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Found 5 results

  1. Since I first joined NF my goal has been to have a Strong Mind and Body. So for this challenge I'm going to work on my mind/mind palace. I'm going to work on positive habits also toy around with using the mind palace/mind mapping technique to help me memorize the dewey decimal system for work. Strict Tracking: I'm getting too loose with my food tracking. I am using a pretty easy system so there really isn't any reason to get lazy. I know that if I can make tracking a habit I'll be better off in the long run. Exercise 3x a week: Anything goes, I'm just establishin
  2. This is January 8th 2018, I have not yet thought about my "Good resolutions" for the year. I just came back from 2 weeks of vacations during which I did nothing but what I wanted, search for serenity and truth and introspected while trying to identify what I want from life. I know 2 things: - Currently my life is NOT what I want my life to be - It will NOT magically change by itself, I need to plan / think / act in order to get what I want My vacations were good to identify what I want from life (hint: less work, more TIME, the one thing no one can buy), so n
  3. The time has come to throw the Harkonnen dogs off Arrakis, along with their pompous Corrino masters! The indigenous Fremen, ancestors of the wandering Zensunni, shall see to this reality, employing the newly learned Weirding Way to not only match, but to overcome the Empire's very best. Long live the fighters of Muad'Dib! For those not familiar, the Weirding Way refers to the fighting style learned by the Fremen in the sci-fi novel Dune by Frank Herbert. I have recently begun reading Dune once again. It has perhaps been about 7-8 years since I last picked the book up. Each time I read it, I
  4. Ok, so I'm not literally joining a cult. The title is simply a historical reference to the Roman deity Disciplina, worshiped by Roman soldiers as the personification of discipline through frugality, sternness, and faithfulness. Wikipedia has a brief entry on the topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disciplina The purpose of this quest is to go back to the absolute basics and establish a solid, disciplined daily routine from which I can progress. This is primarily going to focus on habits versus fitness routines, though fitness will still play somewhat of a role. A lot of what I will b
  5. Ok, so, even though we're between challenges, I want to keep up what I did for my first challenge, and I want to start working toward the changes I want to make for the next one. So, in keeping with my first challenge - walk 3/week, belly dance 2/week, meditate 5/week. New changes (to be updated as they develop): healthier eating - track intake 3/week, and other things to be specified; TV watching limited to 2 hrs/weekday (weekends are freebies)... 4/6 - Did my walk. Also made "healthy" eating choices - had to go for fast food for two meals, but skipped the fries both times.
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