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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everyone! I'm coming up with a reward structure for my goals and I'm hitting a wall. My first thoughts were exactly the kind of thing I don't want: bad food, day off exercise, etc... Now I can only think of big rewards instead of smaller ones for smaller goals. What are some examples of rewards you've given yourself for hitting goals?
  2. ** Dear newbs: As of right now it seems we don't have a guild leader. I've been here for over 3 years so if you have questions feel free to ask me. You can ask here, PM me, @ tag me in another thread, or post in the general chat thread. Please feel free just to drop in and say hi too. My threads tend to move fast because I'm friends with crazy people, but we're the good crazy. ** Right-o. Changed my title because I decided to take this challenge in a different direction. So the American Psychological Association's definition of resilience: Resilience is the process of
  3. I recently completed my personal training sessions, so I'm feeling a little Lost In Space.. Ooh, switched series, whewps. Goals: STAY THE COURSE "*I* don't know. Fly casual." I've set up an exercise schedule since going solo, I need to A. learn how to stick to it, or how to make it up if I don't, and B. Come up with a regimen. I'm going through the Nerd Fitness Academy workout paths, but they've been feeling insufficient, so I'm working on building more around it. PARKOUR! "I didn't know they were looking
  4. Overview / Motivation: I finally broke through the mental brick wall (aka My MBA) last week while wrapping up the previous challenge. I walk this coming Sunday which still seems surreal - being done has not really set in yet. It's been a 3.5 year challenge that is now well worth the mental and physical battles of late nights (and the occasional all-nigher), too much caffeine, and lost weekends. I'm excited to check off the MBA Epic Quest after the ceremony on Sunday. MBA fun aside, it is now time to get back to my basement gym which I finished cleaning off at the end
  5. Let's try this again. I guess two years ago when I wrote my first introduction I wasn't ready to commit. After losing some weight through a very physical job, I'm feeling better and more confident in myself and getting fit again. Here's my back story that hasn't changed since I typed it 2 years ago, well a few minor details but hey.... Now some background info.....I'm no stranger to fitness. In high school I was on the swim team (I was a sprinter, freestyle and butterfly) kept me in great shape. After highschool I joined the United States Marine Corps where I spent the next 6
  6. THIS CHALLENGE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY SEVENFOOTGEEK: HI I'M STILLSKIES GRAPPLING AWESOME MORE AWESOME HUGS SEE Y'ALL IN FOUR WEEKS What do you mean that's not a challenge?? Oh, fine. THE YEAR OF DISNEY PRINCESSES BECAUSE I AM A MOTHERFUCKING PRINCESS MONK: PRINCESS LEIA EDITION And before you say, "stillskies, Leia is NOT a Disney princess," I would like to point you to this video: Now that we've cleared that up, let's begin! Rescue the Boys by Choking Bitches With My Thighs Stupid Han, always ruining perfectly good plans (when, y'know, your supposed rescu
  7. Hey dudes! (and I mean "dudes" in the non-gendered way, encompassing all people across the gender spectrum) You know what I love? Magic. I'm a huge fan of the game Mage the Ascension. It's an old school World of Darkness game that hinges on the idea of reality being subjective and characters gain power by having a seeking. A seeking is where the part of you that allows you to do magic (your avatar) takes you on some quest to prove that you're ready to wield greater power over the universe around you. Your avatar is part of you. You're born with it. Basically, you are proving to yourself
  8. That is a fantastic title, I'm fairly proud of myself for that! Anyway, I feel that missing more than 2 weeks of the current challenge is enough to want to wait until the next one starts to officially log there. That is to say, I will still sort out and start on my goals RIGHT NOW, but I won't join a 6-week challenge until the next one starts (Feb 23 - April 5 I believe is the next one) So a preview and toe-dipping-to-check-the-temperature is what this is, I suppose. There's always room for tweaks and scootching to adjust for the busying of schedules or for more leisure time as it comes
  9. Hi there, It is my first challenge with the scouts, but in my heart I know it is a right place for me and I truly hope to find support and guidance here:) Here is a little intro: My name is Mathieu, this challenge will be my 3th on nerd fitness. In my first challenge, I have started to run. first 5k then 10k at the beginning of my second challence. I had never ran before but liked it a lot. Enought in fact to buy the ''No Meat Athlete'' book and read it all. Reading it gave me the idea for this challenge and the next ones for the months (years) to come (more on that in a sec.) The seco
  10. I'm very new to the NF community and while I'm not sure the 6-week challenge format will work for me I'm hoping it will at least help me make some friends here. My theme for the challenge is The Blank Canvas. I've always been very bad at goal-setting because I'm easily paralysed by indecision and the enormity of committing to any one path, and that reminds me of the terror of a blank canvas or blank page. So this is me dipping a tentative toe in the goal-setting waters. Main Missions To run 5K shod without stopping or slowing to a walk by the end of January. To run 1K non-stop barefoot by th
  11. Though it feels midway through a journey, this is a first step with getting involved with a community and holding myself accountable to my goals and making sure I get to a space I really would like to be in. My weight has fluctuated immensely throughout the past few years and I'm tired of blaming other events on something I control. Since moving back to Australia it has taken a bit to get back into the swing of fitness but I have gone from 122 kilos (approx 266 pounds) to 110 (242 pounds) But i definately still have a long way to go. I want the six week challenge to push me because in about 2
  12. Hello, all my fellow Adventurers! New here and pretty excited to do this! I really needed some motivation and was feeling too shy about how out of shape I am to even go into my local gym. (In fact if I had a Role Playing race, it'd probably be an orc, because I'm short and pudgy). I'm a former WoW player and currently a GW 2 addict and fell in love with this website with all of the gamer references. I feel like this new perspective of seeing fitness as a game and making it fun is definitely what I needed. I don't think I've ever been more excited about exercise. I've already talked to cowo
  13. Morning, morning. So I stated in my introduction post I struggle with food, which seems to be the biggest problem everyone faces. What are some small food goals you adopted when you were first starting out to get over your hurdles? I know there are some small things I won't be able to completely get rid of (I love sugar. I'm sorry. I find it impossible to eliminte from my life entirely but I can get in control of my intake) but I at least want to be moving in the right direction. Thanks! ~ST
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