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Found 4 results

  1. I have never really run before. I did at school some 30+ years ago when we had to but nothing organised or even really for fun. I have been on here for a couple of years now and been using irregular exercise along with a much better diet to help me lose weight. I'm at a point now where I have lost 15 kg and when I started I was lucky to be able to walk 1km usually stopping when crippling back pain kicked in. A few months ago based on some sort of challenge in scouts on here I decided to try to run 1km and ended up doing 2km without stopping and once I recovered enough to catch my breath I was pretty chuffed with myself. After that I didn't really do anything. Just got on with life and dealt with some work stuff and didn't really think to much about exercise. Then at the start of June I just decided to try running again. My goal was 5km and I got there but there was lots of run, walk, run, walk moments and it took me 40 minutes. I ran a 5km parkrun for the first time last week and enjoyed/tolerated it. It took me 31 minutes. I have been mainly running on a treadmill at the gym and have managed a 29 minute 5km. I am entered into a 5km run at the end of July and it got me thinking about other goals. In the middle of October we have the Melbourne Marathon. While I think the full would be well beyond me I am starting to believe that I might be capable of the half. After all of that my question is do I need rigid program to work to for a half? Can you just use broad guidelines to build a base that will get you through? Are there many free, quality resources available? Thanks, Matt
  2. I will clean this post up as the days go on, but I am squeezing it in at lunch, and wanted to get in on the fun before this 6-week challenge got to far along! I was a Scout at the beginning of last year, trained all summer long and left the 6-week challenge Nerd-Crew due to time and changes in my training focus... Ran my first half-marathon in September and it was solid! SUCCESS!! Then I took a break, recovered and relaxed... Winter started up and disaster struck! I tore the ligaments in my big toe on my left foot while running in the ice and snow... Everything has been reset to zero, I was on crutches for 2 weeks over the Holidays and haven't ran since that fateful December evening. SO... Here I am... I've returned to my Nerd-fitness 6-Week roots to get back on track. Main Quest: Half-Marathon in September 2015 (I would be in heaven if I can do this again!) Goals: Run 32 miles, over 3 runs, adhering to a plan that will put me at half-marathon ready by September 23rd. -Grading based on final percentage of miles completed on the scheduled days. Dumb-bells & bench: 2 times a week. -Grading based on final percentage missed workouts. Drop to 177 lbs making smart eating choices and portion control. -Grading based on delta weight to final pounds. Life Quest: [WIS +1] Work & Home: Get in on time everyday to work M-F & Work on one project at home S/U. - Grading 6wks * 6 days = 36 days, percentage of days achieved. Motivation: Getting myself back from the injured battered runner and get back to where I was in September. Starting Stats: 38 - Male 5'10" ~187.8 lbs
  3. So, after some time away, I am back! and with a plan. As some of you know, this April I am becoming 40, so in full mid-life-crisis mode, I am training for a Half Ironman distance triathlon (that's 1.2-mile (1.9 km) swim, a 56-mile (90 km) bike ride, and a 13.1-mile (21.1 km) run, in under 8:30 hrs), which I hope to accomplish in time for my birthday, I am running the RAGE Las Vegas Half, on April 12th. Currently, I've only ran sprint distance triathlons, so it's a HUGE goal, I've trained continuosly for over a year now (!), but I could really use a plan to make sure I make it, so here it is: Awesome 70.3 plan I will not add points this time again, it makes little sense to me and the main focus is to actually train!
  4. Hi my lovely fellow scouts, I'm back (late as per usual) with you for a bit ! When on holiday in Cornwall, I managed to break my back - at least it felt like it - while body boarding. A wave smashed my upper body down while hurling my lower body up, resulting in a very unhealthy forced back bend. Not good. I had been training back strength (pull-ups) and back bends (bridges and all) with the assassins and that, right now, is definitely off for the time being. My GP says not to worry, but when I do push ups, pull ups, or even slight back bends, I still hurt. So I'm back with you for my next great fitness goal, which is running faster. To achieve this I will 1) run a 2K-fast every morning 2) eat low carb paleo (with beans and a little dairy) 6 days a week with an obligatory cheat day 3) do some basic yoga and strength training every day after my run to regain flexibility It's not much - twenty minuts, maybe half an hour every day - but it should be enough to lose a few pounds and beat my post-race and post-injury lethargy. (Yes I did do that half - don't ask ! Another typical Nanako story ...) So, consistency it is. Happy to be here again ! PS If I feel like doing more I will. I know my running club "friends" will harass me into running more, and on top of this, I'm resolved to join the Pilot Gig Club from next week - another group of irresponsible friendly drinkers with an exercise problem ! Let's see how that pans out. PPS I forgot to say that I don't eat after 7pm (ish), which has really helped (I've been doing this for a week now).
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