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  1. So here we are again. I'm a bit late posting this challenge. I had two other challenge ideas to choose from for this round, and they were both great, but I haven't been feeling it enough to take the plunge. I took my longest break from working out in AGES over the past two weeks. I had a headache/spine pain issue for a week, during which I managed one sort of half workout before accepting that I couldn't handle working out in that state. Then by the time it faded I was on vacation without a plan because I hadn't known if I would recover enough to even be able to do ANYTHING so I wasn't prepare
  2. Hi guys! So this is going to look almost exactly like my last challenge! But with Lord of the Rings Gifs! We are still building the habits. Aka, they vanished during zero week, so there is more work to be done. Though to be fair to myself, last week was INSANE. Quest 1: Eat Breakfast (aka channel my inner hobbit) Every morning I'm at home, must finish breakfast before I leave the apartment (or between the apartment in my car - can't get into my car until the food is gone) - I'm adding the car part because I have to wait for two separate
  3. [posting from my phone so forgive my typos & grammar] Life story; CURRENT GOALS 1. Get out of bed when your body wakes up. When I'm on work time I generally need to be out of bed by 6am to have enough time to cruise through my morning routine, but I've often woken up earlier then my alarm and tried to sleep more and made myself feel worse when I do finally get up. I'm going to make a point of hauling ass out of bed when I wake up if it's within a few hours or so of my alarm going off. 2. No screens in the morning before work. This is we
  4. So, I am choosing one habit per challenge this year and focusing specifically on developing and exploring that one habit. Then each challenge, I am maintaining the old habits while tackling a new one. At the end of the year, if all goes well, I will have TEN GREAT HABITS. Challenge 1: Walking daily (aiming for 16 miles per week) Challenge 2: Morning routine Challenge 3.... It's food time. Here are some misc. things about me and food: So, that's me and food in a nutshell. What works for me seems to be limiting my
  5. So, I've moved to Michigan! Detroit is lovely so far, and @Taddea Zhaan is an excellent nerd to hang out with (she even helped me unpack!) This challenge is going to be all about building habits (and hopefully finishing, unlike that last one where I disappeared for two weeks because I moved then had a work trip?). I find that I have a lot of expectations of myself - "should". Such as I should eat three meals a day, but they should be healthy, but I should go to lunch with my coworkers and network, and I should go to all the happy hours to network, and I should do mobili
  6. Rolling Stoney changes her shape This challenge is all about change for me. 2017 was going to be a big year, but it happened in a way I didn't quite expect. My plan was to cross-train hard, eat well, do the derby, work hard, buy a house... but literally none of those things happened. I broke my ankle. Derby, cross training, working, and being able to cook my own food all went out the window. My partner got made redundant so our house loan got canned. And my boss is selling her cafe so I may not even have a job in a few months. But as of last month I can walk without a limp aga
  7. Hello Nerd Assassins! Or should that be Assassin Nerd's, we don't kill nerds here, right? Looks like I joined the Rebellion just in time for a four week challenge which I'm stoked about. Here are my goals for May: 1) Walk 1 mile first thing every morning (establishing the habit of exercise) 2) 80% of my calorie intake will be made up of whole foods over a week (establishing the habit of eating right) 3) Eat 300g veg on 3 of my daily meals (some days I eat 4 meals a day due to my work schedule) 4) Work for 5 minutes each da
  8. Okay starting today, I am taking in the sights as I breeze into a new town of regular habits, creativity, and a stronger me! I'm looking for 75% success on all my goals! Goal 1: 6 cups of water per day - in meh/okay process Goal 2: PT 3 times per week (min of 15 minutes per session) (will take note of extra sessions as big wins) - in very minimal process Goal 3: practice guitar for 15 mins every day (following book - report on chapters worked and how it feels) - in pretty good process Goal 4: 30 minute writing sessions 4 times per week (free writes would be gre
  9. I am Odinson_Rising, and I am...unworthy. That, however, will not always be the case. I will find my path, and I will lift my hammer once more. There is plenty of work to be done before that happens, though. I feel it's reasonable to say that I've recently experienced what felt like my own personal Ragnarok. In the aftermath of these life-altering events, I've come to realize that, although I can't control all the things, I want to be smarter, stronger, fitter, and more flexible, so that I can not only endure the challenges of life, but thrive under the worst conditions. I fe
  10. Still working on getting the habits and routines into place that will help me reach my goals. Thus, what is possibly the least exciting challenge ever... My only recourse is to spice up my thread with quokkas. Goal #1: Daily Morning Routine 5AM wakeup (7AM weekends) Meditate (preferably at least 10min) with Calm app Journal/pray Mobility? Sun salutations? Pack breakfast and lunch (weekdays) Goal #2: Daily Evening Routine Get connected NF, post on my thread +2 others At least one row of my current afghan project
  11. Hiroro

    Hiroro Rises

    Last challenge went pretty great for me, but after finishing the Whole30 I made a series of poor eating choices. I certainly don't feel like the Whole 30 was negated, but I'm feeling a bit bloated and my skin and digestion are making their displeasure known. Fiance is on board with continuing to eat mostly Whole 30 (WHAT YAY), and I'm thrilled that we're on the same page. Me and fiance. Eating semi-W30 together Overarching Goal: GET LEAN (<25% body fat) GOAL #1: Wake up at 5am every weekday, 7am on weekends. I've been inspired by a blogger to start wak
  12. So this challenge will be more or less identical from last time, but with some small changes and improvements. Again is the goal to eventually eat pancakes with my feet, and then celebrate it in a pancake stretch. More info will maybe come not sure yet Lifestyle: G:1 Practice contact juggling 3 times pr week. for at least 10 minutes pr time. Fitness: G1: Daily handstand (at least 5 attempts pr day G2: Head2toe 5 times pr week G3: Pancake or hip opening (I found out that on the last challenge if I didn’t go to the gym I
  13. I believe in focusing on only one major improvement at a time and minimizing the effort required to achieve it. My major focus is to develop Keystone Habits using Duhiggs method (From "The Power of Habit"). Keystone Habits are lifestyle changes which when implemented cause secondary improvements. If you are interested in Habit Development, I post quite a bit about this subject in my battle log (link in my signature). Previous KH’s: KH1: Exercise 7 days/wk. Kept every day since 11/17/16 KH2: No M. (Something private) Kept every day since 12/28/16 KH2 was something I had to
  14. This time around, I'll be tackling a morning routine. How I spend the morning really sets the tone for the day, so every day I want to think about what kind of story I want my day to have and let the morning routine help put me on that path. (Actually I just like Oasis and wanted to make it fit shhhh) For any new friends who follow this challenge - I am focusing on developing one new habit per challenge, for a total of 10 habits for the 10 challenges scheduled this year. I made some great progress on a morning routine last challenge, completely unintentionally. My mobi
  15. So, this is my first time trying one of the 4-week challenges. [I hope I'm doing this right - there are a LOT of links to sift through for what to do...] 4- Week Quests: Lose 5 pounds Since I plan on adding strength training back in, the scale weight will be only one measure of success, since my goal is recomposition. Scale this morning was 174.8 [dinner was a sodium-rich meal out]; scale average has been ~172.5 For the purposes of tracking weight lost, I'm calling 173 as my starting point. [Goal-without-muscle-gain is sub-160. At a solidly-
  16. Hello! I am a French nerd, living in Belgium. I am not new here but I set my last challenge a while ago! Today, I weight 89 k (about 196 pounds) and I am already hitting the gym at least 3 times a week (thanks to a personal trainer). I said goodbye to 20 pounds in the past 4 months. I would like to keep up the good work, especially with my eating habits for which I definitely could use accountabilty. Why do I need help? I spend the last 3 weeks eating unhealthy food. I am not making a big deal of it because I understood why this happened. However, it's not a behaviour that will help a
  17. I believe in focusing on only one major improvement at a time and minimizing the effort required to achieve it. My major focus is to develop Keystone Habits using Duhiggs method (From "The Power of Habit"). Keystone Habits are lifestyle changes which when implemented cause secondary improvements. For instance, my Dec challenge was make daily exercise an automated habit. After I started this (Nov 17th), I started eating more salads. If you are interested in Habit Development, I post quite a bit about this subject in my battle log (link in my signature). I also included some low
  18. 7/10/2016: I'm back from 5 weeks in Europe on holiday.: The abbreviated summary: - Had a great time in Yorkshire with my father in law and my wife's BFF. Awesome walk on Ilkley Moor and pub lunch in the Cow and Calf. - Spent a day with my wife buying the perfect new suit for the upcoming wedding in Italy - Caught up with some old friends in Scotland and had an amazing time: Sightseeing and eating/drinking well in Edinburgh, Speedboat ride on Loch Lomond, heaps of pub lunches, darts, 10-pin bowling, blackjack at the casino, go-karting, archery (so fun! Got a bul
  19. I do not have a fancy theme this time around. Maybe I'll think of something and add it later, but right now, I'm going with simple. Last challenge went really well, overall. This time, I'm going to keep pretty much the same goals with only a bit of tweaking. Eat better some more: Upping the total meals cooked at home to 10 per week. Going to keep dinner set at 2, but add 2 lunches as well. I'm also avoiding wheat, to see if it has any effect on my asthma. Bonus points for eating paleo, but I'm not going to try to track that. Get in shape: Formerly "get bendy."
  20. Hi. I'm back. I haven't really gone anywhere, just took a break. But now I'm having issues remembering and keeping track of the things I want to be changing, so here I am again. For the time being, my mission is to become a morning person. A good deal of my issues stem from my tendency to stay in bed until the very last minute every morning. Well, no longer! It's time I get hard-boiled about my commitment to myself and my health. This challenge will focus on making the most of my mornings. Goal 1: Get up! Alarm is set to 6AM on weekdays and 7AM on weekends
  21. Here we are again. This is my 16th challenge... can you believe it? Anyway... The other day I ate like a pig. Not ONE healthy thing all day. So yeahhhh... that will be on the list for a bit. The second thing I need to look at is rest, both as "rest days" and "me-time" as well as "night sleep". Life has been a hell of a busy time lately. But the end is in sight. The weekend of 0 week I'll finish my theoretic course to become a trainer, then I am just 5 course weekends of practical hands on training (in early '17) away from getting my licence. Similarl
  22. >> Citizen Balsquith, Big Brother has been watching you for some time now << >> We know that you are trying to be a good citizen but we have noticed that you are falling behind in some areas << >> Big Brother is your friend, therefore he will be paying especial attention to you in the future << I have enjoyed failing abysmally to slay some dragons over the past couple of challenges (actually enjoying much more success than the results would suggest), but it has occurred to me that I have lost track of many things and witho
  23. So I'm continuing what I've been doing since I re-spawned at the end of August. So far counting all my goals daily has been helping while keeping it slow enough. (Can't find the one with a quote). So continuing on with my goals... Kind of wish I could theme it, but all just going directly at it (the easiest way possible). Trying to avoid adding goals, but the main goal is getting ready for school in January and being hired with extra money in my pocket by then (with a job that I'm able to do and enjoy, instead of the latter). So that's what I'll figure out how to g
  24. October 8th, 2016 All these people are sooooo young and fit and wow.... scary obstacles too.... but I have the ticket hanging on the fridge. I'm going. Fear be damned. So better get the training on track, summer lull is over. It's time to move! Details will follow. love you folks.
  25. Last challenge I realized something: I have been doing a spectacular job of figuring out things that DON'T work. Which is great, but it's not really getting me closer to my goals. So, I have decided to take a slightly different approach this time. And also go with a slight Exalted theme, because why not? Earth Aspect: I need a solid foundation to build healthy habits on. I also want to build the same foundation for my kids while they are young, so they don't have this same struggle when they're grown up. Like the Earth-aspected dragon blood, I will be rooted! Goal: Put di
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