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Found 12 results

  1. Hey yall. So I'm working on a complete and total reboot. I lost my job about a week ago due to company restructuring. *sigh* I've been in mourning/lazy mode for the last week, and that ends today! My most pressing physical challenge is getting my routine back and fixing my insomnia. I haven't really been able to sleep for the past few weeks. My brain doesn't want to shut up enough to allow me to sleep. I haven't been able to fall asleep before 1-2 am and not getting up before 9am. I'm getting rather tired of it. I do have Ambien, but I've been wanting to get off of it for quite some time. So, therefore I have a plan to help me get some sleep! 1. Re-establish my routine by: getting into bed and getting up at a reasonable time - meaning in bed and electronics off by 10pm. I have a couple of playlists that I sometimes play, but they don't always work. I'm going to do some more experimenting to see if anything helps. 2. Try to shut my brain up - finally using that Headspace membership I have and meditating every day. 3. Cut the caffeine - no coffee or anything but water after 12pm. So... yeah.
  2. My Second 6 Week challenge-I hope its OK but I feel like I should still post here, as I wasn’t in any guild when I tried my first 6 week challenge, and 2-I really still feel like I am starting out! I am going to keep a lot of my missions the same, as I still have a ways to go – I had a few obstacles during the last one, including minor surgery and preparing for my brother’s wedding. Now things should by fairly normal (minus the follow up procedures for my surgery) Main quest: To lose weight and build muscle – I want to try and lose between 10-15 lbs this quest. Last time I had “to lose weight†with no specific goal, so this time I am trying a number. I do realize there is much more to weight loss than the number, so I am going to choose a pair of jeans to judge how they fit (or don’t) now then see how much better they fit at the end. Mini Quest: 1- Main Goals: 1 – Walk at break at least 4 days per weekday 2 – Do cardio at least 3 times per week and strength at least three times per week; including starting back up the Zumba classes I had been taking 3 – Create, get into, and stay in the habit of logging every meal, and by the end of this challenge I will be drinking 100 oz of water a day. Life Quest I want to be happy with my body and my health and the progress I have made along my journeys Why am I here? (motivation) My motivation is that I want to be healthier and confidant. My family has a history of diabetes and I want to get fit and lose weight to try and avoid this myself. I am very much my father’s daughter, down to physical genetics. I just lost him in June, and I know that a lot of what started his health-downfall was his weight , diabetes etc. I also want to feel good in my clothes, and in my own skin; I believe building strength and fitness will help me with my confidence, not only because I will lose the weight that I am so self-conscious about, but because of what I will accomplish and the hard work I know I will have put in. Now that we are just about to November (or into November once the challenge starts), I have the rest of the fall and winter to really get into and KEEP a good routine going, and hopefully by summer I’ll be seeing some major changes. I am not sure what guild I will ultimately end up in. My main goal right now is to lose weight – I have around 100 lbs to lose. However I want to build muscle (lifting) as well. I also just started rock climbing; I am very new at this as there is only one wall I can climb all the way to the top, so far. One of my very favorite work out activities is Zumba - so I am rather varied in my tastes and goals! I hope to be able to find some groups so I can both give and receive motivation and accountability. Can’t wait to begin again!
  3. I guess that I will just start with the basics, and then go from there (you guys can learn my idiosyncracies as we go on or this wouldn't be very fun?!) So to begin... Why did I think I was to cool to start the challenge with everyone else? Simple answer, it was my birthday and my birthday weekend so I knew that I would be to busy to get much done in terms of thinking productively and getting ready to start on the primal track! I think that a Week 1 goal was to post some smart goals and here are mine! MAIN GOAL: I want to lose pounds by April 1, 2016 (about 2.5 lbs per week) MINIGOAL:I want to establish a good sleep routine In bed by 11:00, no more media except for a physical book after 11:00 MINIGOAL:Increase from 2 strength training days to 3 strength training days a week, what metric should I use to score this goal? MINIGOAL: Eat a sustaining breaking every morning Will need to think of alternatives to oatmeal? Freshly cooked eggs will work (if I use them) Does protein shake and bar count as sustaining? SUBGOAL: Create a compelling and creative Personal Profile (LinkedIn / Resume / CV) We shall all chat more soon!
  4. Hi all, Here's my first challenge in the Rebellion. Been a member for some time, but decided I need to dream and read less and start commiting to some form of change. Rebellion member [Jakkals] gave me some great advice to start off slow and I'm following that advise: Main Quest Lose the smallish beer belly/ pot belly and increase general health and wellness​Although skinny, tall and quite fit due to bi-weekly action netball I'm not very pleased with the slight beer belly and my lack of energy and drive. My SMART Fitness quest Drink at least 2 liters of water dailyI'll give myself the following points: 2ltrs: 4 | 1.5ltrs: 3 | 1ltrs: 2 | 0.5ltrs: 1 No sugar in my coffee​I'm a coffeeholic and drink a tremendous amount of coffee. The water intake should balance this out, but the sugar is the enemy here. I don't drink milk so that's not an issue for me. I drink only one teaspoon of sugar, but want to cut this out. Thanks to Tim Ferris black bitter coffee can be flavored with cinnamon and Vanilla essence, which I both love. I'll give myself the following points based on percentage of cups drank per day without sugar: 100%: 4 | 75%: 3 | 50%: 2 | 25%: 1 Go to the gym everyday (Sundays excluded)​Foam roll everydayStretchPilates Exercise​​The above program is as set out by my Biokineticist. I'll give myself the following points: 1 point for each item done per day (Max 3 points) My SMART Life quest Blog twice a week​I recently committed to a Live Your Legend Blog Starting Challenge. Points: 1 Posts: 1 Point | 2 Posts: 2 Points Finish a proposal for a Grammy winning producer​I recently got an opportunity to draft a proposal and video for a multiple Grammy winning producer. Need to send him proposal ASAP. I'm not allocating myself points for this. This shit is way to important to measure with points. NEEDS TO BE DONE. Continue to make my bed daily​This is an extremely bad habit I'm currently working on. Running a three week streak so far. Points: 1 Point for each day of the week (Max: 7 per week) Post daily progress on Nerd Fitness RebellionPoints: 1 Point for each day of the week (Max: 7 per week) Challenge Conclusion: Based on the amount of days left in the challenge and my requirement set out above. I can get a Maximum of 161 POINTS I will deem the challenge successful if I score 70% or higher. Hence I need to achieve at least: 112.7 POINTS Let's make that 113 See you around folks... Mwah!
  5. In which I describe my goals: I'm working on getting my life together in numerous ways, one of which is managing my ADHD better. My therapist says that a solid foundation for managing ADHD is based on consistency in four key areas: 1) Medication, 2) Sleep, 3) Exercise, 4) Diet. My medication is pretty good and I've taken big steps in making my sleep consistent. That means that it's time for number three! Now, I could argue that I'm already consistent in this area, in that I don't get any exercise. (Har.) But my blood pressure's getting a little high, and I'm tired of getting breathless just mowing the lawn. Plus I'm going to have to shovel snow in a few months, and I'd prefer to be able to do more of it so my sixty-something dad doesn't have to do as much. And my best friend has undertaken running--she's already done her first 5k!--so I'd really like to be able to run a 5k with her. (The next one she's planning on doing is at the end of October, so I don't think I'm going to be able to be ready for that one, but the one after that, yup!) My first goal in this area is consistency. I am not good at developing and maintaining habits. So right now I am aiming for at least two and ideally three days a week. I'm planning on running in the mornings, and I have apps set up on my iPhone to help me. I'm using Zombies, Run! Couch to 5k, although right now it's more like, Zombies, Stroll! I've got a playlist set up and I got an armband so I don't have to worry about my phone bouncing out of my pocket. My reward for when I get through a month of being consistent will be to get fitted for a pair of running shoes!
  6. Longtime lurker, first time poster here. I get the general idea of how things work, but I'm not sure how I should be going about things or where to look for them. I'm pretty sure I wanna be an adventurer for now. I'm not out of shape but I'm not in shape, I would like to start building muscles, concentrating on becoming strong and balanced. How do I join the guild? Do I need permission to join? Who do I contact? 6 week challenge. I wanna do it. Do I really just have to fill out that paper and then follow the guidelines? For now that's all. I'll be back with more I'm sure.
  7. Has anyone here tried any kind of cleanse? I was really into my strength training workouts for about 5 or 6 months but then fell off the wagon due to a lot of travel, crazy heat waves with no air conditioning, moving to a new apartment, etc. Now I feel physically gross and I'm starting to notice my pants feeling tight. I need to get on the path to healthy again, but I'd love to start by cleaning up my diet and getting rid of all the toxins, hopefully making my body feel a bit less gross right off the bat. I've never tried a cleanse before though and I'm wondering if anyone here has any recommendations for a cleanse that will be (1) healthy, (2) relatively easy to prepare, and (3) make me feel awesome so I can start my strength training and cardio again?
  8. My motivation? Im sick of saying "one day i will..." and making excuses. Im sick of putting everyone else first and letting my own health decline in the process. I will do this for myself. Time to be selfish. Main Quest: To be fitter, stronger and comfortable in a bikini. Specific Goals: I will work out at least 4 times per week I will not oversleep I will try out new classes at the gym at least once a week. Side Quest: Finish Paying off my debt.Track and record my fitness programme (be it on here or on paper)
  9. Main Quest: -- Lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks Goals: 1. Walk at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time 2. Drink 3 or fewer sodas daily 3. Give up candy (eek!) Life Quest: -- Go to sleep by 10:30 p.m., nightly.
  10. OK - here we go... Long term goal: lose 20 lbs 6 week goal: lose 8 pounds To do this I will: Do a cardio workout 3x weekLift weights 3x weekTrack food every dayThis might sound like a lot, but I have been doing the cardio and weights for a month already - I just want to continue to do them and feel like I am just beginning on this path My motivation is to feel more comfortable in my skin while standing in front of a class - and able to wear all the clothes in my closet!
  11. Hello Adventurers (or converts)! Would anybody like to join me on a quest to prepare for the Assassin's guild? I'm doing body weight workouts and will be doing extra stuff between my 4 challenge goals that will help me build the strength for parkour. We'll back each other up along the way. Post a link to your current challenge if you're interested! Welcome to the Brotherhood.
  12. Hello Fellow Rebels, My name is Dr. Positron (The real name is Joel)....Here are my stats and a short bio - Height: 5'11 Weight: 165lbs Occupation: Director/Videographer Fitness Goal: Recreate the scene from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and play the role of Peter Parker waking up to Tobey Maguire's level of fitness as if it just happened over night (Of course after countless hours of hard work, determination and maintaining a positive attitude!) Fitness Weakness: I have always been embarrassed to take of my shirt in front of other people and have suffered from low self confidence and combating negative thoughts about how much I dislike how I look pretty much all my life. I want that to change. I have a very weird body type. I'm weight-wise "skinny" I guess and my forearms and calfs are like sticks, but I'm a chubbster in my core/mid section. I've been reading and following NF for about four to five months now and have decided to get over myself, and my fears and become an active member of the boards. It amazes me how so many of the success stories involve communication and connection with those that have similar goals and drive and I know that this is a step in the right direction. I am not totally a n00b to working out. I've always tried to eat healthy and have gone through cycles of working out a lot (I even ran a marathon a few years back) But no matter what I do, I have never been able to achieve my vision of a muscular body. I still have a lot of research to do, but i hope through studying, connecting and sharing with this community I can obtain my goals and in the process help others push through their difficulties and inspire others/be inspired by others to be all they can be. If my bio/stats seem familiar to you, I'd love for you to reach out, tell me about yourself and share where you are on your journey. I'm someone who loves helping others succeed and am always willing to impart my positive attitude on others to help in anyway I can. Thanks for your time -Dr. Positron
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