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  1. Hi everybody, I am a happy go lucky fire dragon, who likes pole dancing, aerial hoop, yoga and other shiny movement things that make me feel alive, strong and nimble Currently I have some big work projects that I want to tackle and in the past that used to suck up my willpower for workouts. Seems work and workouts use the same contingent of willpower and I could not do both consistently over a longer period. That is about to change Cause I'm gonna expand my willpower and and DO ALL THE THINGS Well, I'll start gently, with lots of yummy restorative things, to keep myself juiced up and my batteries charged ... build a routine that will carry me... and give myself time to ROCK my WORK and ROCK my WORKOUTS -hah, work is just another workout after all, and those I can do I will use how we are creatures of habit and CREATE HABITS that make things easier, I'll ruthlessly kick out routines that don't serve me well anymore and reclaim full power as Queen of My Routine Quest 1: Morning routine (5 days/week) - get up at 6 am on Mon-Fri - 15 min restorative yin yoga - 15 min active yoga - breakfast - start work at 7.30 am on Mon-Thu Quest 2: Workout Routine (4 days/week) - Angry Bird Workout with Pole (2x/week - planning Wed and Fri or Sat) * pole knee tucks * pole climbs with arms only (resting in seat) * aerial squats * standard push ups * dolphin plank hold explanatory video will follow - hope I can do it at all - Dance Workout (2x/week) * once at class (Mondays) * once at home training class moves, other spins and tricks (Thursdays) Quest 3: Recharging Energy Routine (3 to 7 days/week) - 20 min walk 3 days / week to get fresh air and relax eyes (on the days off pole) - 2.5 liters of water 7 days / week - 10 min eye training on 7 days / week (to start with reading up about exercises during those 10 min is also okay, as long as I get myself there, more screen time at work means more rest for eyes needed) Life Quest: Work Routine get in 16 hours / week on website and/or translation work get translation project (in signature) done by end of January ideally to be done by Friday because the plan is to have the weekend plan free Tracking will be done with shiny spreadsheets again for shiny stars to stick on for every shiny win Big stars for pole sessions, small stars for morning routines, recharging routines and work routines I will be away from Jan 14 - 17 (leading a silent retreat and takes me up completely) so no points given or lost during those four days. Let's get this party started....
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