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Found 6 results

  1. For this challenge, I am keeping my goals simple with some built in flexibility. Last challenge I focused on training for a spin event that is happening this Sunday. As a result, I focused on the bike and less on running. The first week I will continue to focus on the bike, finishing with my 3 hour ride. The remainder of the challenge I will start to focus more on running. I'm thinking ahead here as my summer goals will include real world running and social running. Before either of those things happen I need to get my running chops back. I am keeping my goals intentionally broad so I can pi
  2. I'm starting this challenge with some very basic goals that will be challenging yet attainable. Nutrition Quest: Oh no, not aGrain! Transition to paleo plus dairy and legumes. (I'm keeping the dairy for health reasons and the legumes because I love them and can't really see any harm in continuing to enjoy them.) Reasoning: I've been working on making the transition to a mostly paleo diet, but I haven't set a concrete expectation for myself as of yet. So far I have noticed that I am less tempted to buy grain products while shopping when I've crossed them off my list of options. Instead of
  3. I decided to get in on the recipe action too, so I'll post the recipes and cooking tips that I like here. For now, here's a green smoothie recipe that I use for breakfast sometimes. It does't taste spinachy at all! Ingredients 1/2 cup ice1 cup (1 large handful) baby spinach1/4 cup blueberries1/2 frozen banana1/3 cup almond milk (or other kind of milk)Up to 1/3 cup of water depending on desired consistency 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powderOptional Mix Ins 1 Tbsp chia seeds (I like to soak them in the water first for a smoother texture)1-2 Tbsp almond or peanut butter for extra fat/protein1
  4. Hello sweeties! I am the Lady of Gallifrey and this is my first challenge. I have been living a pretty sedentary over the last few years, but I've started taking steps to change that. I'm hoping that the support of the rebellion will make the change a bit easier. I am really looking forward to seeing the changes that will come over the next six weeks!! Update (2/24/15): I've realized that I'm trying to do WAY too much for just starting out. I'm making some adjustments today, and may make a few more throughout the week. I'm looking at this week as a opportunity to refine my challenge goals
  5. UPDATED: MONDAY, JANUARY 12TH So.....2014 didn't end as well as I had hoped. I'm up 4.5# and 1.5% body fat since Thanksgiving. I wasn't really doing much to lose weight over the holidays, but I'd hoped not to gain either...c'est la vie.. But I'm ready to get things going again for 2015! It's going to be a really great year...I can feel it!! FITNESS GOALS FOR 2015Get down to 25% body fatDo one pull-upStart taking aerial classesGreatly improve on five yoga poses GOALS FOR THIS CHALLENGEComplete the challengeReduce body fat by 2%Make noticeable improvement on yoga poses CHALLENGE ACTIONSStrength
  6. This challenge couldn't have come at a better time! I have been looking for an excuse to make some additional changes to my Druidly lifestyle and looks like this is the perfect opportunity to solidify some new healthy habits. I am fairly new to Nerd Fitness but have already spread the word like a virus at a day care center! I have started a little rebel uprising at work and my fellow rebellions are joining me on the 6 week challenge as the "Sterling [something clever]" group because we just couldn't come up with something more clever by the time we signed up. I consider myself a Druid (alt
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