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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Doodlies, how are you all doing this lovely fall? I've been away for a while, but now I'm back. And I'm really feeling like starting another pvp challenge. Don't know what a Doodlie is? No worries, you're still welcome We're a weird bunch that have been around NF for I think 5 years, maybe even 6. We worship the Great Yak, talk a lot of smut and just have fun accomplishing our goals. We divide yourselves into two breakfast items: pancakes and waffles. And sometimes French toast (or Flip Bitches) if our numbers are great. To get us started I'm proposing a simple scavenger hunt. In the past we've done really elaborate ones, but the tracking was a pain. Each team gets one point per: -10 minutes of exercise (this can be strength training, running, elliptical, taking a class at your gym etc.) - Number of different freggies (fruits and vegetables) you've eaten in a week. Potatoes and beans count too. Grains don't count. If in doubt, just ask here! - 30 minutes of doing something of self improvement. For example, but not limited to: reading a book, learning a language, doing an (online) course, meditation, practicing an instrument... If you're not sure whether or not something can be used for this challenge, just ask and we'll decide together Links Want to join? Sign up here. Format Points sheet (copy for your own team to secretly keep your score) We start October 23st Tagging former Doodlies here. Feel free to tag others I forgot! @deftona @Shello @Björn Járnhamar @DrFeelgood For some reason it doesn't let me tag more people, so I'll do it in the next post.
  2. Welcome do Dungeons and Dragons, the Doodlie version. Everyone is welcome to participate By participating you DON'T become a Doodlie, it's just that this game in this form has been invented by the doodlies. A short recap of how we play You start by copying the character sheet and fill it in (see rule book for details on this). After this you put a link to it in your signature, and put the link on the sign in sheet. The name of your character is the same as your name on the forums! This makes it so much easier for the DM's You've got 4 primary abilities. You can level these up infinitive by doing stuff in real life like doing cardio, strength training, meditate or learn stuff. Besides that you've got extra ability's you can choose to your liking, to shape your character. By choosing a specific race or class you gain bonuses for certain abilities, but you're not limited to them. The DM (doodlie master) tells a story. You tell the DM how you wish to react to the circumstances the DM described. He or she will determine, by rolling a dice and comparing the result with the ability that's applicable in that situation, if you're successful or not. For example: You wish to talk to a cute guy in a bar. Since you're a beautiful elf, the DM decides this shouldn't be too hard for you, so she uses a D4 (a dice with 4 sides). (Or the DM decides that this is very hard since you're an ugly ogre and she uses a D100 (a dice with 100 sides)). She looks at your psyche level, say you're level 3. With the D4 you'll succeed by a roll of 2, 3 or 4. (With the D100 by 98, 99 or 100.) The DM rolls the D4 and you get a 3. The cute guy is willing to talk to you. Say you roll a 4, since that is the highest role the cute guy comes to you and tells you everything you wan to know. Or you get a 1, and the cute guy slaps you in the face and leaves. We play from December 5th until December 31st If you want you can post a short introduction in this thread. If you have any questions, let me know. Links Rule book Character Sheet (copy it and fill it out, don't forget to alter the share settings so everyone can see it) Sign in sheet
  3. Welcome back to yet an other Doodlie challenge! Link to the sign in sheet You are not on the list, but you want to be? You are ready to face the smut? Contact @Terah (Yes, this used to be Def, but she has life stuff happening right now) We are not accepting any new recruits at the moment. But you'll be placed on the waiting list and I'll contact you when we're ready to have you. Link to the pvp We are going to continue the d&d pvp. The DM can still work on increasing his/her skills of their own character, but they can't add any new skills. DM's this challenge: Week 1 and 2 (26 September - 9 October): Terah Week 3 and 4 (10 October - 21 October): Liam
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