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Found 3 results

  1. The world is depending upon me! Or, really, my world is depending upon me. Why isn't stretching a habit by now?? And rolling? I feel better in all the ways when I do it. But nope. Even last time when it was on my fancy schmancy daily to-do list it was not treated with the love and attention it deserves for all that it does for me. This time that changes! I hope. I have a short and simple list of three things goals; body, brains, and batcave. Body! Stretch quickly after each fitness session and stretch/roll 4 days per week in the evening minimum. Brains! Select a task each night for the next day that involves advancing my skills in some way. Currently the necessary scope is in learning these newfangled sewing machines.... excuse me, sewing computers, and advancing my craft skills in crochet, knit, and sewing. Batcave! MrC and I have possibly ironed out a sharing of household cleaning tasks. I had him pick the things he dislikes least, and I'll get the rest. I have to do mine. Ideally I will tackle 4 short (10-20 minute) sessions per week will complete my portion when combined with the agreed upon rules of 1. don't leave a room empty-handed and 2. 5 minutes of just picking up at the end of the day. It's just the two of us and two animals, so hopefully this is reasonable. But really, when it comes right down to it, this is all about the stretching habit.
  2. NightWatcher woke up, groaning and holding her head in her hands. She glanced around the cell, initially thinking she'd gotten back to the undead asylum... But that couldn't be right. This place was too shiny, and she didn't remember flying back... Everything came back at once. She'd meant to go to one of the smiths, somehow gotten to a strange library bigger than any she'd seen while she was alive, and then there was that dragon... No scales, surrounded by crystals. Which meant she was in a new prison... she glanced at the nearby bonfire and tried to warp back to the Firelink, and felt... ...nothing. Not even the sense that Firelink was somewhere out there for her to find again. Scrambling to her feet, Watcher rattled the cage door, hoping for a loose hinge. A careless jailor. Anything that could get her out of here. The door held, and she heard something stir behind her. Glancing over her shoulder, NightWatcher saw more of the grotesque, misshapen people with crystals coming from their bodies. Reaching back out of habit, and glad to find her glaive still there, she turned to face the things that she'd been locked up with. Long story short, I got derailed in the middle of the last challenge (and still into the beginning of this one) because of my current job hunt.. Which currently just feels overwhelming and impossible. I'll flesh this out more later (cause I'm off break in a couple of minutes) SQ1 - yoga - which I've been not doing, and I can feel myself wearing AAAAALLLLLLLLLL of my stress between my shoulder blades. SQ2 - food planning - I'm doing ok with tracking my meals, but tracking after and planning ahead are two different things. SQ3 - running - time to start outrunning the undead again. I'll be walking at first more than any running 'cause my Chiropractor doesn't want me to overdo it and reinjure myself LQ - find and apply to at least 5 jobs per week
  3. WHAT'S UP REBELS!!! Last month's challenge ended in a complete flop... but that's okay. I knew I had set the bar higher than would be advised, and I tried my best. I failed, but I learned from it. Let's do this again guys, and this time we're going to fly through it like falcons or something cool like that. Rad. THIS TIME AROUND I'm going to focus more on getting into focus, which to me means less worrying about exercise and more getting my brain into check. Of course, I'll still be hitting the gym and whatnot, but my challenge will be focusing on focusing. I'm thinking probably yoga/meditation as the main points. So let's get to it! - READY PLAYER ONE - My Main Quest: Lose to 175 lbs: I considered making yoga my main, but decided to keep this one instead of yoga. This is the same main quest as last month. I'm keeping it as my main quest for two reasons: 1) so I can do the dang thing and 2) because even though I'm teaching myself new things during each quest, my underlying goal is still to lose weight. My birthday is still a while off, but if I don't buckle down I won't reach my goal weight by then! So I'm keeping my main goal as weight loss. COMPLETION = 25 EXP!DAILY Training: Yoga! Either from my DDP Yoga dvd's or from a youtube clip, I want to do yoga at least twice a week. I'll probably be going with slow, stretch-type yoga (as opposed to hot yoga). I wonder how many times I can type yoga before you guys start to get annoyed. Yoga. COMPLETION (8 DAYS) = 25 EXP! ; -3 EXP per day missed.Meditation! Same as yoga, I want to do at least two meditation sessions per week. Meditation takes too long to type out to see if I can annoy you by saying it a bunch of times over like I am with yoga. Yoga. COMPLETION (8 DAYS) = 25 EXP! ; -3 EXP per day missed.Skill School: Sunday Food Prep: I say 'food prep' because I'm not going to make all my meals that day, I'm just going to prep the ingredients, AT LEAST THREE CONTAINERS PER WEEK. Again this is a repeat task from last month (unlike yoga and meditation, which I didn't do last challenge). I've knocked the container count down by 1 per week, because I failed this last time. Hopefully I'll be able to manage it this time around! 12+ CONTAINERS = 20 EXP ; 7-11 CONTAINERS = 15 EXP ; 6- CONTAINERS = 10 EXPSide Quest: Dance Dance REBELLION! I miss dancing, so this challenge I want to make a point of learning new dances because putting it in here gives me an excuse to learn new dances! Yoga doesn't count as dancing, although some yoga is like dancing and yoga instructors are sometimes dancers. No experience points for this one, just happy points! If you have suggestions for dance tutorials post them in the thread!! I'm planning on just watching videos made by my old line dancing teacher, but I'm always open to new suggestions! Yoga.
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