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  1. This time the Assassins found themselves in a place that looked somewhat familiar although still strikingly modern compared to what they were use to. They found themselves in a forest and began to explore to see where, and when, they might be. They came across a small town and met an old man who appeared to be a master at making wooden puppets. While questioning him about this world a small wooden puppet came out from a back room and spoke to the Assassins, who by this time had nearly seen it all in their leaps and were not in the least bit surprised to see a walking talking piece of wood carv
  2. A quick look into my last two challenges reveals: In the first one I participated in, I skipped a week or so, but managed to post a finishing post with an overall B. (But never got round to upping my character..) I did not even finish my second challenge, just dropped the ball at some point and 'what the hell' took care of the rest. I did decide not to participate in the last challenge because I was ill for the first three weeks and It would not have had much of a point. But here I am again, finally trying to stick through the whole thing for once. I'll take it a little easier on the goals, m
  3. The dark clouds of depression still hung low around the rough, battle-weary adventurer as she fought her way towards the light. Despite passing through small fields lit from within, she still managed to lose her way in the deep forest. However, after having stumbled across some assassins while they were searching for a meeting place, she was ready to stand with the guild in their training. She had begun her own fight seven weeks prior, after having been cast out of the castle that held the ever-sought scrolls. Only combating her depression and anxiety, and preparing for the life of a scholar
  4. G'day guys! First of of all, who I am: Age: 31 Height: 1,65m (5'5") Weight: 67kg (147lb) I am a brazilian guy living as a student in Sydney. I'm not really fat but within the last 10 years I developed a top belly and it really bother me and I decide to do something. I work from 6:30am to 3pm and then I go to school from 5 to 9. My workplace has a gym for the employees which I tried to use it some times before go to school. My top goals are to be successful in creating the fitness habit, eat healthy and meditate. I got the Rebel Strenght Guide and had a look on the forum, but I think that t
  5. First time to sign up for a challenge. I've just been a little too overwhelmed here recently to post or join any of the challenges. Well, my job requires me being online all the time, and I've started out the New Year with ONE resolution (of sorts) - I want to build one good habit this year. Since I'm online all the time, I realized I just NEED to do this. No excuses. The problem is that I hate setting goals. They scare the hell out of me. It means there's an option to fail, and I really fear failure. But I realized that to develop a habit (any good habit), you have to be patient with
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