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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, im just starting out in calisthenics, but im getting tired really quick which disturbs my workout program, therefore i want to start stamina training but i dont want to lose weight because im already thin (i'm 5.7 feet/ 173 cm and weigh about 130 lbs/ 59 kg). Is there any way i could gain weight, stamina and mucle while doing both, or does anybody have any advice/tips on my topic? (btw i eat 3-4 meals a day)
  2. Hello all! I'm an elf named Xade and I'm here for my first challenge (though I am a week late, 5 weeks is better than none, right?) I have a weakness for making weapons and armor out of whatever I have lying around the house, but I tend to look more like a skeletal warrior than a noble knight when I use them. I just applied for my first job, which will be great because my only transportation is my own two legs and it will give me a little motivational boost to exercise. A little secret about myself is that self-motivation is something I'm awful at, so I figure coming here will help keep me on track, since I'll be doing it for you guys as well as myself! Main Quest: Reach an average weight (I don't know numbers yet) and break my healthiest personal record for push ups (20) by September. Quest 1: Gain at least 5 pounds. Gotta start somewhere, right? I've never weighed more than 140 (I fluctuate between 135 and 140) so diet changes and exercise should break that record. Quest 2: Advance to the next level push ups and rows/pull ups. It's hard to exercise well if you're incapable of doing the expected exercise, so I want to get back to being able to do these. Quest 3: Eat weight-gain paleo daily. It's nice that I don't have such a strict paleo diet since I'm trying to gain weight. It makes it easier to ease in, so I think daily is attainable. Life Quest: Continue maintaining grades without falling behind. I have a bad history of not doing work once I've missed an assignment because it becomes harder and harder to motivate myself to do it, so with the added activity to improve my health, I need to work extra hard to keep from letting myself do that again. As for my source of motivation, I want to be healthier, to be stronger, and to have a better grip on my life. This is a great way to do all 3, and I don't think there's a better one out there, so why not do this? It just makes the most sense, and I like sensible things.
  3. Hi all ! I just discovered this web site a day ago and boy does it ring true to me. Here is a little piece of me, of where i am starting from. I am from Quebec, Canada, 31 year old mother of an energetic 3.5 year old boy who bikes on two wheels, while I need to job to keep up With a boyfriend who probably has minus 10% body fat who is quite active and can eat basicly fried foods, chips and pepsi every meal without any effect on his body. I am pretty skinny family, since i am at 105-108 pounds when wet, and this has been the same since forever. But something changed at 30 yearsish, and after pregnancy. I weight the same, even less, but the body fat/muscle ratio changed and i don't like what i see. It doesn't feel right or healthy. And i don't feel sexy at all. So my challenge is probably diffrent than most : i want to gain weight, but pretty weight. Healthy weight. Muscles. ('cause now I only have 2 muscles, the ones to pick my son in my arms) Another important factor, or excuse, is that i fight Cystic Fribroses since birth. Wich is a digestive and lung chronical degenerativ illness. And part of the reason why i havn't gained weight up to now, and why i need some extra pounds for the hard times. My body is fighting infections in my lungs all the time, and it eats up a hole lot of energy. When i get sick, 10 pounds can go as fast a clicking my fingers. I am doing this, because i want to be able to play outside with my kid without losing my breath. Because i want to show miself that i can do this, even if at this moment while i write my lungs have a hard time, and it scares me. To teach me that i don't need to let it stop me from giving it all i've got. Because i don't like the way i started looking and talking at myself. Because i don't want to end up not loving this awsome body/machine i live in. Because i want to show gratefullness to this body of mine who got me to 31 year old, and who gave me my own miracle, a child i was never supposed to live long enough to have. When i was born, they told my parents i probably would make it to begining of adulthood. In your face doctors! But I could do so much more if i started acting healthier. So now, why not make a list of my favorite excuses : - no time : says the girls who plays PS3 for a few hours straight without problems. I do have a lot to do in a day, but it doesn't matter does it ? - too tired : Maybe sleeping 8 hours a day would help, duh. And exercising too migh help. So lets do this : start the day with exercise. there you go, no more excuses ! - no knowledge : not a problem, i just found an awsome community.I can learn. - I currently have a hard time breathing and i fear i am getting worst : so what ? Give it you all anyway, you might be suprised. So, i am sick and tired of my dumb excuses, and i want to make change, and for it to work this time. I am aware this will be a trial and error process, but I will keep eyes on the big picture. 30 years of bad habits aint gonna change in a month, but I can start there. Hopefully your support will help me continue once the motivation drops, as i usually does after a few weeks once my balloon has deflated. So i give you, the Main Quest : I will weight a sexy, awesomly fit and energized 125 pounds between now and 365 days. And the goals to achieve this : 1) I will sleep for 7.5-8 hours every day (with the help of Yoga Nidra) - A : 8h (+ if with yoga nidra) - B 7.5h (+ if with yoga nidra) - C 7h (+ if with yoga nidra) - D 6.5h (+ if with yoga nidra) - E 6h (+ if with yoga nidra) - F 5h (+ if with yoga nidra) 2) I will train 30-40 minutes 3 times a week with Nike+ on Kinect, in the mornings, on monday, wednesday and friday. And continue the thuesday night 1h30h yoga i already do - A : 3 times nike+ and 1 yoga (+ if i walk on my breaks at work) - B : 3 times nike+ no yoga (+ if i walk on my breaks at work) - C : 2 times nike+ and 1 yoga (+ if i walk on my breaks at work) - D : 2 times nike+ and no yoga (+ if i walk on my breaks at work) - E : 1 times nike+ and 1 yoga (+ if i walk on my breaks at work) 3) i will Paleotize my diet gradually, starting by the breakfast - A : big paleo breakfast - B : big regular breakfast (with grains) - C: small paleo breakfast - D : small snack breakfast - E : no breakfast Life quest : (updated 20/11) takes my enzimes and vitamins with every meal - A: perfect - B: missed 1 meal - C: missed 2 - D: missed 3 - E: missed 4 - F: missed 5 For this challenge, i will use Nike+ Kinect i have at home, because it seems to work for me, it's quick, simple but hard enough to get me started, and I doesn't bore me since it changes every day. (then I can move on to what you guys do wich scares the hell out of me). If i ever eat out on lunch time, it will be at the Thai restaurant, eating a sauté meal, wich will last 2 lunches for me. So chears everibody, I will go and get inspired by your threads now, and tomorrow morning is my first Monday of the challenge ! I will post a Before photo and measurments later today 20/11 i updated my objectives to make them more measurable and changed my life quest to something i really need to work on
  4. To the best of my abilities, this quest shall be completed. Hell hath no furries that will stop me. But life might XD. Main Quest- gain between 10 and 20 pounds of muscle. Preferably in areas you can poke my bones. Steps of this quest. 1. Eat at least 3000 calories a day. 2. Do the beginner body weight circuit until I can do it 3 times without feeling any burn. Then move on to something better. 3. Get at least 8 hours of sleep Life quest- get some decent workout gear: buy overcoming gravity, paperback edition. Buy a full body weight suit that is able to hold up, so good quality. 10-20 legs 5-10 arms 30-50 torso. Maybe more. ------- This is for when I get a chance to get on a computer Hi there. I'm a resident of the US, Southern region specifically. I'm sortof a jack of all trades guy. I have a horrible tenancy to jump from thing to thing. My main sticking points are archery, guns, blades, The Elder Scrolls, Dresden Files books, Redwall books, animes, wilderness survival, fitness, health in general, most first person shooters, and good friends. I've done everything from crocheting to blacksmithing, or attempted to anyways. Oh and I can do art. If anyone wants to see my work give me a private message and I'll guide you to my gallery. I do best with own and ink, or graphite and charcoal. Those taken care of, some really interesting things. First, I'm a furry. I identify mostly with a fox. Lean playful and intelligent. But also quiet and reserved at times. Judge if you must, but know I'm not a suiter. I might would do that some if I had one, but not often. Next, I'm a brony. And Twilight Sparkle is my girl XD I'm not fanatical about it, and I only like the friendship is magic stuff of course. It's a legitimately good show that makes life a little better for me I'm clinically diagnosed with ADD so when I go rapidly from topic to topic please forgive me. I can't really help it. Imagine, if I'm typing this much, what all I'm probably thinking. Be gentle, I'm shy. °~°
  5. Hello friends, I'm excited to be on this challenge train with everyone else. After hearing about Nerdfitness from reading about recent adventure blogs, I wanted in! Introduction: I am a third-year chemistry student at a state university and I'm looking to apply to Pharmacy School next year. I've been to a couple application seminars and what I've gotten out of those is that the applicant has to be professional, mature and confident. With this, I have set some goals in order to appear mature. Main Goal: I would like to increase my body weight from 120 lbs to 130 lbs. I have a skinny look and by increasing my body weight, I'll be able to sculpt my body into lean muscle later on. 3 goals: Drink at least half a gallon of milk everyday Do the beginner body-weight workout 3 times a week I will fit in 3 meals a day, and tracking my calories on an online food tracker, exceeding 2500 calories. Life Quest: I will shut my life off of online games such as League of Legends and Minecraft. Instead I will limit my gaming to handheld gaming to only 30 minutes a day. Although I do love a hearty game of LoL with my friends (and sometimes soloqueue), I found that on certain days when I don't play games, my productivity levels increase tenfold. I have WAY more hours in my day than I did when I played games. It has been two days since I've stopped and I don't plan on stopping. Motivation: I must be willing to sacrifice the things I want now, for the grander things that I actually want in the future. Edit 11/18/13: Added a picture of myself two weeks ago. I'm 120 lbs at the time. I haven't stepped on a scale since then though. I'll do that the third week of my challenge.
  6. Hello all, after dropping out of my first challenge about 6 months ago, I'm here to give it another shot. I've been married 7 years and I'm a stay at home mom to a 4 year old boy and a 19 month old girl. We've had some unexpected and tough things happen in the last 4 years and I haven't taken care of myself, resulting in being quite underweight and not living a healthy lifestyle at all. We've wanted to be better for along time, but just never did it. Now, I've come to my moment. I don't have a choice anymore. We found out in July that baby #3 is on the way, due date March 15. We are very excited, but I know things must change. I have had issues with preterm labor in the past, so I know I'm at higher risk this time around. I know some things are out of my control, but with what is, I need to give this baby the best chance I can give it. I guess I can say my main goal is to get healthy for Peanut so I can be in good shape for the rest of the pregnancy, delivery, and those first few months after. Ultimate goal- to have more flexibility, control, endurance, and strength than I have ever had in my life. 1. Do bodyweight workout 4x a week I'll be doing different groups each day, plan inspired by You Are Your Own Gym 2. Three solid meals a day. Snacking all day does not count. 3. ...I'm not really sure yet. I'll come back to it. Life goal: Retrain the brain- I haven't taken care of myself in any way. I've let my faith get weak and my attitude go to crap. No more negativity, complaining, excuses, or quitting. I don't have a very strong personality, so things like persistence and determination are unfamiliar to me. I have to find them and I will.
  7. Welcome to part 1 of my transformation! I'm not quite sure how many parts this series will feature, but I hear the producer is trying to keep things short and exciting, so don't miss too many episodes updates. Background: What You Need to Know I'm 20 years old, 6'1, 155lbs. Over the past 2-3 years I've put in a couple half-assed attempts at building the body I'm capable of creating. My diet is my weakness, lifting is the fun part. Not eating enough can make exercise difficult. Poor diet makes maintaining energy, staying hydrated, and making linear gains unnecessarily difficult. This is why I've decided to fix my distracting eating habits now; so I can start achieving my goals faster. Main Quest: Reach 170lbs. I've never broken 160lbs. My end goal is 205lbs. It's going to be a long road, but it should become easier once I develop key habits. 3 Keys to Success: Track caloric intake everydayCook 1 new thing every weekDrink 4L+ water dailyEach of these mini-goals will help me achieve my main goal. Tracking my calories, even if I don't hit my target 3,000 calories, will keep me honest and aware of my progress. I have zero cooking skills. I literally learned how to make an omelette a month ago. Learning to cook will help me eat more things I actually want to eat. Staying hydrated will keep me hungry, and jumpstart the scales a little. Life Goal: Get out of bed before 11am on weekdays. The earlier I'm up, the more I eat. I work on my own schedule which is amazing, but it's very easy to get (too) comfortable. What You Can Expect I will post my caloric intake every couple days or so. Maybe more, maybe less. I will post my weigh-in results weekly. I've decided to take a break from lifting until I can get consistent with this diet. When I get back to lifting I will update accordingly. Game On There you have it. Day 0 of my quest in the making.
  8. Alright rebel family, So I was gifted but in the wrong way. I cannot gain weight by conventional methods due to my hyper active metabolism. Some people would say this is a good thing, that it's great to eat whatever and not gain weight. Well let me be the first to tell you, for a guy like me, it's one of the biggest curses you could live with. I'm reaching out to my rebellion family in hopes of finding someone to help me develop a (hopefully affordable on a soldiers salary) diet and exercise program that will help me gain weight and develop the "Greek God" body that I (and my gf, lol) have been looking for. I'm 20 years old, 118lbs, 5ft 7in, I'm a soldier (U.S. Army Reserves) who is used to physical exercises and cardio so don't be afraid to just dish it out. Habits of mine that I might need to change or you should know while working with me to develop a diet and workout plan: I smoke, about a pack every 2 or 3 days, I usually sleep all day and work an 8pm to 4am civilian job at night, With my civilian job I have found myself eating less. Workout: I'm looking for a full body work out, where each day I will work at least one or two muscles to gain weight and build endurance. Possibly followed by a run? I'm not looking to get "huge" or "ripped", I'm just looking to build a nice toned body (the kind of body you picture when you create a DnD ranger or Paladin). Diet: I know absolutely nothing when it comes to food. I need help knowing what I need to eat and when I need to eat it, and things that are easy to prepare because my cooking skill is definitely at level 1 (even for Runescape standards) By no means am I "weak", I'm just extremely small. Most people tell me I'm "so tiny" or "You're too small, let me handle this" and it's getting old. From all the sites I have been too and doctors and physicians, I believe I can find the most help here from my rebel family. Thank you so much. -Mike Just in case I can't get email notifications, if you can help, my email is askylitwing@hotmail.com
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