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  1. Is challenge time, yes? Very well, then. So this looks like another clean up challenge, and I've not done those very well in the past, so it's worth asking why I came back to this. I would answer that things are different this time and that I've got more investment in cleaning things up. After completing the GMB Elements program, I got into Vitamin because I wanted to focus more on bodily control versus some of the other stuff. Vitamin is best understood, really, as a 'intro to tumbling' course. I like it a lot. But it requires a lot of room, and a lot of m
  2. Hey there everyone! Your neighborhood Kishi back at it again. I kind of dropped off at the end of last challenge. I have a reason for this. So, the challenge didn't end badly, but OTOH it didn't go as great as it could have. I gotta go for now, but I'll explain more later, and I wanted to stake my place. Sorry I left y'all in the lurch, and I didn't even thank people for stopping. Sorry for that too. I'll get around to you when I can. It'll be sooner rather than later.
  3. Hi hey howdy ever-body! Hope you're doing all right. I'm sorry I didn't step up sooner, but after last challenge, I didn't really know where to go. I know I wanted to do another challenge, but everything had got so well locked in place at the end that I didn't really know what to do. I wanted to take some time, if not to think, then to observe and consider, and try to figure out what next steps were necessary, if any. It took all week for me to figure out where I wanted to go next. Basically, things didn't stumble into clicking just right until I made a poin
  4. Man, I disappear for like a month and y'all gotta go and change things. Huh. Neato. Reminds me of the old days. When last I was here, I was working on a novel for National Novel Writing Month and had just gone through the Book of Five Rings, which essentially worked out to being re-skins of the same challenge about 5 times in a row. I didn't plan it that way, and I think it was a little lazy of me looking back, but I took some good from it, and given all the everything around here in the past year, I reckon some consistency was actually rather called-for. And why did I
  5. I love Advent season. My family has lots of traditions and we try to make it a special time of year. Some of our traditions this year are not happening, though thankfully some still can. I will hopefully think of other things we can do to make this time of year a special time. I'm going to keep my goals simple. Goal 1 Ignite my Superpowers; My superpowers are the values I have pertaining to food and fitness (and other things too) I use them to help me make decisions. My superpowers are Joy, family, and self control. These are really helpful this time of year. Self control rem
  6. I've decided to do an unchallenged this month. It's summer, it's often warm to here , and I'd rather just go with the flow of summer, take it easy a bit, and not have any written goals. I'll still workout , I like working out, and this month is my final phase of GMB rings 1. I'll mostly eat smart, with a bit of non dairy ice cream and treats thrown in. I have set my computer alarm to go off daily at 9:15 am, which will remind me that I most likely want to get moving on my day. I'm not setting that as a goal though. I'm just going to set the alarm, and then let myself decide what I want to
  7. Honestly, I don't have much of theme. Just sorta doing my thing. Which this time happens to be like this Goal 1 : Morning Routine Read Bible, clear kitchen, eat breakfast What's NOT happening this time; There is no time table, I've been trying to make it a habit to start at a certain time for over a year. Tried bribes, and punishments. I do it for a while, and then I just resent having to do it. I have made a great habit of getting stuff done before I sit down though. So, at lest for this month, I'm going to be happy with that. I'm going to start my day when I start it.
  8. I loved Shuri, Black Panther's Sister. She was smart, creative, hard working, loyal, and funny. My next challenge will be based on her. More information to follow at some future point in time. Shuri manages her time well She works hard in her lab to create technology for Black Panther I will manage my time well, focusing on my mornings Things to get done in the morning Read Bible Kitchen Breakfast Workout- start by 9:15 Workout finish by 11:00 I am going to set up a point system for this one and a reward.
  9. Everything is quiet in Metropolis. The Incredibles have done a good job of getting rid of villains, and word has spread that villains would be wise to stay far away. Which is great, excewpt for one thing. Elastigirl (that's me) is getting soft and fluffy. And since I know that any time I might need to be strong enough to fight the villain, It is important for me to be at the top of my super hero shape. Here is my plan to ensure that I ready for my super hero duties. Once again, I will be give out attribute points for my character. Quest 1:Start the day right :4 s
  10. I'm on vacation the first of the challenge. Planning to enjoy my time with my family. Deciding it is a good time to step back and relax, and enjoy where I am. I have energy, I love to learn new things, and I enjoy movig my body. No goals this time, Just be thankful for all I have. When I return I will be doing Integral Strength, a bodyweight program from GMB. I bought some PVC Pipe, and am going go make (or enlist Mr, I. to make) paralettes so I can work on my L-sit. Also going to be doing the Focused Flexibility program. And keep working on math.
  11. Nope, this is not a study group. We are learning the elements of moving. This group is for people who are using the program Elements, by GMBhttps://gmb.io/e/. We can encourage one another and keep each other accountable. We can share videos so we can cheer one another on. Everybody is doing the Elements are their own rate and level. Post here and tell us how your workout went for that day, the fun things you did, and maybe what you are struggling with. tagging @annyshay @NeverThatBored @Kestrel Grey@GingerThor@Severine @Toshimi @Katrin the Morag @Dagger
  12. Hello and welcome to a new challenge! To end the summer season, I will try to improve the things that didn’t work these past months. This means that: · meditation, eating freggies in every meal, and daily technique practice are not goals anymore, because after several months, they’re habits now. Yay! · PvP push-up challenge is over, so no more inclined push-ups everyday -and my arms do need that rest- but will be taking part on the dead hang challenge if it finally becomes a thing. Also waiting to see if there is a PvP abs challenge, in which case, I’m in.
  13. Nope, this is not a study group. We are learning the elements of moving. This group is for people who are using the program Elements, by GMBhttps://gmb.io/e/. We can encourage one another and keep each other accountable. We can share videos so we can cheer one another on. Everybody is doing the Elements are their own rate and level. Post here and tell us how your workout went for that day, the fun things you did, and maybe what you are struggling with.
  14. Hi everybody! My name is Annyshay. I'm an assassin adventurer from Hyrule. I've been wandering these wilds for quite some time now, but there's always more to practice and learn. I am committed to recovery (anxiety, depression, disordered eating, etc) in order to seek adventure and inspire others to rise up. Feel free to check out my battle log if you'd like more backstory and/or nitty-gritty details. Main Quest: Resilient and Radiant This challenge, I'm going to return to Zelda-dom for further inspiration. If you've managed to miss it somehow, I'm currently completely
  15. It may not actually be my 1,000 challenge. I just liked the simplicity of counting the challenges (idea shamelessly stolen borrowed from @Salinger) And I like Minions. My challenge: 1) Experiment with Morning Routine: Now that I a nice habitual morning routine, it's time to mess it up. Partly to help dizziness from my ring workout, and also just to experiment a bit, I want to try working out before breakfast. Which will mess up my morning routine a bit. I don't want to make it a goal to workout after breakfast, I want to just experiment, and only do it if I feel
  16. Exciting Details on My challenge to be posted here one day. I guess Thursday is the day. I really enjoyed the laid back feel of last challenge. I gave myself one goal, and that was it. I still managed to eat healthy and track food a good portion of the time, did some mobility and stretching, took walks, finish Phase 1 of GMB Rings and even decided to study Algebra 2, even though I didn't have specific goals. I love @NeverThatBored challenge and idea of basking in joy. That's what this month will be about mainly. I will do the things I enjoy and share them with you all. Because I am a Ranger,
  17. Ah, more Overwatch themed goodness. YUP. This is the second half of a two-parter challenge, so welcome back! (Or, you know, welcome if you're just arriving!) A quick recap from my last quest, is my three overarching goals I'm aiming for this year! I've only got three quests this challenge cycle! (Keepin' it real-) They are mostly continuations in some way shape and form of stuff I did last time. All new characters, OF COURSE!! Soldier: 76 feelin’ spry~ Why is this doof my favorite Overwatch chara
  18. IT IS 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOSH I am so excited!!! 2016 was a royal dirtfire for most of us, and I dunno about you, but I’m quite ready to let the door hit it in its face on the way out. For me last year was especially turbulent, exhausting, scary, frustrating, and while it had some good moments it was overall quite a struggle. But adversity? Is GOOD, because it gives us the ability to turn into stronger stuff. Before I get to my actual quests, I feel it’s important to introduce my trifecta of over-arching goals for 2017. These are some things I have rolle
  19. Hi. I'm back. I haven't really gone anywhere, just took a break. But now I'm having issues remembering and keeping track of the things I want to be changing, so here I am again. For the time being, my mission is to become a morning person. A good deal of my issues stem from my tendency to stay in bed until the very last minute every morning. Well, no longer! It's time I get hard-boiled about my commitment to myself and my health. This challenge will focus on making the most of my mornings. Goal 1: Get up! Alarm is set to 6AM on weekdays and 7AM on weekends
  20. This challenge, I am going to do the dreaded thing...a sleep challenge. The thing is, I sleep OKAY. Most nights I manage 7 hours, sometimes 6 on bad nights. But when I sleep naturally, I sleep 7.5 hours. I read all these things about how important getting your FULL amount of sleep is and how it affects just about everything. I'm often really groggy. I'm alert for maybe 2 hours after waking up, and then I get sleepy. I am a napper who could easily take 3 naps a day if schedules allowed. And I pretty much only have the mental clarity to really talk well with other people when I'm NO
  21. November 2016 Challenge Hello Druids, for those of you who don't know. I'm Waldgeist, a 29 year old German guy. I've been mostly rolling with the Assassins but I feel that for my current situation this is the better place for me. Whats going on right now (the prologue, if you will): I moved to another state/city and enrolled in a university course to pursue a 3-year degree in 'Physical Activity & Health', because I was not happy with were my work life was headed. I had realized that I can't sustainably work an 9 to 5 office job, but I love working with people and te
  22. Lightning Bites the Bullet After completely bailing during the last challenge I have a new perspective on what I am trying to accomplish. While I have absolutely leveled up my strength and general fitness there are so many other ways to "level up" my life. This time around I'm going to focus on trying new things, facing fears and getting used to being uncomfortable. One of the 'new things' I'm going to try is using a Bullet Journal to keep track of my daily tasks and weekly goals. To-Do lists help with my anxiety and the bullet journal is a fun and creative way to re
  23. This challenge is going to be focused on climbing and strength, because I'm feeling weak as a kitten and I don't like it and nothing makes me feel as strong as bouldering hard. Plus, I have a GMB workshop coming up, as well as a trip to Finland which will certainly involve climbing and I don't want to embarrass myself toooo much. Basically I want to go from this to this or, you know, as much as I can manage in a few weeks. Here's the plan: Goal 1: Boulder more Climb 2-3x/week and climb hard (whenever m
  24. All she knew, was that she had been summoned. Shaar walked slowly into the small town of Cedarwood, casting a curious glance upwards among the trees and buildings as she did so. She had passed through these city gates many times, but this instance held a particular brand of unexplainable heaviness. Lips thinned in thought, and she shifted her travel satchels lightly about her waist, heading up the small hill to the inn. Come here. I will wait. That’s all the delivered missive had said, but the handwriting was familiar and unmistakable.
  25. A tribute to the women in Lord of the Rings: Galadriel: Elf queen, co-ruler of Lothlorien. She is both beautiful and wise. As the ruler of an elven kingdom, she knows the value of spending her time wisely, To be like Galadriel I will follow my morning routine. Morning routine done ; day started by 9:30; same deal as before for every minute late I owe 1 burpee. 2 points per day Eowyn: Slayer of the Witch King Nazgul; She was prepared and ready to fight the Witch King when the time was right. To be like Eowyn,I need to be prepared for
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