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  1. I still need to eat better, snack less, move more, and lose weight. I've almost certainly been going through some levels of depression over the last year, but I'm hoping that the warmer weather and extra sunlight will improve my mood. Either way, it's time to quit whinging and start doing again. I will certainly still talk about parkour and silks, but I'm going to focus on basic exercises for this challenge. Challenge goal: Pay my debts These are the exercises I "owe" each week and must pay off: 1. Pull ups - 20/week 2. Push ups - 50/week 3. V-ups - 60/week 4. Squats - 100/week (but can choose regular, sumo, or side to side squats). 5. intense cardio/HIIT stuff: 10 minutes total/week (burpees, mountain climbers, jumping exercises, etc.) 6. walking - 30 km/week, with at least 1 ruck/week 7. If I miss silks class, then I also owe some silks conditioning work at home. Bonus debts: 8. I need to learn one new crochet technique each week. So far, I just know basic stitches, which is great for scarves and blankets, but not much else. 9. 1 hour of piano each week On the eating front, I'm planning to re-give up soda. I'm also going to try something new with the evening snacking: I will get myself a reasonable portion of food to eat, including some healthy things like carrot sticks or cheese, and then I will not under any circumstances let myself get up for more food. I'm a bit bummed, though. Right when I was going to gather the kids so we could head to the parkour and silks gym, my son came in crying with a scraped up face, cut, and lump on his forehead. So, no parkour tonight.. Maybe parkour on wednesday, though.
  2. Lilmissbri joins the Game of Thrones Now, obviously, the ending hasn't happened yet. BUT this probably my favorite show of all time besides Avatar: The Last Airbender (for completely different reasons.... obviously). Season 7 started last month and it's all I can think about these days! So let's make it the theme. Mwahaha. - - Become No One ~ Fitness Goal: Complete this 14 day pilates challenge. -- Grow a Dragon ~ Diet Goal: Drink 3 bottles of water and serve dinner with veggies every day. Bonus: New paleo recipes I actually like to make and eat. -- Fight to Be Better ~ Level Up Your Life Goal: Update Voices profile, finish Self-Management for Actors, plan out animated video schedule. Bonus: Complete 5 or more auditions per day. -- Converse with the One True God ~ Spirit Goal: Complete the 5 Day Reading Plan and go to church every Sunday. _.-*-._.-*-._
  3. I'm back from vacation, I (hopefully) have found some new motivation, and I'm ready to get back in the game. I also haven't really improved much with the parkour over the last 6 months, and I'm finally in a mental place where I'm ready to step up my training. Goal 1: Learn to Zig Zag I have been slacking on getting cardio workouts, which in turn makes me less agile when doing parkour. I HATE cardio, but the goal is to force myself to do that at least 3 times/week. Parkour class counts. So does HIIT or shadowboxing. I might even *gasp* go for a jog. Goal 2: Work that dragon ass I've struggled A LOT with knee and hip pain over the last few months. When I did some research and some physical tests, I found that I have an anterior pelvic tilt along with relatively underdeveloped posterior chain muscles and overdeveloped quads. I've already started on the road to fixing this, and I'm already seeing progress. I have stretches for the hip flexors and calves that I need to do. I also have great exercises for helping activate the glutes and hamstrings. I also have started really trying to fix my squat. I had assumed that poor ankle mobility and short calf muscles were the reason I would fall backward or tend to shift weight to the balls of my feet when doing AtG squats. But now I have other avenues to explore. I can actually do a good form squat if I'm front squatting a light dumbbell. The goal is to accumulate time over the week in a deep squat as well as stick with the physical therapy-esque stuff. I will start with a goal of 15 minutes per week in deep squat, and see how that goes. Goal 3: A Girl must Cook I got lazy. And then went on vacation and ate out for a couple weeks. And for whatever reason, it seems harder to cook when the kids are home. But I need to clean up the diet a lot. The goal is to do at least one batch cooked recipe per week and eat out at most once per week. Goal 4: I drink and I know things. While it would certainly be *fun* to have a goal of drinking, it doesn't fit with my goals. The thing I need to drink is protein, and the thing I need to know is how much protein I've been getting. My muscle recovery has been poor, but I also have been much lower with the protein intake than I ought to be. The goal is to track protein and drink a protein shake each day that I lift or do parkour. Bonus: Be mighty like Brienne Work on upper body strength by doing pull ups and grip training work. The goal is to start doing a GtG approach where I have to do a pull up or hang on something anytime I go under the pull up bar or go down to the basement.
  4. The Westerlands are in some ways the most mysterious of the Seven Kingdoms to we readers/watchers, because it is the only place we have never been with a POV character. Apart from a few stories and a flashback/dream swequence, we’ve never seen Casterly Rock, Lannisport, or even any of the Westerlands countryside. Known for their vast mineral wealth and fertile, hilly countryside, the Lords of the West have always been important, and none more so than House Lannister of Casterly Rock. Serving mostly as antagonists (except for Tyrion) through the first book, we started getting POV chapters from Cersei and Jaime soon after. More so than even the Dornish schemes, more so than the proposed Grand Northern Conspiracy, the Lannisters are involved deeply in the game of thrones, on several fronts of the war(s). The Lannisters have also always been a fertile house, with many cadet branches in Lannisport and throughout the Westerlands, and until this generation, usually a vast network of close, in-House relations. I’ll be basing my goals on the forward planning of House Lannister, which means potential spoilers for all books and the show. I’ll white out what I can, but assume spoilers for Book 1/Season 1 here, and white out could be spoilers for anything through Dance with Dragons. Sorry Kevan and Gerion fans – they’re relegated to a potential stretch goal/mini-game I’m thinking about. Going in Order of our introduction to each character, we start with fan-favorite Tyrion “the Imp” Lannister, dwarf son of the late great Tywin Lannister. He's currently serving with the Essosi sellswrod Company the Second Sons, attempting to get in with Danerys Targaryen in hopes of returning to Westeros Lord of Casterly Rock and getting revenge on his sister . . . Tyrion is the most-travelled Lannister, (except maybe for Uncle Gerion?), so I will also move about, walking 60,000 steps per week. This adds up to a little more than 8,000 per day, so it should be doable. Jaime "the Kingslayer" Lannister is everything a knight should look like, if not everything a knight should be. A member of the Kingsguard and probable best swordsman in the Realm, After his brutal maiming by Vargo Hoat, Jaime is currently on a redemption quest, to reconnect to what being a knight means. Less than two years ago, I worked out three times a week with a bodyweight progressing that gave me room to keep improving. I too, have a quest to redeem myself from my slack ambitions. I will train (luckily, not with Ser Ilyn Payne or Bronn) 3 times a week with some sort of weight, body or otherwise. My prenatal yoga will do. Queen Cersei Lannister is at the center of political life in southern Westeros. Attempting to maintain rule through Tommen, Cersei is also attempting to wrest power from her rival Queen Margaery and the regent Kevan Lannister. She also needs to regain her queenliness after her walk of atonement and extricate herself from the noose the Faith got around her neck due to her ill-thought-out machinations, at least until her champion can stand for her in trial by combat. In the interests of appearing pious and atoned, I imagine Cersei is eating somewhat abstemiously, avoiding large servings of meat and sweets in favor of simple meals to appease the septas who are always watching her. Then again, her drinking habits appear unchanged. I mean to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, with at least one being a leafy green in order to count the day as a success. Fermented grapes don't count. Fermented cabbage does! Lancel Lannister, after his treason, murder, and adultery of book one, is currently on a redemptive arc toward the Faith Militant. Setting aside his marriage to Amerei "Gatehouse Ami" Frey and the attendant rights to Darry, he has chosen to join the Warrior's Sons as a result of guilt-driven dreams and visions. . . Lancel is spending his time (when not training) praying, meditating, and visualizing his life as he wishes it, free of Lannisters, Freys, and distractions from his goal. I intend to do likewise (without giving up my family, marriage, or worldly possessions, but making time 3 times a week to practice self-care in pursuit of my goal, which is a healthy pregnancy and labor. Genna Lannister Frey is the best Lannister. No-nonsense sister to Tywin Lannister, and aunt to the above listed, Genna is hilarious, schrewd, and sees through her family's dysfunction and schemes. Married to Emmon Frey, she is currently guiding him trough the political minefield of being proclaimed Lord of Riverrun by the crown while Edmure Tully (and his child in Roslyn Frey Tully) yet live. . . . I love this lady's cosplay! Genna holds the purse strings, and so marshals the resources to maintain herself, her husband, and their descendants as best she can, while also stabilizing the area for other Lannister interests, after the war between Riverlanders and Westerlanders that has ravaged the region. I need to marshal my resources as well, and I intend to do that by meeting my protein goals during this challenge. 3-4 servings of #grams/day.
  5. Celebrating the good weather, and eager for a more hospitable terrain than the Vale of Arryn, we journey South and West to the Reach. Home of chivalry in Westeros, and of the most fertile and green lands in all Seven Kingdoms, the Reach is a center of culture, whether agri-, vini-, or high. When we toured Dorne, we concentrated on important moments of Dornish history. In the Stormlands, we noted several important people who hail from that area. In the Vale, we celebrated a particular Spring tradition. However, with the history and important players in the Game of Thrones that hail from the Reach, this time we’ll focus on Geography, looking at some of the most important places in the what the maesters call “the most beautiful of the Seven Kingdoms”. Highgarden rules the Reach. The Tyrell lords, and the Gardener kings before them, hold uncontested sway over the Reach. The Tyrell armies are large and well-fed, with many notable cavalrymen, due to the popularity of jousting and other knightly pursuits. Highgarden deserves its name, as the tiered-walled castle has gardens and fountains, groves and small vineyards located inside and on its walls, and is surrounded by a briar labyrinth. It lies amidst the breadbasket of Westeros, which enabled Margaery Tyrell to feed the populace of King’s Landing upon her betrothal to Joffrey Baratheon, gaining immense political capital with the starving smallfolk. Robert Baratheon himself said of Highgarden “there are fields of golden roses that stretch away as far as the eye can see. The fruits are so ripe they explode in your mouth-melons, peaches, fireplums, you've never tasted such sweetness” For Highgarden, I will eat four servings of fruits and vegetables each day, with one being a leafy green in order to count the day as a success. We move from Highgarden to the seat of the Tyrell’s most loyal bannerman, Randyll Tarly. Horn Hill is a Marcher castle, set near the borders with Dorne. The Marcher Lords tend to be proud and fierce, from centuries of constant warfare across the borders. The Tarlys wield a Valyrian steel sword known as Heartsbane, and are counted as the strongest and most loyal of the Tyrell bannermen to join the war of the Five Kings. (I’m not using the show version, because it doesn’t look very defensible, and what kind of Marcher lord keeps an indefensible palace? ) Withstanding (and carrying out) near-constant raids across the Dornish Marches breeds strong men and women, and creates the need for strong castles. To build and maintain defenses is the work of strong backs and muscles. For Horn Hill, I will work out with weight of some sort (active yoga, bodyweight, shovelglove) 3 times per week. Our travels now take us to Oldtown, the inarguable center of culture, learning, and piety in the Seven Kingdoms. Home to three major institutions and their three famous edifices, Oldtown has been a temporary home to scholars, septons, and seekers of mysteries from before the time of the Andals, and perhaps before the coming of the First Men to Westeros. Oldtown is the home of the Citadel, where the Maesters train and study, before being sent off to serve lords across Westeros as scribes, advisors, and healers. Allegedly built during the Age of Heroes, the Citadel holds secrets untold to the rank and file of Westeros, even those who can claim some education. The Citadel has been a depository of wisdom for centuries, perhaps millennia. However, little of it escapes the confines to be of help to Westerosi across the Kingdoms. Also, the studies of the Maesters can breed narrow-minded pedants. For the Citadel, I will search and rearrange the archives. This will take the form of going through and either repacking, discarding, donating, or reassigning the contents of 4 drawers of boxes per week. If the Citadel is the mind of Oldtown, the Starry Sept is its heart. Built by the Andals as the center of their Faith of the Seven when they fled Andalos for Westeros. Its black marble walls and stained glass windows awe the Faithful with their crystal insets, casting the refracted light of the Seven down upon them. (no picture available of the Starry Sept) The High Septon makes his residence at King’s Landing, but the Starry Sept remains one of the holiest places in Westeros to those who follow the Seven. In honor of this place of pilgrimage, I vow to rededicate myself to relflection and meditation, to walk with the Justice of the Father, the Wisdom of the Crone, the Bravery of the Warrior, the Beauty of the Maiden, the Tirelessness of the Smith, and the Mercy of the Mother*. I will practice self-care, in the form of meditation, stretching, prayer, or restorative yoga twice a week. *We don’t mention the Stranger. The political power in Oldtown, and it’s most notable landmark, is the Hightower. The seat of House Hightower, a First Men house and patrons of the faith and the order of the maesters since their introductions to Westeros. The Hightower itself is at the center of Oldtown, the city having grown around it, and it stands taller than any other structure in Westeros. It is said that the Wall is visible from its top. Its base is a labyrinthine fortress of oily black stone that predates the first men and may have been built by ancient peoples only theorized by the maesters. The Maze Makers of Lorath and the legendary Deep Ones are listed as possibilities. The First Men kings raised a tower atop that during the Dawn of Days, and the tower was said to have been erected by Bran the Builder himself. A beacon fire burns from the top day and night, guiding sailors to the mouth of the Honeywine river. In response to the current Ironborn threat, Lord Leyton Hightower is sequestered near the top with his (allegedly) prescient daughter Malora “the Mad Maid.” Whether he will be as successful as Aegon Targaryen, who consulted his maiden daughter Daenys the dreamer to escape the Doom of Valyria is yet to be seen. The common folk of Oldtown whisper that they consult books of spells to raise and army from the sea. If so, one has to wonder whether the Ironborn are threat enough to warrant such measures, or whether the Maid has seen something worse to come. For the Hightower, I’m going to think literally about the leg power it takes to maintain a nearly entirely vertical keep. I will walk or run 3 times a week, for a minimum of 20 minutes each time. It’s nothing compared to the poor stewards who ferry meals to Lord Leyton and his daughter, but I have other stuff to do.
  6. Intro: At the end of January 2015, I weighed 255 lbs, hated myself, and constantly felt sick and tired. I started watching what I was eating, and then at the end of February took the plunge and joined a gym. I came across NF a week before the April 2015 6WC started. There are links to my introduction/origin story and my first nine challenges in my sig below. Feel free to go rummage around in there. I’ve made steady progress through the challenges over the last 12 months, with just the occasional setback. Over my first four challenges, I set a specific goal of getting properly fitted for a good quality, tailored, three-piece suit, and get a good photograph taken wearing it, because I was sick of being disgusted when I looked in the mirror or saw a photo of myself. Having achieved that goal, the focus is now on getting to a target weight of 180 and staying there. During the last challenge, I had a mid-point epiphany. I’d been making precious little progress because no matter how hard I worked out, I was still eating like crap. I was staying within my allotted calorie targets, but eating the wrong things most of the time. So, for the second half of the challenge, I dropped my cross-trainer calorie count (keeping it as a warm-up exercise only), started to focus more on strength, and switched to Paleo instead of calorie counting, to try to break the cycle of poor eating and frantically trying to work it off. This challenge is an extension of weeks 3-4 from the last one. No Week 0 this time around, as I re-engage my motto, to be read as Jaqen H’gar: When a man takes a Week Zero, a man will become a Weak Zero. Quest 1: A Man Owes Three Deaths to the Iron God Three workouts each week. A workout will consist of cross trainer to warm up and cool down, and a combination of lifting and body weight exercises. Each complete week is a pass. Achievable Points on offer: +4 STR, +1 STA A – 5 Weeks (Points x 1) B – 4 Weeks (Points x 0.75) C – 3 Weeks (Points x 0.5) D – 2 Week (Points x 0.25) F – 0/1 Weeks (Fail. 0 Points.) Quest 2: A Man Must Learn to Lift Himself 3 sets of 10 bodyweight squats each weekday morning. 1 set regular, 1 set Bulgarian split on each leg. Each complete week is a pass. Achievable Points on offer: +3 DEX, +1 STA A – 5 Weeks (Points x 1) B – 4 Weeks (Points x 0.75) C – 3 Weeks (Points x 0.5) D – 2 Week (Points x 0.25) F – 0/1 Weeks (Fail. 0 Points.) Quest 3: A Man Must Choose His Poisons Carefully Continue the sugar & wheat detox by eating paleo for the entire duration of the challenge. Each successful week is a pass. Achievable Points on offer: +2 CON, +2 CHA A – 5 Weeks (Points x 1) B – 4 Weeks (Points x 0.75) C – 3 Weeks (Points x 0.5) D – 2 Week (Points x 0.25) F – 0/1 Weeks (Fail. 0 Points.) Quest 4: A Man has a Thirst Drink 20 litres of water per week (15 on week 5). Each week over target is a pass. Achievable Points on Offer: +2 WIS A – 5 Weeks (Points x 1) B – 4 Weeks (Points x 0.75) C – 3 Weeks (Points x 0.5) D – 2 Week (Points x 0.25) F – 0/1 Weeks (Fail. 0 Points.)
  7. Intro: At the end of January 2015, I weighed 255 lbs, hated myself, and constantly felt sick and tired. I started watching what I was eating, and then at the end of February took the plunge and joined a gym. I came across NF a week before the April 2015 6WC started. There are links to my introduction/origin story and my first nine challenges in my sig below. Feel free to go rummage around in there. I’ve made steady progress through the challenges over the last 12 months, with just the occasional setback. Over my first four challenges, I set a specific goal of getting properly fitted for a good quality, tailored, three-piece suit, and get a good photograph taken wearing it, because I was sick of being disgusted when I looked in the mirror or saw a photo of myself. Having achieved that goal, the focus is now on getting to a target weight of 180 and staying there. Sticking roughly with what I did last challenge, as it seemed to break the malaise a little. I’m still going a little lighter on the cross trainer, and lifting more weights. I’m also sticking with weekly pass/fails to determine my grades. The most important change this time around is the switch from the Adventurers guild to Rangers. I had a fun run over in the Shire, but there comes a time in every man’s life when being content to shave your toes and have second breakfast isn’t enough. It’s cold and grim North of the Wall (Hadrian’s, that is), so it’s time to Ranger up. Night gathers, and now my watch begins. Quest 1: The Fire that Burns Against the Cold 4,000 calories burned on the cross trainer at my gym. Achievable Points on offer: +3 STA A – 4000+ (Points x 1) B – 3500-4000 (Points x 0.75) C – 3000-3500 (Points x 0.5) D – 2500-3000 (Points x 0.25) F – < 2500 (Fail. 0 Points.) Quest 2: The Sword in the Darkness Three weight training sessions each week. Each complete week is a pass. Achievable Points on offer: +4 STR A – 4 Weeks (Points x 1) B – 3 Weeks (Points x 0.75) C – 2 Weeks (Points x 0.5) D – 1 Week (Points x 0.25) F – 0 Weeks (Fail. 0 Points.) Quest 3: The Horn that Wakes the Sleepers Bodyweight squats each weekday morning. 1 set regular, 1 set Bulgarian split on each leg. Each complete week is a pass. Achievable Points on offer: +4 DEX A – 4 Weeks (Points x 1) B – 3 Weeks (Points x 0.75) C – 2 Weeks (Points x 0.5) D – 1 Week (Points x 0.25) F – 0 Weeks (Fail. 0 Points.) Quest 4: The Light that Brings the Dawn Log food, and stay within my weekly calorie target of 11500 (8500 for short week 4). Each week under target is a pass. Achievable Points on offer: +1 CON, +2 WIS A – 4 Weeks (Points x 1) B – 3 Weeks (Points x 0.75) C – 2 Weeks (Points x 0.5) D – 1 Week (Points x 0.25) F – 0 Weeks (Fail. 0 Points.) Quest 5: The Shield that Guards the Realms of Men Drink 20 litres of water per week (15 on week 4). Each week over target is a pass. Achievable Points on Offer: +1 CHA A – 4 Weeks (Points x 1) B – 3 Weeks (Points x 0.75) C – 2 Weeks (Points x 0.5) D – 1 Week (Points x 0.25) F – 0 Weeks (Fail. 0 Points.)
  8. Hey fellow nerds and welcome to my third bad ass challenge! Yeah, it´s another Game of Thrones challenge...good to know it never gets boring nerding about your favourite fantasy stuff (besides Lord of the Rings of course). I´ve been on Dracarys the past two challenges and life is getting better and better right now! Well then, what are my goals for this challenge? There are some big deals in my life incoming or in progress: 1+2) Train to fight the mountain! Thx @miss_marissa you´ve been faster on that one I´ve had a hard time lifting the past challenge because of several issues regarding back, knee, all from my sciatic nerve and some twisted stuff. The drugs helped so far, my osteopath will be visited this wednesday and I´ll take more care of my health from now on. Part one: Get back to lifting 3 times a week, do at least 2 times a week cardio and core! "Thor" does cardio and core too, so should I! Not only does it help removing the useless surroundings of my adamantium abs, it helps me build up a strong back without issues like bitching sciatics, weird back pain and other stuff you never need. Part two: 2000kcal daily and 2g Brotein/kg of lean body mass minimum (around 140g) Do that body recomposition! I should know better, but I´ve tried several stuff instead of being consistent. Of course without any bigger effects. That will change now! My calorie intake to keep weight would be around 2500kcal, so I´ll take a deficit of 20% and eat a lot of brotein for noobgainz! The goal is to loose body fat and build up some muscles. I´ve read several (scientific! no broscience bullshit!) articles about body recomposition and I´m pretty sure I can live the dream of every gym-nerd: build muscle, loose fat, at the same time. Ooooh yeah! Level up your life 1): Be like Tyrion - be smarter and greater than the tall guys! I´m sick and tired of my shift duty and working on getting out of it since last years summer. Registered at a advertising website, invested some money, visited workshops, bought books and I´m trying to get a job at their academy where I could start coaching people on being successful, how to use the website etc. It´s fine right now, I could end doing nightshifts without loosing money last march, but I want more! My plan is to end my nursejob next year or reduce it to 50% maybe. I will invest more time in my online marketing stuff and establish the stuff I learned last weekend at the workshop about mindset and will take a look at several software stuff. The fun part about it: Most stuff can be related to normal personality improvement easily! Be awesome and successfull! Tell the dude in the mirror every morning and before you go to bed how awesome he is! Flex your muscles, smile at him, tell him compliments about this cool outfit! Meditate and realize how awesome and freaking good looking you are! Visualize your success and work for it!!! Yes, I will talk to myself! I will not only visualize my stuff, I will make it real! Sounds weird? Rated R in Spoiler!!! (Sorry for rated-R, but I couldn´t resist If anybody gets offended by it, feel free to PM me to remove it) Regarding the job stuff I can´t really set numbers on how to add them to my challenge, because I can´t tell myself things like "Buy that software until date X" or some. It is a long term goal, but I want to focus on it! If I´m not meditating about being successful I will for sure take a look at some new workshops etc and how to improve. Level up your life 2): Get some social life! I hate shift duty for a reason. You usually work when others don´t and have free time when normal people have their 9-5. Not good! Visit friends, go out for dinner or a good old german beer or date somebody at least once a week! Take care about your social contacts the other days of the week! Of course getting drunk will be related to IIFYM (macros!!! @SpecialSundae ), but hell I´m tired of being some kind of lonely! I need to meet new people, meet my old and oldest friends again, just do something else than working, working out and surfing the NF Rebellion! Level up your life 3): Stop Bassism! I can´t tell how many bass player jokes I´ve heard this year alone...for those who aren´t musicians: bass players are by cliche dumb, have no clue about music theory or music at all and mostly considered not being a musician. It´s what I call "bassism" Keep on playing at least 1,5 hours a week and GET THAT GODDAMN JOB AT THIS BAND!!! I improved really great at bass playing thanks to last challenge (show that narcistic guitar junkys how to rock!) and next weeks wednesday will be my audition for a real big deal: a semiprofessional rockband! I know some of those dudes in person (one guitar player is a good friend of mine), they make great music (a mix of punk, metal and gothic) and they satisfy the nerd in me: They´ve got horrormovie-stageoutfits! It´s like building a RPG-character, give him a story and act like him on stage! LARP for musicians!!! In one of my favourite genres (B-movie horror)!!! Summary: 1+2) Train to fight the mountain! Part one: Get back to lifting 3 times a week, do at least 2 times a week cardio and core! Part two: 2000kcal daily and 2g Brotein/kg of lean body mass minimum (around 140g) Level up your life 1): Be like Tyrion - be smarter and greater than the tall guys! Be awesome and successfull! Tell the dude in the mirror every morning and before you go to bed how awesome he is! Flex your muscles, smile at him, tell him compliments about this cool outfit! Meditate and realize how awesome and freaking good looking you are! Visualize your success and work for it!!! Level up your life 2): Get some social life! Visit friends, go out for dinner or a good old german beer or date somebody at least once a week! Take care about your social contacts the other days of the week! Level up your life 3): Stop Bassism! Keep on playing at least 1,5 hours a week and GET THAT GODDAMN JOB AT THIS BAND!!!
  9. Challenge is gonna look something like this, details in the second comment below. Eat your damn vegetables already Stop eating all the calories Find balance between strength, cardio, and mobility Get shit done So I don't turn into this:
  10. Hi! I have read this site for several months and recently decided to jump in and participate with all of you inspiring, nerdy people. I'm looking forward to posting updates as I hope that will aid in the accountability I sometimes lack when it comes to being healthy. This is my first challenge and I plan to check in a couple of times a week so feel free to say hi! I've been climbing for a couple of years and got really serious about it last year. We had a new bouldering specific gym open and it got me hooked again. Unfortunately I had a major reconstructive ahoulder surgery (not climbing related) in July which I'm still recovering from. I am starting to add strenghth training back in to my plan as I would love to correct my muscular imbalance as well as put on 10-15 punds of lean muscle over the next several months. Here is the schedule I'm planning for the next 4 weeks. Monday: easy bouldering routes, 2 hours Tuesday: liffting weights Wednesday: high mileage bouldering, 2 hours Thursday: lifting weights Friday: project routes, 2 hours I plan on doing yoga and foam rolling throughout the week as well. I danced for 12+ years and sorely miss the flexibility that came with it. There are several free community yoga classes around so if I can make to one of those at least once a week and practice at home, I'll be well on my way. I recently took a couple of acroyoga classes and I would love to explore that further! Are there any other (slightly obseesed) Game of Thrones fans? I've read the books multiple times and can't decide if I should continue watching the show or wait for Winds of Winter to come out. Specific goals for this week: -take pictures and record measurements -book flights and car for Iceland! (Has anyone been before? I'd love to hear suggestions) -Sort through clothes and take donations in (part of bigger goal for capsule wardrobe) -Download duolingo and get through level 1
  11. "For the Year is Long, and Full of Binges" Priority 1: No 70 course dinners I've been trying to lose weight via tracking Calories In-Calories Out (CICO) for the better part of this year, and have been failing miserably. Not because CICO doesn't work, but because I consistently undo my good deficits with binge eating. Since insanity is popularly defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, I'm trying a new approach for this challenge. I'm taking a mental health break from all the tracking: - I will not weigh myself during the challenge; -1 point for every time I do (if someone else decides to check my weight, like my fitness consultant through the health insurance program at work, no points will be held against me) - I won't track food using MFP or another calories tracking device; -1 point for every day I do - No overeating alone - I've chosen this as my first step towards overcoming my binge eating. I can't ban myself from eating alone entirely, because I eat breakfast and lunch alone at work during the week. I also think it's too ambitious to try to stop overeating cold turkey - plus, I don't see it as a long term solution - there will always be special occasions and family events to celebrate, and aiming for never ever eating more than my body needs sounds like a guaranteed way to fail. My biggest problem (in my mind) is secretive binge eating - for example, stopping at the grocery store on the way to work to buy a quart of ice cream to devour in the car. I'm hoping that, by allowing myself to eat as much as I want on the condition that I do it in other people's company, I can shake this detrimental habit. -1 point for every occurence of overeating alone; +1 point for every day with no occurences Priority 2: Dream like Arya Okay, so I know I'm not a warg and don't get to dream I'm a direwolf destroying my enemies, but that doesn't mean I can't benefit from getting a little extra shuteye. Last challenge, I managed to average exactly 8 hours a night (granted, with a fair amount of variation, but an average nonetheless). However, I still feel like I could benefit from more. I'm going to bump my average goal up to 8.25 hours a night, so 346.5 hours cumulative over the course of the next 6 weeks. Priority 3: Go to the Maester for healing I have mild cases of plantar fasciitis and shin splints, which seem to have the common cause of tight calf muscles. My goal is stretching two times a day - 1 - upon waking/before getting out of bed (either drawing the ABCs with my feet or pulling my foot to a flex using a blanket or towel. 2 - calf stretch (against the wall or similar) after exercise Priority 4: Study with Sam Last challenge I came close to meeting my goal of averaging 15 min/day. Seeing as how I was studying for longer intervals only once or twice a week anyways, I decided to set a weekly goal this time around of 120 minutes. Priority 5: Winter is coming I always struggle to keep up a high activity level when the weather starts to turn cold. I haven't had an activity goal the past challenge or two, but it's time to put one back in as a preemptive measure. I want to keep it flexible, though, so that I can spend time as I wish outside any day that the weather is still good. Here's a list of indoor and outdoor options; I will choose 1 everyday: Outdoor (preference - enjoy it while it lasts!): - Go for a walk/hike - Play a tennis match - Bike to and from work, or just go for a bike ride after work - Sprints/some kind of interval training Indoor - bodyweight exercises (ex: NF BBWW) - zumba DVD - DDR - Xbox Kinect or Wii game - walk on treadmill - stationary bike - dumbell workout at fitness center at work - large cleaning project - go wall climbing, to a trampoline park, to dodgeball meetup, or other random activity with boyfriend - stretching/yoga/taichi/other mind/body - if in need of rest day
  12. As some of you might have noticed, I'd kind of vanished for a while. This was mainly because of our musical production of Jesus Christ Superstar which had me on/behind/around stage almost all day for the past month. Now that shows are over, we've all calmed down and getting back to normal, I've also decided it's time to get back into working out. Not that I'm overly motivated, but I know I definitely should. So here comes Kementári's third challenge, this time Game of Thrones style! A. Getting back into shape (+4 STR, +1 CHA) (because who wouldn't want to look like Gendry.... not that it did him any good in the end) Even though musicals are quite strenious, I've noticed my lovely core muscles fading a little so I want to get them back! Not only those, though. In this part of my challenge I want to focus on getting back on track strength wise. And since I have a lot of darebee work outs printed in our working out room, why not use those? Over the course of the challenge I will try to do 10 darebee works out of my choice (à 3 sets) over the entire challenge. A = 10 | B = 9-7 | C = 6-5 | D = 4-2 | F = 0 B. Remember that flexibilty goal of yours? Yeah... it's been a while... (I'd have a gif for the splits but those of you who know the scene also know that it's quite explicit) A while ago I set myself the goal to be able to do the splits by the end of the year. With this break I took, I doubt I'm going to manage but I'm definitely not giving up now. Maybe I'll get there beginning of 2016, who knows? So to get back into that, I'll pick up my old work out for this part: Pliés (demi & grand, position 1-5), comprés and tondues to warm up, maybe some fondues and grand battemends if I feel like it, followed by a 10min stretching session. Goal for this one: try doing 2 a week (1 is the minimum). Not going to grade myself on this. C. Life Challenge: Smart like a Lannister (+3 WIS) With exams coming up I must not only train my body but also my mind - so here's to this: 10 study sessions à 2x25min. May be studying alone or with friends. Study for 25min, take 5-15min break and then go on for 25min. Goal: achieve at least 10 points out of a possible 15 in every exam. A = 10 | B = 9-7 | C = 6-5 | D = 4-2 | F = 0 So yeah that's it for this challenge, let's see if I can keep it up...
  13. Hello all, I am happy to say that I just completed the LOTR: Fellowship book. While I can't say that I remember all the details of the novel, I can say that it was a very good book. I do think that to complete the series, I may opt for the movies (none of which I have ever seen)....I know "bad nerd". I also started Star Wars Rebels this weekend. One of my other posts about Thrawn Trilogy led me to begin looking closer at the newer Canonized Star Wars Universe, instead of going back to the older books. So Rebels is my first step. I didn't watch all of Season 1, but watched enough to know what was going on, and then watched the Season 2 Premiere. I will also be going back and watching Episodes IV, V, and VI with both my daughters this weekend. My daughter and I are also going through the list of Marvel Universe Phase 1 and 2 to get ready for the upcoming movies. I am happy to say that I have turned her into an Avengers Angel (I liked the alliteration better than saying Marvel Nerd). We began with Captain America: First Avenger, and have made it through Iron Man 3 so far. Next on our list is Thor: Dark World, Captain America Winter Soldier, then to see Age of Ultron (again), and Ant-Man. Next on my list of books will be Game of Thrones. I haven't seen any of the HBO shows, but I am still looking forward to it. So, anyway, that is my "Leveling Up in the Nerd Universe" update. Now it's on to Level Up my Diet and actually stick to it. More to post about it later. If anyone has any suggestions about what they recommend for what's next, feel free to share.
  14. After the 6 week challenge is nearly over, i will go on with a daily battle log. My introduction. Main Quest Feeling comfortable in my body, because of weight-loss and being more selfconfident! 3 smart quests 1st quest: running two times or 10km a week (at least) --> focus on 10km under 1h I'm a member of two running communities, nike and adidas. Wanna focus on the adidas people, because a good friend of mine is now a member too. Best would be two runs with them, because there are goodies for a lot of participation. I'm using my tomtom watch (+ nike running and runkeeper) for recording and evaluation. 2nd quest: Bodyweight workout at least 3 times a week --> focus on a strong back / core I'm using the NTC training app, doing a lot of core, stomache and back training. Also a friend of mine invited me to do crossfit with her, because she is a member in a studio and wants to be a trainer 3rd quest: Sleep around 8h at night! Sleeping too much (12h) or too less (4/5h) the night. Plan: Get up befor 9am also when having a free day + just short afternoon napping after work. 4th quest: Cut sugar use! --> once icecream a week Atm i escalate with sugar. Eating a whole B&J a day, also cookies etc. So i have to cut it! I love fruits, so i will concentrate more on them, than on sweets. Motivation -"Little by little, one travels far" Better a short workout than none! - be my own superhero, epic eileen! Inspiring people, being cool, someone you look up to, for being strong, creative or whatever. - fitting in my 3 too small dresses / 3 training shirts and I feeling comfy in a bikini. - running a half-marathon end of summer. Life Quest Enjoying life more, use my time well, leave the comfort zone! "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us" Upcoming events 20th June: Nike 10km run 14th july: starting new fulltime job 23th august: half marathon 31th august: starting new apprenticeship ----- Now i will clean up my flat and after that having a BBQ with my guys while playing the best game of thrones game ever!
  15. Was going to call it winds of winter, being the next installment and all but damn if we haven’t had enough winter up here in Massachusetts! Long Term Goal – reduce calculated body fat to 25% April 25, 2014 – 29.2% April 6, 2015 – 28.3% This is taking a lot longer than I’d like, but I’m getting there. Progress is progress. Plus, I love having fun and eating sweets, therefore, the going is slow. Much like awaiting the sixth GoT book, it feels like it’ll never happen. I technically need to lose 6.2 pounds of pure fat to get to 25%. Lifting weights turn out to be my favorite exercise routine. That’s why I’m in the warriors! However, I haven’t had specific lift x amount goals because my main focus is to drop that body fat %. I don’t want to muddy the waters. I also have some serious ankle/calf mobility issues which hinder my squat. I’ve been subbing in goblet squats for back squats while following a 5/3/1 routine. The goals! Sansa shrieked as Arya flung the orange across the table. continued rules that I have down: 1) track on myfitnesspal. 2) Log less than 13,300 calories per week. This got me about a 2# loss the last 6 week challenge and keeps me fueled enough to continue lifting. 3) Log at least 32% protein each week. Continued rule that I’m not 100% on: log food before or immediately after it goes in my mouth. Take 15 minutes on Saturday and Sunday to do this at some point after my second meal. New rules: No restaurants or take out except during vacations and life events (see below). The wench is as strong as Gregor Clegane, though not so pretty Lifting: continue 5/3/1 program at least 3x per week Running: at least once per week Mobility: yoga once per week and watch/try out at least one mobility exercise per week Bodyweight movements: at least 3x throughout the challenge. Should include handstand and pull up practice. Gendry: If you need help, bark like a dog. Arya: That's stupid. If I need help, I'll shout 'help'. (Life Events/Tasks) The SO’s birthday – already bought the gift, just need to wrap it, get a card, and some GF cupcakes! The celebration will be 4/11 and the actual bday is 4/14. Check dryer duct by 4/18 to make sure we’re not going to start a fire 4/25 – Friend’s 30th birthday party 4/26 – Cape Cod 5K 4/27 – Dentist 5/2-5/6 – Las Vegas trip. Walk everywhere when safe/possible. Keep to modified paleo rules and calorie limit. 5/11 – 5 year dating anniversary. Get card and gift! Plan something to do. 5 years feels like a landmark I should’ve started planning for more than a month in advance… 5/22-5/25 – Ptown camping trip. get packed and ready by that Thursday so that we can leave immediately after work on Friday night. Prepare plenty of paleo foods (boil eggs, make tuna salad, chop veggies, marinate meat). Borrow camping stove from someone. Leave restaurant visits to one with just the SO and otherwise only if other friends are going out. Unless it’s monsoon rains again, then it might be more tricky.
  16. This may seem kind of nerdy, but hey, this is nerd fitness so what the heck. I myself am not a big fan of superheroes (sorry) so when I read about these things like “be like Captain Americaâ€, although I understand, it’s not really my thing. So I was struggling with the notion of channeling a ‘super’ version of myself in order to get hyped. I realized that maybe it wasn’t my way of doing things. I felt like didn’t have any powers, any abilities, I was just a simple girl, but I could feel the potential. What I needed was someone who believed in me and could tap into that potential and help me become my awesome self. What I needed was a mentor. Now, maybe I shouldn’t have used Yoda in the title, because what I’m a really huge fan of is, not Star Wars, but Game of Thrones. Seriously I love that show. One of my favorite characters is Jorah Mormont, who, in all fairness is not exactly the most awesome warrior in the show. But he is a great advisor. So… I decided to imagine he was training me. Like whenever I’m working out I imagine he’s there trying to turn me into a soldier who can fight in the intense fights of Westeros and who can overcome any obstacle, someone who is trustworthy and loyal, maybe enough to be in the personal queen’s guard of Daenerys. It’s helped me so much. Having and awesome personal trainer has motivated me way more. I don’t know if this could help anyone out there, but to me it’s been wonderful. Now I feel this sort of pressure to not let him down and it keeps me going. Sorry for the long post, but I was so happy with the results I thought I’d share it. Maybe what someone out there needs is a mentor
  17. Okay, GOT nerds, for those of you that have read the books, are you going to watch the show that comes back tomorrow? I have heard rumors that they are going to show some things that are beyond the books. I have heard that GRRM has given some freedom to the screen writers to change the story a bit, so that those of us that have read the books will still have some surprises in store when we read The Winds of Winter (if it ever freakin is published). Just wondering if anyone else is having the same internal struggles on watching it. I wanna watch it, but I need WoW!
  18. Who will take the Iron Throne next? Only the fittest Houses in the Seven Kingdoms can rule – and survive. In this pvp, all participants will belong to a House, as evenly divided as possible. Your goal is to have a successful attack on another House, while successfully defending against any attacks on your House, ultimately hoping to bring down the enemy House’s castle walls. We will use the 4 basic categories of bodyweight exercises (back-specific exercises are bonus as explained below). Upper pull and leg exercises are attack, and core and upper push exercises will defend. Upper pull (archers) attack ---à Core (shields) defend Legs (cavalry) attack --à Upper push (pikes) defend Back Exercises: rebuild castle walls If the attackers exceed defense points in an area, excess points are subtracted from one of the walls. Only 1 wall can be attacked per week, no matter how many Houses attack a single castle. Partially destroyed castle walls may be rebuilt with 2 back exercises for every 1 wall point, but the ENTIRE team must do the same number of sets of the same exercise. If some team members do more, only the lowest number done by a team member counts. To simplify things for the first week, we might just start with 2 Houses unless we have a lot of players join. Rules: - Each weekend (or at the end of the previous week), do a 1 minute AMRAP for 1 bodyweight exercise in each category (see tips below). Points are based on the total number of reps for the week, divided by AMRAP. This helps even the playing field for diverse fitness levels (idea borrowed from the Quidditch Pushups PVP). - To keep the liklihood of fatigue even, reps for both legs or both arms are equal to 1 rep. For example, if I do pushups, 1 pushup = 1 rep. If I do 1-arm rows, 1 row with my left arm, + 1 row with my right arm = 1 rep. Same would go for leg exercises: 1 standard bodyweight squat = 1 rep, but if I am doing pistols, 1 pistol with left leg + 1 pistol with right leg = 1 rep. - For holds, the "AMRAP" is the number of seconds you held until fatigue/failure. Points are determined by the total number of seconds held for the week, divided by that initial "to fatigue/failure" hold time. - Battles are run from 12:01 am Monday – 11:59 pm Saturday, Pacific Standard Time. Any reps not entered in the spreadsheet OR posted to the board by 8 am Sunday, Eastern Standard Time will not count. :-P - If you have something come up for a week and need to take a break or drop out, post and let us know so we can give your teammates a “CPC.†-If there are more than 2 houses playing, choose which House you are attacking before 6 pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday. - Each House’s castle has 4 walls. Each wall begins with 50 points. Only 1 wall can be attacked per week, no matter how many Houses attack a single castle, or how few points a wall has left. - Partially destroyed castle walls can be rebuilt by coordinated numbers and type of back exercises. All team members must agree on the exercise, and do the same number of sets. A single set should be determined as the average of all team members' AMRAPs for that exercise. If teammates all do different numbers of sets of the same exercise, only the lowest number counts. - Castle walls that are breached (reach 0 points) cannot be rebuilt. - ANY variant of bodyweight exercise for the appropriate category is fair game, but use the same exercise for each category for the entire week. Some suggested variants are below. - This PVP is open to anyone in any guild, even new recruits. Tips: - AMRAP = As Many Reps as Possible. This means to set a 1-minute timer, and see how many reps of that exercise you can complete in a minute. Take as many breaks as you need to, but only count the total number of completed reps when 60 seconds is done. - Choose a level of each bodyweight exercise that is challenging, but not so hard that you can only do a few in a minute. - I strongly recommend that you take at least 1 break day in the middle of the week’s battle. Alternating days (or alternating exercises each day) can help prevent overtraining. -PVPs are not meant to take the place of your regular challenge. Hopefully, this will support your challenge. But if it does not and you need to choose, we understand. - If you do combination sets of exercises, such as regular pullups followed by assisted pullups, deal with them by doing an AMRAP for each before the battle starts, and use the ratio between them to convert the assisted reps to regular reps. As far as using the spreadsheet goes, it is more work on you, but it would work like this: - Set an AMRAP for both the full intensity and reduced intensity exercise. Enter the AMRAP for the full intensity exercise ONLY on the spreadsheet.- Calculate the approximate ratio (number of reduced intensity reps that equal one regular intensity rep) using your AMRAP. For example, if the regular pullup AMRAP is 5, and the assisted pullup AMRAP is 15, then every 3 assisted pullups equal 1 regular pullup.- Each day, track the number of each exercise separately. Convert the assisted reps into regular reps, then enter the total on the spreadsheet under reps.- The spreadsheet calculates the points automatically. Some Suggested Bodyweight Variants for Each Category Yes, other exercises in these categories work, too. Legs: Squats, Bulgarian Split Squats, Pistol Squats, Step-ups, Lunges Upper Pull: One-arm rows, bodyweight rows, pullups/chin-ups (negatives and assisted count, too) Upper Push: Incline pushups, standard pushups, decline pushups, military presses Core: Hollow Hold, bicycles, crunches, V-ups, tuck-ups Back: Bent-over Double-arm (or wide-grip barbell) rows, arch-ups (aka superman), hip extensions/bridge, alternating Superman, alternating quadruped Google Spreadsheet for the battles I know this is a complex PVP, so take some time to review the sample battle and ask any questions before we start on Monday. Remember: Winter is coming. We need to be ready.
  19. Introduction: My name is Emily and I am a 21 year old university student. This is my first challenge and I’m excited! I spent a lot of time as a teenager being self conscious about my body (although I wasn’t that overweight) but it’s stuck with me, even though I’ve arguably gotten in much better shape/shaped out since. I joined the rebellion because I finally found a fitness path that I enjoy and I want to make a permanent change in my lifestyle. Main Quest: Do 50 pushups in a row, do 1 unassisted chin-up, and run 5k in a row Quest 1: Do at least 30 pushups every day (10x3), as well as test how many I can do in a row every day (currently up to 20-25). When I can do 30-35 pushups, change to 40 pushups every day (10x4). A: Complete pushups 7 days a week B: Complete pushups 5 days a week C: Complete pushups 3 days a week Quest 2: Use the chin-up assist machine every time I go to the gym and do 3 sets of my minimum weight each time. Continue to decrease weight as necessary until I can do them unassisted. A: Go to the gym 3 days a week B: Go to the gym 2 days a week C: Go to the gym 1 day a week Quest 3: Run/walk 5k at least twice a week. Even if I have to walk part of it, I’ll be able to run a little farther each time until I can run the whole way through. I just want to boost my cardio a bit. A: Run twice a week B: Run once a week C: Use the elliptical for 20 minutes instead Life Quest: Spend less time on Reddit and more time doing my university readings. I’ll start reading Brave New World and 1984 on my phone ebook reader so I won’t open my Reddit app. Will update post if any additional books are read (or if I decide to actually read my textbooks instead). Motivation: I want to be a supergirl! I want to be ridiculously strong and make my boyfriend proud of my strength. I want to look more toned and fit rather than flabby. I also want to spend more of my time being a productive person rather than a person who procrastinates. I just want to be more proud of myself and heal the relationship between me and the body I’ve spent too much energy being self conscious about. If anyone wants to make excessive Game of Thrones references at me or discuss GoT conspiracy theories, feel free My boyfriend is sick of hearing it, haha
  20. My challenge is designed to make me an overall healthier, more well-rounded warrior. In addition to being strong and fierce, I also want to be fast and lean. Ahead is the winding path through Westeros I must take... 1. Speed of a Direwolf I need to prepare for the Run For Your Lives! Zombie 5k my husband and I are doing in Dec. I’m going to continue the Couch to 5k Program 2 x a week, I’m currently in week 3. Once I’ve hit 5k, I’ll continue to run a 5k once a week, decreasing to 35 min or less run time. A = 5K <35 min B = 5K <39 min C = 5K <43 min D = 5K <47 min 2. Strength to Climb the Wall I am on a quest to complete one NON-assisted pull-up. I can currently do 5 pull ups with 76lb assistance (59% of my own body weight). I’ll be using NF “How to do a Pull Up†as a guide. A = one non-assisted pull up B = two pull ups with 30lb assistance C = two pull ups with 45lb assistance D = two pull ups with 60lb assistance 3. Fit to Be the Mother of Dragons Tracking body fat last time was tricky, so I’m going to measure inches instead. Specifically lose 3†on my waist and hips, bringing my waist from 33†to 30â€, hips from 44†to 41â€. This would put me VERY close to my old level of fitness during Army days. I will tame the numbers by maintaining 1700 calories a day, 80g protein daily (90 was a bit ambitious for me). And I’ve realized that I am good about avoiding junk food unless I’m drinking, then it starts a cascade effect of bad food decisions. So no more than 2 drinks a week. A = lose > 3†from waist and hips B = lose > 2†from waist and hips C = lose > 1†from waist and hips D = lose 0-1†from waist and hips Side Quest: Strength of the Mountain I worked hard last challenge making gains on my major lifts, my goal is to not lose any of those strength gains. I will continue to lift heavy 2 x a week, rotating BP, Squats, Press, DLs and a few accessories.I understand that if I lose inches (and probably weight) my numbers might drop, so my goals are based off % of my bodyweight. So deadlifts will remain 100% of BW, Squats 82% of BW, BP 62% of BW, Press 40% of BW. These will be measured at the end of the challenge during a virtual lift meet day with myself. A = maintain all % B = any variation on any lift more than 5% C = variation more than 10% D = variation more than 15% Life Goal: Outwit Varys and Littlefinger While school is going well so far, I’m about to have a month of non stop quizzes and exams. I have to devote appropriate amounts of time to each of my classes. PASS / FAIL (we’ll see what my grades are)
  21. After being a Ranger for nearly a year, I have realized that lifting is my workout passion. So, I am making the change that I have contemplated for a couple of challenges. Hi Warriors!!! Glad to be here. Now to really get the tonnage moving and become a meat tank. Diet and Fitness Goals 1. Pay the Iron Price. +5STR 2. Be Three-Finger Hobb. +2CON; +1WIS 3. Become a water dancer. +3DEX Life Goal 4. Become the Master of Coin. +3WIS; +1CHA How will I accomplish these Martin-esque tasks? 1. Add 75# to my total. Continue on my current strength routine, with a focus on moving more weight each week. My current total is 685# (230# Squat, 170# Bench, and 285# DL). I have wanted a 700# total for a while, but started doing the math and realized that is just adding 5# to each lift, and I am pretty sure I could do that right now, except maybe on bench. I will also be focusing on bench over OHP. Still gonna OHP, just not as much. Goal total by challenge end is 760#. 760+ = A, 745-759=B, 730-744=C, <730=FAIL. 2. Experiment with a new recipe/exotic ingredient each week. Research recipes on my favorite blogs, watch old episodes of Bizarre Foods, and branch out beyond my 5 or 6 go to meals. I will research this weekend and post probable recipes/ingredients. 6=A, 5=B, 4=C, <3=FAIL. 3. Work my balance. Slackline at least once a week. Do 10 minutes of balance poses 3 times a week. Slackline sessions: 6=A, 5=B, 4=C, <3=FAIL. Balance pose work: 18=A, 15=B, 12=C, <12=FAIL. 4. Fix my money issues. I have a small notebook to carry in my pocket. I will write down every single purchase I make, what is was, and how much it was for. I will then record this in a Google Docs spreadsheet so I can see just why I run out of money each month. The spreadsheet will be viewable by everyone so you all can say "Hey, stop spending money on bull crap. You gotta computer to build. Save some frackin' money!" Grading will be based on how well I track. Every week I will check my online bank account versus my pocket ledger. For each item that appears online and not in the notebook, I get a mark. <7=A, 7-12=B, 13-18=C, 18+=FAIL.
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