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Found 2 results

  1. I've been a bit too obsessed with the Hobbit lately (it happens, I'm a Tolkien nerd), so I'm basing my challenge off that. I might make it an ongoing journey to Erebor or something over the next few challenges. How is my adventure going to start? Well, let's see. Quest #1: Weekly macros I want to meet my macros on a weekly basis. That way if I'm a little low on protein and high on carbs by Saturday, I know to adjust. Weeks are going to run from Mon-Sun to fit with challenge weeks. If I get within 10g of my goal for each of my macros, I get an A, within 20g a B, etc. If I'm exactly on target for each of macros...I get something amazing 'cause it's so not going to happen haha. Quest #2: Workouts/Week = 4x I need to up my exercise...badly. I've been keeping up with karate really well (missed one class in a little over 3 months), but everything else has fallen to the wayside. So, I want to work out 2x/week outside of karate and long walks with the dog will not count unless they're 4+ miles. That being said, I may log walking miles as a 'Walk to Erebor' thing to keep myself amused >> I'm being such a nerd today For this, I'm grading out of 24 and giving one point per workout. Quest #3: Keep a tidy smial yeah, I went there I need to emulate the hobbits and keep a clean smial apartment. This means weekly cleanings and laundry-doing. I should try to pick up after myself during the week too. This is graded by how many weeks out of 6 I succeeded. Life Quest: Going to try the writing thing again that just didn't happen last challenge. Should be easier because school is ending in 2 weeks!!! 500 words/day -> 21,000 for the challenge. I think the journey to Erebor is a good way to express my main quest to get down to 150 lbs. After all, Gandalf replies to Bilbo, "No. And if you do...you will not be the same."
  2. Mouse Is Gettin' Srs Biz Guise Let's lay this down straight - there's one big goal: Weigh in at <120lbs by Feb 16 UNWRAP ONE: EAT [CHA +3, STR +1, DEX +1] Charisma for the aesthetic results, Strength for dat protein, Dexterity for the increased movement thanks to less weight As per usual, I will be sticking to a ketogenic (<25g net carbs) diet at a -19% deficit (1410cal at light activity, switching to moderate starting Jan 15 for 1590cal). As for free meals, I will earn two over the course of this challenge - but only if I eat within keto for 3 weeks straight. Grading will follow on a percentage of days in keto or not: so a score on 40, essentially. UNWRAP TWO: WORKOUT [CHA +1, STR +1, DEX +1, STA +2] Charisma for the lovely muscles, Strength for the lifttttts, Dexterity for all that bobbin' and weavin', Stamina for the sustained bobbin' and weavin' I've done something stupid, gais. I've totally taken the hand wraps of moderation off. My workout schedule is kinda hectic, with Mondays being Kickboxing followed by Deadlifting, Tuesdays as Karate, Wednesdays as Bench Press plus Rock Climbing, Thursdays as Rest, Fridays as Squats and new Karate club (more intense dojo!), Saturdays as Karate and Sundays as rest. However, I will really only need a minimum of the following to count myself successful just in case I need to call it a rest on some days:M, W, F - lift in Reverse Pyramid Training style (which has so far proven lovely in results!)M - Kickboxing (1.5hrs)Grading will be by week - a possible for four points per week for a total score of 24 (A+ earned if most other workouts above minimum are also done). If I do workouts above and beyond, those will also be awarded one point, so I may have a point score over 24 by the end of the challenge. UNWRAP THREE: REST [CON +2, WIS +2, STA +1] Constitution for the obvious health and recovery benefits, Wisdom for finally learning this lesson, Stamina because I'm sure it'll increase in proportion Taking cue, finally, from my buddy Zuel, I'm going to be aiming for at least 6 hours of sleep a night. I will keep track using SleepBot on my phone. This is probably going to be the hardest goal. I will allow myself 6 mistakes, for a total possible score of of 36. UNWRAP LIFE: UNFUARK THE WARDROBE [WIS +3, CHA +1, DEX +1] Wisdom for learning to let go of things I don't need, Charisma for the inevitable increase in fashion sense, Dexterity for... a lighter on-my-feet wardrobe? I want to organize and clear out my wardrobe. I've unfuarked my built-in closet already, so I just need to do my stand up wardrobe. I have no specific structure in mind for this goal, so it'll be more or less "pass fail". FIGHTER STATS: MOUSE TO SOON-TO-BE MIGHTYWeight: 123.8lbs (may be inaccurate, as I was bloated) Neck: Bust: Arm: Stomach: Waist: Thigh: Deadlift: 95lbs Bench: 80lbs Squat: unknown (injured, previously 95lbs)
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