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Found 6 results

  1. For this challenge, I am keeping my goals simple with some built in flexibility. Last challenge I focused on training for a spin event that is happening this Sunday. As a result, I focused on the bike and less on running. The first week I will continue to focus on the bike, finishing with my 3 hour ride. The remainder of the challenge I will start to focus more on running. I'm thinking ahead here as my summer goals will include real world running and social running. Before either of those things happen I need to get my running chops back. I am keeping my goals intentionally broad so I can pick my workouts based on how I feel and my mood. I want to be able to have fun with my gym time. GYM TIME GOAL: Get my ass to the gym for at least 12 workouts in the next 26 days. I might set weekly goals for myself as the challenge goes on but I am keeping things open as far as what I will do when I do workout. It will include running and biking. MEAL TIME GOAL: Eat grain free at least 20 out of the next 26 days. Eat dairy free* at least 20 out of the next 26 days. I want to continue with eating mostly grain free. I noticed that I ate so much better and consumed much less processed food over the last challenge. I played around with grain free baking. I discovered that I over eat even grain free cookies. I did not focus as much on calories but I will get back to tracking calories along with tracking my food. *Dairy free is going to mean all dairy with the exception of cream in my coffee and butter. I am not ready to give up cream in my coffee. I also don't drink that much coffee, maybe 20 oz a day, and I don't put that much cream in it. I also don't use that much butter only occasionally when I cook. This could be a big challenge for me because cheese and ice cream. SQUAT GOAL: Complete 26 day squat challenge (actually a 27 day challenge but I'm going to Ranger it in 26 days) I have a flat ass problem. Turns out I am not alone in this struggle. I am waging war against my flat ass and thuttocks.
  2. I'm starting this challenge with some very basic goals that will be challenging yet attainable. Nutrition Quest: Oh no, not aGrain! Transition to paleo plus dairy and legumes. (I'm keeping the dairy for health reasons and the legumes because I love them and can't really see any harm in continuing to enjoy them.) Reasoning: I've been working on making the transition to a mostly paleo diet, but I haven't set a concrete expectation for myself as of yet. So far I have noticed that I am less tempted to buy grain products while shopping when I've crossed them off my list of options. Instead of fighting 20 different temptations as I shop, I can go in making one overarching decision at the start. I also feel much less deprived than during any of my many diets through the years, so the effort to make this change will be well worth it. At this point I have eliminated foods with added sugar, and I don't drink anything caloric aside from plain almond milk. My next step is to phase out grains, replacing them with better alternatives. Goal: Weeks 1 and 2: Replace grains with vegetables at one meal per day. Weeks 3 and 4: Replace grains with vegetables at two meals per day. Weeks 4 and 5: Eliminate remaining grains and replace with paleo approved options. A= Meeting my goal an average of at least 5 days per week. B= Meeting my goal at least 4 days per week. C= Meeting my goal 3 days per week. Fitness Quest:Revival of the Fitness: Work toward planned physical activity daily. Reasoning: I enjoy exercise when I do it, but would like to make it more of a priority. Over the 6 week challenge I am hoping that I will be able to make a habit of regular physical activity. Goal: I will walk, bike, row, do yoga, tai chi, or stretch. I will also attempt the recruit workout at least 8 times over these 6 weeks. A= Doing one of these activities for at least 10 minutes per day, missing 1 or no days per week. B= Doing one of these activities for at least 15 minutes per day, missing 1 or no days per week. C= Doing these activities 3 to 5 days per week, for at least 5 minutes. Life Quest: Xena's Warrior Cry: training my dog to come when called. Reasoning: I love my pup. She is incredibly intelligent, so much so that she has learned not to come when I call her because I have unintentionally taught her that this is an antecedent to me leaving the house. I would like to help her unlearn this behavior, shaping a new behavior through positive reinforcement. Goal: Train Xena in 15 minute sessions with an average of 5 sessions per week. A= Training Xena for 15 or more minutes each session, 5 or more times per week. B= Training Xena for less than 15 minutes in most sessions, or for fewer than 5 times per week. C= Training Xena for short sessions, only a few days per week. I will update at least 3 days per week. I'm really looking forward to being a part of a group of great people helping to support each other.
  3. I decided to get in on the recipe action too, so I'll post the recipes and cooking tips that I like here. For now, here's a green smoothie recipe that I use for breakfast sometimes. It does't taste spinachy at all! Ingredients 1/2 cup ice1 cup (1 large handful) baby spinach1/4 cup blueberries1/2 frozen banana1/3 cup almond milk (or other kind of milk)Up to 1/3 cup of water depending on desired consistency 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powderOptional Mix Ins 1 Tbsp chia seeds (I like to soak them in the water first for a smoother texture)1-2 Tbsp almond or peanut butter for extra fat/protein1 Tbsp ground flax seeds1 Tbsp coconut oil (for extra fat - I generally don't do this)Instructions Blend all ingredients except protein powder until smoothAdd protein powder and blend for no more than 30 seconds
  4. Hello sweeties! I am the Lady of Gallifrey and this is my first challenge. I have been living a pretty sedentary over the last few years, but I've started taking steps to change that. I'm hoping that the support of the rebellion will make the change a bit easier. I am really looking forward to seeing the changes that will come over the next six weeks!! Update (2/24/15): I've realized that I'm trying to do WAY too much for just starting out. I'm making some adjustments today, and may make a few more throughout the week. I'm looking at this week as a opportunity to refine my challenge goals into manageable and achievable goals. No point in setting myself up to fail! Update (2/27/15): I found a place to take pole classes!!!! So I'm switching from the aerial classes/goal to pole! I changed my gf/df goal to only be on weekdays. I also updated the grading system for each goal. Update (3/7/15): I went to the intro to pole class today and realized that trying to take a second pole class right after is not something I'm ready for right now. So, just one pole class per week for this challenge. Goals for 2015 Do a pull-up Hold a five minute plank Get 1,000 miles on my Fitbit Get down to 25% body fat (44% as of 1/1) Challenge Quest 1: BUTI Do three BUTI yoga workouts each week - Monday/Wednesday/Friday after work. A = 18-16 BUTI yoga workouts B = 15-14 BUTI yoga workouts C = 13-12 BUTI yoga workouts D = 11-10 BUTI yoga workouts F = 9 or fewer BUTI yoga workouts Stat points available: STR +2, CHA +2 (STR +1 for Level 2) Challenge Quest 2: Pole Attend intro to pole and pole fit classes on Saturdays (Starting 3/7) A = 5 pole classes B = 4 pole classes C = 3 pole classes D = 2 pole classes F = 1-0 pole classes Stat points available: STA +2, DEX +1 (DEX +1 for Level 2) Challenge Quest 3: Nutrition No eating grain or dairy before dinner on weekdays A = 0-5 indulgences B = 6-7 indulgences C = 8-9 indulgences D = 10-11 indulgences F = 12 or more indulgences Stat points available: CON +2 (CON +1 for Level 2) Life Quest: Clutter Get rid of one big bag/box of clutter each week A = 6 boxes of clutter B = 5 boxes of clutter C = 4 boxes or clutter D = 3 boxes of clutter F = 2 or fewer boxes of clutter Stat points available: WIS +1 (WIS +1 for Level 2) Motivation I want to start living a healthier life. I want to be a strong, healthy and sexy woman. I want to be comfortable in my own skin.
  5. UPDATED: MONDAY, JANUARY 12TH So.....2014 didn't end as well as I had hoped. I'm up 4.5# and 1.5% body fat since Thanksgiving. I wasn't really doing much to lose weight over the holidays, but I'd hoped not to gain either...c'est la vie.. But I'm ready to get things going again for 2015! It's going to be a really great year...I can feel it!! FITNESS GOALS FOR 2015Get down to 25% body fatDo one pull-upStart taking aerial classesGreatly improve on five yoga poses GOALS FOR THIS CHALLENGEComplete the challengeReduce body fat by 2%Make noticeable improvement on yoga poses CHALLENGE ACTIONSStrength training 3x a weekDancing Cardio 3x a weekFollow Bulletproof diet guidelines Grain and dairy freePractice yoga poses on week night ACTION DETAILS Strength training 3x a week 20-30 minute strength training sessionsBody weight, yoga, kettlebellMondays, Wednesdays, FridaysGrading Scale: A = 3 sessions per week // C = 2 sessions per week // F = 1-0 sessions per weekSTR +4Dancing Cardio 3x a week 15-30 minute dancing cardio sessionsHooping, belly dancing Couch-to-5K programTuesdays, Thursdays, SaturdaysGrading Scale: A = 3 sessions per week // C = 2 sessions per week // F = 1-0 sessions per weekSTA +4Follow Bulletproof diet guidelines Grain and dairy free Keep food choices in the green and yellow levels on the Bulletproof Diet RoadmapStay grain and dairy free (white rice and grass-fed butter/ghee allowed)Grading Scale: A = 0-1 indulgences per week // B = 2-3 indulgences per week // C = 4-5 indulgences per week // D = 6-7 indulgences per week // F = 8 or more indulgences per weekCON +2, CHA +2Practice yoga poses on week nights Practice one pose each evening for a minimum of five minutesMonday: Crow Pose (Bakasana)Tuesday: Tree Pose (Vrksasana)Wednesday: Monkey Pose (Hanumanasana)Thursday: Upward Bow Pose (Urdhvadhanu)Friday: Four-Limbed Staff Pose (Chaturanga Dandasana)Grading Scale: A = 5 practices per week // B = 4 practices per week // C = 3 practices per week // D = 2 practices per week // F = 1-0 practices per weekDEX +3
  6. This challenge couldn't have come at a better time! I have been looking for an excuse to make some additional changes to my Druidly lifestyle and looks like this is the perfect opportunity to solidify some new healthy habits. I am fairly new to Nerd Fitness but have already spread the word like a virus at a day care center! I have started a little rebel uprising at work and my fellow rebellions are joining me on the 6 week challenge as the "Sterling [something clever]" group because we just couldn't come up with something more clever by the time we signed up. I consider myself a Druid (although I believe a Druid according to the wisdom of our fearless rebel leader involves a life of veganism). I am finally learning to eat appropriately for good health and am easing my way into a Paleo lifestyle. On a side note I am ideal weight according to my height but due to a chronic illness have been living a mostly sedentary lifestyle for the past 15 years - amazing that I am not obese! I have over the course of several years eliminated Coffee, Soda, and most "junk foods" but still have a ways to go towards becoming the best damn druid that I can be. Here are my Druidly Health goals: 1. Go completely Grain free by week 6. I have already cut out Wheat but by week 6 I will not even do the cheater "Gluten-free" breads and cereals. A=6 weeks no cheats, B=week days only, C=week days only and 1 slip total, D=Week days with 2 slips total, F=more than 2 slip ups 2. Take my daily supplements and detox regimen daily. We Druids know how depleted and toxic our soils have become and we need all the help we can get to achieve homeostasis. A=6 weeks no slips, B=week days only, C=week days only and 1 slip total, D=Week days with 2 slips total, F=more than 2 slip ups 3. Meditate 3 days a week. I have the books and learned the benefits but have yet to put it into practice - no time like the present! I will start out with 5 minutes / 3 days and increase by 5 minutes each Monday to achieve 30 mins / 3 days by week 6. A=6 weeks no slips, B=1 slip, C=2 slips, D=failure to increase duration, F=more than 2 slips and failure to increase duration Time to Level Up! Life Goal: 4. I am taking an e-course to get my Comptia A+ certification. By the end of Week 6 I wish to schedule my test and obtain my first Certification. A=complete course and schedule test, C=complete course but fail to schedule test, F=failure to finish course by the end of the challenge For all you RPers out there: Str (1) Dex (2) stam (2) Con (2) Wis (5) Char (3) Hoping to increase Dex and Str at the next challenge!
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