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Found 5 results

  1. My main goal is to keep adding time to my runs (recovery, tempo and long) however I am heading to the beach right after this challenge is over so it's perfect time to get beach ready Run; right now I'm still running for time rather than distance, I have slowly built up over the last few months from running 15 minutes for my easy run and 20 minutes for my tempo run to a half hour for each (4 times a week) I plan on running 30 minutes each for the rest of this week and next while adding a longer run on the weekends, my long range goal is to max out at 45 minutes each by mid-summer and hopefully 10 mile long runs before I start speed work Core twice a week Strength three times a week Water, rehydrate plus less calories Groceries; going to create a meal plan and make a grocery list, not only will that save lots of money but not eating at the food trucks every day but it will be healthier for all of us If I can follow my running plan I'll go from running 22 miles this week to running 31 by the beginning of August
  2. First: I do not know if this is the appropriate forum, so any mods feel free to move this... It's kind of a "woot" as I have overcome my innate lazyness, but it might also fit into the general fitness or the dieting realm. Or some ranger stuff, who knows. so here is the story: I like cars. I like my car, especially. And so I like it's engine. Most engine wear occurs on start-up, once the engine is running at operating temperature, there is no significant wear whatsoever. Read: cross country drives (btw.: That's why myUOAs come back so nice). Doing the grocery shopping by car means two engine starts without the engine ever getting to operating temperature. Not good. Hurts my heart. (Im a car nerd - with a capital N.) But my bike has no luggage rack (and cycling with a big, heavy backpack is no fun). So -what else can I do, if I do not want to use the car? Of course: walk. I might split the grocery shopping into several smaller trips and just walk there. But then, the nearest shop is a tad expensive, and the cheaper Aldi a bit far off my usual routes. Inconvenient. But basically, that's what I would do: just walk there, grab some bags with stuff, walk back. Several times a week. (And pay to much). When I was young, I walked a lot. The army had us walk a lot. all while carrying heavy stuff. And then I stumbled upon the fitness fad of rucking - basically, grab a backpack, put something heavy inside, walk briskly and call it exercise. (And feel cool doing so.) So that was obvious. Why the hell didn't I get this earlier? Grab rucksack. Grab a second bag. Walk 30min to store. Fill shopping cart. Fill content of shopping cart into rucksack and bag. Walk home. Voilà: One old army backpack, a sturdy bag and a sack of apples. This unpacks as follows: 2.5kg potatoes 2kg apples 0.5 litre olive oil 0.25 litre linseed oil 1 litre of milk 6 cans of tuna 2 cans of red beans 500g sourdough bread 500g spaghetti 500g feta 500g chicken breast 500g ground beef 500g of curd 350g herring 300g Nürnberger Würtschen (Nürnberg sausages) 250g of bacon 500g of spinache 3 bell peppers 3 jars of marmalade 2 salami 1 iceberg lettuce 1 broccoli 1 cucumber 1 net of red onions 1 net of garlic 12 eggs 60g oregano 60g thyme Humans can carry a lot of stuff. While all this on the picture is a lot of stuff, it s not particularly heavy. (The things they make you carry in the army are heavier.) It just seems bulky, but if you pack intelligently, all this fits into a small backpack and a small shopping bag (the apples came with their own bag, fortunately). Earn your meals! If a middle-aged, overweight bloke like me can, so can you. . :-)
  3. I am planning on starting the Paleo "diet" on Sunday (I need to wait until after payday to go grocery shopping.) I have grass fed beef for free, my family owns a farm. What else should I get at the store? When I go, my cabinets are going to be pretty much bare so I need to stock up.
  4. Does anyone have any weekly grocery lists? I'm trying to be more frugal in my grocery shopping since I'm spending quite a bit at the store. I feel like if I had a good list I could save some money. Vegan or vegetarian is fine.
  5. Hello Everyone, First off I want to say hi and introduce myself. I am Chris and this is my first posting here at Nerd Fitness. I have just finished reading the fitness and barbell books and I am eager to start my life quest. My main goal here is to gain weight and bulk up - the problem is I know I don't eat enough and I know I don't eat the right stuff. I was wondering if there were any kind of "weekly grocery lists" type of resources so I have a better understanding of what is and what is not the "good to eat" list. The other huge problem I have is that I don't eat fish (or shellfish or anything that swims or lives in water), I just can't do it and I've tried for years. If there are any links or ideas that I may have missed I apologize there is just so much information available and I don't know where to begin. Thanks for your anticipated help and have a great day. Sincerely, Chris
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