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Found 2 results

  1. Warrior's Barracks: A warrior needs proper rest: In bed by 11pm A warrior needs to keep her barracks clean: Make bed Sunday thru Thursday A warrior needs to be physically fit & flexible: Exercise 3x per week Stretch every day A warrior keeps track of her workouts: Track dates, names of workouts done, & length of workouts Monk's Temple: A disciple spends time with God: Prayer Bible/devotional readings Sabbath readings Meditation on memory verses Room of Ritual: Habits must be tracked: Track challenge activity Journaling helps mental health: Journal every day to spot weak areas/triggers Athenaeum: Time for learning/recreation: Knitting-finish my project & start learning a new stitch Do the 21 Day Positive Mindset Challenge Play piano 5x per week for 35 minutes each time
  2. Happy 2016 Everyone! It's a new year! A fresh start! And I am so very, very happy to be getting back into a new Nerd Fitness challenge. I'm Yvonne, or athousandwords, and this is my sixth challenge on NF. I've been an Adventurer for all previous challenges, but with the reorg of guilds and some soul-searching about what I want my fit-and-healthy life to look like, I've decided to make the move to Rangers. I'm happy to see some familiar faces over here, so looks like this will be a great challenge to reconnect with some old friends and make lots of new ones. 2015 was a strong year for me. I started off with a Whole30 in January, rejoined NF in June, and spent the majority of the year following a paleo diet and an exercise routine focused on strength training, cycling, and yoga. In November, I eased off a bit from my routine because of several (awesome) vacations and family gatherings, and let myself slip out of a lot of the good habits I developed. So this first challenge of the year will be about kickstarting good habits and health! Goal 1: Whole30 (CON 2, CHA 1) Starting the year with a Whole30 will help me hit the reset button on my poor eating decisions and curb that Sugar Dragon that's been roaring since Thanksgiving. Official Rules and Recommendations are posted here, but the gist is strict paleo: no grains, no sugar, no alcohol, no legumes, no dairy. I've done it before and I know I can do it again! Tracking: Posting what I eat daily (or on a regular basis) Grading: Pass/Fail Goal 2: Establish a weekday morning routine (DEX 1, CON 1, CHA 1) I think I'm secretly a morning person disguised in a very sleepy person's pajamas. I love the way I feel when I wake up early and get stuff done, even if the snooze button thinks otherwise. My goal is to wake up earlier on work days and get a jump start on the day with these five things: Floss Stretch Clean Cat Litter Eat Breakfast Take Prenatal VitaminTracking: Using HabitBull to mark each item complete. Half 'day' counted if something is completed but not done in the morning. Grading: Goal 3: Just Work Out (STR 1, STA 2) As much as I hate to admit it, working out is always the first thing that slips for me, and the hardest thing to get back into. I debated not having a workout challenge this month, but I want to start the year right and that means developing a habit of fitness, even if it sucks sometimes. This month, I will complete Strength Training 2x per week and Cardio 2x per week. They can be on separate days or the same day, and should be at least 20 minutes of activity. Tracking: Posting what I've done here on NF, and using HabitBull to mark complete Grading: Personal Goal: Weekly Cleaning/Organization Task (CHA 1, WIS 1) This year I'm taking the "52 Weeks To An Organized Home: Weekly Challenges" to help organize and declutter our house. This goal is to complete the first four tasks during the week they take place. Tracking: Updating here each week as completed Grading: Starting Stats: STR 13.5 | DEX 8 | STA 11.5 | CON 19.5 | WIS 15.75 | CHA 12.5 Weight: 161.8 Waist: 32"Belly: 38.5"Hips: 41"R Thigh: 24.75"R Bicep: 12.5"Neck: 13"
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