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Found 2 results

  1. Quest for the Dragon Balls Quest Start-Date : December 5, 2016 Phase I : Preparation for Long-term Journey I'm a super-duper newbie around here, so if I'm doing something wrong--let me know! Trying to get a feel for this setup. - - - I. Diet (Packing & Prepping for the Trip Ahead) Log foods, drinks, & other sources of calories everyday for the rest of the month. Cut daily sugar intake to <30g per day, to start. II. Fitness (Tinkering with the Radar) Light cardio 3x per week. III. LVLUP Life (Assisting in the Lab in the Meantime) Finish a book this month, because I don't read as much as I should. About Me Hay hay hay.~ Since this is my first challenge, I thought I'd formally say a thing or two about myself. I'm here to get my fitness thing started up again. Somewhere along the way, I lost all motivation & ended up in a bit of a spot. I miss how it feels to be in-shape! Being able to have stamina, endurance, & just feeling lighter. While many go to college & gain weight, I did the opposite--I lost weight! A lot of it. Coming back home, though, I'm back to the same old routine I had. My family doesn't care too much about how they eat, & because I didn't stay diligent enough, I'm back at square one. No worries, though! I know I can do it again. & this seems like a really fun way to do it! More about my hobbies~ You can tell I'm a nerd for DBZ. My journey from here on will be based on a long-term adventure to discover the dragon balls! I feel like that'll motivate me to take this in bits & pieces. Other things I like : kawaii culture, comics & manga, sketching, running my etsy shop, going to cons & cosplaying, gaming. So yeah! That's a little bit about me. n_n - - -
  2. This week I start my second challenge both with the rangers and for the year. Last challenge had a great middle, I hit my stride by finding something that clicked with me and got me to the gym, and I saw good results. Family coming to visit (and me trying my best to de-bachelor my boyfriend’s home because of it) as well as a ton of meetings at work during my lunch break (my favorite time to work out) side tracked me at the end. I still learned a lot, and now I KNOW I can do it. This Challenges Focus: Signet of Stone – Passive Boost to Toughness (Outer Strength) Training – To be tough you must train. 3 weight training days, 2 cardio days, and a walk 20-30min every day. Worth +4 Str +2 Dex (Inner Strength) Food – This has been my most difficult wall to break through, but to be tough you must feed your body healthy things, not crap. During this challenge I will track all my food via TwoGrand (TiffanyD if anyone else is on there), I’m going to write in the comment calorie info when it’s available, and I am going to focus on eating no more than 1450 calories a day (my protein shake post SL 5x5/Crossfit will not be counted). I am not having anything be “off limits†this go around. Worth +3 points (tbd) (Resilience) Water – In order to be tough you need to be hydrated, I will drink a minimum of 2.2 liters of water a day (9, 8oz cups). Worth +2 to Con My life goal this time around is to be nicer to myself. I am the type that refuses to expect something out of people that I don’t expect from myself, so I can be very critical. I don’t think anyone should be as harsh on themselves as I am to me, and I need to change that. I will be completing the love your body challenge here.
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