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  1. I still need to eat better, snack less, move more, and lose weight. I've almost certainly been going through some levels of depression over the last year, but I'm hoping that the warmer weather and extra sunlight will improve my mood. Either way, it's time to quit whinging and start doing again. I will certainly still talk about parkour and silks, but I'm going to focus on basic exercises for this challenge. Challenge goal: Pay my debts These are the exercises I "owe" each week and must pay off: 1. Pull ups - 20/week 2. Push ups - 50/week 3. V-u
  2. Lilmissbri joins the Game of Thrones Now, obviously, the ending hasn't happened yet. BUT this probably my favorite show of all time besides Avatar: The Last Airbender (for completely different reasons.... obviously). Season 7 started last month and it's all I can think about these days! So let's make it the theme. Mwahaha. - - Become No One ~ Fitness Goal: Complete this 14 day pilates challenge. -- Grow a Dragon ~ Diet Goal: Drink 3 bottles of water and serve dinner with veggies every day. Bonus: New paleo recipes I actually l
  3. I'm back from vacation, I (hopefully) have found some new motivation, and I'm ready to get back in the game. I also haven't really improved much with the parkour over the last 6 months, and I'm finally in a mental place where I'm ready to step up my training. Goal 1: Learn to Zig Zag I have been slacking on getting cardio workouts, which in turn makes me less agile when doing parkour. I HATE cardio, but the goal is to force myself to do that at least 3 times/week. Parkour class counts. So does HIIT or shadowboxing. I might even *gasp* go for a jog.
  4. The Westerlands are in some ways the most mysterious of the Seven Kingdoms to we readers/watchers, because it is the only place we have never been with a POV character. Apart from a few stories and a flashback/dream swequence, we’ve never seen Casterly Rock, Lannisport, or even any of the Westerlands countryside. Known for their vast mineral wealth and fertile, hilly countryside, the Lords of the West have always been important, and none more so than House Lannister of Casterly Rock. Serving mostly as antagonists (except for Tyrion) through the first book, we started getting POV chapters from
  5. Celebrating the good weather, and eager for a more hospitable terrain than the Vale of Arryn, we journey South and West to the Reach. Home of chivalry in Westeros, and of the most fertile and green lands in all Seven Kingdoms, the Reach is a center of culture, whether agri-, vini-, or high. When we toured Dorne, we concentrated on important moments of Dornish history. In the Stormlands, we noted several important people who hail from that area. In the Vale, we celebrated a particular Spring tradition. However, with the history and important players in the Game of Thrones that ha
  6. Intro: At the end of January 2015, I weighed 255 lbs, hated myself, and constantly felt sick and tired. I started watching what I was eating, and then at the end of February took the plunge and joined a gym. I came across NF a week before the April 2015 6WC started. There are links to my introduction/origin story and my first nine challenges in my sig below. Feel free to go rummage around in there. I’ve made steady progress through the challenges over the last 12 months, with just the occasional setback. Over my first four challenges, I set a specific goal of getting properly fitted for a good
  7. Intro: At the end of January 2015, I weighed 255 lbs, hated myself, and constantly felt sick and tired. I started watching what I was eating, and then at the end of February took the plunge and joined a gym. I came across NF a week before the April 2015 6WC started. There are links to my introduction/origin story and my first nine challenges in my sig below. Feel free to go rummage around in there. I’ve made steady progress through the challenges over the last 12 months, with just the occasional setback. Over my first four challenges, I set a specific goal of getting properly fitted for a good
  8. Hey fellow nerds and welcome to my third bad ass challenge! Yeah, it´s another Game of Thrones challenge...good to know it never gets boring nerding about your favourite fantasy stuff (besides Lord of the Rings of course). I´ve been on Dracarys the past two challenges and life is getting better and better right now! Well then, what are my goals for this challenge? There are some big deals in my life incoming or in progress: 1+2) Train to fight the mountain! Thx @miss_marissa you´ve been faster on that one I´ve had a hard time
  9. Challenge is gonna look something like this, details in the second comment below. Eat your damn vegetables already Stop eating all the calories Find balance between strength, cardio, and mobility Get shit done So I don't turn into this:
  10. Hi! I have read this site for several months and recently decided to jump in and participate with all of you inspiring, nerdy people. I'm looking forward to posting updates as I hope that will aid in the accountability I sometimes lack when it comes to being healthy. This is my first challenge and I plan to check in a couple of times a week so feel free to say hi! I've been climbing for a couple of years and got really serious about it last year. We had a new bouldering specific gym open and it got me hooked again. Unfortunately I had a major reconstructive ahoulder surgery (not climbing rel
  11. "For the Year is Long, and Full of Binges" Priority 1: No 70 course dinners I've been trying to lose weight via tracking Calories In-Calories Out (CICO) for the better part of this year, and have been failing miserably. Not because CICO doesn't work, but because I consistently undo my good deficits with binge eating. Since insanity is popularly defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, I'm trying a new approach for this challenge. I'm taking a mental health break from all the tracking: - I will not weigh myself during the challenge; -1 point for ever
  12. As some of you might have noticed, I'd kind of vanished for a while. This was mainly because of our musical production of Jesus Christ Superstar which had me on/behind/around stage almost all day for the past month. Now that shows are over, we've all calmed down and getting back to normal, I've also decided it's time to get back into working out. Not that I'm overly motivated, but I know I definitely should. So here comes Kementári's third challenge, this time Game of Thrones style! A. Getting back into shape (+4 STR, +1 CHA) (because who wouldn't want to look like Gendry.... not that
  13. Hello all, I am happy to say that I just completed the LOTR: Fellowship book. While I can't say that I remember all the details of the novel, I can say that it was a very good book. I do think that to complete the series, I may opt for the movies (none of which I have ever seen)....I know "bad nerd". I also started Star Wars Rebels this weekend. One of my other posts about Thrawn Trilogy led me to begin looking closer at the newer Canonized Star Wars Universe, instead of going back to the older books. So Rebels is my first step. I didn't watch all of Season 1, but watched enough to k
  14. After the 6 week challenge is nearly over, i will go on with a daily battle log. My introduction. Main Quest Feeling comfortable in my body, because of weight-loss and being more selfconfident! 3 smart quests 1st quest: running two times or 10km a week (at least) --> focus on 10km under 1h I'm a member of two running communities, nike and adidas. Wanna focus on the adidas people, because a good friend of mine is now a member too. Best would be two runs with them, because there are goodies for a lot of participation. I'
  15. Was going to call it winds of winter, being the next installment and all but damn if we haven’t had enough winter up here in Massachusetts! Long Term Goal – reduce calculated body fat to 25% April 25, 2014 – 29.2% April 6, 2015 – 28.3% This is taking a lot longer than I’d like, but I’m getting there. Progress is progress. Plus, I love having fun and eating sweets, therefore, the going is slow. Much like awaiting the sixth GoT book, it feels like it’ll never happen. I technically need to lose 6.2 pounds of pure fat to get to 25%. Lifting weights turn out to be my favorite exer
  16. This may seem kind of nerdy, but hey, this is nerd fitness so what the heck. I myself am not a big fan of superheroes (sorry) so when I read about these things like “be like Captain Americaâ€, although I understand, it’s not really my thing. So I was struggling with the notion of channeling a ‘super’ version of myself in order to get hyped. I realized that maybe it wasn’t my way of doing things. I felt like didn’t have any powers, any abilities, I was just a simple girl, but I could feel the potential. What I needed was someone who believed in me and could tap into that poten
  17. Okay, GOT nerds, for those of you that have read the books, are you going to watch the show that comes back tomorrow? I have heard rumors that they are going to show some things that are beyond the books. I have heard that GRRM has given some freedom to the screen writers to change the story a bit, so that those of us that have read the books will still have some surprises in store when we read The Winds of Winter (if it ever freakin is published). Just wondering if anyone else is having the same internal struggles on watching it. I wanna watch it, but I need WoW!
  18. Who will take the Iron Throne next? Only the fittest Houses in the Seven Kingdoms can rule – and survive. In this pvp, all participants will belong to a House, as evenly divided as possible. Your goal is to have a successful attack on another House, while successfully defending against any attacks on your House, ultimately hoping to bring down the enemy House’s castle walls. We will use the 4 basic categories of bodyweight exercises (back-specific exercises are bonus as explained below). Upper pull and leg exercises are attack, and core and upper push exercises will defend. Upper pu
  19. Introduction: My name is Emily and I am a 21 year old university student. This is my first challenge and I’m excited! I spent a lot of time as a teenager being self conscious about my body (although I wasn’t that overweight) but it’s stuck with me, even though I’ve arguably gotten in much better shape/shaped out since. I joined the rebellion because I finally found a fitness path that I enjoy and I want to make a permanent change in my lifestyle. Main Quest: Do 50 pushups in a row, do 1 unassisted chin-up, and run 5k in a row Quest 1: Do at least 30 pushups every day (10x3), as well
  20. My challenge is designed to make me an overall healthier, more well-rounded warrior. In addition to being strong and fierce, I also want to be fast and lean. Ahead is the winding path through Westeros I must take... 1. Speed of a Direwolf I need to prepare for the Run For Your Lives! Zombie 5k my husband and I are doing in Dec. I’m going to continue the Couch to 5k Program 2 x a week, I’m currently in week 3. Once I’ve hit 5k, I’ll continue to run a 5k once a week, decreasing to 35 min or less run time. A = 5K <35 min B = 5K <39 min C = 5K <43 min D = 5K <47
  21. After being a Ranger for nearly a year, I have realized that lifting is my workout passion. So, I am making the change that I have contemplated for a couple of challenges. Hi Warriors!!! Glad to be here. Now to really get the tonnage moving and become a meat tank. Diet and Fitness Goals 1. Pay the Iron Price. +5STR 2. Be Three-Finger Hobb. +2CON; +1WIS 3. Become a water dancer. +3DEX Life Goal 4. Become the Master of Coin. +3WIS; +1CHA How will I accomplish these Martin-esque tasks? 1. Add 75# to my total. Continue on my current strength routine, with a focus on moving more weigh
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