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Found 10 results

  1. As you know if you’ve been following the Tales of Owlshire, that—quite unexpectedly—I was asked to take on a full time, ~6 month narrative designer contract in January. Although I’d hadn’t been actively pursuing a return to the working world right now, this is career direction I had been hoping to go someday so we seized on the opportunity to make it work. It has rather shaken up our 2021 plans at Owlshire, but as we like to say in the House of Owlshire “a plan is just a place in which manage change.” In any case, now that I’m navigating full time employment for the first time since I became a mother and trying to continue developing Owlshire, I’m keeping it simple for this challenge: Storyteller Kick ass at my job. This is Living the Dream and I don’t want to wake up. 1XP per “Deep Work” (focused and undistracted) hour logged. The view is that it’s hard to sustain more than 4 hours of this on average so that makes a natural “cap.” (And somedays I need to do more fragmented, distracting work than others anyway.) Keeper of the Flame At least one Owlshire green or restoration activity a week. 5XP for the first one per week 3XP for each that follows Multi-activity tasks I’d like to conclude in this challenge: Plant seeds to start in the conservatory Ready the (reduced) vegetable garden for planting Sow early seeds into the garden. Help get all of the trees and berry bushes in (Mr is mostly doing this, but there are ways I can enable him) Map the Leylines Use regular walks and other exercises to: Walk at least 4+ miles a day. Build and maintain my PAI goal (10+ points a day until I get to 100 average, then maintain that average.) 1XP for each, 3 for the day if I make a combo. No XP cap on any of these goals—they’re focused in on my main priorities. I think this may be the first challenge in which Enting doesn’t play a big role, since he’s now in full time nursery school. One of those big changes from starting work! I’ll continue to aim for 200XP (total of 400XP) to get to level 3, if I’m getting close halfway by Week 3 (keeping in mind I start challenges in Week Zero), I will raise it. PS: Don’t worry, there will still be photos of Owlshire! We’re transitioning into spring and how can I not take a million pictures of that?!
  2. The 2017 Crossfit Games Open is almost upon us! (I know there's an Open sticky above but it's full of old posts from previous years and I wanted a shiny new one ) Here's the 2017 schedule: http://games.crossfit.com/article/2017-reebok-crossfit-games-season-schedule The Open Five Weeks | Feb. 23 - March 27 17.1: Feb. 23 - 27 17.2: March 2 - 6 17.3: March 9 - 13 17.4: March 16 - 20 17.5: March 23 - 27 Countdown: http://free.timeanddate.com/countdown/i5iscft5/n240/cf111/cm0/cu4/ct0/cs0/ca0/cr0/ss0/cac000/cpc000/pc66c/tc66c/fs100/szw320/szh135/tatTime left to Event in/tac000/tptTime since Event started in/tpc000/mac000/mpc000/iso2017-02-23T00:00:01 I'll be taking part, who else is in?
  3. Good morning fellow Beginners, Rebooters and bewildered individuals. I am ValkyrieRising and have decided to dip my toe into the water and drink the Kool-Aid of Nerd Fitness. A little about me. I'm a history Nerd who had been working on being accepted to do her PhD overseas in Denmark when I got a rather unpleasant medical diagnosis. (No prizes for guessing my area of interest given my Nickname/BattleTag/Secret Identity/Hero Name etc) Im a 30 something years old and struggling with my health after that medical diagnosis and just the fact I'm not as young and sprightly as I used to be. I finally have the all clear from my doctor to begin the long road back to good health and good eating that was me 3-4 years ago before my diagnosis. Currently my focus is just on eating healthy again as during my fight with my body and the treatment I devolved into eating comfort foods when I was well enough to eat. I indulged in anything I wanted, telling myself I deserved it because I was going through tests/chemo/hospital stays/transfusion/whatever excuse I felt like using. So for my first challenge this is going to be my focus. Main Quest: To eat healthier and get my eating habits under better control by not gorging on whatever I feel like and sticking to a measurable goal of between 1650-1900 calories each day based on my activity. Smart Goals: 1. I will weigh and measure my food until I can re-orientate my brain as to what a proper serving size is. (A whole pan of brownies is not one serving.) 2. I will track my consumption and calories through an online Food Tracker. (I'm using My Fitness Pal since it seems easy enough.) 3. I will cut my sweet tea consumption out and focus on drinking water each day instead. I accept that this will be a struggle and I may slip but a small slip is no reason not to press forward in this challenge. 4. I will meal prep my food during the beginning of the week in order to ensure I do not eat mindlessly. I recognize this as a big pitfall of mine, sitting at home and being bored so grazing through the fridge for food. If I prep my snacks and food ahead of time I hope to graze on that and not overeat during the week. With all of this I am allowing myself 2 instances where I will divert from these plans. The first is on December 14th and the premiere of the next Star Wars movie. I've had tickets since October and intend to go and enjoy this occasion without worrying about myself and what I'm indulging in.The second is a Christmas party my friend throws that I am finally healthy enough to attend after missing it the last couple years. This is part of being mindful and accepting that constantly saying no to the things I enjoy will lead to me failing and binging. In my reading, here and other sources, I really grew to like the idea of the 80/20 approach. As long as I am doing well the larger majority of the time and don't let myself slip and keep on track then those small indulgences have less of an impact and value. I look forward to reading along and travelling with you all through this journey and hope to grow not only in my health, mind and body, but also in my challenges as I see how creative and all in many of you go. Its awing and inspiring! I leave you with the following words to consider in life.
  4. I have just moved to Pataskala Ohio and my husband is not really into working out or some of the more nerd things I like. I was looking for a buddy either in the area or online/txt who may also like video games, larp, renaissance faires, pokemon, sports, and who would be willing to help keep me accountable and be able to talk nerd as well . Nerd workouts are the best workouts! If you have/love pets as well I love going to the dog park for a work out for both me and my pups. As I am just restarting my adventure I do not have many weights so most of my workouts are bodyweight(though there is enough of that lol), walks, or I get creative with other activities such as sports, the dogpark, or larp. -Ecco
  5. I'm.. a bit of a nerd. "How much of a nerd could she possibly be?", you ask. Enough to recite "I. AM. COMMANDER MOTHERF*CKING SHEPARD" while exercising for extra motivation, perhaps. Enough to visualize myself sprinting away from Halo's Elites and Grunts for that extra kick. Enough to put myself in the mindset of different characters for confidence's sake. Yeah. I go by Echo or Cheshire, whichever floats your boat! The reason why I'm here... Well, I've been reading NerdFitness for close to 5 years now, I think. Gotta start young, yeah? And with anxiety constantly looming over my shoulder, and the huge transitions that college has brought me, I'd like to kick life's ass and have control over something. And that something happens to be me. I WILL take control over my life. My body. My responsibilities. I WILL fight tooth n' nail to become stronger, to become fierce, to not be afraid to fight back. Here's to being in it for the long run, yeah? [i will also be joining the Monk's Guild this go-around. Karate OP!]
  6. I want to play kids games again. I used to rock at hide and seek because no one looks up. :-) What kind of games did you play? Are there any groups that get to gether just to play? I've only ever seen adults playing orginized sports with equipment and tons of rules.
  7. Hello! My NF name is Cleatorus, same as my WoW handle, and I am working on my second challenge. I would consider myself a Mountain Dwarf type at 4'11" and 167lbs. I am looking to be a warrior/ranger hybrid for strength and stamina. I want to be an adorable nature-loving, hiking, gardening person as well as a strong self-sufficient badass. I have let depression and stress eating keep me from living a healthy adult life. I used to play ITG/DDR constantly to keep in shape but after getting married and having a child my dance game routine has fallen to the wayside. I feel that my depression has gotten worse as a result of my unhealthy life. I work as a patent assistant at an Intellectual Property law firm so i'm at a desk all day. Luckily, we have a free membership the the Sport&Health downstairs! I used to get embarrassed even thinking about going to the gym but thanks to NF i've found the courage to go in on my lunches tu/thu/sometimes fri. I have been using the beautiful riverside park outside of my office as a place to run or just get moving under the sun. I have been getting into hiking and gardening as outdoor activities to be more active without scaring myself into being inactive again. I joined NF to be accountable to like-minded, accepting, individuals and to reach my lifestyle/weightloss goals. A summary: Current favorite music: Blues/indie rock I enjoy a lot of different types of music...from Drum and Bass (current favorite: camo & krooked) to alternative hip-hop (c fav: Deltron 3030) to pop (c fav: Marina and the Diamonds) and the list goes on. Sorry Country fans, I got burnt out on country in my early years. Current favorite game: Transistor or Hearthstone imo, Bastion is better than Transistor but i'm not done playing Transistor so i'll give it a run through before my final verdict. The games I cycle through: Castlevania: SOTN, Pokemon, BlazBlue, MvC, MvC2, Spyro series, WoW, Skyrim, ITG/DDR, Bastion, Minecraft...I think those are the main ones. Of course there's the massive steam library of my husband that'll I might maybe one day get around to looking at. Current favorite book: Ready Player One by Earnest Cline Much loved books: American Gods by Neil Gaiman, The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop, Hobbit & LoTR, and many many more... I am a Disney nerd. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty & the Beast but the one I watch much more frequently is my feel-good go-to Mulan. The Pebble and the Penguin deserves an honorable mention, even though it's Don Bluth and not Disney. I like Halloween. A lot. I am obsessively getting into veggie gardening and chicken raising. I have collected, but do not anymore, pokemon plush and video game figurines. I am hoping to find a local D&D group to join. I haven't played before but I would like to start! I will be starting school back up in August to finish my law degree. I would like to do public interest law and do some good in this world, help someone, protect someone, be super without the super powers! And thus, here I am, Cleatorus.
  8. Original posting, includes links re: "sisu." I still have a very, very full work schedule and I am coming off a bit of a slump last challenge, but I'm diving right into the first challenge of 2015. I need to. This community has helped me keep my dream and goal of returning to fighting fires again alive, despite setbacks and injuries and doubts. My Main Quest for much of last year was to attend the Arizona Wildfire Academy and recertify as a wildland firefighter this coming spring. The fact is, I'm not physically or financially ready for that yet. Part of my slump was due to my disappointment over that. But I am not giving up, merely readjusting my time frames and expectations. I am pulling things from the past 4 or 5 challenges that have worked the best for me and mixing in a few new twists for this go around. And, I am committing to a year's focus on consistency, and a challenge specific focus of "sisu." Expect to hear quite a bit more about sisu in the coming weeks. (There are a number of links in the spoiler.) I believe it is my not-so-secret weapon on the way to success in my quest. All the ideas, plans, programs, workouts, and diets in the world mean nothing if I do not have the grit and the guts to persevere through the inevitable setbacks and difficulties along the way. Consistency is important; sisu is absolutely essential. More to come on Monday evening, MST
  9. Hello, NeutralGoodPirate here, I found Nerd Fitness completely by accident and thought it sounded like Steve had a lot of good ideas. About a week later and I have entered the November challenge (my first) and should be updating regularly. Thanks for reading and good luck to all the other newbies!
  10. hello all! heres an overview of what i bring to the table, where i've been, and where im hoping to go. Nerdiness: Im a voracious reader. i play video games on my ps3. i play board games and card games. im a lab analyst. and i have a mildly embarrassing obsession with disney movies, animations, manga, firefly, ect. and i enjoy singing really loudly in the car. "Athletic" history: i taught swimming lessons for 7 years, and took a year of that to figure out how to swim butterfly without looking like i was drowning (the indicator being that lifeguards stopped asking if i was okay....or if i needed help. just kidding. most of my peers just sat on the edge and chuckled. always glad to be of entertainment.). i was a powerlifter in High school, enjoying deadlift the most. at my best- i could deadlift 215lbs. after reading born to run a year or so ago- i became a runner. i enjoyed 5k's for quite some time until i inexplicably hurt my left foot. no really- no idea what happened. could be a stress fracture. could be a tendon. could be aliens. x ray showed nothing. so...with instructions to baby my foot *humph* i thought i'd try body weight exercises and weight lifting. i also played coed roller hockey, soccer and such like but nothing really fit until swimming. Battle Strategy: i initially planned on working out in the morning so that i wasnt able to just sit on my butt afterwards. however, i recently purchased a new bed and its the most comfortable cloud....er - bed ive ever slept on. getting up earlier than absolutely necessary is now much more difficult. i swear- gravity increased. i stand all day at work (and essentially run around like a chicken with my head cut off) and when i get back home im tired. i also bike to and from work the days weather permits. lurking around the site here, i discovered the basic body weight exercises. i'm going to work that as a circuit. and during my stretches- im going to work on being able to do the splits. (since it really only adds 4 mins to the stretch time im not overly worried about this) i planned on viewing the NF vids for proper form on lifting so that i dont injure myself. its been awhile since high school power lifting and i cant promise that i remember how to do it correctly. Any advice? Strategies? good books to read? =) see you on the interwebs...
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