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  1. Or, When it Rains it Pours This particular challenge begins with two big things that may happen during it: 1) Finally moving to the Wye. (90% chance.) 2) Start my new job. (??!?!?% chance.) If that last one confused you, it’s okay. I’m a bit dazed myself! The short version is that an amazing contract writing opportunity dropped on me out of nowhere last week and Mr and I agreed that although the timing was somewhat less amazing (since we’re on the cusp of a cross-country move and we hadn’t really about thought of me going back to work before Enting started school), the career path it could open up for me (games writing) was too good to ignore and we’d made it work if it came through. I’ve since made it past the first round with the initial writing sample I did for them, and they’ve hired me to write them an opening script based on their game premise. If the script goes over well, it may turn into a longer term contract to develop and write rest of their launch content. (And after that, possibly ongoing content.) breathes (I told Mr that even if I don’t make it beyond this stage, the boost to my confidence has been huge. And I will still have a current professional credit on my CV.) ANYWAY. Goals during this challenge: 1) Assuming the move continues forward, the next stage will be choosing which removal service we’re using. There’s also going through and getting rid of misc. junk that has piled up, admin like getting mail redirected (I’m particularly worried about the timing of the move and my absentee ballot for the US presidential election), choosing a new surgery/dentist, etc. And if the contract pans out(!!!), I need to figure out a fast childcare solution for the Enting on the other side. (Luckily, his current nursery has been really flexible with us over the last couple of weeks.) 2) Finish the script. Submit it. Make it the best thing I can while showing them I can keep a tight deadline. 3) Continue the Walk to Mordor/4 miles each day (done by average of days). Since I will be, at least for the next several days, back to doing a lot of computer work, I need to make sure I’m caring for my body. I woke up this morning with my body feeling like I was 111 years old, and I don’t like that at all. I’m only 41! 3a) Mr has suggested we start doing pilates or something together. Give that a go. I also need to update the WtM app. It’s been a few weeks This has been done now. 4) Don’t drop my eating standards (too much). Things are busy, and I will not have as much leisure to cook elaborate healthy meals, at least in the short term. Compromises will need to be made, but don’t completely let go. Goals 1-2 are moving targets that will develop on how things both inside and outside of my control proceed and I’ll probably set objectives at the beginning of each week. 3-4 are fairly static. And that’s it for me... here’s to big awesome changes!
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