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  1. A new year guys! And a shiny new Nerd Fitness! I love you guys so much, and I love how Steve has a book now (I want to get it somehow) and just squeeee! Everything will be amazing! You guys know how last challenge I conquered the Parisian life superhero style. This challenge is going to be even more epic, in fact, it is going to be the ultimate epic. The reason I joined NF was to lose weight. I found I had other goals too, that were at that time more important to pursue. See, I succeeded to lose weight before coming here, and then took it too far, and then got too hungry and started binge eating. Eating is a finnicky, tricky thing for me. So I got fat again. And then it was more important to impose some sort of normal on my nutrition again. I could not diet or count calories, it would be so easy to become too obsessive again! Now I feel confident that it is time to take another step. A new chapter. The chapter in which I WILL lose weight. In fact, being in Paris already made me lose ~2kg so far. So I’m already going in the right direction! But this is going to be the first challenge in a while where I will have a food goal! I DEFINITELY need some mental support for this, so I picked my spirit animal. GOAT THEME FTW! So goals! * Note for food: I go with the idea that lunch is 'free'. So I can make all the unhealthy choices I want. It's because we eat out for lunch at the lab so I have little control, and it keeps me sane too. Also, with social control I would never binge or do anything weird. The lunch is also free of the hunger scale, because we eat when we eat, again not much control. 1) Follow GMB Paralettes 1. Grade will be percentage of compliance to the schedule, so missing workouts will decrease my grade. Will pass at a minimum grade of 60%. 2) Food: Hunger Scale. 1. Empty. Feeling faint or sick because you are so hungry, as if you haven’t eaten for days. You will eat anything. 2. Starving, your stomach is growling. You are easily irritated and edgy. Ravenous. You can’t ignore your hunger and everything looks good and sounds good to eat. 3. You are hungry, you feel a little low on energy and are slightly uncomfortable. Your stomach is growling and you have hunger pangs. 4. You feel slightly hungry but signs and symptoms are manageable. 5. You feel neutral, neither hungry nor full. 6. You are satisfied but could easily eat more. 7.You are feeling full. Stop eating or don’t start eating yet. You won’t be hungry for hours. 8. Feeling too full, a few too many bites. You don’t want anything else to eat. 9. Uncomfortably full, bloated, stuffed and uncomfortable. 10. Overstuffed, painfully full and may even feel sick. You never want to look at food again. If I manage to stay in the green range I get 10 points per day. If I go in orange I will lose 1 point per time I reach orange. If I reach red I lose 5 points per time I reach red. Clarification on lunch is free: I mean that I have no control over when I have lunch. So I might dip into 'too hungry' before I go. This will not be counted against me. However, I will still strive to comply to the hunger scale when eating lunch, so no overeating! In the weekends, the hunger scale IS used for the lunch, but the food choices are still free. 3) Healthy food choices. This is subjective, but I think it will still work. I will grade myself 1-10 on my food choices. (again: lunch is free) and I will average into weekly grades. Then for the final grade I will average all the weekly grades and it should be at least a 7 to pass.
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