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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone! So a year after abandoning my physical health in order to focus on studies, i've finally decided to start paying more attention to my health, although the most important exams of my life are closer than ever. One of the reasons i'm doing this is because the last thing i want is to fall ill right before my papers. I need to get fit again. I WANT to get fit again. MY GOALS They're pretty simple really. I have long term goals and short term goals. SHORT TERM GOALS 1. Be capable of doing 100 body-weight squats and 1000 skips with my jump-rope on any given day. 2. Gradually lower coffee consumption to about a cup every 4-5 days. 3. Stop eating when i'm bored. 4. My arm strength is ZERO, LITERALLY ZERO. Any help is welcome. 5. If I'm not sleeping or working out, i should be studying. LONG TERM GOALS. 1. Ace my exam. 2. Become capable of running 10k on any given day (I could do that earlier). 3. Become strong enough to climb onto the second story balcony of my building from the outside. I'll be keeping a log of my progress. Any one who shares the same goals, or would like to offer me help on working ion my arms (my experience with weights is nonexistent) please reply --Nia
  2. Not sure who builds the forums here but this may be something more people want to chime in on. I think it would be helpful to have a guild section of this forum where each specefic guild has its own forum. For example, the warriors have their own forum where they can talk about high calorie diets, power lifting, headbutting each other, drinking pure moonshine or whatever else warriors do. Each class could have its own forum so that like minded people could discuss things related to their type of fitness. Yall may not like that idea but I figured Id throw it out there and see what yall think.
  3. Welcome future Assassins! The Assassin Ambassadors & Assassin Guild Leaders will be checking in on this thread regularly!! In other words, this is great place to get our attention and ask us questions. This is also a place to chat! A place for you - Level 1s who are thinking about becoming Assassins - to gather and get to know each other. Come in and make some friends among those you might be calling Guildmates in 6 weeks! Subscribe to this thread by clicking the "Follow This Topic" button in the upper right hand corner of the page. Let's start things off with a question for you: Who is your Assassin inspiration? (Assasspiration?!?) Remember as you think of your answer, "Assassin" is a big concept! It encompasses gymnasts, traceurs, climbers, dancers, circus performers, ninjas (of course), and more!
  4. <Incoming Transmission. . . .> To: Hazard Fr: Rebel Intelligence Liaison Re: SpecOps Agent Test Finish up practicing on the proving grounds, candidate Hazard. Your Rebel Intelligence Special Operations Agent field test will begin in five days on 2/24. You will be going live with the skills that you have been practicing, tracking the movements of three High Priority targets for six weeks: Weight, Calories, Protein. Futhermore, MedCorp has determined that excess fat may hinder your ability to maneuver in the field. While this does not disqualify you from your test mission, your advancement within SpecOps may be limited if you do not take immediate steps to remedy this. Also be aware that active Agents are attached to various divisions within the Rebellion. There are seven divisions operating within your assigned theater. Upon successful completion of your field test, you will be given the choice for which division you will be attached. During the course of your test, you are to analyze the modus operandi of the seven divisions so that you can make an informed choice. Good luck, candidate. <End Transmission> EPIC QUEST Turn into More details on my Epic Quest, and my workouts, are in my battle log. MOTIVATION To be healthy, sexy, and inspire awe. QUESTS for this CHALLENGE 1) Track weight, calories, and protein. 2) Do a hard cut until at least March 10th. Decide then if I want to continue the cut longer. 3) Learn about and evaluate the 7 Nerd Fitness guilds to decide which will be my best fit for my second challenge.
  5. Longtime lurker, first time poster here. I get the general idea of how things work, but I'm not sure how I should be going about things or where to look for them. I'm pretty sure I wanna be an adventurer for now. I'm not out of shape but I'm not in shape, I would like to start building muscles, concentrating on becoming strong and balanced. How do I join the guild? Do I need permission to join? Who do I contact? 6 week challenge. I wanna do it. Do I really just have to fill out that paper and then follow the guidelines? For now that's all. I'll be back with more I'm sure.
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