you could give in order to help me add weight to help with my muscle growth? Any and all input is greatly appreciated, thanks again.
  4. Hiya guys! I wont do the whole intro thing again (see it @ http://rebellion.ner...dutchy-onboard/ ) so ill just do the things i wanna do in these 6 weeks and measurements will be updated tomorrow (since measurements arent right at 18:18pm) Main Quest - lose 1 or 2 kg (about 4 to 8lbs) within the upcoming 6weeks Side Quest - drink max 1 can of pop a day, but rather none and only one in the weekend - take a brisk 30minutes walk 3x a week Life Quest - pay off 50-80 euros a month to my debt - finish all my commisions (drawings) - keep my room clean Talk to you all tomorrow!!
  5. ...Science? Hey all, I just finished reading "The Protein Book" by Lyle McD. Great read! But in the latter part he mentions that strength athletes who waint to gain weight should generally avoid steady state cardio. And I recall from his website (www.bodyrecomposition.com) the same advice, but for HIIT. Now I wonder why is that? Is it always true? Obviously, both activities burn calories. Additionally, at least steady- state also utilizes BCAAs. But that shouldn't be a real problem considering that you can just increase daily caloric intake and consume an extra amount of BCAAs (e.g.through a whey shake) before training. Next, cardio also increases Protein synthesis albeit the outcome is different tissue (mitochondria vs hard muscle). But again, more calories and Proteins will take care of that. And additional protein stores in the body (very energy efficient ones even) can't be a bad thing, right? All right, maybe the additional exercise does hamper recovery and hence impairs the actual weight training? Ensuring adequate carbohydrate intakes during and after exercise should take care of that issue for the most part. I don't know about muscle tissue damage and as to how much impact it has on actual performance. Iirc it is even a potential stimuli for muscle growth. I don't know of any other issues that could influence recovery (or lack thereof) either. But consider that many athletes manage a high workload and frequency shouldn't be the issue here at all. Remember I'm talking about one hour (if at all) of endurance based training once a day, couple times a week. Am I just oblivious to something here ? Any explanation is welcome, the more sciency the better! (On a side note, does anyone know what impacts hiit training has on the body? In terms of what's going on inside of my body afterwards. Also complexes and field games.) P.S. Did I place this Thread right?
  6. Hey guys I am a 25 year old female (woman? girl?). I quit smoking nearly a year ago and picked up some healthier habits. Among these are exercising 5 time a week, watching what I eat etc. Few months back I gave up on my guilty pleasure of diet soda. I have never been overweight (1.75 meters, 60 kg) but ever since I started eating Paleo i gained 2.5 Kg!!! in 2 weeks! I am truly horrified by this new change to my body, clothes don't fit quite as good and I find myself frustrated - I really don't deserve this after all the hard work I've put in What am I doing wrong? your advice and support will be much appreciated. Me. ***For those not using the metric system: 5.6 feet, 132 pounds + 5.5lb gain in 2 weeks (OMG)
  7. So here is my first challenge, lets see what happens. Currently I weigh 65.2Kg. 13 inch calfs 30 inch waist 33 inch chest 11 inch bicep (right one slightly larger, go figure) 19 inch thighs. Something of an elf then. Currently pushing 6 reps of 32 Kg, so lets up those Squat 27.5 Kg, lets up that Deadlift 35 kg, lets up that, but when form is perfect, no point rushing. Pull ups 6 jump and hold and slow release - up those too. inverted rows 10 at the moment, continue until perfect and up Chin ups are 4 t the moment. So, targets/goals.... 1) Lets get weight up to 68 KG, I think this will be achievable. This is based on good weight, not fat but lean muscle (or as much as can be lean muscle). Diet to continue following meats, proteins, eggs, oats, carrots, bananas, chocolate milk (for after exercise calories and much needed fat and protein), rice, full wheat pasta - etc etc. 2) Lets up all of the weight/reps above. I know this isnt exactly smart, but I will need to push more weight or do more reps. This will hopefully be achievable. 3) Gym three times a week and jog twice a week. I want to do this and achieve all this. and an additional extra, bonus point of sorts, lets get 5Km of running done at least. I will do an update once a week, so six updates. If you see me slacking, see me not achieving, hold me accountable. Bitch, Troll and get me moving. Thanks... First challenge, lets start as we mean to go on.
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