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  1. Main Quest: Oneness... still This installment of 'Laura gets her shit together' will focus largely on my work life since I'm not going to have anything other than work life for the next few months. Next week we ramp up to session, which is rumored to be nonstop until the end of the March. That means no 'off' days (or days off) and longgg hours. Lucky for me, I'm a hard working bad ass and have no problem getting to the gym regularly (time permitting, of course) so I don't need to work a "workout this many days" goal in this session. That leaves me open to continue working on my never ending stress management goal and to revisit my 'don't be an asshole' goal. Goal 1: Consistent zen seemed to help some last challenge but I let it fall off. So, instead of trying to do X days weekly I'm going to aim to complete the Take 10 on my headspace app without taking any breaks. So, that's only 10 days. Then what? Honestly, I'm not sure yet. I might just repeat the Take 10, I might take up levitation (what? that's a thing, right?) Regardless, I'll have an updated goal by the end of the Take 10. Goal 2: Current Laura ^. But yeah. I'm a big girl and it's time to put on my big girl pants and act like it. My main focus this session will be to not overreact, yell, or flip out (or anything else) when someone makes me want to punch them in the throat. How I'm supposed to accomplish this is still a mystery to me. I guess I'll take the 'count to 10 and then speak' approach to start. Suggestions welcome! Goal 3: Just don't die (Thanks Blueberries!!). Long, busy, intense work days + weekend job that is also super busy + working out = super tired Laura. Goal is to make it through without burning out completely. How? Well, I have my back up lifting plan. And a back up to that plan, too (ohai well prepared). So if I need an extra off day I can have it. Also, I'm going to schedule a periodic weekend off day, too. That will set me back a bit in my pay off debts goal (that I don't post about) but right now it's about making any progress I can and not ALL THE PROGRESS! while maintaining my sanity and health. Also, I will eat. And I will keep quick foods on hand that are Laura friendly. That means more fruits and larabars. Big eating goal will be to just eat enough protein and fill the rest however it falls. As long as I eat enough I don't care which macros I eat (omg, i said it - gah!). And that's it. That's all I got. oh, that and I thought I could change the name of my challenge, but I can't. Sooooo, there's that. Seems fitting.
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