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  1. Hey, its Grumble. Your running warrior, your best friend, and your... challenge skipper? The challenge break was a good thing. I wandered off to Korea for a bit, worked from home, kinda took it easy. And I'm ready to dive back in. Plus, I'm all signed up for the L.A. Marathon next year, so no time like a racing arc in TAZ to get running! DON'T KILL TOM BODETT I am NOT restarting PHUL. I got invited into a 6 week challenge at a Camp (crossfit box without the crossfit branding) and I will be doing that instead. Starting on June 4th, I have a 6 week challenge (challengeception?) in which I have to lose 20 lbs in 30 sessions out of 42 days. Good news is I can do double days that count for 2 sessions. If I want to die. Which I might. But I can't, because then I would kill Tom Bodett. And that would be bad. Also, for those of you that are friends with me on the book of faces, I have to post each session. So even MOAR accountability. INSPIRE CAPTAIN CAPTAIN BANE Captain Captain Bane is a strong leader. And inspires others to greatness. So I wish to inspire him by succeeding in my next technical certification. I am studying for my CSA+ cert later this year, so the modules have begun. I will update with completed modules. WIN THE BATTLE WAGON RACING LEAGUE Gotta go faster. Since I am already marathon prepping, my goal is to run a sub 5 hour marathon. Cause I'm insane apparently. So I will need to figure out what I need to do, which I will, hopefully, over the course of this challenge. [UPDATE] Since I am doing to 6 week challenge, I will be doing ONLY longer slow runs. Which for me is 3-4 miles right now. Good thing I have plenty of time to tune my engine, unlike Tres Horny Boys. OUT CLEVER THE RAVEN Cause I don't have enough to do. My 7 year wedding anniversary just passed and (I DID NOT FORGET!) I wanted to do something extra. And I need a creative outlet. So why not combine the two and a penchance for burning things and do some pyrography. For my first project I am going to do a woodburning of a silhouette picture drawn by an artist at Disneyland. I've got all the tools, the tracing is done. I'll be posting progress photos as I go through it. Do the 6 week challenge. Post updates for each session completed Post each weigh in Work through MCSE training course Post completed modules. Run at least twice a week for 3 miles or more Post Fitbit/Runkeeper Results Complete my first woodburning project Post progress Photos
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