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Found 3 results

  1. , Last challenge for my prize, I bought a Moana T-shirt. I decided it was time for another Moana challenge. Moana is the daughter of an island chief. Moana learns that the reason the fishermen are no longer able to catch fish, and all the coconuts are rotting ,is because they are under a curse. The demi god Maui stole the stone heart of the goddess Te Fiti. To save her people, Moana needs to learn to sail, find Maui and convince him to return the heart, and then continue her journey to return the heart to its rightful owner. Goal : Moana learns to ride the waves Upside down, spin three times a week- At the end of October we will be taking a trip to Disneyland and Universal Studios, where we will ride roller coasters. For a lot of my life I avoided roller coasters. Now I think they are kind of fun. But my stomach needs a bit more convincing. The best way for me to convince my body that spinning on a ride is fun, is to spend some time spinning. It will also help me in the spring when I train on the rings. Goal is to do some sort of rolling or spinning move 3 times a week. That may include; forward rolls, back rolls , skin the cat, etc 2 points each day, 2 bonus points for a perfect week Goal: Moana learns new skills and completes her journey Completed by the end of challenge 10 points for each/ 5 points for half way completion Finish through pg 145-I’ve lost momentum on this and need to get it back Choose pictures for scrapbook Finish Elements GMB program Week 41 of my Bible reading program Write a list of the home remodel projects/discuss with hubby prioritize them Write a list of to-do’s for vacation Finish to do’s for vacation Swimming 2 times (1 time is 5 points) Mulch laid on garden bed Bonus: 10 points Plan out scrapbook pages Finish through pages 145 Start remodel task 80 points Moana has returned the hear to the goddess and sailed home.Prize earned. 50 points returned the stone, but has not returned home,choose a small prize
  2. Hey, it's my 13th challenge! It is scary how fast they go by. There are many goals and desires that I am mentally juggling this month. For my sanity, it is becoming important to keep most of them in the "I want to do this" category and not the "I have to do this" category, so I pared this challenge cycle down to just two things. 1. Lose 1% body fat 2. Keep the habit of exercise My first goal is based on my desire to eventually get to 20% body fat (hopefully sometime next spring?) This is a "must" category not just for vanity, but to make me a better athlete and to help me sort out some digestion problems along the way. I have a food plan written up for the next five weeks and I will stick to it. My second goal is a "must" as well. By keeping the habit of exercise, I mean that I will do either my GMB Elements workout or my physio+bodyweight workout six mornings a week, as soon as I have had my morning tea. I set this as my priority because of an article written by Jacob on his blog. It talks about what four things are required for someone to make a change, and though he is talking about changing from a consumer lifestyle it applies just as well to changing to a fit lifestyle. My main barrier to becoming a fit athlete is the perceived cost. I think it will be hard. I don't like being uncomfortable. I hate feeling foolish or weak. All things that exercise makes me feel from time to time. By making simple at-home workouts a habit, I attack this barrier from two directions. First, I lower the level of discomfort by reducing any mental strain of deciding when and whether to exercise, and make sure that it gets done when I have energy. And second, I raise my ability to withstand discomfort through repeated low levels of exposure. In other words, I only now realised that the more I do something the easier it gets. There are a couple events that will make this challenge a little more exciting. First, I'll be going to Halifax in a week to visit an old friend. I have already updated her on my exercise commitment and she is willing to encourage me (read: not let me have breakfast until I am done). Second, the hot weather and frequent heavy smoke is playing havoc with my headaches/asthma/energy so I am excited to have it clear out soon (I hope). I have an early birthday hike planned for October 5th and I am praying it won't be cancelled due to forest fires. That's it! I'll post my starting BF% tomorrow, and I'll check in every couple days, even if only for a few quick words.
  3. Hello again to all my Ranger friends! I started my journey here a while ago but then went over to the assassins for a while. I have decided to come back to the ranger fold for my current goals. I just completed my first Spartan Super this past weekend. I beat my Spartan Sprint time from 2015 by almost an hour! Also 0 obstacles failed this time, so I was super pumped about that! This challenge is mostly going to be focusing on my half marathon coming up. I got 2 weeks to finish my recovery and then run the half. So while that will be mid-challenge, it is still an important marker to measure the progress. I feel good with making it through the 8+ miles of the Super but legs were shaky at the end. Granted there were a few obstacles that will not be in the half marathon. I did have a slight knee issue before the Spartan that I used some KT tape during the race and I didn't have any issues with it. I am thinking that my lunch training at work is going to shift a little more from body weight back to weighted workouts. We are also thinking of using the tabata style format just to change things up as well. I typically workout with a co-worker or 2 so there is a good accountability system in place there. Goal 1: Run for Fun - Goal here is to run 3x per week Goal 2: Weighted Tabata - Goal is 5 lifting sessions per week. As long as there are 5 work days each week, then this shouldn't be too hard. Goal 3: Eat Real Stuff - I have been doing better in terms of diet but it is not there yet. I am down to 180 lbs but would like to get a little leaner. Exercise is definitely not the issue and I have proven that to myself. I need to make a better effort on eating all the real foods. Goal: 2 meals per day with healthy choices.
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