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Found 17 results

  1. Hello! I'm just looking for a quick bit of guidance please! I've done my research but I keep getting it wrapped round my neck and all the information is in different places so I could really do with an easy set out list! Basically which different free weight and machine exercises for your glutes fall under these 4 different categories? - Hip hyperextension - Hip abduction - Hip external rotation - Hip extension Thankyou so much for any help or answers! Emmie
  2. Hey yo from Canada. I'm around my goal weight, but I'm wanting to focus on my least favorite part of myself: my legs and glutes. I really need to kick my own ass, pun intended. The basic hip thrusts on the floor aren't doing anything. So many workouts I see on Pinterest and whatever look really basic and I don't feel any burn from doing them? I'm watching my form too... What are your favorite/most effective exercises for lower body? I've heard hiking is great too, so I might add that to my routine. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Every action we take in life has consequences. If we choose to stay or leave, if we choose to speak up or stay silent, if we choose to indulge in a treat or stick to a piece of fruit… Last month I played a hella lot of Life is Strange and it had a big impact on me. As I thought about this challenge, I realized that I often let myself slack off here because what is the real consequence? Who cares if I don’t succeed? Who cares if I don’t run or eat well or decide not to follow my goals? I have things I desire for myself, but I am not even doing a great job of holding myself accountable for them.
  4. Hypothetically speaking, in January, a friend and I are going to put together a ridiculous silks/rope routine that is going to be heavily focused around amazing feats of strength--straight arm/straight leg inverts, flag, front and back body balance, iron cross, etc. That means in the next couple months it's time to tighten up, get stronger, and generally stop faffing about so I don't make a fool of myself. I've just gotten back from a work conference during which there was tons of food and beer and I re-gained the 5 lbs I've lost over the past 6-8 weeks. Hopefully most of it is wat
  5. Hi all. I started NF 2 weeks ago and am loving the various quests. I am a fairly fit 51 year old who enjoys various challenges. However, like many, I am want to be more fit/flexible/athletic than I currently am. I teach (or at least try to) grades 9-12 so being an active role model is important to me. I also have two sons (ages 11 and 13). Being able to keep up with them (and my husband) is a constant challenge. My question today is about a gluteal injury. My left buttock is quite sore (last 6 weeks; think I may have overstretched in pigeon pose). It does n
  6. Hi I'm Raptron. I do stuff. This upcoming challenge, I have a good amount of travel planned (Maine for Memorial Day weekend, lakehouse in the Poconos in a couple of weeks, work trip to Long Island, and NYC for Pride!) so keeping on top of my workout schedule will be a bit trickier than normal. None of these goals are new goals, but not all of them are easy for me (see: cleaning + running blahhhh) so they're back in the rotation! 1. Bumble butt Glute accessory every lifting workout 2. Balancing on a flower Balance work 2x per week 3. Search for ne
  7. After a disappointing previous challenge, it time to go back to the basics again. 1. Workout five times a week: As long as I workout for more than a few minutes, I'm going to call it a workout. This could be Karate training, lower body work, lifting heavy metal objects or any type of mobility work. 2. Tai Cheng three times a week: Since this really helps my Karate, it's time to get back to doing this on a regular schedule. I am trying to be more realistic with my current workload and three times is attainable. 3. Static and moving Karate stance tra
  8. joedog

    joedog returns

    Hello friends! I missed NF a lot but I think I needed a break since I had fallen in the habit of writing magnificent goals and not ever actually working on them. For those of you who are joining me for the first time, I have done some boxing but I'm currently an honorary monk since I'm not actively training a martial art. Right now I'm pretty active with my new rugby team. Last summer I realized that I was out of shape, about to turn 40 and would likely never play rugby again. Four days after my 40th, I got a message about a new team and would I be interested in helping get them started. I qui
  9. Okay, since week 1 is winding down, seems like I should post goals or something. I really hadn't planned for this one so my goals are probably not going to be all that SMART. I just had such a huge crash and burn at the end of last year. I just need to rebuild some habits and then really attack my long term goals once I get a plan going. The long term goal is to do the things I need to do to continue playing rugby into my 40s. The first 2 steps to that are to get my weight down and my cardiovascular endurance up. I also have a problem with glute activation so I need to work on tha
  10. Quest 1, Get the Glutes: In order to achieve muscular balance she will: Continue to perform 4 strength exercises 4 times a week. Two days a week, can be on one of these 4 days or on what would normally be a rest day, perform 3 glute specific accessory work (clam shells, monster walks, seated hip abduction, hip thrusts, glute bridges, etc). Be a bad-ass like Captain Jack O'Neill. Quest 2, Give up the Gut All dem proteins making me feel bloated. Eat 1 cup of vegetables at lunch and at dinner, or in general twice a day. Even with a Goa'uld
  11. Main Goals: Weight Loss, Increased Flexibility, Best. Ass. Ever. Challenge One (continued from previous) - Food Prep: I will make 3 Crock Pot meals and freeze into lunch portions at the beginning of the Month. I will prep fruit/veggies ahead of time to make packing a healthy lunch easier. Last Challenge I actually pre-prepped TOO MUCH food, and it was a scramble to eat things before they went bad. On the other hand, there was a lack of easy breakfast food. Breakfast options to be determined and prepped. Challenge Two - Muscle Building: Glutes and Pecs! Pecs, you say? Why does a busty gal
  12. From the title of this challenge, you might have guessed that I am going to be working on improving my kicks again. Even though my kicks have improved a great deal over the last few months, I know that they can be even better. 1 - Mobility: Mobility is still at the top of the list and again, Cheechoe's hip routine is going to be the main focus. I have seen more improvement in the short time I have been doing her routine than I have in years of trying other routines and fixes. I am still going to do the resets because they loosen me up. The goal is to do the OS resets at least five day
  13. The actual quote from Firefly is "You're like a trained ape. Without the training." but I want to be better than that and be like the trained ape that actually has the training. Main quest: Like all of my other challenges, my main quest is to improve my kicks. To be more specific, my side thrust kicks have always been my main goal but I need to add roundhouse kicks to this goal because they need help too. 1 - Mobility: Cheechoe's hip routine is going to be the main focus here but I also want to add the resets to make my hips work better. The goal is to do both of these at least 4 days
  14. I have lost track of how many challenges I have done now. I am pretty sure this is number seven or maybe eight but either way, I am back again to cause trouble as much as possible. Many of you might be wondering why I titled this challenge, Here comes the Boom. The main reason that is that I just watched that movie again and it is stuck in my head. I also like the title because that is what I plan on doing with my Karate training. It's time to bring the boom and literally, kick my kicks up a notch. The last challenge really brought my kicks up to the next level but it's not time to res
  15. So, looking to add some solid glute exercises to my routines without the need for fancy equipment (looking at you GHR). I was thinking Glute Bridges, although that one is awkward enough that I think I'd have to do that one at home (nothing like power-humping a barbell in public). I only have access to a single leg curl machine, and I feel like form is very inconsistent with that since it's a standing leg curl machine without any sort of brace to keep things in check. So leg curls are pretty much out. I believe KB swings have been known to be a solid exersice for glutes, but don't have an
  16. Hi guys, I just recently started (about 3 weeks in) working on the Angry Birds workout as my first strength training routine. There has been definite progression in all of my fields other then squats. My problem there is that I was squatting down as far as I could go with my heels on the floor and still just breezing through all of the squat levels without major issues. I could tell something wasn't quite right but couldn't figure it out until I had my husband watch me do them. He nicely informed me that I wasn't squatting nearly enough to get the real benefit of the exercise (which was what
  17. Went to the physio* because I was bored of the Auld Knee limiting my activity: I don't want to be the guy who used to do stuff. Turns out it's not really the knee at all - the pain is in-and-down of the knee where hamstrings and one thigh muscle attach, which has vanilla tendon overuse. We're confirming that with lots of ice over a week. Why are those muscles overused? It's not the Squat Of Death -- it's just lazy, lazy, forever-lazy weak glutes, particularly on that side. I anticipate a lot of glute bridges in my future and doubtless everything that Brett Contreras has ever written.
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