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Found 3 results

  1. Pixie Kitten has been shirking her workouts. Pixie Kitten has had a string of illness after illness all year. Pixie Kitten is getting back into it with an all-or-nothing attitude. This challenge, Pixie Kitten is getting STRONG. Main Goal: Beat no less than 4 PRs (18XP, STR+2) Lift everything, get stronger, lift more, work harder. Tasks to achieve this goal: Find a way to make deadlifts heavier without buying anything. (16XP, DEX+2) The original goal was to buy more weights for my barbell, as I've only got 20kg. But I'm dirt broke at the moment, so this'll be an exercise in improvisation. I'm open to suggesstions! =D Increase progressions for all exercises. (16XP, STA+2) Can't get better if you don't increase the work. Increase food intake with protien shakes. (16XP CON+2) Gonna have to compromise on the 'no-spending' thing here. I still really struggle to get enough food in every day, so at least this could help. Sleep in workout clothes so there's no excuse in the morning. (16XP, WIS+2) Makes sense. Being ready to workout as soon as I wake up can only be a good thing. SIDE QUEST: Save £300. (18XP, CHA+2) Like I said, dirt broke. I keep having to dip into my savings. Savings have gone down about £400 since January. Bye bye holiday... So, by the end of this challenge, there will be a jar with £300 in it, that I started saving at the beginning of the challenge. As usual, disney gifs and funny pet stories will provide constant interludes to the sweaty grimy stuff. Because that's just what I do.
  2. So My first Challenge So a quick background on myself. I use to be very fit about 6 years ago when I played basketball but then I moved to Glasgow (The big smoke), started drinking, smoking and eating junk food. I had also stopped exercising at this point. I put on the weight. Eventually I said enough was enough and started running, quit smoking and practically quit eating. Otherwise known as the completely wrong thing to do. I then quit running and started eating again (properly this time) but sadly someone dropped a T.V on me and I injured my shoulder badly enough that I've been out of action for the past two years. Well I've got the all clear again and while 6 years may have past since I was last in decent shape I'm determined to make myself fit again. Here's a before/After photo from when I first started my diet and lifting (Date of photo is 8th June) http://imgur.com/vQQojWn Main Quest Getting Bigger and Stronger. Goals To lift 10% heavier for my 1 Rep Max for Deadlifts (To be determined), Squats (85Kg/187lbs), Bench Press (50kg/110lbs) and Military Press (40kg/88lbs).Brackets show current 1 Rep Max not target. To lower my body fat enough so I can see my 6 pack. To stick to the Paleo diet and have 180g of protein a day. Side Quest Pass my driving test on the 8th July. Motivation To become fit again, To become strong again, To get the most out of life.
  3. Life's unwritten goal (that I'm writing) More Nic Cage gif's! Goal 1: Lift 3X a week Apparently I have to make this a goal again. It doesn't look like I'll be going out of town for work anytime soon, so that shouldn't affect this. That should be 18 sessions. Goal 2: Go outside. It's starting to warm up here, and the days are getting long enough that I can start doing stuff outside again, huzzah! This can be anything from hiking, walking, running, playing, whatevs. I'll set a goal of 3X per week, weather permitting. (It's supposed to be stormy this evening). Goal 3: Continue tracking food. I did pretty good with this last challenge. I'm not always great at weighing things out, but the more I do that, the better my "eyeballing" it will be. 5X per week, with at least one day on the weekend. Goal 4: Get ready to move. (I didn't have a good gif for this one) Since I'm moving in a few months and I already have a place to go with a lot of the little stuff, it just makes sense to go ahead and start packing up what I can, and tossing some of the junk I don't need. This will be graded on a "did I do anything or not this week" basis.
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