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  1. Goals: Fitness: Workout 3x a week using the Startbodyweight Routine Health: Drink 2 liters of water everyday & 1 apple and ~100 grams of strawberries every day. Hobby: 100% Rayman Origins & start with 100% Darksiders Warmastered. Social: update atleast every 2-3 days here on the forums and comment on 1-2 other challenges. Skill: Practice Juggling & German language So last challenge i made a decent start with getting back into shape. Above are a few stuff i want to do during this challenge. Lets explain a bit more about the goals: Fitness: at the end of the
  2. Grandkai Goes Wick John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will... something you know very little about. Last challenged i did a respawn here in the forums and with fitness, habits, nutrition. Despite having a decent 2 weeks challenge i need more focus on my goals, commitment to not be distracted with videogames & sheer will to succeed in my challenge. FOCUS: Don't be distracted by videogames until my task for the day are complete. These task are the following: - Working out; - Pomodoro Cleaning; - Shopping (if needed); -
  3. Grandkai Prepares for the Assassins There's only 2 weeks left of the challenge, but better late than never. And better prep now than having too much work when the next challenge starts. First a little bit backstory: Hi, i'm Grandkai. I'm from the Netherlands and i have spend a long time here on the forums. But i stopped doing challenges/watching the forums in January. At that time i had everything all right. I worked out, had good nutrition, stretched, ran and all that stuff. But as the months kept going i lost more and more of those things. I started working out le
  4. Hello. So this will be my very first challenge here. I'm gonna skip the introductions first and just go on with my dry run 5-day challenge. I hope I am not that late to post my challenge here.
  5. As 927589452 steps into this new year, he will have to fight many opponents. This is the place to follows him along. He knows his two big foes, which are the Summer at the Lakes and Pools and his degree, but as any big hero, he has to conquer them step by step. Therefore he has to Fitness do his BW Workout or Yoga on 4 of 7 Days he has to have no break longer than 1 Day between Training Health have a self cooked meal for Lunch on 3 of 5 work days Fight do at least two full kata Science: read at least
  6. I have so much red tape to deal with. So much. This will be a challenge inspired by Rufus Drumknott, Lord Vetinari's head clerk. Not one of the more exciting Discworld characters, but if you want red tape cut through, deadlines tended, and forms filled out in triplicate, he's the man to do it. I'm gonna call this the meditation section of the challenge, because that is some quality silence. I would like to cultivate some mental silence like a feather falling in a cathedral. Recurring tasks: Meditate daily, at least six days a week (5 pts each): 0/150
  7. So, December is my least favorite month. I've never been officially diagnosed or anything, but I suspect that I have a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I sometimes struggle with bouts of depression and the struggle gets much worse in the winter months. Basically I just want to hibernate and have little motivation to do anything. On top of this, I struggle with bad feelings about the holiday season, because I'm not personally that into the whole thing for a slew of reasons I won't bore you all with. Nothing awful or traumatic, just a bunch of personal idiosyncrasies really. But I also feel
  8. So I've been on here before, and every time I'm on here I improve myself. And then something happens (I find excuses) and I drift away from here - broke my foot & got depressed, then moved to Florida & got busy. And once again I find myself back at the beginning of my quest. So I'm respawning at level 1, and I'm really hoping that you guys will be able to help me push on through to get some progress going again. (Really, though, I do markedly better when I actually get some response on here then when I get crickets... so please excuse me for being needy and help me out by dropping in o
  9. Lifted 3 workouts/week I've got a good system going, I'd like to keep it up. Regular workout days are Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Things may get squeezed to accommodate missed workouts but the goal is to have 12 workouts during the 'official' challenge timeline. Grounded Morning sun salutations 4/week This was my favorite task from two previous challenges. Perhaps it'll be a nice way to ease into some stretching prior to the re-opening of my circus gym. Fueled Cook 4 meals over the course of this challenge Seems like it wo
  10. Mizbrek shook off the snow from his cloak and stamped his boots as he stepped into the Mended Bow Tavern. The heat from the many fires hit him instantly. The place always seemed bigger on the inside, with its two-storey roof and many tables. He ducked under a man walking past who nearly elbowed him, slapping a green Orc on the back as he did so. He sighed. There were disadvantages to being so short sometimes. He ducked around an Argonian before hopping on one of the taller stools on the bar. The Mended Bow catered to people of various shapes and sizes, and it helped to even some fo
  11. Challenge number... 14 I believe it is for me. If I'm not mistaken, that is. I have had a decent number of good-ish challenges. These usually start out quite well, I make huge improvements. But usually around mid-week 3 I start to... "fall of the wagon" sounds like a big event, when it is more like a lull in the momentum. A dwindling of enthusiasm. I have become stronger and gained endurance as well. This time around I am going to go for a more sedate improvement. Week 1 FlyLady - my apartment will thank me Do something nice for yoursel
  12. There is quite a sturdy rumor that my circus gym will be re-opening some time in July. I've been in and out of a fitness-funk for the last 8 months while they've been closed/relocating so it's time to see if I can be in some kind of decent shape once I can get back to class. Lift weights My old faithful push/pull/legs split 3x/week, please! 15 workouts total Core progressions So much about being in the air is reliant on core strength. I am sure mine is not where it was 8 months ago, so lets work on that. Hollow body holds, floor tucks (no idea w
  13. Hey all, I've been lurking around NF, but haven't spent a lot of time with the forums. I'm looking to kick up my daily quests with some accountability. For this challenge, I will be setting a series of dailies that I will need to complete, well, daily. I track my life in my blog, and my habits in HabitBull. I think this will add another layer of accountability because I know you're all watching! Tracking my food daily, without exception - If I bite it, I write it (tracked in blog) Stepping up my physical presence by committing to activity 6x per week (tracked in Ha
  14. New Challenge I want to do all the things. All the time. But my plate is constantly too full. The plan for March is to make doing-less-but-doing-it-right a thing. This is the last full challenge before I'm here for a full year. I have a lvl 50 25 dream, getting there will require training, training that requires some organisation. Furthermore it encompasses a moderate fluency in at least 2 languages I'm not fluent in yet. Grinding those skills up will have a place too. I'm in the weight room twice a week (if the kids are in daycare or hubby is home), at FKS class twice a week (exc
  15. I tried last challenge and I'll try again. This year is mostly about making habits and sticking to them, keeping up with the habits that I have made and basically trying not to fall completely off the wagon. Goal 1: Everyday movement Walking - a k a day - one kilometre (or more) per day. Bonus if it's not to get somewhere but just for fun. Cycling - to (and hopefully from) work - twice a week Goal 2: Strength One strength workout per week. This can be a strength focused class at my gym, a bodyweight workout or my own hodgepodge. Goal 3: Nutrition Paleo breakfast 5 x a week Pa
  16. EAT eat well, I know how that goes, now I just gotta keep doing it. If it goes well slowly start reducing cheese and non-paleo snacks again. Don't stress too much if it doesn't go that well. Accountibility: post cal total per day and median macros for the week, log water too. MOVE The original plan was workout 3x yoga 5x walk 3x I'm not sure how that will hold up under pressure as I seem to forget yoga, when stressed, which is really sad, because that is the time I could really use it. Also I tried out the Crossfit Class and LOVED IT, have had the corresponding DOMs to
  17. Happy New Year! This year is going to be AWESOME! Now on to the challenge... Complete my morning and night time routine at least 5x a week I am experimenting with a new morning and night routine. I have always had healthy teeth and I generally have good brushing habits, but I have been noticing that my teeth have not been looking so great. I have been doing a lot of research lately about natural oral hygiene and want to give some of it a try. Every morning: Oil pulling, relax with kitty while waking up, workout (strength, yoga, elliptical, etc depending on the day), brush with homemade t
  18. Read this today on my personal email and posted it to my own challenge thread and then thought others might appreciate. Putting something off is harder than doing it right away because we carry with us the heavy burden of worry. When we think about what we have to do, we often become panicky in last-minute attempts to catch up. Procrastination is a learned habit that can be unlearned. The antidote to procrastination is positive action way ahead of deadlines. Dear God (or whatever name/title/term works for you), I no longer want to be a procrastinator. I ask you to re-create me as a perso
  19. If I had to choose the character in literature that I most identify with, it would be Hermione Granger. I was a frizzy haired, smarty pants who spent more time with books than other people for a large part of my school years. I’ve been called a goodie-two-shoes, a brown-noser, bossy, and many other things I wouldn’t type in pleasant company. I didn’t come from “pure bloodâ€. But I will learn and dare almost anything to move forward and help my friends. The Harry Potter series has been reminding me to play to my strengths as I approach some big challenges – moving across country,
  20. Hello everyone!! Well here I am, to tell you guys I went to a Nutritionist She was very well recommended. Based on what we talked, health history from my family (not many problems, thankfully), and all, she ended up making this routine for me. I would like you guys to see it and tell what you thinks about it. At the end of the post I will write more about myself (physical description, old habits...), maybe it will help. I have already started this diet (I learn from many errors in the past that I shouldn't wait forever to make some changes ^^ ). So... here we go! : Breakfast: Option 1:
  21. 2014 was an odd sort of year. I did quite a bit of start/stopping on here. Did well on my maiden challenge, and then tried starting another a few times, but dropped off. Which I’m not going to beat myself up about. I still kept working out a bit, but I could have done with the accountability. The good news is that, while the early challenges petered out because life was tough, the last one petered out because life was brilliant. I fell in love. Simple as that. I met the person I aim to spend my life with, and everything else fell by the wayside. I make no apology for that. I’m incredibly
  22. Hi Everyone, my name is Maddy, I'm 23 and live in Melbourne, Australia. I've just finished my honours degree in history and now its time to make health and exercise a main priority of my post-uni life! I've been a pretty avid gym rat for the past couple of years, but have been struggling through an extended plateau. I've recently changed up my routine a little bit, and lifting and yoga are taking centre stage! My Main Quest for this challenge is to build the habit of this new routine and the habit of eating mostly Paleo (level 6/7), but also to document my progress/regressions so that I can
  23. Embracing the day Make a pot of tea every dayAccount for what I did during the dayStart adding mild stretches once my legs stop hurtingComing out of cyber-space Work on getting the house clean and organizedDo an activity that doesn't involve computer interactionBonus activities Start preparing to blogRevise the chore list Notes for next challenge: I think next challenge I need to work on a food waste goal. It's been a problem that started creeping in over the last couple months, so by the end of this challenge I need to clean out the fridge and start working on a plan. Also, I think I s
  24. Hey Folks, I could use some advice on a habit I'm trying to change right now. I've noticed that I tend to eat between meals a lot, especially when I'm bored. This tends to be a problem especially on weekends. On Friday nights I'll get home from work and fix myself a nice healthy dinner. But even though I'm satisfied from my dinner, I still feel like eating and I have a strong desire to take some snack with me as I read/play video games/whatever. It often ends up that after dinner I keep snacking off and on until 8 or 9 o clock. In addition to the fact that I'm just eating a lot of extra
  25. This is a marker for my new thread, which will be about consolidating the stuff I've learned about fitness and making some of it a habit. I've slipped rather over the last few months, with the result that I've gained fat and feel fed up and tired. One of my major issues is lack of good quality sleep, and that's largely down to working until ridiculous hours. So part of the new me is going to be stopping work at 10pm. It's now 21.55, and I'm going to turn my computer off NOW and go to bed on time so I can get up early to exercise.... see how it goes? Back tomorrow with more details. In th
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