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  1. I've been focusing on slimming down to a solid base for the last 6-8 weeks, and now I get to start adding some muscle! Here's the quick synopsis with details to follow: Goal 1 - Weigh more at the end of the challenge than I do at the start. [+4 CON] To accomplish this goal, I will follow the Surge phase of the Engineering the Alpha program, focusing on lactic acid based exercises to stimulate Growth Hormone and eating at a surplus on training days. I started this phase at the end of the last challenge, so I'll be completing Weeks 2-4. Based on a calorie surplus on training days and a deficit on non-training days, I should be at +1000 calories a week for 3 weeks. If I'm tracking correctly and the laws of thermodynamics hold, that would equate to just under 1 pound (3500 calories). I have a feeling my tracking won't be that spot on and I'd be happy with extra weight, as long as it doesn't affect Goal 2. Grading: A - more than 2 pounds gained B - 1-2 pounds gained C - less than 1 pound gained D - zero weight gain F - weigh less than when I started Goal 2 - Have a lower body fat percentage at the end of the challenge than I do at the start. [+3 CHA +1 CON] To accomplish this goal, I will follow the Complete phase, Weeks 1-3 (with Week 4 falling between challenges). The focus will be on burning some more fat and "completing" my new chiseled physique... I will be eating at a surplus 3 days a week and at a deficit 4 days a week, with a sum total deficit of 400 cals/week for the last 3 weeks of the challenge. Grading: A - more than 2% reduction in body fat B - 1-2% reduction C - less than 1% reduction D - no change to body fat percentage F - higher body fat percentage than start of challenge Goal 3 - Focus on my lagging features 3 times a week. [+4 DEX] I've managed to drop some inches from my midsection during the last challenge, but I'm still not seeing/feeling much definition in my core. I'm going to try and work on my abs/core by doing some beginner Pilates or Tim Ferriss' 6-Minute Abs from Four Hour Body. I also want to give some extra attention to my arms and chest as they seem to lag behind. This will probably be suspended flyes or extra pull-ups. Grading: A - 18 sessions B - 15-17 sessions C - 12-14 sessions D - 6-11 sessions F - 5 or fewer sessions Goal 4 - Complete 3 activities from the Geek Dad Guide to Weekend Fun. [+2 CHA +1 WIS] My goal is to complete at least 3 weekend activities from the Geek Dad's Guide to Weekend Fun with my kids. This is a rollover from last challenge. My kids are still pretty young (2 and 5), so I'm limited on how many of the activities are age-appropriate for them, but I think I can find 3 good ones. Currently considering: Superhero ABC book using construction paper, glue sticks, and pics from the internet Geeky Art Prints with shaving cream and food coloring Alien Drums with various lengths of PVC pipe See the World From the Sky with balloons and a Flip video camera Grading: A - 3 activities B - 2 activities C - 1 activity F - 0 activities New Life Goal - Break my iPhone addiction! ETA: attribute points and scoring Audible: Changed life goal
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