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  1. I decided not to pigeonhole myself into another theme and want to weasel my way out halfway through. I figured by keeping it neutral I can use what inspiration I want so long as I maintain discipline. A few things are inspiring me right now: Diablo 4, the Death Wolf from Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, Remnant 2 archetypes, Dungeon Crawler Carl, Mistborn and Bronze Era Bodybuilders. I realize this is a myriad of different things but collectively it’s keeping me topped off with ample amounts of inspiration. But, anyways, besides allowing this challenge to be more free form, it also allows me to focus on something I’ve wanted to implement since fitness became a part of my life. That is the philosophy of wolflean. If you’re familiar with David Gemmell, one of my favorite authors of all time, he would sometimes describe his warrior characters as being “wolf-lean”. I first discovered this word many, many years ago and the ideal behind it has been burned into my brain ever since. The aesthetic behind the word is apparent but also the mindset and what it takes to become wolflean has always been with me. I’m going to take my inspiration from DCC (Dungeon Crawler Carl) and Remnant 2 archetypes to create a little RPG adventure for myself for the gamifying aspects of this challenge. Let’s start with that: Archetype: Challenger Trait: Strongback Accumulate 500 pull-ups/chin-ups this challenge This equates to 100 pull-ups a week, which is 14.2857143 a day. Let’s round up to 15 Grease-the-groove is the best way to get this done, unless a workout calls for pull-ups or chin-ups. Use 20# weighted vest at least 1x a week Bonus: Complete the Murph WOD with the vest. Damage Perk: Close Quarters 1-2x a week KB complex The whole point is to get in a quality metcon and break a sweat…maybe even second guess my fitness choices. GET. AFTER. IT. Focus on double KB’s This can be done AFTER a workout or on a separate day altogether Team Perk: Intimidating Presence Core Work Daily aka Adamantine Abs I neglect my core more often than I should. Not this challenge. Core must be worked at every workout and on non-training days, I need to spend 3-5min on a core workout. This could be as simple as hollow holds or loaded carries Utility Perk: Powerlifter The focus is SQUATS & BENCH PRESS Back squat, front squat, hack squat – focus on utilizing these 3 Barbell bench press – focus on the getting stronger with bench Wear weight belt, knee sleeves, wrist wraps and “proper shoes” *more on these below* Utility Perk: Face of Danger Clean eating and quality sleep Shoot for veggies at least 1x meal a day Generally this isn’t an issue, but it’s nice to put a little pressure on to make it happen every day The goal is: 200g of protein a day. This would be the only macro I would track. Sleep is a whole other monster in itself- but napping and getting to bed ASAP during the work week does wonders. Nap on training days Try and get to bed by 11pm Su-Th These perks are from the archetype: Challenger from Remnant 2. It’s an upcoming souls-like shooter and a sequel to the smash hit, Remnant: From The Ashes. They just released an IGN special showcasing the Gunslinger archetype and on one of the menu screens it shows the Challenger archetype as well. When I saw the names of these I was instantly inspired. According to my source, the Challenger showcase is set to premier sometime soon - possibly in the next week. Now, let's focus on my gym gear. I’m also adding an RPG twist on this and all these items are directly inspired by DCC. I had a LOT of fun coming up with these Current Gear: Heavyweight Title Belt of the Naga Berserker Type: Legendary Weight Belt Description: The Naga Berserker is renowned for its fighting prowess and insane levels of strength. Out of all the Naga subclasses, the Berserker is legendary for its insane constrictive power and consistent winning streak for the Naga Ultra Body Building contest held each Summer. Able to squeeze the life out of a full-grown elephant with ease, the last thing you want to do is tangle with these guys up close (or go head to head with them in a bodybuilding contest). This title belt is made from the thickly shed skin of the winningest Naga Berserker of all time, Sssamuel Gunther Sssullivan the Third, allowing the wearer to retain some of his residual strength. The belt will fasten down with force so take a deep breath, pose like you mean it and become the Peach Daddy you were born to be. Stats: +5 to STR +2 CON Special Ability: Braced Core With Braced Core, the lifter can typically lift about 2-5% more weight. Placebo effect? Maybe. They always say physicality is 87% mental! Embody the spirit of Sssamual Gunther Sssulivan III and GIT GUD, BRO! Those weights aint lifting themselves! When barbell squatting or deadlifting, there’s a 12% chance to hit a PR +1 to INT Once buckled, the lifter is granted a temporary buff called: Sssmart Lifter Sssmart Lifter activates for the duration of the working set. This seemingly small buff reminds the lifter of all the times they haven’t used a weight belt and the injuries that followed. Way to go, dummy! On the plus side, this buff gives you a 50% boost in confidence immediately thereafter. This increases an additional 15% if you flex on ‘em. Bonus Buff: Berserker Mode If paired with rock music, there is an additional 5% chance to hit a PR. Chance to break out in an air guitar solo equals 100%! Enchanted Azure Knee Sleeves of the Rickety Bone Mage Type: Epic Knee Sleeves Description: Bone Mages, while very powerful and deadly, are one hit away from becoming a pile of dusty bones. Most bone mages wear protective cloaks, light armor and dope up on copious amounts of vitamin D3 to ensure their precious skeletons stay together without tendons and muscle. Well placed knee sleeves while carrying the whole team on their back ensures a couple more seconds in the fight and prevents early onset of Osteoporosis. You’re still a glass cannon but maybe now you’re closer to bullet proof glass! Stats: +2 to CON Special Ability: Ass-to-Grass When you slide these knee sleeves on you have a 33% chance to get ass-to-grass on your barbell squats. Knee popping may be a thing, but nothing says “deep squat” like when your juicy, marshmallow butt hits your calf muscle. Bonus Buff: Lawn Mower If you manage to go ass-to-grass on an entire set then there is a 80% chance your next set mimics the last. All reps on the previous set must be lower than 90 degrees. How loooooow can you go?! Obsidian Wrist Wraps of the Master Assassin Type: Legendary Wrist Wraps Description: Whether striking from the shadows with a well placed knife to the spine or vaulting on rooftops like your Ezio Auditore, master assassins have been stalking their prey for centuries. These wraps don’t just protect your wimpy little wrist joints - they solidify them! Stabbing unsuspecting foes in the back is hard work, ya know?! Also, they just look cool as hell. Throw up your cloak hood and sharpen your hidden daggers cuz shit’s about to get messy. Stats: +4 to DEX +2 to STR Special Ability: Gym Reaper Once these wraps are synched tight you all of a sudden feel like the baddest motherfucker on the planet. Nothing can stop you. Especially exercises that require the use of wrist wraps, like: the bench press. You gain a 90% boost on your arm durability and stability for the duration of your workout. You also increase your likelihood of not needing a spotter by 6%. But, who are we kidding - you should use one anyways! Situational Buff: Commander Taggart Special When performing reps of 5 or lower, you have a 55% chance to bare your teeth and dig yourself out of the hole when things get heavy and difficult. Never give up, never surrender! However, if you bounce the barbell off your chest to get the rep then that % drops to 5%. Bonus Buff: It’s a Wrap! Every time you re-tighten these wraps there’s a 20% chance that your recovery time receives a boost. It starts at 1% and works its way up to 5% for a total of 5 stacks. If you manage to get to 5 stacks, then lactic acid has no effect on you….at least until the next day. I never said this would cure DOMS! T-800 Terminator Hi-Tops Type: Unique Item Note: You can only have 1x unique item equipped at a time. Description: Come with me if you want to live. Introduced in 1985 (and just a year after The Terminator hit theaters), the Nike Terminator’s were the first signature shoes introduced to a specific college basketball team: the Georgetown Hoyas. These unique hi-top sneakers offer a myriad of benefits, including saving John Connor and sometimes trying to hunt him down depending on what timeline. Either way, Skynet has a back-up plan and showing up naked through a time portal is priority #1! Like well built killing machines, these sneakers give you the ability that seemingly reinforces all the bones in your body, making you nearly indestructible. When paired with lifts like squats and deadlifts, The T-800’s are absolute tanks and offer a unique skill unlike any other sneaker out there. So, flip-trick your sawed off shotgun like the badass you are and let Cyberdyne Systems know who’s boss: Hasta la vista, baby! Stats: +2 Vertical Jump +1 Speed +1 Agility +1 Ankle support +2 Squats Special Ability: I’ll be Back! When active, you gain a 5% strength bonus when performing Back Squats and a 2% strength bonus to ALL back exercises. If you go 3+ or more sets of Back Squats, there’s a 20% chance to activate a buff called: WD40. This buff essentially loosens up your joints, specifically your hips so you can get lower with each rep and hit a squat groove that would make Shakira jealous. As you know, these hips don’t lie. Unique Skill: Weed Wacker When wearing these shoes and squatting, your chance to activate the special ability Ass-to-Grass is increased by 25%. If you are already wearing an item that has this skill then the overall chance of activation is an additional 30%. You might as well start up your own lawn service after this! Unique Skill: Neural Net Processor CPU With this unique skill, you are able to learn, assess and reassess your form with different ways to tweak your lifts to your benefit and advantage. This ability to “learn” and prevent bad habits is huge as a seasoned lifter. This is a passive ability and is always active so long as you are wearing these shoes. This automatically garners a: +1 Squat +1 Bench +1 Deadlift +1 Olympic Lifts +1 Overhead Press Battle Armor of the Fallen War Hero Type: Celestial Weight Vest Description: The WOD known as “Murph” is legendary in its own right. Named after the fallen war hero, Michael Murphy, “Murph” was the epitome of courage and selflessness. You only WISH you could be as badass as him. In honor of this brave soldier, anyone wearing a 5.11 Weighted Vest has a 5% for the piece of gear to be legendary status or higher. Those bastards lucky enough to get a celestial type are in the 1% of the population. However, the celestial perks on this chest rig only works when performing the “Murph” WOD. But, if the “Murph” WOD is done with this vest, it unlocks a vast amount of abilities for 29 hours after the workout is completed. Outside of that, the perks are standard and downright basic. #EmbraceTheSuck #ThankYouMichaelMurphy Stats: +1 Pull-ups +1 to Rucking +1 Grip Strength When “The Murph” ability is active. *Note: these perks, skills and abilities only activate on the completion of the “Murph” WOD using this vest. These advantages only last for 29 hours.* +2 STR +2 END +3 to Push-ups +3 to Pull-ups +3 to Squats 50% boost to confidence 50% boost to sleep recovery 100% boost to “sense of accomplishment” Special Ability: Honor thy Fallen When completing the “Murph” WOD, you gain a sense of pride and integrity that wasn’t there before. If you think this workout was hard then try to remember those that have fought bravely for your nation and sacrificed themselves so you could remain free. Do NOT take this lightly. The DOMS you feel are only a small reminder but upon completion of this workout, there’s a 14% chance you recover 14% faster than you normally would. Special Ability: One in the Tank After completing this workout, there’s a 5% chance the next time you do this workout that you’ll gain a fraction of the perks that are only active when the WOD is already completed. This could easily garner a better overall time each time you decide to do the “Murph” WOD if you’re smart about it and keep up the consistency. Special Bonus Buff: Inspire the Masses No one should go in alone and when completing the Murph, or upon full completion, there is a 60% chance that your hard work inspires others to join you. It’s much easier to have a teammate encourage you to keep going than the negative self-talk sabotage that happens when you're flying solo. BRCC Black Multicam Snapback/Warrior Poet Black Multicam Snapback Type: Rare Description: Nothing super special about these hats. They do what they are supposed to do: keep the sun out of your eyes and the hair out of your face. If you’re one of those guys who can pull-off a backwards hat, then kudos to you. Women find it sexy! But my guess is…you’re not one of those lucky few. Sorry, Charlie! Stats: +4 to “Keeping Hair out of Face” +2 to “Keeping Sun of of Eyes” Bonus Buff: Flip it in Reverse If you look good wearing a cap backwards then you are rewarded with a 35% chance to activate the Billy Badass buff. This ability gives you a +1 STR when performing sets of 3 or more on any exercise. All this to say, guys and gals: I'm letting my creative freak flag fly. For the most part, the perks, numbers and % don't really mean a whole lot. I will try and incorporate all the gear stats into my workout write-ups just to satiate my creativity and keep me engaged, though. Thanks for reading through everything if you made it this far! Time to kick ass on another 5-weeks! *BONUS CONTENT* Half way through this challenge, I will implement what's called: A Challenge Respec. This allows me to re-allocate my skills and goals in a way that I see fit and/or benefits me in the long run. Chances are, I will activate my "Mistborn Themed Challenge". This isn't necessarily here to make @Elastigirl happy, but I'm sure she'll appreciate it either way . Wolf
  2. Hey, as my gym membership comes to an end in little more than a month I'm becoming more positive that it would be best to get some stuff and start lifting heavy, at home. Now, are there any specifics I have to pay attention to? I've been looking around on internet shops and found some nice gear but I'm not really sure what to look out for. The bench of my desire is adjustable in 3 different heights, 4 different positions (making it suitable for flat bench press, incline and even decline! ) with a max loadabilty of 250kg (conside my bw at roughly 80kg and that's more than enough for some time). The pricing should be fine with 80€ The squat rack is 87x120cm and 7x adjustable in the height between 100 and 170cm, weight 25kg itself and has a loadability of 350kg. There are also 3 holder on lower positions and you can put keep your weights on a mounting. Price 140€ and gummi feet. A 187cm barbell with 30mm. I don't have a lot of space but I was told that a long bar is important if you want to rack up weight. 30€ A neck pad 14€ a chair mat that covers the space where I'd lower the weight ~20€ regular weights 130kg; 170€ I already have some dumbbells with up to 15kg weight that would fit. The overall price would be little more than an other year in the gym and probably more worthwile. Are there things I have to consider purchasing these articles that I'm not aware of? It might be wort mentioning that my max bench press is roughly 85kg, with the deadlift at 80kg and the squat at 100 (although I have to go lower again to get better form). There's probably some imbalance between my lifts, I started squatting and dl-ing quite late. Thanks for any input, I can't provide links to these articles right now so I made the description. And sorry if there will be some inconvenience with the kg/ cm data
  3. Exactly as the title suggests - how often do you do laundry? Specifically, activewear laundry - I find myself going to the gym/training with pole dancing up to four or five times a week. I've only got so much activewear, so do I need to launder it literally every time I wear it? Help a sister out!
  4. So just a question: how many tops, T's, shorts, leggings, pants do you own? Does it match? I personally like it when things match but I've been meaning to revamp my workout clothes and I wanted to get some recommendations/ideas of just how much I should get. Thanks -Hannah
  5. So about 2 years ago I bought a 40# dumbbell set from a closing sports store. I've gotten lots of use out of them and I don't regret it, but my wife thinks we should upgrade to fixed weights which I think is a bad investment because we'll buy a lot of different weights for different things. Buying plates and assembling/disassembling dumbbells will be cheaper and more space-efficient. However, after doing some research on the CAP bars it looks like the "maximum weight" on these bars is 40#, but I don't know if that's a fail point number or just naming the weight sold with the kit. Do any of you nerds have experience with 1" bar dumbbells and the amount of weight you can put on them?
  6. I hope everyone has a great Holiday season. I just ordered a bench and another 40kg kettlebell from Rogue Fitness. Has anyone else bought or received any cool health and fitness gear? Hopefully I can get a rower next year
  7. Hey all! Mostly flat paved runner here looking to get a lot more into trail running. I have a pair of nice running shoes that have seen rain, snow, and shine, but on rough trail terrain they have been giving me some issues. So, I was wondering if you guys had a recommendation for trail running shoes. Also, apologies if this is not the right board. Wasn't sure which one would be the best fit for this topic.
  8. Hey guys and gals! So I had a friendly argument with a gym buddy about what phone is best/most used for those of us with active lifestyles. I am a iPhone 6s girl but he uses a Galaxy.iPhone or Galaxy? Let me know which one you have!Thanks loves,Chanel
  9. Hey guys and gals! I am Chanel and I am excited to join the community and connect with you all about what is important to us all - fitness and our well being! I have always been active and been in pretty good shape, but not until recently did I really commit to making a conscience effort to make this a habit. I am excited to continue to better myself and see where this takes me. Feel free to drop me a line and say "hi" :-)
  10. Howdy folks, I have a 17.3" laptop that I have to haul around for work. It doesn't fit in most standard 17" bags. I frequently travel for work, and my Samsonite backpack has lasted all of 6 months before tearing out at the corner (where the corner of the laptop bulges). I'm in the market for a replacment! I'm not entirely convinced that I need a backpack, so a shoulder bag might be an option. I'm not the sort who sits at the bar between flights; I generally get a pretty good chunk of walking done in that time. It's like hiking (or rucking!), once you load your massive laptop + charger + tablet + paperwork and force yourself to take the stairs. One of the bags I've been looking at is the GoRuck GR1, which their sales support says would fit the laptop. It's guaranteed bombproof. Any suggestions? Gear that has worked for you? Opinions when it comes to bags?
  11. HI folks If there are anymore Garmin Connect users out there i have started a Nerd Fitness Group (Steve and Gang, hope I'm not stepping on any toes - Will close if you let me know!). I have set as request to join, so just drop me a PM here to let me know your real life name and ill look out for you.
  12. Alright, I feel like I've asked this question, but boo hoo I'll ask again Maybe I'll get more replies. Alas, fall is quickly creeping upon Northern Alberta and evenings are warm-ish, but the mornings are starting to get crispy. Either time of day, the air is chill. Enough to make a runner's breath quicken and sharp. Anybody have any suggestions on what I could buy to aid in that department? Thank you in advance!
  13. Hello nerds! So I have a pair of Chucks (or converses if that's how you know them) low rise that I got on the recommendation of Steve & Staci as good lifting shoes. However, these suckers DESTROY my feet. i have really narrow heels but a wide toe bed, and no amount of inserts has been able to keep these from ruling my heels raw. So the cut of Chucks doesn't work for me. Any suggestions of other similar shoes that have worked for you? Chucks aren't cheap shoes, and I really don't have the $$ to buy shoes that I can't actually wear (and then can't return because I've worn them at all). Anyone have similar difficulties and found alternative brands/cuts of shoes that work? Generally, I'm going body weight work, and incorporate some dumbbell lifts. Hoping to increase this in the near future. Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, this seems like the perfect place to ask this question. I have absolutely horrible vision and need to keep my glasses on while I work out. The problem is, I sweat A LOT when I work out and my glasses tend to fall off my face. I try my best to pat down my face but it only works to a point. As of late, I've been able to use a sleeve from a tshirt as a headband and its kind of working but I wanted to know if anyone else had similar issues and how they get around it
  15. I have been doing bouldering for a few months now, using a couple of misproduced cheapies that i picked up for about 30$. However, I happen to be 15 years old, and still growing, so last week they turned out to have gotten so small, that my feet began to hurt while i climbed. What i'm looking for here, is some basic knowledge about brands, features, quality etc, so that I know what to look for, and what to stay away from, as i'm planning to get a new couple as soon as possible. -lm3755
  16. I am starting StrongLifts 5x5 next week and need some gear advice. Currently I have the same general types of gym gear that I've been using since high school: - T-shirts/Tank Tops/Under Armor - Standard Running Shoes with both ankle and regular socks - Basketball Shorts Are there any modifications or additions that I should make for a heavy lift focused routine? I'm not a fan of the lifting belts or w/e they're called or the neck padding for squats. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. I have been trying to get into doing things more barefoot. Since it is getting cold, I was looking for a good pair of minimalist shoes. Everyone recommends the five fingers, but I have abnormally long toes and they just don't fit. I was wondering about other options and came across ZEM. Does anyone know anything about them?
  18. I have knee problems - I don't know whether they come from running or running just makes them worse, but they're there. I went to the doctor, who told me it's not arthrosis but shoes would likely help. My trainer said the same and send me to this amazing shoe shop that put me on a treadmill first, filmed the way I walk/run and then recommended about 10 pairs of shoes. I tested each of them, including running up and down the street. The winner were Adidas Boost shoes. They're also 150€, which, for me, is a lot of money. I don't have a problem with the price for those shoes especially, as the shoes that came in 2nd and 3rd were only about 10€ cheaper, but I'm scared of spending so much money on running shoes and then, if I'm not lucky, they won't help and I have to stop running completely (which I'm currently doing, I haven't been on a run in almost 2 weeks because the pain won't go away - and naturally I don't want to make it worse by running through the pain). Does anyone have a similar issue? Or maybe you've bought those shoes and found that they're awesome or awful? I'd really, really appreciate your opinions!
  19. Hi guys! My first post here... I'm looking for an elliptical machine for my two bedroom apartment. First off, does anybody have one they love? Specific brand/model recommendations would be great. Secondly, I'm trying to find a good one used, but Craigslist is letting me down (I'm in LA). Only sketchy sellers or too far away to warrant a trip just to try out their machine. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! And rock on, nerds!
  20. Hi I'm wondering about appropriate shoe sizes for people with wide feet. My foot is 9" - 9 1/2" long and 4" to 4 1/2" Wide. So that makes me an american 6.5 ..and wider than a "wide". So what size should I buy? I want to start buying online but because of this I'm rather confused. (mild or normal pronation - did the wet paper test to measure). Thanks Kindly in advance
  21. How do you guys handle getting sweaty at work? For those of us stuck in a 8-5 office gig, sometimes the only chance you get for a workout is during those hours. And for some of us (me), you sweat well after your workout is over. Especially during the summer. Even a brisk 20 minute walk will result in 45 minutes of toweling off at my desk. (I'm a support tech, so I work with users in person like 80% of the time). This sweating dilemma has often prevented me from doing any exercise at work for fear of looking like I have malaria for an hour each day. Does anyone have experience with this, and can you recommend any super breathable gear? Or even better, is there any apparel out there that can get away with being business-casual, but doubles as light workout friendly?
  22. I am working on a Vlog. what equipment (mics, cameras, software, etc) do you recommend?
  23. So, what do we like to work out in? I spent a few years in ROTC so I'm more comfortable getting sweaty in sweatpants and a sweatshirt or BDUs and jungle boots. How about the rest of you.
  24. I want to try trail running. I like hiking through the woods and I like running so I figure why not do both at once. Any suggestions on shoes and other gear (carrying water, snacks)?
  25. Has anyone completed a Spartan race or anything similar? I've got a Spartan Sprint coming up in a week and I'm getting pretty pumped! This is immediately after an ankle sprain so I'm also pretty nervous because I haven't been able to train as intensively as I would have liked... Any recommendations on: What to wear? Running vs. crosstrainers? Loose vs. Baggy? Less vs. more? What to expect? Am I legitimately going to get destroyed? Did you love it? Hate it?! What to eat? I've never competed in anything so intense for such a long duration. What should I eat beforehand if my race is at 10am?
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