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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Starting off my battle log tonight. I am 22. I work as an administrator a a hospital (for now) currently this is casually and shift work included. Trying to get a permanent role with normal hours This is my most recent picture. I live with my housemate J (female) who is into yoga, is a vegetarian, does lots of yoga. And my boyfriend 'Soro' Also with my dog Bu and cat Misha (who's a hussy, ran away before vet appt and got pregnant!). I have started Primal eating, and I lift weights and play women's soccer. I play defense always and love it. I can't attack at all. I have started yoga, mostly to gain some flexibility and to stretch my muscles. I'm into most things, love team sports, and all country style events, rodeos, motoX etc. I don't know ow everyone defines 'nerd' these days, but I'm no gamer. I like my books though and am a huge fan of fantasy stuff. I am addicted to tumblr as much as time allows. I have recently applied to the Australian Army, so wish me luck with my applications. I can already complete the boys fitness tests.. So, feeling confident on that side of things! I am starting Strong Lifts 5x5 tomorrow, so will start the day with my stats and day 1 progress pics. I will post new stats every 2 weeks, and pics at 6 and 12 weeks, Otherwise my posts will be fairly much like a diary I guess. That's all for my first post, too much talking lol.
  2. Helloooooo It looks like these intro logs get read so I will do a little spiel I guess I am 'GirlIN' .. Its one of the three usernames I use all over the World Wide Web. I am currently 22years old, I am a born and bred Australian, lived on the east coast and central, including at Uluru I was active growing up, but got injured then gained alot of weight. I have lost the weight, but only got serious about exercise last year. I currently lift weights and play women's soccer. I recently started to focus on a primal diet. I'm not to sure how 'nerdy' I am lol but you can test me I guess! I love finding fitness communities but it can be a struggle to find nice ones (in my experience) I'm on Tumblr, Fitocracy, myfitnesspal kik etc if anyone is interested chatting / following in those places. My goal is just to be healthy and strong. I really recommend fitocracy to turn your real life workouts into Levelling up games, you can duel others and join groups. My username is GirlIN on there too, let me know of you join! Its free! (Unless you are a hero)
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