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Found 2 results

  1. (Look at me trying to keep this short... I'll fail ) How exciting, this is going to be my second challenge. Time definitely flies! Now, immediately onto the good stuff: Goals! 1. Make the exercise fun! You see, I really really enjoy bodyweight stuff. I injured my back though and I'm convinced I'll be busy recovering for quite some time. So that means my favourite form of exercise will be severely limited with which exercises I can do. I'm very glad I found something I really enjoy, but I'll have to find other things I enjoy, too! I will do two workouts a week (they can be the same, but I have to do 6 different things throughout the challenge) chosen from the following list: - Dancing workout - Stepmania (yes, it's 'dancing' too, but different!) - Poi while walking - Running - Swimming - Playing football with my hubby - Try KB stuff over at KBgirl's gym(? if possible - really hope so!) - long (over 45 minutes), brisk, walk in the forest - ??? (Any ideas? please leave me some suggestions!) For completing this I will receive +3 sta (for actually doing all of the exercise on days planned) and + 2 cha for learning about what types of exercise I enjoy. A = tried at least 6 different things, completed all (or missed max 2) workouts. B = either tried 6 different types of exercise and missed out on fewer than 5 workouts or did more workouts but tried 4 or 5 different things, C tried fewer than 4 or missed more than 5 workouts, F = worse 2 Recovery is important! I'm getting bored with my recovery exercises. They are important. So I will do my recovery exercises at least 5 days a week and when I don't do everything I will do at least (no official names here, just so I know what I mean by it): 5 lying on back + knee to side 8 vacuum cleaner 8 wall push ups (/or desk) 5 superman (arms next to body) 10 left arm + right leg up 10 ‘zen’ exercises (with 0.5 kgs if I can find two water bottles) 5 ‘half’ planks (hold 6 seconds) ‘zwaaien’ for 50 seconds Stats: dex + 2, con + 2 A = Done all days and all exercises, B missed 1-2 days or did partial set of recovery exercises on 1-5 days, C missed 3-5 days or did partial set of exercises 5+ days, D - missed more than 5, less than 10 days, F - worse 3. Hydrate! Already hate this one! But it's wise, so I'll try. Instead of making it too hard (and probably impossible/demotivate myself) I will try to drink 1 additional glass of water a day, and I will do so when I A) get home from school/work or (on days off) when I switch on the computer. As this is a wise things to do I'll get stats: + 1 wis + 2 con 4. Preparation is key I am (should be) graduating soon! The ceremony is July 5th. As I'll be teaching starting next academic year I need to get organised. I don’t think I can make a proper planning just yet (might be something for the next challenge) but I want to create a folder/organised system of all activities I can use in class (so when I don’t know what to do I have some back up activities). In addition I will have to buy a diary that’s large enough to keep organised for all groups I will be teaching. While I’m at it I might as well organise, decide what to keep and what to throw out, all of my study books, material etc. This should also mean I will have some empty folders etc. I can use for my work +3 wis If I only manage part of this the breakdown will be: A - everything done, B - missed part of one subgoal, C - completely missed 1 subgoal, F - worse (yes, being a bit strict but I should have plenty of time!) ---------- I hope I'll get as excited about this one as the first challenge, but I'm not quite there yet
  2. Hello again, everyone! Last time I started on the last week of the challenge, so this will be my first full challenge In honor of this, and for the fact I'm going to graduate from Stanford during this challenge (June 16th woot! ), I really want to push myself. Last challenge I started 80-20 Paleo, and so far I'm sticking to it. Now I'm setting some new goals: Goal 1: Jog/Run for 2.5 mi or 50 mins (STA: 4 | DEX: 1) I've never done a marathon in my life. I hardly ever run since I'm mildly asthmatic and my legs are angled differently. However, I feel that I use those reasons as excuses to not run ever. Now I want to build up some endurance. I'm going to be training to jog for 5k this summer using an app named Runkeeper starting on Sunday. It's gong to be my first time ever training to run, and my ankles are weak, so I'm nervous. According to the app, I should be able to run 2.5 mils and/or be able to walk/jog for 50 minutes. so that will be my challenge. Wish me luck! Goal 2: Remaster math mission 1: Algebra (Wis: 2) I've always been good at math, and I have taken calculus before. But I haven't had to take a math class in about 3 years, so when I took the GRE (and did decent, thankfully) I noticed my math skills are exceedingly rusty with many holes. Since I need to be quick with math for epidemiology next year, this is a problem. As a life goal I'm going to remaster math starting with Algebra. I will be using Kahn Academy in addition to old text books to practice summer, therefore I will use the Kahn Academy Algebra lecture to measure myself. If I finish the lectures with a full confidence in that level of math, then I succeed. Goal 3: Level 3 of the Angry Bird Workout (STR: 3 | STA: 2) I think this speaks for itself. Since I reached level 2 last challenge, I want to get to level 3. The rows and push ups are the most challenging parts for me, but I'll push at it. Goal 4: Reach intermediate Shakti Yoga (CON: 2 | WIS: 1) So I'm using a Yoga app on my computer (yet another app!?!?), and I am starting off with the beginner mode of Shankti Yoga. Yoga has always been difficult to me, but I want to get better. I'll succeed at this challenge if I am able to successfully graduate to the intermediate level **I'd also like to add: I told my parents that I would give them $20 each if I didn't lose 20 pounds by August 1st, which is when I move to Baltimore for grad school. So I really need to be on my stuff!!!!! If anybody has any advice on weight loss, or would like to cheer me on, I would really appreciate it. Since I don't have a job right now, I really need to keep that $40!!
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