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  1. Borrowing (stealing) Marmadukian's format. Thanks for the inspiration. About me I'm in my 40s and I work from home as a partner in a business that doesn't really bring in enough money to make ends meet. I was a skinny kid but put on weight when I got married (because my wife's such a damn good cook). I've struggled to keep that weight in check (because she's still a damn good cook); however, I've been making progress recently with the help of Wii Fit U, the NF bodyweight strength training routine, and the NF diet (we're on Level 2). I love the work I do, even if it doesn't bri
  2. Hello you all. So I committed to doing a long distance run (marathon) later this year and as I'm planing my training's I am looking in diet for running too. I lost a lot of weight doing low-carb and am really pleased with the low-carb lifestyle but running traditionally is a sport where you eat a lot of carbs (especially before races). So since researching online didn't really brought any results I'm going to take it to the community...so: -Have you done long distant running while on a low-carb or similar diet and what where your take away's from it? -What diet tipps
  3. Hello all, I am a 50 year old lawyer and mother of three adolescent boys, and a sometime Ranger who kind of dropped out halfway through the last challenge. Well, when I say dropped out - I dropped out of NF, but I did stick with my training. I'm doing my first (and almost certainly last) half-marathon on May 8 and hence signing up to the Scouts for this challenge. Atm I've pretty much dropped other training apart from one session per week with my personal trainer. Will pick up everything else again after May 8! I'd like to post my runs on here in the mean
  4. Hello Everyone! I am training right now to run the Spartan Beast on Halloween. I want to run the elite race and was wondering if anyone else is doing the same? This will be my 1st OCR/mud run and I'm very excited for it! I volunteered for the Spartan Sprint at Cowboy's Stadium back on Father's Day weekend so I could get a free voucher for a future race! A training partner in the area would be great, even if just for the running aspect. I currently go to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve to run trails and to get on some uneven surface, which has been a blast. I currently use training protocols fr
  5. Hello Fellow Rebels! I'm starting from scratch. The last few challenges I've to structure "just so" and failed. Well, I've learned from those failures; I've learned that I need to be simple. What does that mean? It means that I'm focusing on one thing and trying not to get sidetracked. The One Thing? Running. I signed up for the Philadelphia Rock 'n Roll Half-Marathon this year. I ran that same half-marathon two years ago on a broken foot (suffered at mile 3) and I want to do it again - just not with the broken foot. I need to stick to my schedule. So, shortly, I'm going to p
  6. Greetings, I need some reassurance or advice or scolding. I am running a half-marathon at the end of May. Weeks ago, I set out with a beautiful training plan to ensure I actually trained properly and added mileage gradually to avoid injury. WELLLLL, the best laid plans often go awry. I fell in love with my weightlifting/CrossFit-esque gym and routine (not 100% CF but draws on it), had a tweaked back for a week, then terrible shin splints for another week. Also, I really don't like running. TL;DR I fell way off the training plan wagon and just didn't run at all for a few weeks (I think four?)
  7. For my last challenge, I was over with the Warriors, and while my little icon still says "Warrior," I am really a WarriAnger. And since I have a half-marathon coming up, I figured I should stick myself over here for this challenge Main Quest Drop down below 200 lbs! Need to weigh myself this week (it's been awhile), but last I checked, I was hovering at 219/220. Challenge Goals 1. Raise the Bar​​ These are my CrossFit-esque classes. They are an hour long and are usually composed of skill work and either a WOD or a lifting day. I'm obsessed.Goal: go to three each week! Bonus points
  8. Was wondering if anyone else is doing the USAF Marathon on Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio on 19 Sept 2015. http://usafmarathon.com
  9. Good Evening Rebels! So, I have been battling a General Anxiety Disorder for the past 15 years. About 5 years ago I started on a medication (Lexapro) which worked for about a year. Then I switched to Effexor XR. I noticed that there was a slow weight gain. I originally attributed the weight gain to the fact that I had also started back to work at a law firm and did not have as much time to work out. In 2012 I started running and training with a trainer. I ran several 5ks, completed a Warrior Dash and finished my first half-marathon (on a broken foot) in 2013. I felt great. Until the
  10. This is my first challenge with NF, and I'm really excited to get stuck in. This challenge coincides with a big change in my life too - I'll have just moved to London to start a PhD, so I'm looking at this as a new start or a blank slate, and a chance to move away from all the bad habits and routines I've gotten into whilst I've been at home over the summer. Logically, my challenge will focus on establishing patterns, routines, and a healthy outlook which I think will be easier to stick to if I make it part of my 'London experience' to begin with, rather than later adapting my life to fit arou
  11. Hello, Rangers (and anyone else who happens to be reading)! I'm late to the party once again, but 100% on board! It took me a long time to determine exactly how I was going to lay this challenge out because the goals I set for myself last challenge started to feel like they were in conflict with each other. I want to be sure that won't happen this time around. I have a better idea of where my life is headed than I did two months ago, so this challenge will be about making that journey as smooth (and as kick-ass) as possible. Eat the good stuff. I still like the idea of not putting strict
  12. The foundations are set. The stars are aligned. My VO2max is substantial. It is time to put it to the test. It was a long and arduous journey to overcome a marked weakness in cardiovascular capacity and bipedal locomotion. After nearly five years, a man has finally trained enough in order to be a mediocre runner and a non-pathetic walker. It is time to transition from training to doing. It is time to start moving. "The slower we move, the faster we die. Make no mistake, moving is living." - Up In The Air THE QUEST A half-marathon cometh, and a man intends to partake in one's very fi
  13. Hi! After three tries at my first challenge, I finally made it! So now I will have a go at my second challenge. So, my main quest is to lose weight. (Being awesome, strong and hot included) This is the reason why I choose Adventurers. (Also, because I like trying new sports out, even if I will stick to running for now). My goal is to weigh 110 pounds. ( I am pretty small, so no worries - still healthy weight for me.) Right now I weigh 140.2 pounds. I lost 4 pounds on my last challenge, so I am hoping to keep that up. (I also lost two pounds this week...does this count to this challenge? ^^
  14. Leaving Westros... The lone wolf has survived thus far, from Winterfell, to Harrenhal and the Twins, up the Trident, to the Saltpans... But now, it's time to cross the narrow sea, and winter is coming... am I ready? The Main Quest... Surviving during the war of kings is tough, but surviving as a lone wolf may prove to be even more challenging. The long nights, and the endless days of travel require endurance, determination, and willpower beyond all else. There are 21 kilometers of road to travel ahead to get from the Saltpans to the narrow sea, where the whole future lies ahead. It's goi
  15. SIFTER'S MAIN QUEST: BE HEALTHY. BE FIT. BE STRONG. This challenge is going to be by far my most difficult, but all of the below are stepping stones that must be hit to reach my main quest goal. Diet continues to be the area where I need the most improvement, so two of my goals will be focused on "cutting the crap" -- from my diet and attitude. From the first two challenges I know I am not ready for flexibility, I must be rigid with my guidelines, and I thrive off a weekly plan. CHALLENGE 3 GOALS: #1: DIET - 90% of meals will be modified-paleo. I have taken baby steps over the last year,
  16. It's been a while since my last challenge, which thankfully was for awesome, life-leveling-up reasons (I bought my first house! Holy crap, I own a house), but I've also been, shall we say, not entirely consistent in my pursuit of my other major life goals, like training for the impending zombie apocalypse. So, this challenge is for me all about getting back into the swing of things in preparation for my next big adventure, which is... Main Quest: Run a Half-Marathon Outrunning the undead hordes requires some serious endurance, since they may be shambling, but they can shamble for a loooooo
  17. So, I am running my second 5k tonight (with a heat index expected of 93 degrees...) and planning two more this year. After thinking about it this morning, I decided to make a plan for myself. Next year, I want to run a few 10k races. The year after that, I want to be in a couple half-marathons. The 3rd year, I want to run a full marathon. Is this a pretty reasonable goal, or am I setting myself up for failure with the time-line? I ran in high school (15 years ago...) and most of my races were 3 miles. I am regularly running (4 days a week) 2-3 miles. I am still overweight, but it's com
  18. Is anyone signed up for the BAA Halfie in October? In a couple weeks I'd love some buds for the long runs :-) I'm actually near Jamaica Pond and parts of the actual route, so it'd be cool to meet up and train!
  19. After completing my first challenge, and finally successfully running a distance of 5k, I'm ready to step up my running training to the next level. Here are my goals for my second challenge. Goal #1: Run a Half-Marathon Starting Point: Ran 5-miles on 2/22 (~47:30 at an easy pace) How to get to 13.1 Do all of the following once a week: 1. Intervals - I love them! 2. Middle-distance runs 3 - 6 miles at a quick pace (this will be my weak point) 3. Long runs - 6 - 12 miles at an easy pace My stretch goal will be 1:37:36 (I want to beat GreenMatt's time on the Scout's Leaderboard) A sub-goa
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