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  1. Mission: Start my journey out of the 200 club once and for all - step out of that comfort zone! My last challenge focused on getting myself somewhat in the mindset of losing weight with minimal failure - discovering myself, my strengths and weaknesses, what I like and dislike, etc. Well, now it's the time to put on my cowgirl boots and get to work. I'm also going to up my grading scale so it'll be a bit more challenging. Quests: #1: Create a routine I'm not saying a daily routine from the time I wake up until I go to bed, but a routine. You know, the routine you have when yo
  2. Hi all, Tim - 33 - UK - 73kg - BMI 23 - Breast Cancer Survivor I had been a habitual gym joiner (9 times in for 13 years). I'd join a gym. I'd meet with the instructor. We'd set a program. I'd go 3 times a week for first week. Then my expectations increased (unrealistically), the excuses started and my interest waned. Eventually I ended up paying for at least 3 months of gym membership without attending. I felt like a failure. A few months later I would pluck up the courage to do it again, convince myself that this time it would be different, and then repeat the same pattern. And then
  3. Edit: I have moved to the assassin's guild! As a third-timer, I have an excuse. Follow me here! Hello, friends! Fair warning: long post ahead. My very vague master quest is to survive a semester in Rome, which I hope to take in Fall 2014. I need the strength to haul heavy suitcases through airports and up hotel stairs, the stamina to spend entire days or weekends walking through Europe, the discipline to finish my final paper in history during the semester while making time to explore the world, and the skills/charisma to order meals in multiple languages and meet new people. The ma
  4. BlamedCat Wars Episode 5 "The Return of Three Dead Nigh" This time around, I've identified a bad habit creeping up in my person. As I jump from challenge to challenge, I'm slacking on previously dominated goals. This challenge is going to be me revisiting three key goals from my past challenges and implementing them. I know we're suppose to have four, but I feel my life goal would be best served to establish these three "old" goals once again and fashion them into something stronger in my life than just a pat on the back and an A on a challenge goal. In church today, the pastor brought
  5. Hello! This is my first 6 week challenge and there are a few things I'm setting out to accomplish: changing some heavily ingrained habitspassing a course that is very important to me (towards getting my accounting designation)Its important for me to get through each course and exam on my first attempt as any failed result at this point means I get set back a whole year (since the Big Accounting Exam only happens once/year). My challenge right now is that between my course load and work as an articling accounting student, I'm glued to my desk a minimum of 60 to 70 hours a week. When I fin
  6. I'm a 21 year old white female college student. I weigh around 265 lbs at 5'4". I have a desk job and rarely exercise. I've been obese all of my life, and it's time to end it. I've tried the typical eat better and exercise routine, but I've found that jumping in all at once and hoping for the best isn't the way to build a healthy lifestyle. This is my very first 6-week challenge and I'm here to build healthy habits for my life. Thank you in advance to anyone with encouraging words. Diet and Fitness Goals: 1) No sugary food/drinks for 6 weeks. This includes soda, ice cream, desert
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