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Found 5 results

  1. EDIT: CHALLENGEME!!! I want to get going on Pullups, and i want others to join in cause a little competition works wonders for me! Real easy, pick a thing you want to get better in and do it in a GtG style of way throughout the challenge. Let me know (here on my thread or on your own) how many sets a day you did and we will get a little competition going. Okay some tips: Do half of what you are capable of at a time. I can do 2 consecutive pullups, so i'm gonna start with a set of one at a time. Try to get in as much "sets" as p
  2. Biography: Classified Name: Commander Valkyrie Shepherd Earthborn Sole Survivor: An orphan in an overcrowded, poverty-stricken city, I escaped a life of crime on earth by joining the military at the age of 18. During my service, I survived a harrowing mental and physical ordeal which left me the sole survivor of my unit, and mentally tougher than an Asari Matron. My struggles and achievements have created a duality of empathy and ruthlessness, which serves me well in my race to save the galaxy. Class: Soldier Specialization: TBD Spectre Status: Not Achieved
  3. R153 0F 7H3 H4CK71V157: IN73RN37 F*#K3RY SUCC355FUL (Rise of the Hacktivist: Internet Fuckery Successful) Welcome back to Part Deux of my Rise of the Hacktivist challenge series based off the upcoming blockbuster hit video game, Watch Dogs 2. I’m so glad you’ve dropped in. Grab a chair, stool or bean bag and take a seat, please-make yourself comfortable. There’s free wifi so sync-in if ya need too. What Happened last 4WC? Lemme show you… Or something like that. To sum things up in a not-so-lengthy-post- I have decided that I want to
  4. After being away from this forum for a month or so, I came back battered and sore. My achilles tendon is injured, I'm close to depression again and I don't feel very well in general, so it's time to start working on that again . In the long term, I want to be healthy, a good climber and strong enough for things like moving without having to worry about my body. I love exercise, climbing and yoga-like movements in particular . This challenge is going to be a short one for me, so I'm going to focus on recovery and trying out new things. I can't climb (or cycle there) with an injured achilles,
  5. As I sit here trying to figure out just how I want to word this challenge, I realize I have no idea just how to put it all in words As my title states, I have things that need to get done. House work, work outs, menu planning, making dinners, and really just keeping my life in order instead of chaos. I have lived the last 20 some years with a house full of kids, chaos being the norm everyday. There were always tasks that had to be done but usually minor kid emergencies that kept me hopping. I was usually able to accomplish all necessary tasks and juggle the things that were not planned. Now
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