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Found 2 results

  1. Ryuu Apprentices with the Arrow 5/22/17-6/30/17 (7 Weeks) 500/500 hp + Health potion: 1 I've had some some ups and downs over that past few challenges but mainly I have been moving forward. Slowly but forward. I think the four week challenges are a little short to really see and achieve some good progress since I normally slip up on the weeks in between them, so for this challenge I will be focusing on long term consistency. The end of the school year 6/9 and the Tough Mudder 6/10 will be bumps during this challenge as will my two week long summer jobs: Teacher Leader for the NASA Teacher Institute 6/19-23/17, and Teaching a Metal Smithing Art Camp 6/26-30/17. Though since I will be out of town during the last week of my challenge it's going to be very difficult and I'm hopefully that I can keep up my goals. Since I've been re-watching the Arrow I decided to make this Challenge Arrow themed. If you've never seen the Arrow its pretty good but I especially like it for the workout scenes that Stephen Amell does, whenever I watch him do his workout in the show it always makes me want to do some crazy workouts too. That and his body= #goals lol Hopefully one day. For this challenge I've decided to keep the HP bar because I like it and I think it helps keep me honest and get a good overview of the quality of my challenge so far, but opted to drop my small goals/ fun money and video game time hours like I've done in the past, not because they weren't useful just that they were really time consuming to implement and keep track of. Goal One: Train my Body I'll be continuing my Gymnastic Bodies Foundations One, Stretch series, Movement, and Handstand training for this challenge but reducing the volume of my movement and handstand courses and focusing more on the upper body, lower body, and core workouts to try and increase my overall strength. Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core workouts x3 per week (one each) = __/3 = ___/ 21 Front Splits, Middle Splits, and Thoracic Bridge Stretches x3 per week (one each) = __/3 = ___/ 21 Movement and Handstand Workouts x 1 per week (one each) = ___/1 = __/7 & = ___/1 = __/7 Missed Planned workout on set day -10hp, missed workout for the week -25, Flawless week +25hp Goal Two: Fuel my Body I've had some pretty good success the past two challenges tracking everything that I've eaten in MFP for all seven days and then trying to stay +/- 200 cals of my goal so I will be continuing that this challenge in hope to really solidify it as a habit. I have also noticed that I've begun to drink a lot of diet sodas, mostly as a free "reward" or when I get home from work and am super stressed. I know that diet sodas are not caloric bad but they can't be good for my body so for this challenge I'm going to reduce my consumption of them and for at least the last two weeks abstain from them completely and see how I feel. Track my Nutrition in MFP x7 per week =___/7 = ___49 Be +/- 200 of 1610 cal goal x6 per week =___/ 6 = ___42 Days without a Soda W1 x 3, W2 x 4, W3 x 5, W4 x 6, W5 x6, W6 x7, W 7 x 7 = ___/38 Craft health potion (+50hp) = 6days at goal [for this challenge they can be non-consecutive] , Healthy Choice +10hp, Bad Choice -10hp, Bad Meal -25hp, Bad Day -100hp. Goal Three: Increase my Activity For this challenge I'm going to try to increase my overall activity by getting 10,000 steps most days of the week and if my feet will let me sprints/ intervals twice a week. Also what kind of Arrow challenge would this be if I didn't have an archery goal therefore I'll be trying to get out and shoot 2 times each week. 10,000 Steps x6 per week = ___/6 = ____/ 42 Sprints x2 per week = ___/2 = ____/14 Archery x2 per week = ___/2 = ____/12* Excluding the last week of the challenge since I'll be out of town* Missed Step goal -10hp, Missed weekly sprints/ Archery -25hp, Flawless Week +25hp Goal Four: Upgrade my Arrow Cave Quiver I'll be continuing my tracking goal, which I think is critical to success, especially the weekly reviews to track my progress. Plus I'll be adding in a few addition sub goals to upgrade my life outside of my workouts. I think the no video game day will initially be hard (mostly to try and find what to do on that day) but after I can get over the initial hump I think I'll really like what I'm able to do and accomplish on those days. I'm not sure if 3 additional sub goals inside this goal is going to be too much but we'll see how I do for the first week and if I have to adjust then I'll adjust if necessary. Track and encourage others x 5 per week =____/ 5 = _____/35 Read for 30min+ x 5 per week = ____/ 5 = ___/35 No Video Games day x 1 per week = ____1= ____7 Throw away some piece of useless clutter x 5 per week = ___/5 = ____35 Missed Record or Read -25hp, Missed Video Game Free Day -50hp, Flawless Week +25hp. Loot! For this challenge I'm going to award myself cold hard cash ($) at the end of each week based off of my grade for each goal per week. I can either spend this money or save depending what I ultimate want to buy. Some things that I'm looking to possibly get include: Running Shoes or some Archery Block(s), possibly saving up for a new bow. A+/100% = $5 A 99-90% =$4 B 89-80% =$3 C 79-70% =$2 D 69-60% =$0 F >60% = -$5
  2. Badwolf1138: Rise of a Hero Introduction: As far as my NF character for the longest time I was an Ogre trying to be an Assassin, but I could never seem to have the real motivation. After years of trying to live in the real world I joined the US Army as a medic and found it. Through months of training and focus I turned myself back into a human all be it a large one (at 6'3 and 210 lbs. I think I might be half giant) by dropping 30 lbs. and 10% body fat. Now I want to take it to the next level and get even beyond the best shape I have ever been in. I understand that all changes comes in Stages so since I am going to turn my life into a giant game I figured I should make stages for each. Given that I am a mega nerd I have a whole lot to draw from as far as thing that inspire me but for this one I thought I would go with a classic and an example of what I want to be: Oliver Queen, The Green Arrow Now we all know that Oliver didn’t become a bad ass Vigilante overnight and neither can we. It took him Five Years of living on that Island to go full bad ass. I am hoping with enough focus and discipline I can at least start myself on this path so I can do the same. So for the inspiration for this first part of my quest to become a real life Arrow is: Level 1: The Island of Lin YU Primary Goal: The primary goal of this stage is to lower my body fat percentage by 5 percent according to the Army regulation measurement system. Currently I am at 17 percent which is a vast improvement over the 27 I entered the Army with and I am going to use the Island to do it. - Food for Survival: This part of the quest involves me changing from a generally low carb diet to a primarily Paleo diet in set moderated stages o Stage 1: (Weeks 1 and 2): Left over rations: In the First two weeks I plan on cutting back as much carbs as possible with the exception of the groceries I have already purchased which includes chocolate covered pomegranates and fruit lace oatmeal. Using up all the supplies I had with me before the Island o Stage 2: (Weeks 3 and 4): The Milks going bad: I spent a lot of time before the Army working on a low carb high protein diet with a large portion of protein coming from low-fat dairy sources. These to two weeks will be spent slowing breaking myself from my dairy habits by cutting our cheese, yogurt, and my personal favorite, chocolate milk o Stage 3: (Weeks 5 and 6): Hunting to Live: At this Stage I plan on being Primarily Paleo and cooking a portion of my food at home to ensure its quality - Climbing the Mountain: This part of the quest involves me building muscle endurance to excel at Army Physical fitness standard and get in to overall better strength while working on my body fat level. This will be done by stages of sit ups and push-ups done every morning o Stage 1 (week 1 and 2): 40 and 40 o Stage 2(week 3 and 4) 50 and 50 o Stage 3: (Week 5 and 6) 60 and 60 Now Living alone on an Island alone can do a lot of things to you. It might even turn you into a crazy wilderness man like this WARNING SPOILERS: (but really this is season 1 stuff so everyone should know it) Now we know Oliver wasn’t alone on the island but from the looks of him there he might be a bit nuts and so for the last an final part of my quest ( and because I have the program and needed a way to fit it into the challenge) MY BATTLE WITH INSANITY: Yes we all know what it is and for any those that have tried it we all love and hate it, Shaun T, and every single person in the videos. This isn’t exactly a staged event but for the next 6 weeks I plan on following the Insanity program in order to burn off the unneeded body weight. SIDE QUEST: Now unlike the Queen family I am not amazingly wealthy but like them I am well educated. Which in my case cost a lot of money so as a small non fitness oriented side quest in the next six weeks I am going to get my student loans organized and consolidated into one single and manageable payment Now unlike the Queen family I am not amazingly wealthy but like them I am well educated. Which in my case cost a lot of money so as a small non fitness oriented side quest in the next six weeks I am going to get my student loans organized and consolidated into one single and manageable payment
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