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  1. Athaclena here - sliding into a new Challenge. I've ticked a LOT of things off of my life to do list with the "if only" and "if just". Welp, I've had that fancy job that lets me live anywhere (with internet) and good $$ for over 9 years. 2 years ago we made it up to the Chattanooga area and FINALLY last year sloughed off the houses that were draining all of our finances and we have settled into our dream home in the mountains. Along the way I've finally formed a few habits I've worked on FOREVER - like going to bed with a clean kitchen - but there are a LOT more I'm working on and now's the time to finally form them - and this time I think I have a shot at it as I didn't realize how much stress, anxiety, etc. were really tied to my living situation that are now gone.... and I feel actually free and in a better headspace than I have for.... well... maybe ever. Only took me 50 years..... Anywho..... as I've found I really do need to start small - that's what I'm going to do. Small, consistent changes. 1) 10 min of moving every day. It really doesn't matter if it's a walk, stretching, gardening, etc. But just 10 minutes EVERY DAY - going to try to work this into my AM before work. 2) I've been terrible to my teeth during the pandemic - so I'm adding in using my Water Pik and brushing my teeth every night before bed. 3) Now that I'm not living in a dungeon setting (blackout curtains required to block "city" lights so I can sleep) - actually set a realistic schedule. Starting my go to bed routine by 10:30p (tidy kitchen, run dishwasher, feed kitties, etc). Up by 7:30a. I hope to inch that back a half hour over the challenge and up my morning moving. But that's it - those 3 things.
  2. Little late, but here. I am moving again roughly a week after this challenge ends, assuming nothing changes. And I am so over it. Packing a few bags, setting everything on fire, and jetting off to a warm beach somewhere is starting to sound like a sensible and rational plan, but even that would involve packing bags, and who wants to do that? This whole situation is psychologically wearing and often overwhelming to think about, and in order to make time (which I then procrastinated away), I abandoned the habits that are supposed to help me cope: exercise, prayer, gratitude, fiddling joyful music. (I have mostly kept up the reading). Which left the only "acceptable" thing to do working on the move, which of course led to procrastination, extremely long breaks, ruminating on other stressful things, etc. Not the most productive in terms of stress reduction, mental health, or basic self-compassion. So this challenge, while I am carrying over goal-oriented items from last time, my real focus is on the habit items (bolded). My non-habit goals are going to be of the take-that-box-and-fill-it-with-things variety, but if I need a break, I still intend to roll against my list and do Something Else when I need to. Assuming my habits are all done, of course. STR Exercise daily with GMB programs. Make a list of specific movements that could be interesting to build towards, such as a pullup or pistol. DEX I will build a skill tree to figure out which movements "unlock" harder skills. CON Eat at least two meals every day. INT Read two books per challenge, one fiction, one non-fiction, both of a different genre/topic than previous challenge. WIS Find a study circle and join it. Read Quran every day, even if only a handful of verses. Pray every day, even if just a quick prayer of gratitude. CHA Start training for volunteer position (scheduled for early March). Occupational Get all my Amazon stock listed. Assemble tax information and place it in an easy-to-find place pre-move. Art & Tool Practice fiddle every day. Find a challenging fiddle piece as a goal for the year. Have another look at the many organization categories that need purging and make some sort of realistic plan for this. Try one fun new thing per challenge cycle. One session of trying it out is fine to fulfill the goal. Language Activate and/or schedule plan for practicing languages. Schedule annual goal items. Continue my daily Duolingo lessons in at least one language per day, as well as my Arabic lessons through Bayyinah (at least two per week).
  3. Greetings, heroes, and welcome to the next chapter in the fascinating saga of Artemis Prime's adventures in Middle Earth! Last month I read Gretchen Rubin's Better Than Before, which overall didn't do much for me, but I did really like what she had to say about what she called foundational habits. The gist of it is, some habits have a larger impact on our lives than others, so it makes sense that we put most of our effort into those habits. That resonated with me, and also made me realize that I'd let my "garden" get a little out of hand by trying to plant too much in it (which is also what happens with my actual garden, coincidentally enough.) So instead of trying to fit everything I do into one of my garden categories, my focus for this challenge is going to be nailing down those habits that leave me with a strong foundation to pursue other things. I made it through all five weeks of the last challenge, but it was a near thing at the end there. I started to get bored with my three goals, but also didn't want to mess with consistency too much, so as a concession to my desire to do ALL THE THINGS! I've decided to breathe some new life into my Battle Log. The general idea is that I do random things over there as determined by drawing cards, which will hopefully leave me better able to focus on small, consistent changes in my challenges. Somewhat unexpectedly, a job opening presented itself and I had an interview on Tuesday that went really well, so with any luck I may be changing jobs during this challenge, which I think makes it even more critical to cement my foundation. I had already been planning a basic habits challenge, but the timing is working out rather nicely. So, without further ado, the revamped garden: Athelas: This was originally about Bible reading and somehow morphed into my morning routine. So I'm trimming it back to be my spiritual disciplines category. I have a book on spiritual disciplines I'd like to work my way through this year, some of which might become regular parts of my routine, and others which are just to be done seasonally as needed. For starters, I'm focusing on morning devotions M-F (I've found a book on women of the Bible that I'm really enjoying for this) and connecting with a local congregation. That involves attending Sunday service at St. Peter's Anglican and checking out their women's small group with meets on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. The White Tree of Gondor: The White Tree represents Gondor's strength, and as such covers my fitness regimen. I know I said I wasn't going to jump out of Hero's Journey early, but I've decided that I'm going to jump out of Hero's Journey early. I think it's done its job of getting me into a regular routine of working out again, and the overall scheme of doing lots of bodyweight reps of everything just isn't meshing with what I want my workouts to look like. I miss lifting things. So I'm going to switch to a more traditional push/pull split plus my Battle Log workouts on Saturdays, shooting for 3-4 workouts/week (counting the Battle Log stuff.) The Battle Log also introduces more walking/hiking, although the mileage per week will vary based on what cards I pull. Old Man Willow: Just like Old Man Willow put the hobbits to sleep in the Old Forest before Tom Bombadil rescued them, this is my sleep habit. I've been doing fairly well at getting to bed between 10 and 11, and also want to work on the habit of brushing my teeth and washing my face at 9:30, so I'm ready to go and don't have to worry about trying to get the routine done once I'm already tired and ready for bed. Party Tree: As much as I like to pretend that I'd be happy as a total hermit, I need interaction with people. This overlaps a little with my spiritual discipline goal, as I'll be working to connect with the other congregants and trying to find a small group to join, but there is other socializing to be done as well. Part of my Battle Log involves looking into groups to get involved with, whether it's gaming or theater or music or hiking, but I have no way of knowing when those goals will be drawn, so for now we'll let them be. I have two main groups of friends: Slippery Rock friends and Butler friends. The goal here is simply to hang out with each group at least once during this challenge. Two Trees of Valinor: The two trees of Valinor were the source of light and water to the Valar before being destroyed by Melkor and Ungoliant and becoming the Sun and Moon. So they represent my need to drink water and spend time outside. Once summer hits and things heat up, I'll probably bump this goal up, but for starters I will be aiming to empty my Nalgene bottle once/day. I have to be outside twice/day to take care of my animals, but I've decided that doesn't count for this goal, so I have to spend 10 minutes outside doing something fun. This will probably mostly be playing with Jade, who I don't think I've officially introduced to you guys yet. #besties For all these daily goals, 7/7 would be ideal, but 5/7 will be a passing grade. I'm toying around with using Habitica to track my habits, so if anyone else is interested in jumping on and forming an Adventure Party, hit me up! I took zero week off, which I don't regret as long as I manage to rev back up for week one. I'll officially be starting on Sunday.
  4. THE MAIN GOAL: From December 5th to December 25th, I will get up every weekday at 6:30 in the AM and, most importantly, I will not slam the snooze button 4 to 8 times. That is it. That is, literally, the whole challenge, because I've learned that the bar has to be set really low for me to be able to succeed at this habit building thing. (This is essentially the same thing as the Daily December challenge that some other NF Rebels and I are doing in the NF Prime Facebook group, but I figured I'd make a thread here as well for extra accountability. And to have an extra place to brain dump.) IDEALLY, I would like to establish a morning routine that I can actually stick with. Here is the routine I have in mind: - Wake up. - Do some quick movement/stretches. - Wash my face and shower, and not forget to use the expensive cleanser and moisturizer that is currently not being used. - Walk the dog, but longer and in less of a mad rush. - Drink my coffee (and have breakfast if I'm not doing IF) while relaxing and not being in a mad rush. Even though it's a really fucking basic and bare-minimum routine, it cannot happen if I don't get up on time So this will be it for the Holiday Challenge. And also for the next NF Challenge just to make sure the habit actually sticks.
  5. I'm just jumping right back into things. I've already got a bit of a thing going but I want to hone in on everything and just keep it moving. My real focus is habit, routine building, and consistency around a couple key areas. Goals 1. Do something active every single day. Walk the dog, do yoga, lift some weights. Doesn't really matter, just do something. 5 days out of 7 is success to me. Well, 7/7 would be ideal but I'm really working on going easy on myself. 6 months ago I was working out 0 days out of 7 and any improvement over that is a win for me. I found this harder when I was trying to schedule myself too strictly. Now I just do the thing as soon I have the time in the day and that's working really well. The big secret for me is just putting my workout clothes on. I just have to force myself to get dressed for the activity and by that time I'm invested and I'm not backing out. And it's pretty easy to convince myself to just put the shoes on when going for a walk sounds like too much. 2. Nail the sleep routine. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. I have discovered that sleep is the foundation on which everything else rests. Bad sleep for me means no workout, no healthy food, and bad moods. I really hate this on the weekend, but I have started to come around. I actually really like getting all my weekend errands done on Saturday morning and having the rest of the weekend to hang out and relax. It's a bit of a mindset shift and it is taking some time to adjust to but I am genuinely beginning to see the good in it. Noticing the benefits is a big motivator for me. I have a sleep book I've been taking tips from and that's super helpful. 3. Do the things my therapist tells me to do. Journal. Meditate. Read. I just keep forgetting. I want to set reminders on my phone but I haven't really figured out the time of day where this stuff works for me. So I want to spend a couple days experimenting and really trying to figure out where this makes sense on a daily basis and then keeping it up as a habit. I'm just grading everything out of 7 at the end of the week for the sake of simplicity.
  6. With two successful challenges under my belt so far in 2021, I’m back and ready for another! ...Well. Actually. No. Not quite. Technically, I’m at the beach for the next two weeks. So… if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance I’m sitting in the sand with a piña colada in my Yeti right now. Sorry. But I’m not going to let all that good momentum go to waste! I’m definitely going to enjoy the hell out of this vacation, but I am committing to sticking to some of my goals, and hitting the ground running when I get back. This will (mostly) be a challenge in two parts: 🏖 Weeks 0-1 🏖 and Weeks 2-5 with three main focuses: Diet, Exercise, and Habits. DIET 🏖 Weeks 0-1 🏖 My goal for these first two weeks is just to eat mindfully and try not to binge eat just because I can. At this point, Intermittent Fasting 16/8 is almost second nature, but I know I’m going to struggle with not eating after 8pm if we’re doing something fun like drinks by the pool or a special dessert. Paleo/Primal will also be a challenge because we’re doing group meals and it can be hard to eat grain-free when someone is making, say, baked spaghetti. So I’m just going to do my best. And to make the game more interesting, being mindful of my goals during the beach weeks will have a direct impact on how much I have to buckle down during the second half of the challenge. IF 16/8 at least 4x a week Each Primal meal I eat earns me an extra “non-primal” meal in weeks 2-5 Weeks 2-5 Time to recommit! I’ve been having really good success with a “primal-ish” diet - basically no grains, no high fructose corn syrup, no legumes. But I’m comfortable with limited amounts of dairy, exceptions for condiments, and starchy veg like white potatoes. IF 16/8 at least 6x a week Eat Primal-ish most of the time: 1 non-primal meal per week + any extra meals I “earn” during weeks 0-1 EXERCISE 🏖 Weeks 0-1 🏖 I know that exercising in the southern heat, on vacation, is going to be a challenge, so I’m cutting myself a good degree of slack here. This is mostly for the sake of “keep it up, don’t lose that momentum.” Run at least 20 min, 5 times Bodyweight workout, 3 times Weeks 2-5 Last challenge, I finished the C25k and consistently did the NF Beginner Bodyweight Workout. Now I’m working toward my ultimate goal of a sub-30min 5k and supplementing with some strength training. I’d like to find an ST workout that I really love, but I'm not sure if that’s going to happen with this challenge, so keeping up the BBW is fine too! 1x long run per week - starting at 30min and adding 5 min each week 2x 30 min runs per week - focused on speed 3x ST workouts per week HABITS Here’s where I break from the Phase 1/Phase 2 approach because the habits are critical - all challenge long. So they just need to get done. I’ll be tracking these in Habitica and there had better be a 35 day streak at the end of this challenge. Drink 8 cups of water Floss and Brush teeth No nail biting And that’s it! Usually I like to include a creative goal – bullet journaling, organizing, self-care – but honestly, I feel like this is enough for now. I may come back in and add something when I get back from the beach, if I feel like I need more of a challenge. But I’m pretty sure that coming down from the vacation high is going to be challenging enough.
  7. things in my life are going so well that I can hardly cope: Remember when I wrote the concept for my friendship bench* project last challenge? well, it was accepted and its ooooooon! the project will start in September or October and I will get paid for it. we are still organizing funds, but since its just peanuts money for the group of sponsors its about 90% sure that I will have a new job soon. A better job too. My hiking during the last challenge enabled me ,although injured, to take part in a real race. I was in the walking competition and did 7k yesterday without problem. I was embarrassingly slow, but I couldnt care less. 81,15 minutes of pure exitement! look at me smiling: this was part of a political campaign. This one here founded a great running/ walking team. yay! third: I went back to keto. It was such a good way of eating for me until I fell off. then I didnt have the money for it. But Ive been smoking and drinking less and can afford it now. Lost 2kg already and feel energized. fourth: Ive lost the habit of daily drinking and even when I had some, I didnt overdo it. that made for some early mornings with lots of energy. win! SO HOW DO I PROCEED FROM HERE?? GOALS keep this sh!t up!!!! stay consistent with your good new habits. dont go back to drinking a lot, move your black @ss as much as you can and stay with 24cigarettes a day. stay keto, stay energetic, stay mentally balanced ( as well as is possible with schizophrenia ) by journaling and planning and taking rest days. work on your career, dude!!!!( tomorrow I contest for a seat in my states diversity council, speech is written. wish me luck! ) . Political work needs to be done constantly during this challenge. also I want to prep my new project and get stuff done so I can start working in fall. (I found out that I need breaks, even from this awesome place on the internet. So dont worry I I go awol in between. I try to update daily and its fun to be here, but sometimes I just need to step back a little. I apologize in advance! Sometimes I come here just to read your threads though... I just can't be active here all the time.) SO LETS DO THIS, YOU HEROES!!!!!
  8. I have free time at work... so I'm using it write the new post. Work = Rec and Park Internship where I get to try out the "manager role/admin duties". I'm a Rec and Park undergrad finishing up my degree with this internship. Will be working until Fall, but getting my degree in August (yay!) Internship is going great, like seriously "perfect Internship I couldn't even dream of level". Especially during crazy pandemic still continuing. Downside, I'm no longer in a physical job. Upside I am taking advantage of a normal job routine, and live in a place where its quite a bit less stressful. So taking advantage of the situation as I'm getting this groggy after work, continuing weight loss... I just passed the 20 lb milestone, for 2021! This challenge is definitely going to be a grind on creating habits (may finally have to read the habits book...) Keeping at if even if my job blew out my brain a bit... Routines: This is a hate/love relationship right here... Morning and Bedtime routines. Hoping to find a good "routine" to check off of every morning and night. No screens after 8: Find I tend to go to bed faster or finish things up when I put the phone away at 8. YNAB: Doing something on the app once per a day gives me a point. A budgeting software I tried on and off for years. I was on the fence for this goal, but honestly this is a goal to get handled where I hope to master. I have some money habits I would like to get in check, especially as of the many unknowns after graduating this August. No Screens with meals: This was on top of my list from my Naturopath... I can do this, it is not as hard as it was 5 years ago (where my mind was my enemy). I just need a reward... Going to add eating and driving, since I realized eating a pack of nuts and lara bar before driving home might do me better than driving home. Bonus: Working out: I have Ring Fit, I have trails I need to walk on my own time... just making the time to do it will help. Meal Prep: I'm actually giving myself a point for every meal I prep in advance. Allowing myself frozen dinners, but getting this in would hit my goals better. Myfitnesspal: I don't hate it as much as I used to, find it less stressful then YNAB actually. Right now using it for "checking in" tool. ' Since I'm earning full time pay, my hope is to turn my goals into points... that I can cash out when I hit a goal. First goal: Oats Overnight... started eyeing them for breakfast or a bed time snack. Will see if I like them.... Also I actually need to watch this show.....
  9. Suddenly the machine was wobbling... In a few hours the shops out there were expecting deliveries, and they weren't going to arrive. The government couldn't sit this one out. A city like Ankh-Morpork was only two meals away from chaos at the best of times. Every day, maybe a hundred cows died for Ankh-Morpork. So did a flock of sheep and a herd of pigs and the gods alone knew how many ducks, chickens and geese. Flour? He'd heard it was eighty tons, and about the same amount of potatoes and maybe twenty tons of herring. He didn't particularly want to know this kind of thing, but once you started having to sort out the everlasting traffic problem these were facts that got handed to you. Every day, forty thousand eggs were laid for the city. Every day, hundreds, thousands of carts and boats and barges converged on the city with fish and honey and oysters and olives and eels and lobsters. And then think of the horses dragging this stuff, and the windmills... and the wool coming in, too, every day, the cloth, the tobacco, the spices, the ore, the timber, the cheese, the coal, the fat, the tallow, the hay, EVERY DAMN DAY. And that was now. Back home, the city was twice as big. Against the dark screen of night, Vimes had a vision of Ankh-Morpork. It wasn't a city, it was a process, a weight on the world that distorted the land for hundreds of miles around. People who'd never see it in their whole life nevertheless spent their life working for it. Thousands and thousands of green acres were part of it, forests were part of it. It drew in and consumed... ...and gave back the dung from its pens and the soot from its chimneys, and steel, and saucepans, and all the tools by which its food was made. And also clothes, and fashions and ideas and interesting vices, songs and knowledge and something which, if looked at in the right light, was called civilization. That's what civilization meant. It meant the city. Was anyone else out there thinking about this? Was anyone important thinking about this? Suddenly the machine was wobbling, but Winder and his cronies didn't think about the machine, they thought about money. Meat and drink came from servants. They happened. Vetinari, Vimes realized, thought about this sort of thing all the time. The Ankh-Morpork back home was twice as big and four times as vulnerable. He wouldn't have let something like this happen. Little wheels must spin so that the machine can turn, he'd say. But now, in the dark, it all spun on Vimes. If the man breaks down, it all breaks down, he thought. The whole machine breaks down. And it goes on breaking down. And it breaks down the people. Terry Pratchett, Night Watch My machine is wobbling, and little wheels must spin so that the machine can turn. Right now, it all spins on me. If I break down, it all breaks down.
  10. So, somebody developed a fixation on Mount Everest during these trying times. it's me, I developed a fixation on Mount Everest during these trying times I don't remember what got me into googling about the mountain, watching tons of gopro videos on Youtube and reading Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air. Sometimes, when I'm exhausted with my life, I get fixated on stuff this way - but, in my defense, it's a pretty interesting mountain, alright?? Climbing Everest requires so much effort and resources that I will never do it (also, I'd die in 20 different ways), but rock climbing has offered me a perpective on changing habits and self-development. I have this idea that changing your life is like a movie montage, where you just magically end up where you're supposed to be in a fun scene. But in reality, change takes time and effort. There are setbacks and days when you're tired. This isn't a bad thing, but the way I've been looking at my life has been kinda impatient, thinking that I should already have this and should already have accomplished that, when I simply haven't gotten there yet! When climbing a big-ass mountain, you need to pace yourself, acclimatize, evaluate your decisions well and trust your team. I need to understand that I have no rush to be where I want to be (pace yourself), and if I take time to make small changes over time, I won't get overwhelmed (acclimatization). When a new situation emerges, I can think about where I'm headed and decide, where to go (evaluate your decision well). Also, spending time around like-minded people and asking for help when needed can help me reach my goals in a more pleasant way - and I can also support other people to live their best life (trust your team). So, this is gonna be my way of looking at things as I keep developing habits and systems, which I started in previous challenge. My three habits: 1) Eat a proper breakfast and lunch Eating a big breakfast and lunch have proven to help me eliminate snacking and excessive cravings (some cravings are a-ok). I have been eating a big breakfast and big lunch, and now I want to focus on finding a couple of new lunch alternatives I'd like. - eat a big breakfast and lunch at lest 20 times a month - try out at least two new lunch recipes during the challenge 2) Journal a couple of times a day I will stack the habit of journaling on my other habits to make them stick better. 1. When I wake up in the morning and put on the lights, I write one page worth of text in my journal. 2. When I go to bed in the evening, I write another page. Small, but that's acclimatization, baby!! 3) Do a strength training workout twice a week I bought a course that has workouts you can do at home. So, twice a week, I'll do a strength training workout Bonus: Do something nice for someone else and/or ask for help at least once a day I have issues with trusting people and thinking that they want to support me (I have experiences of bullying and being used), even though I have wonderful friends and family around me. I'm thinking that if I focus on making someone else's day a bit brighter, I might find a new way of looking at this issue. I tend to withdraw and suffer in silence, so I've tried to learn to ask for help when I need it and trust that I'm not a burden to others. So, I will either find a way to make someone's day a little brighter or ask for help when I need it every day. I'll revise my progress at the end of each week. Let's goooooo!
  11. Hello folks! Many years ago, I used to post in this forum. I was a casual poster, but tried a few challenges. A lot has changed since I was last here, so it seems fitting to return to the start line. I have unfortunately dropped the ball on my general health. I got distracted with my career, love life, and anxiety chewed away at my remaining will. I used to be of average health, now I'm back to my pre-fitness levels of obesity & performance. I'm not putting myself down for it. I simply have postponed taking action longer than I'd like. No more of that! Right now is the perfect time for me to focus on my physical health. Because I have such a long journey from where I am starting to where I want to be, I divided up my goals even further than I normally would. For the Biggest of Pictures, I have my Ultimate goal. This will be my compass when the fog of everyday life gets too thick. It will help me remember why I subject myself to these whims. Ultimate Goal: Balanced performance of strength & endurance 20-23% body fat Comfortably bike 30+ miles Comfortably hike 4-6 hours Run a 5K It will take me a very, very long time to get to those goals, especially the body fat %. Because it seems so far away, I created a mid-boss to have an anchor to look forward to in the meantime. When I was at my healthiest, I was still on my journey to that Ultimate Self, but I was also very satisfied with who I was in the moment. I miss those days with a giant dose of nostalgia when I see pictures from that era. It was about 5 years ago, so there's nothing stopping me from returning to that level except my procrastination. Mid-Boss: Novice lifter 170 lb (don't remember my %) Comfortably bike 15 miles 4x/week Comfortably walk 2 hours 5-6x/week Hike 2-3 hours I loved who I was even at the mid-boss level, but I'm not even close to that, either. That's okay, that's why I'm here. Today: No strength routine 240 lb Can bike for 1.5 miles until heart rate spikes (Oof) Walking for more than 20 minutes feels like jogging at mid-boss level Hike? Outside? Can we just take a drive? So. Cat's out of the bag, I have really let myself go. I grew up a fat kid, had a near-death experience, took charge of my health for 3 years, lost a lot of social support in a short amount of time, and mental illness ravaged whatever threads I had left. Over time, it just got a bit worse every year until now. Okay , Okay. Enough rambling. Let's get to the good stuff. Quest 1: Establish a Fitness Routine Establishing habit is my main goal for this challenge. It is the King Bob-omb. I'm not going to look at performance as a metric, although I will keep it in mind as the weeks go on. I haven't decided on a specific strength routine yet, but luckily I have previous experience to draw on before the 2nd rolls up. I'll make a second "pre" post detailing it. SMART translation: Strength train with full-body work-out 2x/week Walk or bike for 20+ minutes, 3+x/week Quest 2: Improve Endurance Okay, I lied. I'm honestly worried about my heart's health, especially with current events. I don't like how obvious my body struggles to exist, so it's my "lighthouse" goal. I need something tangible to feel like I'm doing something productive, because establishing habits doesn't quite do it for me. SMART translation: Increase walk duration by 5 minutes each time Increase bike duration by 5 minutes each time Quest 3: Begin to Lose Weight I'm leaving this one somewhat vague on purpose. I believe that actions come first, results will come later. I have unfortunately had a lot of false starts by expecting to lose weight as quickly & firmly as I did the first time, and gave up after weeks of my weight not budging. I honestly consider plateauing a victory at this point, but I'd like to see my weight go down after 4 consistent weeks of habit-forming. SMART translation: Weight at any point under 240 lb by 9/5/20 Bonus: Record-Keeping My last goal is to journal more often. It helps my mental health. SMART translation: Journal entry 3+x/week Duty calls, so I must depart. But I will be back soon!
  12. Hi, Druids! Still hanging out here because I'm still working on more of an inner discipline/self-improvement challenge! Last challenge I managed to create and stick with a regular schedule for the first time in my adult life. After living that for a month, I have a few tweaks to add to it, and some things I want to flesh out a bit. This is the schedule I want to keep for this challenge: 7:30 AM: Wake up. Turn on sun lamp. 8:15 AM: Exercise with wife (yoga or weight lifting) 9:00 AM: Breakfast, then leave for work. 1:00 PM: Lunch (30 min) - Do DuoLingo. 6:30 PM: Head home (arrive ~7:15). 7:30 PM: Eat dinner. 8:00 PM: Go for a walk with wife. 8:20 PM: Free time (TV, hobbies, art, gaming) - use blue light blocking glasses 9:45 PM: Take melatonin. Get ready for bed. 10:30 PM: Bed time. The biggest change here is that I'm going to try to work out in the morning, and walk in the evening. It seems to take me about 45 minutes to get ready from waking up to ready to walk out the door. I also want to leave 45 minutes for exercising and then showering/whatever afterward. Since I need to leave for work at 9 AM, that means waking up at 7:30 AM, half an hour earlier than I am now. Which means the end of the day has to shift a little to compensate. I think the sense of accomplishment and physical benefits of regularly doing yoga and lifting will make the earlier bed time worth it! I should also mention that I'm not going to start lifting until I start taking testosterone. I've been told that once I start, I will quickly see some major changes re: energy and hunger. So I'm going to need to adapt to that once I do start, which should be in 2-3 weeks. So the latter half of the challenge should be... interesting. There's an order of priority in keeping my schedule, with the highest priority being "stuff that has to happen every day no matter what": 1. Wake with sun lamp at 7:30 AM; take melatonin and get ready for bed by 10:00 PM 2. Eat breakfast before leaving home; eat lunch by 1:00 PM 3. Some form of exercise in the morning 4. Nightly walk; use free time constructively A change in focus this time around is on eating in a regular schedule. With sleep more generally managed than before, I became aware that my eating habits are all over the place. And I'm developing a worrying habit of skipping breakfast and then "putting off" lunch as late as possible - usually after 2pm. The worst part about that is that when I finally do eat, I can't seem to get properly full unless I eat something very heavy in fat and carbs. Also, I just feel terrible, with headaches and lightheadedness. Why am I doing this to myself? So eating regularly is priority 2 now, almost as important as book-ending my sleep time with rhythm-resetting light/hormone cues. Because food also resets the rhythm, and because this quasi "intermittent fasting" thing isn't doing me any favors. (And skipping meals is going to be a LOT worse on me once I start adjusting to a male metabolism! So I gotta nip this in the bud now.) EDIT: And I forgot to add the other important challenge I need to do: Hydration! For now, I am making it a goal to fill and then drink my entire 1.5 liter water bottle every day (including weekends!!) I think part of my low energy/feeling like crap issues are coming from chronic dehydration. I don't look forward to peeing 20 times a day, but it needs to happen. And another, "softer" focus is on using my free time in a more constructive manner. I have about an hour and a half every evening to do whatever, but it mostly gets used to watching TV or YouTube videos. So I've created a loose weekly schedule of what to do each day during that evening time. TV time is still on there, but so is painting with my wife (one of her favorite hobbies) and days where I play video games (a hobby I miss). My hope is that I'll appreciate my free time more if I actually use it for hobbies I like.
  13. Happy New Year Everyone! So, I'm finally back, and glad to be here. I am ready to reboot like a ranger: Ms. Moros is back to normal, and I can reboot my workout program. For a while, her situation was like this: Now, she's better, and I have been rebuilding quietly. Now, I am ready to get back into it. My goals are pretty simple: 1. Continue with my sleep and morning exercise goals 2. Create a healthy way to wind down in the evening, and better prepare for the morning 3. Focus on food - the 80% of the battle: Details are below the fold. I still need to add an appropriate award, but I need to think about that for a bit. Maybe some new NF gear?
  14. Come one, come all! Hello everyone! These last few months have been tough, but I feel like now it is tougher and I am in need of some additional support, so here I am :D! We all know Christmas can be magical and wonderful and the best moment of the year. As long as it does not generate anxiety, fights with our loved ones and general fear of overeating AND desire to eat just one more slice of that pie that only comes once a year. So I feel I will need to setup goals, accountability and more generally to infuse my life with some FUN, because I want Christmas to be awesome but it is not starting well. *sigh* But I have hope! So let's start! My goals to prepare Christmas are: 1- to get back to having good food habits, so that when I am offered this second (or fourth) slice of pie, I say no serenely, not feeling like I am depriving myself. 2- to find out workout routines I can do anywhere, in a short time, so that I have no excuse for not moving at least a little, no matter what equipment I have (or do not have) 3- to make some more space in my life (and in my apartment) for the future. My apartment is a mess (hidden inside closets, but still a MESS) and I want to stop hiding piles of junk and just have what I need. I am revisiting Marie Kondo and all of the tidying experts and just getting rid of a bunch of stuff. The common thread for these 3 goals is that I LOVE the feeling post doing them, but dislike the process of doing them. So I shall set smaller goals, which should create good habits! I want to be proud of me and my life and for that, I have to invest a little time and effort in making them better, rather than complain about them. So no more Mrs. Sad-pants, welcome Mrs. I-am-able-to-do-things-at-least-in-small-increments! I will focus this challenge until the 22nd and hope to pursue it the week after, but I want to be realistic. 1- food habits - Good food habits start with knowing what it is that you are doing right and wrong. Sooooo logging has to come back. There is no good way to do this - I just have to get back into the habit. I will start a fresh google spreadsheet and do my best - One simple way to reduce the amount of food is to work on eating incrementally later in the morning - and then leading to intermittent fasting. I have done it in the pas, so I know I can do it again. This will be a progressive goal - with the target to be okay eating after 11am once I am on holidays at home and the bakery is downstairs from my home. (#tempationisaliveandwell). - Finally, I want to eat more mindfully, taking time to appreciate the food and then paying attention as to how it makes me feel (like I discovered that eating fried chicken gives me a stomachache, so why would I eat that again? I don't eat spicy food for this reason) 2- workouts - Move everyday, no matter what. 5 minutes of barbell. A 15-min walk. The difficulty will be to put clothes on (#comfypajamas) and to overcome the holiday blues which makes me want to stay in bed and do nothing (#yesterday) That's. It. No hour-long workouts, no PR competition, no 100-squats a day (although I could do 10 and add 1 every day!). 3- tidying up Every weekend day, I will choose a small place and tidy it up. Last week I worked on my shoe and umbrella storage place and ended up donating 3 bags full of shoes and umbrellas (I had 8 umbrellas at home and 4 at the office - I don't know how it is possible). If I am working on a larger place (saaaay the stationary closet - OMG there is soooo much stuff in there), I can cut it up in 15min increments. But I have to put in at least 15min per weekend day. That's it! I will setup weekly goals and try to update this thread as I go. I will also participate in mini-challenges, because 90% of these are so so so fun ^^. I will setup a point system and a nice reward at the end. All the compulsory things will yield positive and negative points and then I will add a bunch of other stuff which just give bonus point (e.g., meal prepping!) just to add positive things :). Hope to do well and wish you all success in your challenges and happiness in this end of year!
  15. I was on a bit of a roll with the previous challenge, but I had a random encounter with the depressions, and before I knew it, it's almost the end of the month. No training, no reading, no writing, no lifting, no hygiene. I even forgot what color my toothbrush is. Welp, reload and tackle this challenge again. I'll be seeing the doc this week to see if we can adjust anything. On a plus side, I've been getting a lot of training lately. Impostor syndrome is kicking in, insisting that this will not last. Whatever. I'll just provide the best service I can and worry about the future when the bills start to suffocate me again. I'll add training every day to the quest list, so it's three. ====================================================================================================================== MONDAY > laundry > grocery > meal prep TUESDAY > jiu-jitsu WEDNESDAY > VA appointment > jiu-jitsu THURSDAY > meal prep > dishes > Skyrim FRIDAY > wake up early > VA appt SATURDAY > jiu-jitsu > curriculum > snatch SUNDAY > early wake-up and work > shoot videos > oil change
  16. I've found out from my previous challenge that my task list was quite difficult to accomplish due to factors that I was unable to take into account. I will be trying a different approach of habit-building rather than addressing specific targets one at a time. The Rule of Three Focusing on too many things is focusing on nothing. I end up looking for small fires to put out rather than addressing the huge ones right in front of me, burning my eyebrows off. Before bed I will write down three things I need done the following day--that's it. The three will be priorities that must be completed that day, and the other shit won't matter. A Morning Routine Unless I do something dumb, my wake-up routine is pretty much the same--check social media for more time than necessary, brew some coffee and Fallout Shelter, and check my HRV. Also pretty dumb. For the next four weeks I'm going to try a better 30-min routine. No social media until everything is done. HRV check, dogs taken out to pee, and 30 minutes of reading a book (which may later turn into writing). Nothing too crazy, but it's shit that has to be done, but I'm not prioritizing. (I will probably gradually add more things as we go.) The Dream Week I've found that if I don't schedule something, I will find a way to waste that time. The goal is to account for my time all week, and schedule all the important activities I need to do. I'm looking to download Google Calendar and allot time on Sundays to put down everything I will be doing that week. Let's see how concentrated efforts play out.
  17. Hi everyone. Hope it's ok to hang with the Scouts for a bit. I'm getting into running, but hit a snag when I became sick. I was up to running a half-mile without stopping; but now I'm not sure where to begin again. I was doing Couch 2 5K; so my question is this: do I start over (it's been about 2 weeks since I've done any running)? Do I pick up where I left off? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  18. Antidepressants and unhealthy habits have pretty much put my libido in a Saharan pit, so, hey guys, here's a super fun challenge. Of course, this being a public forum, I'll be working hard to keep it to innuendo and limit the juicy details. Food: - track on MFP every day - 10 points for every day without sugar - 10 points for every healthy meal - better hydrate... 10 points for every bottle of water consumed. - limit to 1 diet coke a day Brain: - read at least 30 minutes before bed every night House: - clean for 30 minutes every day as soon as I get home from work - 10 points for cleaning in lingerie Relationship (this was hard to make into smart goals because it involves more than one other person's needs and schedules): - 10 points for going out on a date - 10 points for hanging out together doing stuff other than watching TV - 50 points if I finish reading The Book about poly stuff even though it is dense and dull - 100 points if I you know what with the you know who in the you know where Exercise: - yoga on rest days to be sexy and flexy - 50 squats a day - darebee workout program for amazonian sex goddess warrior body - 10 points for every swim in the school pool Loot - 50 points: facial - 100 points: massage - 150 points: dinner at Brown House - 200 points: dinner at Patty's -250 points: free pass day
  19. 2018 Changing Behaviors This year, my first challenge was a “what the hell am I going to do challenge”. So I threw in some stuff that I thought would be good to focus on. Those goals were good but I still felt a little lost and kept thinking about 2017 and what worked and didn’t work. 2017 was a stressful year and I let my impulses kind of run wild. I’ve always been a wants over needs type of person but have had a difficult time figuring out a way to change that. I just want to do everything now and feel silly taking it slow. Mentally, that’s what I want and I don’t want to wait to do anything. Physically, I put things off if I’m not sure how to do something or if it requires manual labor. 2018 is going to be about changing my behaviors. I want to have a good routine and strategy for overcoming my impulses. It’s time to start small and work my way up to the person I aspire to be. To accomplish this task I need a clear and fairly simple plan. My challenges are rarely simple so this will be clear but probably not simple. I need knowledge to help create that plan. I’ll need motivation or motivational tools to help when things get tough. I also need to make sure I have a support system (Thanks Rebels ). 2018 Changing Behaviors Levels LVL 1 - Organization LVL 2 - Night LVL 3 - Morning LVL 4 - Nutrition LVL 5 - Movement LVL 6 - Financial LVL 7 - Knowledge LVL 8 - Expression LVL 9 - Self-Discipline LVL 10 - Sustaining Each Level will last approximately 1 challenge cycle (28 days). If I do not follow my plan or fail to achieve my desired goal, then I do not move up a level. These levels are meant to build upon previous challenges and continue the habits gained from the previous level. For example, when I reach level 6, I should still be doing what I did through levels 1 to 5. The goal here is not to get as many points as possible but to develop the habit. If I end up skipping something or putting it off, I need to examine the reason why. Standard Goals Save $84 Got to the gym 4x Read 3 books Donate Plasma Monthly Focus - Feb : Sleep (7 to 8 hours) & Mar : No Spending on Non-Essentials Level 1 Goals Follow Dailies Cleaning Routine (1 pt each - 84 possibly points - GOAL = 58 points) Make Bed Bedroom Floor Clear Dish Free Sink Follow Weekly Cleaning Routine (1 pt each - 28 possibly points - GOAL = 19 points) Dust Mop Floors Vacuum Laundry Trash Clean Counters Clear Surfaces Follow Bi-Weekly Cleaning Routine (1 pt each - 8 possibly points - GOAL = 5 points) Scrub Bathroom Clean Sheets Toss Expired Foods Wipe Down Appliances Follow Monthly Cleaning Routine (1 pt each - 6 possibly points - GOAL = 4 points) Clean out car Clean out fridge Wipe down fridge Clean inside Microwave Sanitize sponges Deep Clean granite floors Follow Bi-Annually Cleaning Routine (1 pt each - 1 possibly points - GOAL = 1 points) Wipe Baseboards Follow Annual Cleaning Routine if applicable No Annual Cleaning task for February
  20. So, here we are for the next challenge. I basicly want to keep doing what worked for me the last months and finetune it a little bit. I'm also thinking about to use the information from one of of Steve's recent articles. But i could not really think through on what habits to work on how. Will use the thread to think about it. Here is Steve's Article: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/how-to-build-healthy-habits-that-stick/ Ok, here are the challenge task: Habits: 30 minutes of daylight lamp Mon:☐ Tue:☐ Wed:☐ Thur:☐ Fri:☐ No youtube on phone: Mon:☐ Tue:☐ Wed:☐ Thur:☐ Fri:☐ Sat: ☐ Sun: ☐ Diet: No pasta / pizza / sweets on weekdays Mon:☐Tue:☐Wed:☐Thur:☐ Fri: ☐ Excercise: biking to work 5 days each week Mon:☐ Tue:☐ Wed:☐ Thur:☐ Fri: ☐ Taiji (be on time and don't skip) Mon:☐ Thur:☐
  21. Well, it's the start of 2018 and I'm at my heaviest ever (191.6). Focusing on creating habits will be my foundation, although I've learned that even habits kept for +6 months can unravel. No M has been the longest running habit I've kept (don't bother asking what that is) but even after a good year of No M, I fell off the wagon. However, I started No M again and its been 2 months as of Dec 31. I've been working out sporadically through Dec, so KH2 will be Daily Exercise. This one comes pretty easy for me, especially since white water kayaking season starts in about 4months and I need to be fit for that sport (especially at 57). So here is my plan for the year: Develop the following Keystone Habits: KH1: No M since Nov 1, 2017 KH2: Daily exercise - Start Jan 1 Future KH's: Quit Smoking, more to come Goals for the year: 1) Weigh 165 lbs 2) Press palms to the ground w/ knees locked 3) 4 pullups 4) 135 lb bench 10 times in perfect form 5) Complete all relevant Solid Works tutorials I will achieve success for the month if I: 1) Perform some type of exercise daily (including place holder workout) 2) Lose 5lbs 3) Complete 4 hours Solid Works training
  22. Hi, I'm looking for people (more the merrier) who'd be willing to form a Facebook group, or text, or email.... Help me stick to my routine and not fall into a funk. My focus is more on mental health than physical, but I am aiming to eventually start doing some hiking, jogging, martial arts, dance, and other stuff. I think my diet is pretty good as is and I'm happy to offer advice on cooking (I'm a pretty good cook). My nerdishness is in being a totally fantasy and SciFi bookworm (I prefer bookwyrm). After all, very little can't be improved with either lasers or dragons (or dragons with lasers?). Also a bit hooked on certain video games... Dragon Age, Mass Effect. I am a history nut, I have a ridiculous amount of knowledge about ancient history and not a whole lot to do with it. Anyways, I don't have much in the way of a real life support system beyond my therapist. I could use some friends to keep me inspired or nag me a little or just chat about nerd stuff.
  23. For 2017, I chose a word to help guide me through my goals for the year. My word was 'Connection' because I wanted to be more outgoing and connect with people - being an introvert I actually need to remind myself to do that. I wasn't sure how I'd done, but when I mentioned that word and goal to friends of mine at the end of the year, they said they could tell I was putting myself out there more, so that was nice. For 2018, I've been struggling to find the right word for what I want to achieve, because frankly I have lots of goals. 'Center' was one thought, and another possible word that I really liked was 'Win'. But they weren't quite right - too focused on me, when I'm trying to be more outgoing toward others. Then today in church, the sermon focused on a favorite verse of mine. Isaiah 60:1 - 'Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.' As part of his sermon about how we can shine in our lives every day, the pastor used this phrase - 'Be Extraordinary at the Ordinary.' And suddenly I had my perfect word for the year, a word that will motivate me to do my best even at the little goals, and to shine all the while with a positive attitude and kind words for everyone around me. SHINE Since the RPG leveling up side of Nerd Fitness has never motivated me much, I'm going to add stars - - to my signature when I succeed. Then I can keep better track of things and have that visual reminder of my progress as I go. My goals for this first challenge are fairly simple, and I'm using the 3 R's of forming a habit to try and make them stick. Reminder, Routine, Reward. SHINE has the bonus connotation of constantly reminding me of Firefly. So I got myself a nerdy/geeky theme to boot! Yay me! Goal #1 - Sleep More I'm supposed to being getting 7 hours of sleep minimum, but lately I've fallen back into bad habits of staying up far later than I should. My goal is lights out by 11:20 on work nights. Reminder - I have two alarms set for 10:30 and 11:00pm nightly. Routine - Shut down the computer at 10:30 sharp, the first alarm. That gives me half an hour to get ready for bed, pack my lunch for tomorrow, read a devotion, or whatever. And the 11 pm alarm will give me time to crawl into bed and read a book or brush the cat for a little while before lights out time. Reward - for 15 stars or more on this challenge, my reward is too be better rested. But I further shall reward myself with a new book. Maybe this one... Goal #2 - Drink More I really need to drink more water. Once upon a time, I drank tons every day at work, but I'm so busy I don't think about it these days. However I can tell that I'm dehydrated, and I also think I have the tendency to think I'm hungry when what my body really wants is H2O. So... Reminder - This one is trickier. What can I do to remind myself to drink? I do have to run to the copier, and to my co-workers cubicles to drop off work - coming back into my own cube could be my cue. Routine - When I return from getting copies, I will take a drink before sitting down. I might not do it every single time, but my goal is to drink eight glasses - 64 oz of water at work every day. Reward - for 15 stars or more on this challenge, my reward is be better hydrated. But I will reward myself by upgrading my next massage to a hot stone massage. That's very motivating, right there. And so is this... Goal #3 - Exercise More In early March, we have the annual Fight for Air stair climb by the American Lung Association, in my building which is the tallest in the state. I work on the 15th floor, so I can train for this challenge, I've already climbed the 600 steps from my floor to the top once already, and I know I need to do more. This is prep work that I can do while the weather is crappy, to start getting in shape for a 5k. Aside from lunch hour stair climbs and my weekly Zumba class, what I really need to add back into my routine is a home strength program. Reminder - When I come home from work the first thing I do is take off my boots. Routine - When I take off my boots, I'll also change into work-out clothes and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I'll do some kind of strength training - I haven't figure out what quite yet. Reward - for 8 stars or more on this challenge, my reward is that I'll start converting some of this fat over to muscle. But I'll reward myself with a new top. Goal #4 - Floss More Seems silly to make this a goal, but I recently had a root canal - Yuck! And I switched to a new dentist at the same time for my regular cleaning and check-up. The hygienist was friggin' BRUTAL. It was like being in a torture chamber while she worked on me. I gotta go back and face that again? I don't know, maybe it's me and I just really need to take better care of my teeth. Or maybe it's her and she's psycho. But either way, I ought to floss more than I do, which is very little at present . Reminder - I've put a bowl of floss sticks right next to my toothbrush and paste, super convenient. Routine - Whenever I brush, I will also flush, either before or after. Reward - for 20 stars or more, my reward will hopefully be kick-ass checkup the next time I go to the dentist, but that's not until June. In the meantime, I'll reward myself with a new movie from the bargain section. I already have this one, clearly.
  24. Haha, finally after a couple of months of working (and years of talking). I finally starting a challenge with some goals! Stopping at a door in a dark hallway, and old building at the corner of Sol Luna Verde Academy of the Practical Arts, shadows long from the nearby magically ran glass lamps on the wall that weren't maintained well. A new area of school I discovered today, where I can finally start my new adventure. I breathed a sigh of relief when I confirmed the numbers over the large oak door open and seeing the flickering of candles shadows. It was late for the night starting a short holiday, peering through the door I noticed a dark haired man sitting at a desk facing away from the door. I gave a strong sturdy knock onto the large oak door that seemed to echo through the old stone halls. "Come in," the professor spoke with a welcoming low voice. I walked in noticing he hadn't moved from his position, but was steadily writing something in large book with a large white quill. My feet barely made a noise as I walked across the aged stone floor, feeling the heightened amount of energy in the room. The candles around the room, high on their wicks told me he was busy with something beyond my own controlled magical abilities. Feeling an eeriness of the silence besides the room's crackling fireplace and the professor etching away with his work. He looked over at me and gave me a nod with a stone face, he gestured the nearby soft chair for me to sit down. I smiled and had taken a seat. "How can I help you," the man asked still with a warm voice, but was still paying full attention on what he was writing. "I've come here to apply for the alternative study program," I said with a clear but shaky voice. The professor's quill stopped moving and the eeriness of power I felt changed, as the candles softened a little, replaced with a gentleness of welcoming warmth. "So you have found me..." He turned to me now with a warm smile, setting his quill aside. "Did you bring the needed papers?" "Yes," I said nervously, quickly opening my knapsack to pull out the small grouping of scrolls for the important papers I was told I would need to apply to the program. Papers that had shown the variety of classes I had taken over the last few years. Some from other schools and the new classes that I had been doing at this academy since I transferred last winter. Along with an essay to share my future goals, and how they may relate to a program that was going to help me get into an adventure. "Thank you," he said when I passed unopened scrolls to him, where he opened and quickly scanned over them. I couldn't help but notice that perhaps his smile was growing as he was looking over the papers. However knowing myself, that could easily be my own hope to get into the adventure's program. "Looks like you are able to meet the requirements for your classwork, everything looks good here." I noticed how he only quickly looked over the essay that had taken me too many painful writing hours. "I can see your passion to enter my program. I more than understand the hope of having a bit more than just being stuck with your nose in the book. I'm taking it you already discussed with your advisor on lengthening your years here. " I nodded and shrugged, feeling a little bit more relaxed after he brought up some of my requirements were met "I wasn't really planning on the fast track anyway." I barely had a clue where I was going, except I knew my joy of studying in the concrete walls was far from a personal joy. "My only worry is knowing how some students try to get into my program who may think this is the easier way through the academy." He was now sitting back in his desk chair turned to me, with his legs crossed toward me. "I hope you have your journal on you?" "Journal?" I felt a little faint. What did I forget, I never heard anything about a journal to have for requirements. "The journal, the academy requires you to have to be a magical user," he stated slowly not seeming worried by my response. "While also hoping you use it as part of the foundation of your magical skills." "Oh yeah..." I gave an apologized look, as I quickly pulled out the hot pink leather journal that I owned for the last last ten months. I gave a small thank you to wherever in the universe that I started a small habit sometime in the last two weeks when I handed it to him. I had good intentions with the journal, my difficulty was more of making a habit out of it. "Looks like you've gotten some work out of it." he noted as he held it in his right hand. Where I then noticed some black tattoos that covered the back of his hand, he closed his eyes for a moment. Not even moving to open the pages. "Hmm, yes a good strength of power in you. But not quite where I can accept you in the program fully... yet." He paused top open his eyes, and hand me back my journal. "Your magic, and use of tools isn't quite balanced." He caught my quick look of confusion, and gave me a look of reassurance. "I mean I would prefer a better habit with the journal. When you enter the program, you will be surprised by how much is in our world that can go unseen easily by everyone. Our world is interesting, and I need to be able to trust that you can survive the tasks I give you throughout your studies. Can't have any dead bodies in this class, the academy tends to frown on that." He gave a soft chuckle to his own joke. I nodded to him, "So what should I do instead Professor...." "Glen, Professor Ore Glen." He offered his hand to me for a handshake, "Nice to finally meet you Bouncer the Resilient. You'll see the last requirements you need to be able to take my class." He pointed to the journal I was working on getting back in my class. "Just a small quest, but enough to see if you can handle entering my program by the time the new year starts." He gave a nod, and a voice of optimism. "If you happen to fail them within the next five weeks. I know we can still work on getting you into the program. However, I have high hopes for you being able to enter soon enough. Plan on coming to see me in four weeks, and we'll see where you are at." He stood up to help walk me out, "Thank you Professor Glen," I said with a smile as I walked out into the slightly brighter hallway. "Remember the quests are in the front of the journal, easy to find and easy to go to. anything you can figure out to help you grow will also help." I nodded, confused what he meant being in my journal. Since I didn't see him open it. But I didn't feel it was the right time to ask question. ---------------------------------------- The walk to my dorm seemed to take forever, but knowing I better wait to check the goals until I could plan it out. When I lit the lamps and candles in the rooms to make it easier to read. Opening it, I found his hand writing on the first page with the black in. To my relief the goals were easy enough, however a tad boring then I had hoped. I already had been doing most of these goals. Taking a breath, I realized that the end of the term for studying was going to be long. But hopefully I was going to figure out how to do something a bit more interesting, soon enough. Copied from last challenge/slightly edited: 5 main goals: Write a "Daily To Do List" daily (technically I have a page for homework and another page for everything else, but if I write anything down on one page I'm more likely to use the other. Getting words on the page to start reserving energy on actively working on my to do list). Write 444 words a day It's NaNoWriMo... I'm embracing the writing, with a tracker within the fun game (so I don't have to remember to actually track it). Walk to work on Sundays the one days the buses don't go in my new town, over 3 miles one way (few hills) this will be nothing but a good training to my dream park job that I found out is 6 miles one way (with many large hills) (or another day of the week to make it up, when my mom talks me into driving her borrowed truck). Apply to a New Job opening or Go to Interview once a Week I need a new second job/I want out of my janitor job... I always get a job if I actively look for one (easy enough goal to work on before winter break, and still have a ways to go on settling in my new home) Study 15 mins a day in both classes until Exams If I do 100% of studying daily, I'm giving myself $200 for free spending money (I can't believe I'm giving it to myself, but this is a habit I've been avoiding. And need some habit before I walk into upper level classes next semester). (Also changed my award from electronics, towards other things toward my goals but still more fun then I like spending). (Note exams are during Week Zero). I'm looking into adding a few goals, along with changes to happen after the first week of this challenge my Fall Semester will be ending (and Spring Semester will be starting probably around the time the next challenge starts). So far I've been 100% for awhile with writing this week (slowly working on catching up). Missed one journal day yesterday. My mom used her witty ways that I ended up driving to work (which was for the better that day in the end). Thinking of walking on Thanksgiving or Friday to the wooded area I haven't been to in over a month. Other goals, I need to write up my present future goals that I want to add. But knowing I need to take it slow. However, I do know sometime this challenge I'm adding an exercise routine, since I realized a dream job right now involves being very active outside.
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