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  1. So... Last challenge went reasonably well. I need to work out more and focus much more on my diet. Moreover, I need to find a way to spend my free time. Unfortunately, all my hobbies are so interesting!! And I always have a hard time deciding what to do. So, I want to tackle from a particular angle: I'm a big fan of Thomas Frank and his YouTube channel. He mostly talks about how to be a good and successful student. In his podcast, he once talked about how everyone should have three hobbies. One movement-/fitness-related hobby that should go beyond working out for the sake of w
  2. So, I handed in my dissertation. Yay! There is still a lot of bureaucracy to work through and, in a few months, my defence. But! It's time to focus on improving myself again. Right now I'm too hung over and unmotivated to come up with a clever theme, so I'll just stick to the basics: movement, dieting and learning. Moving: Tracking steps Working out Running The goal here is to move every day in some way or another. In particular, I want to walk a bit more overall. Last challenge I managed about 8000 steps per day on average and I want to get that up to 90
  3. Right now I'm unemployed and it's great! I'm finishing a semester of school, and I've got a job lined up to start on May 21, pending a physical and such on Friday morning. But until then, I've got plenty of time to get into the gym and work my butt off and prepare good meals and track nutrition. If I really buckle down, I think I can get below 240 lbs. by the start of my new job. I've also just read How to Be a Stoic by Massimo Pigliucci. I've always had a spiritual and philosophical streak in me, and I've had problems with depression, anxiety, and some anger. I often g
  4. The last challenge was kinda mushy... I was sick for a few days, wen to a conference and got sick again at the conference. And even apart from all that I wasn't as sucessful as I wanted to be. So, the goal for the next five weeks will be to do more or less the same again with some small changes. In week 0 I will take it easy, in particular with working out. After playing for over 170 hours -- and not being remotely close to 100% -- the theme will be... Rare Blades of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 I'll be taking quest from four Rare Blades -- not necessarily my
  5. I'm not doing an organized, graded list of goals. With a nice theme. It just won't be possible. Here's a whole list of the crap I'll be doing this challenge. Working 30 hours a week 12 credit hours in school Practicing Flamenco guitar studying spanish studying mandarin hitting the gym (cardio, kettlebells, weightlifting) eating paleo-ish publishing a journal article (leftover from grad school) painting prepping for a journey overseas I guess I'll at least organize these somehow, and Oh shit, maybe there's a theme after all, w
  6. I'm Brogo. I haven't done an intro in a while. I've been on NF for over 4 years, and if you've seen any of my previous challenges you know fondness for consonances in my titles. I still weigh about the same as I did when I started even though my main goal when I started and often throughout has been weight loss. I mostly try to lose weight by lifting weight. I was a warrior initially, but now I just kinda bounce around from guild to guild trying to maintain a balance of things. I'm a disgraced geneticist trying to fix my situation with underemployment. Right now, I work 30 hours a week in a wa
  7. My last challenge went quite okay; the main problem was being too inconsistent. Logic dictates that I do the exact same quests by my insights from the last weeks. But, of course, I want more! So, I do add one or two things and we will see how it goes.... Theme-wise I'll go for my favourite comic of all times: HUNTER X HUNTER And of course I will use the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover classification again. Took me a while to figure out who's who, as all four protagonists show all four characteristics throughout the run of the manga. In the end it do
  8. Teirin

    Teirin - oct 2017

    Something along these lines: RH - do everything workout and care related. Ignore food missions if I wish. Get my workout room set up Read - anything Prep for my game - been very short on it lately Placeholder music: Not metal, fantastic work.
  9. Hey Scouts! I took a long break with the Rangers while feeling very down and out about the job rut I was in. I have since acquired new employment, and will be moving this weekend. In the midst of all of the change, I am going to get back into my scouting roots. My scouting is a little different as a swimmer, but still aiming for distance while constantly adding improvement on speed Since this is about the 5th challenge of 2017, I think I might have a plan for success. By my count, there are 37 weeks left of 2017. By the end of the year my goals are: To be active for mo
  10. I've been challenging with the druids... ... focusing learning what's best for my mind and body I've learned a few things. 1) being mindful is central to my health and fitness journey 2) eating paleo calms my cravings and is delicious and makes me lose weight 3) I need to lift, stretch, and generally move more 4) I need more money to live like I wanna live 5) playing guitar fires me up and motivates me... hence heavy metal themed challenge This challenge is all about returning to the heavy metal shit, the barbells and the m
  11. Okay starting today, I am taking in the sights as I breeze into a new town of regular habits, creativity, and a stronger me! I'm looking for 75% success on all my goals! Goal 1: 6 cups of water per day - in meh/okay process Goal 2: PT 3 times per week (min of 15 minutes per session) (will take note of extra sessions as big wins) - in very minimal process Goal 3: practice guitar for 15 mins every day (following book - report on chapters worked and how it feels) - in pretty good process Goal 4: 30 minute writing sessions 4 times per week (free writes would be gre
  12. I had so much fun with the Rebels during my respawn challenge - and my life is still weird enough - that I think I'll hang around here a little longer! Thinking about my last challenge, I was reminded more than anything of one of the big themes of the lovely Undertale - "Determination". If you haven't played the game, it's more than just gritting your teeth and carrying on; it's a force that lets the characters come back from the brink of death, and even rewrite their own stories and those of the other characters in their world. For those who weren't followi
  13. Hello all :-) Joining Rising Heroes seems to have been the kick in the pants I needed. I'm getting back into things. Going to try a less basic challenge this round but I'll just add stuff as bonuses. I'll be happy if I finish the basic goals. Appropriate to my last challenge - kicking things off with one more storm tomorrow/night. Meh. 25 to 45 cm of snow expected. Physical Workout 3/week - whatever I want, just do it. Kickboxing is fun right now. Yoga Bodyweight training running at the track wall climbi
  14. It had been days since Red left Banon's home and set out towards the lair of a Boss who terrorized the old man. As he follows the road, He comes across a fork in the road. "OK now let's see, According to this, At the fork in the road, take the middle path'... What the? There's no middle path! That's gotta be the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" Red sat next to a pond to ponder contemplate his next move. "OK, so there's two roads, but according to this note, there should be a third path around here somewhere." After searching all around the path for an hour, he finds no
  15. Hey Druids All of my previous challenges have been with the Assassins, but I hope you don't mind me visiting, since my goals this go-round are closer to this group's style. After some adventuring... I seem to have taken an arrow to the knee, and to let my body recover I'm going to lay off of high-impact workouts and stick to yoga, pilates and meditation along with tracking my food this challenge. I'll have to see how my knees and strength are doing after this challenge to know if I'm ready to go back to running around and jumping off of things, but for now I need the (deceptively, I know
  16. For my first challenge with the Scouts (hi everyone!) I'm channeling my inner Dwarf. ("Keep breathing . . . that's the key . . . breathe . . . *puff puff*") For anyone who's just meeting me, I tackled my last challenge with the Assassins, and realized I didn't care for bodyweight exercises and goals as much as I used to - my exercise goals these days are all about improving my running. So, here I am! At the beginning of my last challenge I hit a major milestone, and ran my first half marathon. My long-term goals from here are to keep slowly building my
  17. Forgive me, Dread-Father, forgive me Night Mother, and forgive me, my Brothers and Sisters - I have turned my back on the Path for far too long.Give me a chance to regain my strength so that I may fulfill Contracts once more. Life has a way of grabbing a hold of you and not letting go - and over the last couple years mine has done just so. This challenge will be my attempt to grab at least part of my life by the horns and lead it in the right direction. GOAL: Lift Heavy Things [Starting Strength, 3x a week] I will be going back to the beginning o
  18. I'll fill on more details here over the next few days but I just wanted to get something down now so I'm 'pot committed' to the next challenge. I've been away from the boards for a long long time but I feel now is right for me to make my return: on September 17th I will be taking part in a Tough Mudder so in preparation for this Epic Quest goal, I'm going to throw down with my old pals in the Assassins guild and partake in a four week challenge to get myself straightened out. My goals will be: 1. Eat clean- no more sugar loaded crap, no more unhealthy snacks, no more li
  19. With Akatsuki no Yona gifs, because i feel like it. Maintenance goals: Judo twice per week as much as possible Stick to budget, track expenditures Walk 70k + steps per week Talk a day/evening off per week to spend at home Incremental goals: Sleep - in bed by Midnight or earlier! - Weeks 1 and 2 get to work by 9:15. - Weeks 3 & 4 get to work by 9 am. Shoulder maintenance: Hand stand practice - every day, however brief Bridge practice - every day, even if only one Stretch daily, foam roll if necessary Gif not relevant, just cool. Guitar practice - 3x per week? Minim
  20. "OK! This time will be it! I'm going to do it!" Red exclaims to himself! Chest puffed out, hands raised determinedly in the air, ready to take on the world! "Hey you! Get back to work!" a voice cries out from behind him! "Y-yes, Mistress!" He shrieks as he resumes his job As the days pass, Red notices that the weeks fly by, rather quickly. The general labor is tough, and he has gotten somewhat stronger, but something is missing. This strength is... Raw, unrefined, incomplete. Red understands far too well that the muscle that goes forgotten shrinks and withers away. Friends and companions
  21. First thing first thanks for reading. It really helps to have accountability. Second challenge here at the Rebellion so I figure I should do a better job of it. I didn't do as well as I wanted on the last one and I didn't workout at all in the weeks in between so I'm not where I want to be right now. I'm going to be working out either more or less depending on how it goes. First goal. 2 strength training workouts per week. 3 STR Second goal. 2 cardio workouts per week. 3 STA 1 DEX Third goal. 2 martial arts training sessions per week. 1 STR 1 STA 3 DEX Life goal. Practice guitar 1 hour per w
  22. And so the geeky bodhisattva (that's what my username roughly means in Japanese) joins the Monks. Every year around November, Mandirigmang Kaliradman, the FMA group I train with, organizes a tournament among its members, as well as our sister clubs in Manila, Cebu, and South Korea. Although I've been with them for several years now, my focus in the past has always been Aikido. This year will be the first time I will be participating in the Emerald Tournament. My concerns are: 1. My lack of sparring experience (we don't do that in Aikido, unfortunately) and fear of getting hit by a stick
  23. Well hello there, Are you ready for another 6 weeks of fun? Good, me too. So there is some scheduling fun going on for me this challenge, the last 2 weeks of this challenge I will be on travel for work and out of 6 weekends I will only be home for half of them, with one of those 3 weekends hosting house guests. So weekends might be quiet around here. I'm ready to pounce on this challenge, and adjust as needed with the hectic schedule Last challenge I went for the make, do, learn approach. I really liked it so I will be using that template again Quest 1: Make a Mile Counting Lock box
  24. This really should have been a theme for my last challenge, but whatever. Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl was a very long running manga series in Japan from 1986 to 1993. It was also adapted into an anime. I've read the first 20ish issues (~3 volumes) of the manga and it's funny. I should finish the rest (see below). Compete in the Kata Competition This one is pass/fail, though if for whatever reason my partner ends up bowing out and I can't go with anyone else, I will void the goal. He's pretty motivated so that shouldn't be a problem. I am wary of goals that depend on someone else.
  25. This will be my first challenge as an Assassin, so I want to make it good. This may be a bit boring, but I found that doing 2 strength routines and 3 cardio sessions a week really helped me toward my weight loss goal last time around. That being the case... * 2 bodyweight workouts/week: I also now have *rings* - so those will come into play big time. Going to use them for ring pushups (to supplement any other kind of pushup) and bodyweight rows. I do not have a specific workout in mind, but I'll likely alternate between my beefed-up version of the NF Beginner's Bodyweight Routine and a 5x5
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