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Found 7 results

  1. THE SILVER ARCHER: BOOK THREE Chapter 4: Chrysalis There was frost on the etched glass of the window where I sat, my arms wrapped around my knees, watching students hurrying through the light cold rain to classes. My stiff new uniform vest dug into the soft skin under my arms, but I didn't move, because I didn't mind. This uniform had been tailored just for me, as opposed to the straight-cut, hand-me-down uniform I was wearing; and once it softened up with use, it would be much more comfortable than what I had before. My fingers came up to touch the sil
  2. I am an official graduate of HANE! Woohoo!
  3. Who is looking for a job? Who is hiring? I'm going to graduate May 2016 from my MBA program (master of business administration). One of my professors made a point today about leveraging your circles of influence. Obvious interests: nerd-dom and fitness. Less obvious interests: human trafficking prevention/rescue/awareness. Mostly, anything helping people (MBAs are flexable). I have experience with Event coordinating/planning, volunteer coordinating, organization creation (I've been a part of 3 creations), Microsoft office, spreadsheets, etc. If any one is hiring or knows an organization w
  4. This will be my third challenge, and my first with the Rangers. It has been awhile since I have taken on a challenge as my schedule has been crazy the past couple of months. I recently completed a 30 day no chocolate and no coke challenge. Managed it really well with only a few cravings. Since that point I've been falling downhill a bit. Main Quest To become stronger, faster and happier. 1. Get Stronger I want to build up the strength in my legs and also my upper body strength Squats - 10 squats (with 6kg (13pounds) of extra weight)Push Ups - 5 good form decline push upsPull Ups - a pull
  5. Back in August of 2013, I literally joined Nerd Fitness, made a single post, and then vanished. (que "Avatar: The Last Air Bender" music here). It's because I was called away to fight a different war- College Graduation. Now that I've successfully survived that encounter, I am back again to join the NF Rebellion For GOOD (and with a debt-free Bachelor's degree in hand) Since being back from my University, I have restarted both my exercise plan, and my Paleo diet. It was a GRUELING three weeks at first- but I have now successfully stopped all carb cravings, all energy dumps, etc. I've ev
  6. Motivation: I want to be healthy, to be able to walk around all day at conventions without having to try and find a space to sit down. I want to be damn sexy for my boyfriend. I want to feel like throwing all my clothes off and dancing around in the nude because why not? I want to be able to go to the beach in a bikini without shorts and not even think about whether people are staring at my jiggly-bits. Main quest: To fit into my graduation dress. I am determined to rock this awesome dress with an awesome bod (and dance the funky chicken without wussing out). Goals: ~ I will ride my bike t
  7. (…because almost everything I do has a "the 13th" in it.) TL;DR version at the bottom. And so, after many months of travelling through the wilderness and scaling the Mountain of False Complacency, the 13th disciple arrived at the entrance to the Dojo of the Rebellion[1]. Like a child about to enter an amusement park, the 13th disciple's eyes widened as he laid hands on the massive gate that decorated the entrance to the dojo. Beyond the gate, he could see the hordes of veteran Nerd Fitness disciples training, most of them bearing the NF insignia on their clothing. The 13th disciple stood the
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