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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! Well, I wanted to share some of my experience here. I made a 180° last January 2, 2018. I weighed it myself on December 31 and I was on my heaviest... 315 pounds. As a 5'4" guy, this was unacceptable, shocking and right on wrong. I'm a microbiologist so I did what I do best... I scienced the crap out of weight loss! I researched that I need it to consume fewer calories so I got myself a food journal. I started tracking EVERYTHING I ate. That made me figure out that I was consuming insane amounts of calories daily so, I started "polishing" my eating habits. (see that I don't use the word D_ _ _ because it sounds restrictive and negative. Eating habits sounds more friendly) After 2 weeks I left behind: sodas, juices, candy, chips, outrageously big fast food combos, extra salty snacks and some other things. I also downloaded a workout app. I get bored easily so I analyzed what was the least amount of time I could do some workout and I ended knowing that I could do 10 minutes. That made me commit to moving and I have been doing it since January 2. I got to admit, I almost died that first day but, I did it anyway. My eating habits change and then I started counting calories too. After I got my RMR and BMR, I got a calorie goal and I have been sticking to it. I don't mind counting and measuring portions since that is second nature to me as a microbiologist. I have been tracking what I eat, when I eat, moving and... yes, losing weight. Today has been 1 month and 8 days since I turn around to leave my gravity suit behind. I have lost 25 pounds since and I see results in every aspect. I joined Nerd Fitness to get an extra boost since I don't have access to weights yet and I wanted to recover my muscles (FYI I used to lift weights like 12 years ago and I know that those muscles are there... somewhere). Anyway, I won't ramble on anymore. I'm integrating the Beginners Bodyweight Workout and now I do almost 30 minutes of exercise daily to prepare myself for when I hit the gym. See you around folks! Woot! Woot!
  2. Hey... first time into this. I'm currently in my quest to lose weight (of course). I weighted 315 this past December. I was like: This is unacceptable! So, I decided to change... once and for all. Currently 20 pounds less but, I started the Beginners Bodyweight Workout. Can I integrate HIIT into that workout? Not crazy much but stationary marching or side hops during rest periods. Also, I was wondering, are 30 minutes overall with warming up and the circuits enough? Deadlines keep me focus on the target so I would like to know. Anyway, I'll ask more thinks later. For the rebellion! "It's impossible to shoot 4 guns at the same time." "Who said it was at the same time? I shoot two while the other two are in midair. I just grab them and repeat." "That doesn't make any sense!" "Well, tell that to the monster with 4 holes in its head."
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