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Found 2 results

  1. 25yo girl khajiit seeks leanness... 1/2 marathon in Sept '15, swimming once a week and strength training with a PT 2x a week. BUT I've been seriously slacking on my nutrition, not tracking macros and hence no results yet! SO I'm determined to join the Rebellion and get serious about my new 6 week challenge... 1) MAIN CHALLENGE: I will track EVERY calorie - every gram or butter, yoghurt or ml of milk. No more lazy 'guestimating' for the full 6 weeks (30 days) 2) I will stretch every morning, switching up the routine as required, for at least ten mins. (To improve squat, deadlift performance and build an arch in my feet) 3) I will weigh in a measure twice weekly, to show my PT my progress. Side quests: - Get my 5k time down to less than 32:30 (10 and a half min mile pace). - Stay Facebook-free for 6 whole weeks Looking forward to adventuring with you all. Any guilds with females just starting their 6 week challenge too plz gimmie a shout!
  2. Um, yea, don't realy know how to get this started, so I'll just put my mission, goals, and stats Mission Drop down to 200 pounds by the new year. (Starting weight stat: 207.8 pounds) Goals 1. Do the beginner bodyweight workout or run at least 3 times a week. 2. Cut soda out of my diet. 3. Get up and walk around at least once an hour when sitting at the computer for work/at home. Side Quest I have a 5K run coming up on the 14th, so I'm excited to back into running. My last run was a 5K in February. Mission Start Stats Male Noob 5'5" 27 years old 207.8 pounds Motivation To get fit and stop outgrowing my clothes! I've started to noticed that my pants are getting snug and that I'm getting more winded while playing tennis. It's time to get back into shape. I'm ready to get started!
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