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Found 20 results

  1. Hey, as my gym membership comes to an end in little more than a month I'm becoming more positive that it would be best to get some stuff and start lifting heavy, at home. Now, are there any specifics I have to pay attention to? I've been looking around on internet shops and found some nice gear but I'm not really sure what to look out for. The bench of my desire is adjustable in 3 different heights, 4 different positions (making it suitable for flat bench press, incline and even decline! ) with a max loadabilty of 250kg (conside my bw at roughly 80kg and that's more than enough for some time).
  2. So just a question: how many tops, T's, shorts, leggings, pants do you own? Does it match? I personally like it when things match but I've been meaning to revamp my workout clothes and I wanted to get some recommendations/ideas of just how much I should get. Thanks -Hannah
  3. So about 2 years ago I bought a 40# dumbbell set from a closing sports store. I've gotten lots of use out of them and I don't regret it, but my wife thinks we should upgrade to fixed weights which I think is a bad investment because we'll buy a lot of different weights for different things. Buying plates and assembling/disassembling dumbbells will be cheaper and more space-efficient. However, after doing some research on the CAP bars it looks like the "maximum weight" on these bars is 40#, but I don't know if that's a fail point number or just naming the weight sold with the kit.
  4. I hope everyone has a great Holiday season. I just ordered a bench and another 40kg kettlebell from Rogue Fitness. Has anyone else bought or received any cool health and fitness gear? Hopefully I can get a rower next year
  5. Hey all! Mostly flat paved runner here looking to get a lot more into trail running. I have a pair of nice running shoes that have seen rain, snow, and shine, but on rough trail terrain they have been giving me some issues. So, I was wondering if you guys had a recommendation for trail running shoes. Also, apologies if this is not the right board. Wasn't sure which one would be the best fit for this topic.
  6. Hey guys and gals! So I had a friendly argument with a gym buddy about what phone is best/most used for those of us with active lifestyles. I am a iPhone 6s girl but he uses a Galaxy.iPhone or Galaxy? Let me know which one you have!Thanks loves,Chanel
  7. Hey guys and gals! I am Chanel and I am excited to join the community and connect with you all about what is important to us all - fitness and our well being! I have always been active and been in pretty good shape, but not until recently did I really commit to making a conscience effort to make this a habit. I am excited to continue to better myself and see where this takes me. Feel free to drop me a line and say "hi" :-)
  8. Howdy folks, I have a 17.3" laptop that I have to haul around for work. It doesn't fit in most standard 17" bags. I frequently travel for work, and my Samsonite backpack has lasted all of 6 months before tearing out at the corner (where the corner of the laptop bulges). I'm in the market for a replacment! I'm not entirely convinced that I need a backpack, so a shoulder bag might be an option. I'm not the sort who sits at the bar between flights; I generally get a pretty good chunk of walking done in that time. It's like hiking (or rucking!), once you load your massive laptop + charger + t
  9. HI folks If there are anymore Garmin Connect users out there i have started a Nerd Fitness Group (Steve and Gang, hope I'm not stepping on any toes - Will close if you let me know!). I have set as request to join, so just drop me a PM here to let me know your real life name and ill look out for you.
  10. Alright, I feel like I've asked this question, but boo hoo I'll ask again Maybe I'll get more replies. Alas, fall is quickly creeping upon Northern Alberta and evenings are warm-ish, but the mornings are starting to get crispy. Either time of day, the air is chill. Enough to make a runner's breath quicken and sharp. Anybody have any suggestions on what I could buy to aid in that department? Thank you in advance!
  11. Hello nerds! So I have a pair of Chucks (or converses if that's how you know them) low rise that I got on the recommendation of Steve & Staci as good lifting shoes. However, these suckers DESTROY my feet. i have really narrow heels but a wide toe bed, and no amount of inserts has been able to keep these from ruling my heels raw. So the cut of Chucks doesn't work for me. Any suggestions of other similar shoes that have worked for you? Chucks aren't cheap shoes, and I really don't have the $$ to buy shoes that I can't actually wear (and then can't return because I've worn them at all). An
  12. Hey guys, this seems like the perfect place to ask this question. I have absolutely horrible vision and need to keep my glasses on while I work out. The problem is, I sweat A LOT when I work out and my glasses tend to fall off my face. I try my best to pat down my face but it only works to a point. As of late, I've been able to use a sleeve from a tshirt as a headband and its kind of working but I wanted to know if anyone else had similar issues and how they get around it
  13. I have been doing bouldering for a few months now, using a couple of misproduced cheapies that i picked up for about 30$. However, I happen to be 15 years old, and still growing, so last week they turned out to have gotten so small, that my feet began to hurt while i climbed. What i'm looking for here, is some basic knowledge about brands, features, quality etc, so that I know what to look for, and what to stay away from, as i'm planning to get a new couple as soon as possible. -lm3755
  14. I am starting StrongLifts 5x5 next week and need some gear advice. Currently I have the same general types of gym gear that I've been using since high school: - T-shirts/Tank Tops/Under Armor - Standard Running Shoes with both ankle and regular socks - Basketball Shorts Are there any modifications or additions that I should make for a heavy lift focused routine? I'm not a fan of the lifting belts or w/e they're called or the neck padding for squats. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. I have been trying to get into doing things more barefoot. Since it is getting cold, I was looking for a good pair of minimalist shoes. Everyone recommends the five fingers, but I have abnormally long toes and they just don't fit. I was wondering about other options and came across ZEM. Does anyone know anything about them?
  16. I have knee problems - I don't know whether they come from running or running just makes them worse, but they're there. I went to the doctor, who told me it's not arthrosis but shoes would likely help. My trainer said the same and send me to this amazing shoe shop that put me on a treadmill first, filmed the way I walk/run and then recommended about 10 pairs of shoes. I tested each of them, including running up and down the street. The winner were Adidas Boost shoes. They're also 150€, which, for me, is a lot of money. I don't have a problem with the price for those shoes especially, a
  17. Hi guys! My first post here... I'm looking for an elliptical machine for my two bedroom apartment. First off, does anybody have one they love? Specific brand/model recommendations would be great. Secondly, I'm trying to find a good one used, but Craigslist is letting me down (I'm in LA). Only sketchy sellers or too far away to warrant a trip just to try out their machine. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! And rock on, nerds!
  18. Hi I'm wondering about appropriate shoe sizes for people with wide feet. My foot is 9" - 9 1/2" long and 4" to 4 1/2" Wide. So that makes me an american 6.5 ..and wider than a "wide". So what size should I buy? I want to start buying online but because of this I'm rather confused. (mild or normal pronation - did the wet paper test to measure). Thanks Kindly in advance
  19. I searched the forums and didn't find a topic about this, but sorry if this was posted before. There's a website called The Clymb that has deals on lots of different types of outdoors and fitness gear. It's free to sign up and you can have them send you a daily email with the deals of the day. I haven't bought anything from there yet, and I've never really done research on if their prices really are deals, but check it out if you want. Lots of good stuff on there. Also, I just saw after starting this that there's a refer-a-friend thing, so if you sign up with my referral and then buy so
  20. Just came back from my lunch hour trail run with the dog, and wanted to see what the NFers in similar climates are using for their hands for similar activities. It's -21°C with the windchill right now and I've been wearing Drop ABK Pipe Gloves. In general I love them because they're much less bulky than ski gloves without the dexterity loss of mittens (I like being able to open/close gates and leash/unleash the dog without having to expose any skin). But when it gets below -10° the fingers start to lose heat, and I really felt it today. So that's my question: do you have a favourite p
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