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Found 3 results

  1. Ok so technically as I'm writing this it's 91 days and will be 88 days when the challenge starts, but for the next 90 days I will be training for a half marathon; the Maine Coast half to be exact Running; run 3-4 days a week and 1 long run on the weekend, I must get my weekend long runs in even if that means waking up early to get them in and definitely putting them on the calendar and sticking to it Nutrition, I have been doing good on this front I want to keep it going, so far from this Fall I am down 20 pounds and would like to get down even further. So I plan on eating healthy and give myself little cheats every now and then Delegate work out; home and work. Tired of people thinking that I'm going to do everything. I'm done Believe in myself, I have a hard time getting things done, because of negative self talk. which causes anxiety. so I am going to work on self positive reinforcement "Strive for Progress not Perfection"
  2. Hi everyone!! This is my first quest with the assassins and I’m really excited to be here!! From the beginning I've really waffled between the Rangers and the Assassins, and I think that lack of focus will kind of show in my goals for the challenge. I ultimately chose assassins thanks to the helpful advice of our assassin ambassadors -- mostly because bodyweight workouts are part of my long term goals, and while I am working on weight loss, quite of my few personal/long-term goals for the next year land me squarely in this category over the more cross-fitty training of the Rangers. I'm spending the next ten weeks working in lovely Ireland and am going to have access to gyms, which I want to take advantage of. So even though I’m training with you lovely assassins, I’m have some freeweight & running related goals this challenge! Current Main Quest: Lose 15 pounds (drop from 150 to 135) before I move to London in September 2015. Build enough core & upper body strength through regular body weight or free weight exercise that I no longer have back pain when sitting for prolonged periods of time. Enroll in dance lessons sometime in the next year. Maintain a regular running schedule and begin training for my first half-marathon in fall of 2015, hopefully run the big 26.2 in April of 2016. Some goals for future challenges will include: Swing Dance Lessons & Practice Run A Half Marathon Pushup Challenge -- 20, 30, and beyond Tai Chi Classes NOW. I want to post my progress pics from the last quest to help inspire myself when the going gets tough. Possibly NSFW as I am wearing a sports bra/pants: Challenge 1 start: 148 lbs One, Two Challenge 1 finish: 142 lbs One, Two Challenge 2 start: 140 lbs Challenge 2 finish: To give you an idea of my trajectory, observe my high weight (192 lbs) almost eight years ago.... I have fluctuated back and forth a bit, but for the most part I have been steadily losing in small increments. I went gluten-free six years ago and cut all sodas/most sugar etc in the last three years. I'm hoping that by the end of this challenge I'll be just that much closer to a solid healthy weight (not to mention healthy cholesterol levels!!)! In short, I want to complete my SUPERHERO TRANSFORMATION! In addition to fitness, I love to travel, I crochet, I am addicted to Harvest Moon on my DS and I'm moving to London in September. I'm hoping to make some friends amongst the assassins this challenge!! Please feel free to follow or comment if you have similar goals or think we'd get along & be able to support one another! GOAL ONE: Running Wild Last challenge I focused on working out 5x weekly, and I want to continue that goal.... with that in mind, I rewarded myself for a job well done in my first challenge with a fancy new hydration belt! Ohhhhh, ahhhhh! SO. I am beginning to train for my first half-marathon this summer, intending to run in October. I’m using the Galloway Method for run/walk training and I need to get serious about my longer runs in particular. This isn't about speed or times, just about STAMINA! I am varying between 1/1 minute run/walks and 2/1 minute run/walks. I intend to run at 2/1 or 3/1 in October, depending on how my training goes. Cardio 3x weekly: Run/walk according to the half-marathon training schedule here, slightly modified as I am aiming to race in October: Short runs Monday and Saturday, long run on Wednesday afternoon/evenings. WEEK ONE: 30 minute run 2X weekly, 4 mile run 1X weekly. (30 x 2 complete, 4 mile complete) \o/ WEEK TWO: 30 minute run 2X weekly, 5 mile run 1X weekly. (30 x 2 complete, 5 mile complete) \o/ WEEK THREE: 30 minute run 2X weekly, 2.5 mile run 1X weekly. (30 x 2 complete, 2.5 mile complete) \o/ WEEK FOUR: 30 minute run 2X weekly, 6.5 mile run 1X weekly. (30 x 1 complete, 6.5 x 1 complete) WEEK FIVE: 30 minute run 2X weekly, 3 mile run 1X weekly. WEEK SIX: 30 minute run 2X weekly, 8 mile run 1X weekly. Earning +3 STA +2 DEX upon completion. Full point docked for non-attempts each week, partial points docked for non-completion of attempted runs. GOAL TWO: Weighty Goals For my second goal I'm hoping to roll free weights into my workout routine this summer. Weights 2x - 3x weekly 3x weekly is an option IF and only if I can double up on a short run day. I want to give myself two off days for recovery, work and my life quest each week. My routine: 3x sets of 12 barbell rows 3x sets of 10 military presses 3x sets of 12 curls 3x sets of 12 lateral pull-downs (where possible) In addition I want to practice my four Assassin mini body-weight moves plus the 20 squats and lunges from my body weight workout. I will try to raise my AMRAP on these on each weight day: Bent knee inverted rows Pushups Wall sit Lying leg raises I also want to work towards doing reps of full pushups rather than kneeling pushups as a continuation of my pushup-related goal in my last challenge. WEEK ONE: 2/2 WEEK TWO: 2/2 WEEK THREE: 2/2 WEEK FOUR: 0/2 WEEK FIVE: 0/2 WEEK SIX: 0/2 Completion guarantees +3 STR + 2 CHA GOAL THREE - Victory Over Vices: Last challenge I cut down on alcohol consumption, and just like with goal 1 I want to continue that goal and add a second. My goal is to drink only at work related functions and drink no more than two glasses of wine per night, maxing at six per week. I have no days off this challenge, so I’m not adding any caveats – though on the one day I may be meeting friends in early July I will waive this rule. Part B, though. Part b is going to be killer, because I freaking LOVE salt/salty foods/bitter/vinegary foods, ugh. I tend to add salt even before I taste food, which is a ridiculously stupid habit to maintain. Part A -- Drink only at work related functions and drink no more than two glasses of wine per night -- or the caloric equivalent (250 cal) in other booze! Part B -- NO ADDED SALT TO MEALS. Earning +2 CON +2 WIS upon completion. Dock .25 points per daily failure. Week 3 -- -.25 for added salt Week 4 -- -.25 for extra booze Bonus! Life Quest: I completely failed this my first challenge, so I am going to repeat the goal with actual time-management requirements built in. Read 2 self-improvement books on interpersonal communications - for this challenge I've selected "Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well" and "How to Speak, How To Listen". Earn .5 charisma points per book! During my second challenge I will read from 30 – 45 minutes on each rest-day during the week. If I manage to finish both books I will add a third (my Galloway method marathon training guide) with no points bonus.
  3. "You are the most talented, most interesting, most extraordinary person in the Universe. And you are capable of amazing things. Because you are The Special." - Emmett Uh, yeah. Like Emmett in the LEGO movie, I have to question the statement that I am the most interesting person in the Universe. But also like him, just hearing that statement makes me want to be. So, I am on a quest to be more extraordinary, starting with (finally) conquering an item that has been on my bucket list for a while now: the Half Marathon. My target race is the Marine Corps Half Marathon on October 4 Port City Battleship Half Marathon on November 2, which means I have 10 14 weeks to whip myself into shape. Step One: Run (duh) In the next six weeks, I need to increase my long run from the current 5 miles (well, should be 6 if all goes well this weekend before the "official" start of the challenge) to 10 9.5 miles. Sounds reasonable; hopefully I won't end up with one of my classic stupid injuries. Step Two: "Come with me if you want to not die." I don't want to forget my Assassin roots, and I'm not all legs so I want to spend at least an hour a week on upper body/core stuff, including but not limited to pullups, hangs, hollow body holds, crawls of every kind, and yoga. As extra motivation to keep up with all of this, I have signed up to run the Hit and Run 5K (an insanely fun-looking obstacle race) on September 6, which is the last weekend of the challenge. Step Three: Forget what others are doing. Embrace what is special about you. - Vitruvius I know it sounds nuts, but I need mobility work in addition to all of the above, but I don't' want to overburden myself with workouts. So, I've come up with the perfect solution: sitting for mobility. Sitting? SITTING?!? Yes! I plan to increase my mobility while sitting through out the day. MovNat published this helpful guide of sitting positions that are actually helpful for improving mobility and posture: I aim to sit for mobility 20 minutes/day. Side Quest: Weight Loss PvP with Grizzy I tend to get a little crazy with the diet requirements during a challenge, so this time I'm going to make it a PvP, which is more fun but less pressure. (Grades make me psycho.) In Conclusion 1. Increase long run mileage to 9.5 miles 2. Upper body/core workouts 1 hour/week 3. Mobility sitting 20 minutes/day 4. Weight Loss PvP Woohoo! Everything is awesome....
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