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Found 4 results

  1. Hello rebels! I did things a little backwards and posted in the challenge section because I was so excited to participate. Then I realized I never even introduced myself, D'oh! But better late than never. I stared at the empty box to type for a while till I could calm the tidal wave of anxiety and now here I am posting again! I'm Syd, 22 years old, female. I get self conscious very easily, (even when posting on the internet!) so one of my major goals is to work on my self confidence.Seriously I took voice lessons for 8+ years and still have never sung for my parents (lol but also ) I'm not happy with the way I'm living my life. I want to be a proactive rather than a reactive person. This site and community seems like a great way to get there! I'm a college student interuptus, I've been on medical leave for two years sorting out my emotional biz and I only have my senior year left. Currently working on the paper work to return in the fall (ugh paper work). Living at home made it easy to pack on pounds. I went from my lowest weight (105lbs) to my highest (138 lbs) in like....4-6 months. Too much Talenti gelato. I'm the opposite of most college students, I actually lose weight when I go to school because I walk everywhere. I really need to focus on cleaning up my diet. I can barely go a day without chocolate...haha. But true. I've been doing a little yoga + meditation and I'd really like to get into that more. I've found mindfulness extremely helpful for dealing with depression+ anxiety + ADD and want to continue to learn. I isolate myself from others because I feel worthless so I hope the friendly vibe here will help. I have a sizable collection of vintage dresses/clothing that I want to fit into again. I love reading. My room has books piled on every surface. One of my long term goals for this site is to start running. ALL THE GOALS. But really I know (from experience) that one small change at a time works best, even if it's had to convince my inner enthusiasm that's the case. I started my fitness journey last year when my mom got certified in weight training and pilates. I'm lucky that she trains me for free (2x pilates, 1x weights per week). I went from completely sedentary (and proud of it) to exercising 3x per week. But I want to work on self-guided working out so I can keep it up at school/the rest of my life. Wow that got long. So final notes: any Adventure Time/Steven Universe/Gravity Falls fans hit me up (those are my current 3 favorite shows) and also here is a picture of my adorable kitty because kitties are the best ice-breaker. My username comes from the funny little sideways hops she (Nico aka"Bean") makes when she wants to play. I call them her spooky feet. -Syd
  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Seconds after Jothra had picked up the ratty old journal and re-entered his house, the rain started pouring in buckets. Damp and unfortunate, sure, but hardly foreboding. Jothra was a fairly skeptical person, despite having spent quite some time in a place with cardboard-winged flying people and extant dinosaurs in top hats. So when he found the journal full of descriptions of strange creatures, he was about to dismiss it outright. Until he found a page about a portal. According to the book, Jothra's Rebellion-provided home was located directly on top of the former site of a large dimensional rift, and a bunch of things had come through. Things too weird for this place? This was definitely a problem...the kind of problem Jothra intended to solve. So, I think it's rather telling that in a world in which almost every single person now carries a camera for almost 100% of their waking time, there is still an absolute dearth of evidence for Bigfoot. But mysterious creatures sure make for good television! It's too bad the next episode is the series finale, but at least it's ending before it has a chance to fizzle out or something. 1.) Main Fitness Quest My three goal-achieving-type-little-goals-that-add-up-to-a-bigger-goal-goals. i.) Mine, shovel, chop, and hoe except on S Days (Saturdays, Sundays, and Special Days). Shovelglove! Shugging is a good time. I have recently developed the ability to complete my whole routine in exactly 14 minutes. If I get it done faster, I'll add more reps. I am quite happy with the 22 lb. hammer. Easy scoring: __/20. [+2 STR | +2 STA] ii.) Ride the Getaway Golf Cart! Except it's actually a bicycle. I don't own any golf carts. Ride a bicycle for 30 minutes except, as above, on S Days. Unless I want to. No rule about intensity, and no upward time limit. I've been going to town on my Modified Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper of a stationary bike, and the mountain bike has been behaving. Also, the way the weather's behaving, I might be back on the road bike sooner than I thought. __/20. [+2 STA | +2 DEX | +1 CHA] iii.) Stick to an all-gnome diet. It's basically paleo, and also gnomes are gluten and lactose free. Actually, I'll just eat at a calorie deficit as if to lose 1 lb. per week. This is a deficit of 500 calories a day. It more or less worked last time, and wasn't terribly taxing. __/28. [+2 CON | +2 WIS] 2.) LIFE SIDE QUEST Read every day. With an important difference. I'm in a play. For the first half of the challenge, I'll be reading from that script a lot. After that, the play will be over, and I can go more free-form. __/28. [+2 CHA] As per normal, I'm going to determine scores based on percentage ranges, more or less like on my childhood report cards. A = 86-100% | B = 73-85% | C = 66-72% | D = 51-65% | F = 0-50% 3) MOTIVATION ... I absolutely could not think of a thematically appropriate way to include this image, so here it is anyway.
  3. Alright, so I'm AdderTwist, known (for now) as Grunkle Morgue. Obviously I like Gravity Falls. My heath isn't so great at the moment, and while I've got some strength to me in an emergency, I'm not doing so great. To give you an idea, here's a candid shot of me: I'm severely mentally ill, but also have hyperelasticity, some iron and vitD issues, and am currently sitting at 115 kg (~255 lb) and am only about 160cm (5'2.5"). I'm not that concerned about weight loss, though the ass is fat, but I am concerned about the possibility of developing insulin resistance. It doesn't run in my family, but two of my three daily medications increase the risk of it, and all of them increase weight gain. I also have a mildly deformed pelvis, poor eyesight, and sideburns. I'm basically an old man even though I'm 23, go figure. (I even like black licorice!) Now, the plan in general is more swimming, more low-impact exercise in general, and cooking my own food, preferably with less processed carbs, as well as more fresh veg.Rather than bore you all with details... Summary: Main Quest 1: Water, aka, The Moist Tub Swim twice a week. Aqua aerobics is an option, free-swimming is just as much of an option. This is to improve joint strength. MQ1: [+3 CON] Main Quest 2: Food, aka, It's Apocalycious! Make my own damn food! At least twice a week, cook at least one meal. Multiple portions, to last throughout the week. We're aiming for lower carb intake, but most important is the fact that I'm cooking for myself instead of eating out of cans. MQ2: [+3 CON] Main Quest 3: Land, aka, Bodies Change, Honey! It's about time I started moving around more in general. I'll walk at least forty minutes, or walk to the park to climb the weird rope web thingy, or bicycle for forty minutes, at least twice a week. More if I'm feelin' it. MQ3: [+2 STR, +4 STA] Side Quest: Troothache! I don't brush my freaking dentures teeth. This has to stop. I have to brush my teeth. I HAVE to. It's ridiculous. I've had to have two teeth pulled and multiple root canals. I've purchased special flavourless, non-foaming toothpaste, and a really gentle toothbrush, to help myself actually do this task, because I hate the taste and sensation of toothpaste. (It burns, how do you all cope?) SQ: [+2 WIS, +1 CHA] ETA: If, for some reason, one of the main three tasks is not feasible within a week, I will replace it with one other task from the list. This is for weeks where my joints are particularly sore or I am traveling and do not have access to my normal facilities. Thank you to @BitterOyster for reminding me to check in before the challenge started. So, that's basically it! Starting out ... Week 1:The Moist Tub - [1/2] It's Apocalycious! - [2/2] Bodies Change, Honey! - [1/2] Troothache - [7/7] Week 2: The Moist Tub - [2/2] It's Apocalycious! - [2/2] Bodies Change, Honey! - [2/2] Troothache - [7/7] Overall: The Moist Tub - Swim twice per week, minimum. [3/12] It's Apocalycious! - Cook twice per week. [4/12] Bodies Change, Honey! - Walk, work out, or climb, twice a week. [3/12] Troothache - Brush teeth at least once daily [14/42]
  4. GRAVITY FALLS THEMED CHALLENGE, YO! Format: week to week challenge goals (thanks deftona!) in categories of: NutritionCreativeLife GoalPreparationMaintenance Here's what I'm starting with. I'll see how the first week goes and then if I need to I can edit/ re-evaluate from there. Quest 1: Smile Dip Days in deficit! Action: Goal is for 6 days in deficit for the week Grading A= 6 days in deficit B=5 days in deficit C= 3-4 days in deficit D=1-3 days in deficit F= 0 days in deficit Quest 2: "Grunkle Stan, I’m an arts and crafts master. Why do you think I always have this glue gun stuck to my arm?†Action: A creative thing! Drawing, guitar, writing etc. 5x per week. Grading A= 5x per week B=4x per week C=3x per week D=2x per week F=0x per week Quest 3: The Bunker -Preparation Action: Prepare for the next day with a to-do list. OR 2 hour blocks 7x per week Listing my intentions/goals for the day seems to help. So I'm going.... Grading: A= 5-7 to do lists/ 2 hour blocks B-3-5 to do lists/ 2 hour blocks C=1-3 to do lists/2 hour blocks F= 0 to do lists/2 hour blocks Quest 4: Maintaining the Mystery Shack I've been slacking on meditation. And meditation is super important for my mental health. So I am re-dedicating myself to it, in a challenge goal. Action: morning meditation 7x per week Grading A= 5-7 morning meditations B-= 4-5 morning meditations C= 2-4 morning meditations D= 1-2 morning meditations F= 0 morning meditations Other ungraded stuff I will be doing: Gratitude: 7x per week Inspiration: 7x per week Exercise: same as usual, now with after meal walks! Really just wanted to use this gif Former Quests: Quest 2: Working at the Mystery Shack Action: job applications 2x per week Grading A= 2/2 B=1/2 F=0/2 Grade A since I got a job MOAR GRAVITY FALLS GIFS: AND I'M OUTTA HERE:
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